100 HR Return to Source: Deep Dive Nature Immersion in Bali

Event Highlights

  • Return to Source 100hr Curriculum:
  • Elemental harmony, deep listening, how to ground and balance
  • Yin yoga, Meditation theory, Flow Consciousness, psychology and the Fascial Web
  • Mudras, Chakras, Bandhas, Pranayama, Ayurveda
  • Flow State, Bhakti Yoga, sound ceremony, Kirtan
  • Managing pain, building strength, posture, foundation, hip health, backbending and heart opening
  • Transforming reality through the power of earth medicine, ceremony, journeying and spiritual connection
  • Enjoy a clean, vegetarian diet, kriya practices and fasting, and fill up on crystal clear spring water
  • Curriculum is balanced between guided sequences, personal practice, detailed workshops, coaching circles, peer teaching exercises and your unique experiential journey.
  • Graduating participants will be given a certificate of completion, which can be used to log Yoga Alliance hours. This course counts towards your Kula Collective 300hr Module Format training.
  • Highlights of Return to Source:
  • Attain Yoga Alliance certified hours (YACEP)
  • Deepen your understanding of holistic alignment
  • Experience alignment from the inside out and discover how nature and yoga can be directed to heal and restructure your body AND mind
  • Repattern your consciousness through deep listening, meditation, sound, ceremony and visualization
  • Discover the richness of stunning nature, through the stunning jungle waterfall, holy spring and warm oceans of northern Bali
  • You may use this course as part of the Kula Collective 300hr Module training (counts towards RYT-500 certification)

About This Event

Are you feeling lost or disconnected from yourself?

Are you looking to rekindle the your inner spark of inspiration and intuition in practice and in life?

Are you feeling trapped in the modern world and find yourself longing for nature?

Deep dive back into the ‘real world’ with a private retreat tailored to your personal needs.

Held by the waterfalls and tropical forests of stunning Bali we dive deep into exploration of the therapeutic benefits of yoga. Weaving together fine-tuned alignment with the subtle art of yogic energetics in a unique and exotic environment, this Yoga Alliance certified course, offered as a supported private or small-group vision quest experience, is designed to let the original teachings of nature arise within. Purifying in the crystal waters of the holy spring, we tailor a deeply transformational experience for you as an individual. Through precise alignment within the harmony of nature, inner alignment follows, sparking a deeper connection to your true life's purpose.

Weaving together fine-tuned alignment, adjustment and assists with the subtle art of yogic energetics and earth medicine, this 100hr Yoga Alliance-certified course is designed to explore the nature of yoga as a holistic healing tool. With internationally acclaimed facilitators Cher Joy and Jiya Julia Randall, this training will challenge your boundaries, advance your studies and guide your personal practice deep into the very roots of yoga.

The Return to Source curriculum focuses on the expansion of awareness throughout the body, mind and spirit. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. By harnessing our concentration and placing it on the teachings of nature and the micro-adjustment of our body into its own sacred geometry, we unlock the inner healing power of our being. Teachings will be tailored to your individual needs and integrated into personal practice to foster an understanding built on your own self-discovery. Through precise alignment of the body, alignment of thought, word and action can follow, we awaken a deeper connection to our true life's purpose. Through cultivating a deeper sense of listening, intuition comes alive.

This is a private or small group (maximum 3) retreat, giving you one-on-one tuition and coaching, ideally suited to someone who is looking for a deep dive into themselves. This retreat is offered as a supported nature quest experience, drinking and washing in pure holy spring water and taking rich time to connect to yourself. Depending on your needs, we draw on a variety of practices including therapeutic yoga, ayurvedic cleansing practices, pranayama, yin yoga, waterfall activation, earth medicine and cacao ceremonies, sound healing, creative flow consciousness exploration, hiking, fasting, therapeutic massage, self inquiry and personal coaching. An interview will be held on application to ascertain your needs and create a program of activities for maximum transformation.

Experience what it feels like to truly learn from nature. To feel the natural symmetry of your own body, learning physical and energetic anatomy from the inside and experiencing the energetic harmony that comes with deep internal balance. Using Intuitive Flow Consciousness as a guide, we will journey through the holistic alignment of the self, balancing the system, restoring life force and plugging you back into alignment with your passionate purpose in this life.

Dates are flexible and can be offered according to request and availability.

100hr Yoga Alliance Certification

Through this unique offering, you will grow to better understand how to help another, whether it be through building a tailored practice or assisting with an injury. Using a variety of traditional and modern techniques, you will be supported to build your own practice as well as create and teach a practice for others. Complementing the teachings are the shamanic tools of ceremony, sound and visualization, along with the power of Bhakti yoga to guide a deep inner exploration.

Experience the harmony that comes with the activation of your energetic awareness, through clearing blockage and grounding yourself in a well-balanced body. Join us in the sacred jungle to unlock the healing potential of your own body and mind. Free up life force within yourself and step back into your natural state of flow.


This course is intended for yoga teachers or those with a good understanding of yoga who are looking to go deeper, establish a personal practice and share that practice with others.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

What's Included

  • Accommodation
  • Daily meals
  • Tailored curriculum

What's Not Included

Airport transport

Venue Highlights

What you’ll love about Source…
Source is a secluded creative yoga retreat up in the north of Bali, surrounded by jungle, close to a stunning and powerful waterfall and just and meters from one of the most sacred springs on the island. The space is kept simple to offer a nature immersion experience, with simple and clean local meals eaten in front of treetop views or together around a fire.

You will stay in simple yet comfortable, open-air cabins, shower in and drink from the holy spring, share sweet, open fires, and practice to the sights and sounds of the jungle. There is intentionally no internet here and minimal person-to-person contact to encourage reconnection to nature and the self. It is the ideal place to quickly build very strong bonds within your small group and facilitate deep transformation.

Each visitor immediately drops deep into the mesmerizing sound of the river, re-patterning consciousness through natural harmony. You will be in constant close contact with the land and the processes involved in bringing your food, water and spirit to our daily experience. This is an extremely healing venue; the water comes straight from a holy spring in the sacred mountain and is as clean and life-giving as is possible in this world, and the food is plucked from the surroundings and rich with prana.

The atmosphere invites internal exploration, breaking down stories, resistance and boundaries and fostering reconnection with the land and with spirit. Each person who comes here expresses a desire to stay in this peace for longer and we have many cases of deep self-discovery and restoration happening as a result of the wild and inspirational location.


Through the combined passions of a close family of facilitators and changemakers, arose a collective intention - to ignite a global spiritual awakening through a thriving collective community, founded in integrity, sustainability and freedom. From humble roots has grown a worldwide family, with trainings, retreats, ceremonies and community events held all over the globe.

Paying such careful attention to our underlying vision has ensured that the growth of our organization mirrors the authenticity of its roots. From such grounded beginnings comes a innovative organization, a conscious business with a horizontal leadership structure and collective accountability to its spiritual foundation. We weave together diverse holistic experiences and educational offerings using a common thread that respects ancestral traditions.

We offer Yoga Alliance certified trainings at the RYT-200 and RYT-300 hour level, as well as YA-certified Continuing Education courses and Transformational Retreats through many different paths. All of our offerings are drawn together with the intention of spiritual growth, through a deeper connection to nature, a more open connection with ourselves, and through the ancient wisdom that comes through our traditions and the land itself.


Vegetarian, farm-to-table and conscious cuisines!


Directions vary by location.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 14 days before the retreat start date.
The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.
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