11 Day Unity Matrix Yoga Retreat in Ecuador

About This Event

Unity Matrix Yoga is about applying integral, broadly informed and highly focused awareness to a well rounded set of self development practices and, moreover, to one's day to day way of life. As we surrender our daily rhythm to arise from higher inspirations, ever hone our capacity to sustain an expanded awareness in our self-practices and daily ways, as we unify ourselves in wholeness and with holiness, thus do we master the discipline of unity matrix yoga.

Practices include yoga asanas, movement re-patterning and contemplative dance, pranic breathing techniques, meditation forms, sound visioning, and group processes.

In addition to the formal curriculum of yoga classes, sacred movement practices, integral awareness instruction, breath and sound activations, and collective conscious group process, the retreat program includes an adventure into nature, a visit with an empowered visionary in her oasis of inspiration, and lots of spaciousness for rest, integration, and socializing. 


~ daily yoga and movement classes

~ integrated life practices

~ breath and sound activations

~ high vibration living foods menu

~ green juice & probiotic elixirs

~ heart coherence meditation

~ adventures into nature

~ permaculture living

~ community living experience

A Unity Matrix Yoga retreat is appropriate for practitioners of all forms, at all levels and at any physical condition; 

For beginning yoga students, it provides a comprehensive foundation for establishing a wholistic life practice.

For intermediate students, it elevates progress, broadens the scope of study, and facilitates the transfer of the benefits of yoga into daily life.

For advanced practitioners, it synthesizes a full spectrum of yogic principles into your existing practice and enables greater transfer of yogic realization into daily life.

During the Unity Matrix Yoga retreat, there is an adaptive balance between information, instruction, interaction, direct experience, and integration. The teaching process utilizes an efficient and effective sequence - understanding;  application; integration.

The permaculture infrastructure and landscape at Canción del Corazón provides a diversity of beauty and abundant nourishment for the soul and the senses.

The menu features hi-raw living foods garden to table meals, super green vitality juices, probiotic elixirs, and gourmet vegetarian world cuisine.

About Vilcabamba

Vilcabamba rests at 5000 ft elevation in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, about 5° south of the equator. The climate is as good as it gets, and is commonly referred to as “eternal spring”. It is known as the “Valley of Longevity”, and the “playground of the Incas”, where Incan royalty would go for rejuvenating retreats. This theme carries forward to present times, it is a healthy environment that energetically supports self development and spiritual awakening.

The Vilcabamba town center features international cuisine along with local fare, and local markets of tropical fruits and vegetables. Vilcabamba is on the edge of Podocarpus National Park, where stunning vistas, wilderness hiking and horseback trail riding adventures await. 

contemplative music integral awareness iyengar yoga life coaching living foods meditation permaculture sacred music wholistic wellness yoga

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  • Shannon Baksh   July 08, 2015

      So Grateful for an Amazing Experience!

    Canción del Corazón and Suzannah and Phil were absolutely incredible. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable and welcoming experience. Having had a rather unique circumstance my trip could have very easily turned out to be a disaster, but it was quite the opposite. They went above and beyond to show me what Villcabamba, Ecuador had to offer, and they made my trip a memorable and positive experience. The connections, experiences, and knowledge I gained during those two weeks will be ones that I hold in my heart for a lifetime. It was priceless. Thank you!

  • Duncan Autrey   May 21, 2015

      Mind, Body & Spirit Satisfied

    The Canción del Corazón Wholistic Lifepath Center offers exactly what one could hope. Between the gracious hosts, the extensive permaculture land and the beautiful spaces, the center offers all that one needs for reflection and development of mind, body and spirit. I commend Phil and Suzanne for their vision and their skilled implementation of it.

  • Kayla Siefried   April 20, 2015

      A sacred space in a permaculture heaven!

    I participated in a course at Cancion del Corazon focused around Permaculutre and Conscious living. Suzannah and Phil are extremely wonderful hosts, and wise souls, who share their gifts openly for devotional singing, land stewardship, farming, natural remedies, consciousness/awareness practices, and vegetarian whole food cooking (and eating). The course really surpassed any expectation I had, and this was largely because of the beauty of the space at Cancion del Corazon (with green vegetable and fruit gardens galore) and because of the 'space' that Phil and Suzannah hold for group process, group experience, and teaching about things they are supremely passionate about. I would highly recommend anyone visit their Eternaculture Homestead, Cancion del Corazon, whether to stay for private retreat or for participation in their other retreats/courses. The spirit of these people and of the land is deep!

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My inspiration is to find some very much needed solace away from the stress of raising 4 children, working (as a dietitian) and trying to get my private nutrition counseling practice launched. I am a registered yoga instructor and have practiced for over 10 yrs, and have always dreamed of taking a yoga retreat just for my own inner well being. Linda

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