3 Week Sacred Wheel Medicine Program – November

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We offer this unique 3 week medicine program to introduce you to the ancient and universal philosophy of the Sacred Wheel (Medicine Wheel or the Cosmovision), working with Sacred Plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro, to accompany you to find clarity about your path of life and be able to manifest a project, community or healthy family.

Each week participants engage in educational classes (on Shamanism, leadership formation, universal structure and philosophy, natural medicine, community dynamics, agriculture, vegetarianism) and creative activities (sweat lodges, theater, art, yoga etc.), work together in circle to clarify their motivations, and are personally accompanied to develop their life/project plans. The lessons being learned in the dynamic of the group will culminate in a collective and personal intention for the Sacred Plant ceremony at the end of each week.

The purpose of this program is to help you:

  • Change the way you relate to Life
  • Encounter your deeper purpose and utility – your true motivations and potentialities
  • Introduce you to shamanism and ancient traditions as a magical path of leadership formation

  • See the strategy and conditions to make appear a practical project with internal consciousness

Week 1

In the first week we will focus on getting to know each other with presentations and creative group activities. We will also present the program and how the process works to prepare the group and each participant to encounter the Sacred Plants in the best way and get the most out of their time with us.

The first week includes:

  • Personal folder with information and worksheets to follow the process
  • Chanting workshops
  • Shamanism class and making a rattle for ceremony
  • Classes on the Sacred Wheel and how we work with the Sacred Plants
  • Group and personal accompanying to prepare for ceremony
  • Temazcal/ Inipi
  • Ayahuasca ceremony at the end of the week


Week 2

In the second week we focus on encountering the universal vision of life and understanding and practicing its structure and dynamic. We will see how this global vision can be applied in the various sectors of life for the appearance of a healthy social structure. Participants will receive interactive and creative classes in various sectors such as natural medicine, shamanism, leadership, etc to see how each sector can be based on a unifying vision and provide the space for practicing a healthy dynamic with life.  These classes will help each one discover new or deeper motivations for their personal plan and project.

As well, we will work together in circle to practice the methodology and encounter the lessons from the first ceremony, and see how to encounter the clarity and motivations for the following one.


Week 3

The focus of the thrid week is on helping each participant to define their plan of life and personal project.  We will synthesize the lessons learned over the process with the plants and the classes.  We will work with all participants to discover the means to manifest their project, how to work in collaboration, and how to expand their formation. Participants will have the chance to present their ideas and have the feedback of everyone in the group.


Lodging is at our custom built adobe retreat and research center, 3000 meters above sea level on the slope of a breathtaking mountain, completely secluded in nature yet within walking distance of our Eco-Community.

We work with an ayurvedic diet to sustain a deep work with the Sacred Plants. You will receive 3 balanced and healthy lacto-vegetarian meals per day. For spiritual and physical purification these meals are free from meat, poultry, fish, eggs, onion and garlic. Milk products (including butter and cheese) are used, unless you are vegan in which case we will adapt a menu for you.

The program also includes one group excursion to the location of the group’s choice. This can either be to the indigenous community of Kinsa Cocha for a medicinal plant walk and visit to their sacred lagoons, to Lares thermal hot springs, or to the local Incan arqueological site of Pisaq.

After the program, whether you decide to return to your home country to initiate a project, or stay on with us to continue your formation, we will help you define the most beneficial way to continue your process. This plan can include embarking on a more in-depth formation with the Sacred Wheel in a general sense, or within a particular mystic science, art, or project. If you would like to continue your formation with the Sacred Plants, we will customize a program for your particular needs and ambitions.

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3 Week Sacred Wheel Medicine Program – November
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3 Week Sacred Wheel Medicine Program – November

at Center of Mystic Arts & Sciences

  • Nov 21, 2016 - Dec 11, 2016 (21 days)


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