Japan Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Intensive & Ancient Shinto Shrine Tour - Enter a New Life!

  • Kyoto, Japan
  • Nov 1 - 10, 2019 (10 days)

Event Highlights

  • Visit to Ancient Shinto Shrines - Powerful Sacred Sites and Energy Vortexes of Japan!
  • Key Saktipat Initiations/Activations You Will Receive:
  • *Super Intelligent Energy of All - Source and Form of All Power - Maha Shakti (Divine Mother) Shaktipat, Connection, Initiation, and Activation
  • *Infinite Possibilities of Quantum Matrix/Field, Connection, Initiation, and Activation
  • *Combined Essence of All Perfected Masters (Siddha) Shaktipat, Connection, Initiation, and Activation
  • *Your Own Perfected Master Self (Siddha) "Integration Point", Connection, Initiation, and Activation
  • *Moon Power Brain Intelligence Connection, Initiation &Activation
  • *Shaktipat Initiation & Activation to Connect and Align With the Energetic Intent/Edifice of the "True Supreme Pathway of Harmony and Wholeness" (Parameshti Dharma Marga)
  • *Divine Love Initiation & Activation for Ongoing Opening of the Heart
  • *Connection, Initiation, and Activation of the Archetype of the "Guiding Light/Illumination of Awakening" for Continual Awakening Here Forward!
  • *Promise of Moksha (Liberation) Shaktipat Initiation & Activation, Opening Continuous Divine Illumination to Carry You to Enlightenment and Liberation on all Levels...
  • *Shaktipat Initiation/Activation Opening of Your Channel for These Powers (Shaktis) to Facilitate Quantum Siddha Shaktipat & Healing!
  • Important Things You Will Learn at the Intensive:
  • *What is the Real Nature of Kundalini Power, and the 3 most Powerful or Advanced Kundalini Powers which are little known, secret, or never talked about...
  • *Why you don't need to try to raise your Kundalini or force it "awake", and why the "3 Powers" are more important for your focus...
  • *Easy concentration and contemplation methods for increasing your Seeing Power, and Self-Realization...
  • *How to Easily attain even the most "advanced" levels of Meditation, and Yoga (Union/Experience of Oneness)...
  • *How to Channel these Energies and Initiations to Facilitate


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
9AM –11
Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Initiation/Transmissions
With Guided Meditation & Visualization
Noon – 1 PM
3 PM – 5:30 PM
Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Initiation/Transmissions
With Guided Meditation & Visualization, Facilitation Training
6 PM – 7:30 PM
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Initiation/Transmissions
With Guided Meditation & Visualization, Facilitation Training

Travel to Ancient Shinto Shrines - Powerful Sacred Sites and Energy Vortexes of Japan

About This Event

Connect with the Super Intelligent Divine Energy, and Quantum Matrix of Infinite Possibility! Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Initiation and Facilitation Training...

Are you living the life of your dreams? Why not? Want to clear obstacles, feel more free, fluid, and empowered to attain your goals in life? No one needs to have excessive suffering here! There is a way out of every negative emotion we can possibly experience...

​Everything witnessed is composed of and informed by subtle energy. Holistic wellness, goal success, and life mastery start first in the subtle energy field and reflect out into the gross appearances of a material world.

Release stuck stagnant energy, or programming that seems to be obstructing you from attaining your highest good... Clear old patterns, obstacles, blockages, intrusions, or "trouble making" energies from your life.

Receive siddha subtle energy empowerment for Divine Alignment with your "Perfected Master Self", as well as the Resources of Infinite Possibilities offered by the Quantum Field. This energy carries immense amounts of information into the human energy field for ongoing guidance and integration.

One of the specialties of this kind of energy empowerment with Darshan Baba is total life transformation. Receivers of Siddha Shatipat Transmissions with Darshan commonly report a whole new perspective on life and transformation of life to whole new levels.

Realize greater freedom, lightness, inspiration to follow your dreams and to actualize them, and greater feeling of purpose in life...

This is an Intensive Siddha Quantum Shaktipat Initation and Training immersion in Nepal. If you are already a Subtle Energy Art practitioner or long time follower of a Spiritual Pathway you will learn to take your practice to a whole new Level!

Receive Quantum Siddha Shaktipat empowerments for opening of your own Direct Connection to the Super Intelligent Source and Form of All Energy in the Universe, and access to the Infinite Possibilities offered by the Quantum Field of limitless potentials.

You will receive Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Energy Transmissions and Initiations for clearing old patterns, leaving behind a mundane life, and transformation to a Magically Empowered Life here forward! You will also learn methods for cultivating your own Direct Connection to the Quantum Field and Super Intelligent Guidance of the Energy of all Infinity! Exercising your ability to perceive, receive, channel and flow with the Divine Energy.

This Initiation Training will Empower you to hold a space to Facilitate this Transformation, Healing, and Empowerment work for others. But it is not only limited to facilitation of Energy work. This Knowledge and Direct Relationship with Subtle Energies has literally Infinite and Limitless Possibilities for Integration and Empowerment of All Aspects of Life. This Intensive is Truly an Initiation and new beginning starting from wherever you are into a new level of Sacred, Awakened, and Magical Life Pathway!

The wisdom of Darshan Baba comes from the depth of his inner journey with single minded focus and seeking. After years of yogic discipline and mastery through dedication, he has so much to offer. His insights, guidance and wisdom is invaluable.

What's Included

  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • (Some With Spa/Japanese Hotsprings!)
  • 2 Meals Per Day
  • Transportation & Activities at Ancient Shinto Shrines - Powerful Sacred Sites and Energy Vortexes of Japan
  • Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Initiation/Transmissions
  • With Guided Meditation & Visualization, Facilitation Training
  • Satsang

What's Not Included

*Airfare Not Included
*Transportation to and from event meeting location/accommodation can be arranged for additional Charge...
*Shopping money for Locally Available Items

Venue Highlights

Tour of Ancient Shinto Shrines - Powerful Sacred Sites and Energy Vortexes of Japan
Nice Accommodations
(Some of our Accommodations can have Spa/Japanese Hotsprings Available for Guests!)


Private Room for 1, Couple, Family, or Friends... (For Groups Larger than 2 Adults, or Family larger than 2 Adults and Child under 5, PLEASE Contact for Arrangement of Larger Triple Bed Room etc. to meet your needs! & Multiple Party Member Discount!)


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free


Order to your Taste from a menu...


Contact Organizer Darshan Baba for Detailed Information on Booking Transportation to the Location, or Arrange for the Optional Organizer Provided Transportation!

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