Internal Feminine Arts - Chapter 2

  • Jalan Batukaru, Tabanan Regency, Bali, Indonesia
  • Jun 1 - 11, 2020 (11 days)

Event Highlights

  • The practice and knowledge are based on 3 pillars of esoteric/spiritual schools: Tao, Yoga and Kabballah. These are like 3 sisters, that hold hands and share common principles. They all grow from the same ground – which is Nature and Shamanism. We will be taking the best out of each for the body, breath, movement and inspiration. Please note that this is not a retreat, so be ready to study and mainly crash old beliefs of who you are. Come as an empty and opened vessel that can intake new life. Also, note that this is not a Yoga Teacher training course, it is very different from it in many ways. Just because classical YTT does not cover feminine aspect, which is incomplete for women’s growth. Secondly, we are not emphasizing on physical strength, like asana. But rather integral strength of woman.
  • The Three Pillars support a foundation of this course, which is dedicated to studying two main female archetypes – Eve and Lilith. In the ocean of history and information a lot was concealed, misinterpreted or used against woman. As we know Eve was first woman. And that she disobeyed and brought humanity to the first sin and chaos. Yet, it is not fully true. First of all, Eve did not sin, but rather took responsibility to manifest evolution of the world. Second, she wasn’t Adam’s first wife. First woman was Lilith, who is very briefly mentioned in some ancient scripts, and she is fully absent in the Bible. But even those pieces of information reveal her as a dark demon, who kills newborn babies and men (if you google it). I am inviting women to break manipulative story and unveil the real faces of Eve and Lilith together. These 2 primordial women are crucial in your and my development. They are driving energies that live within each and every woman being on Earth. When we identify these two to roles, their purpose and power – we can become whole as a woman being. The stories we tell and are told, create our perception of reality. We are born, raised and taught in this manner, that woman is always responsible and sometimes guilty. That women are too emotional, they birth in pain and menstruation is dirty. But time is changing, women are questioning everything they have been taught or what they have taken for granted, that has not been validated by their own experience.
  • Chapter 2 is dedicated to study archetype of Lilith. Though she was first woman, we can meet her only after being prepared through Eve. Arriving to Lilith is like receiving a prize. Only dedicated to the Self women are capable to become vessels of this knowledge and energy. Lilith is the Grace and Light of the feminine soul. She is your internal world, that is hidden and sleeping. Please do not believe internet that depicts Lilith as a dark demon. You will study why she was banned from our patriarchal society, holy scripts and who benefited from spoiling her reputation. Lilith within you will open new doors to freedom and compassion.
  • For who: If you are interested in learning archetypes of women, evolutionary and embryological development of feminine character, anatomy and spirituality, then this course is for you. If you are interested to turn your physical practice into a spiritual and intentional movement, then this course is for you. It will center you within yourself, show you how to end wars of relationships and find peace. It will empower you with tools of passing wisdom to other women, no matter what your occupation is. As you will be naturally influencing your surrounding with your Light. NOTE: This course has nothing to do with feminist movement against masculine, in fact this is opposite of Feminine Way. If you are feeling that your calling is conflict with men, and you don’t wish to change, then maybe this course is not for you.
  • And so:
  • Chapter 1 EVE – Residential 10 days in Bali.
  • Chapter 2 LILITH – Residential 10 days in Bali.
  • With 2 months gap in between.
  • In Chapter 2 you will be learning:
  • - The Archetype of Lilith. Her purpose and power. Lilith does not have any negative aspect, this is her difference from Eve.
  • - Taoist practice of Middle Dan Tien – this is energy level that is responsible for your heart spirit, love, expansion and connecting to the most compassionate aspect of Feminine. . You will be also learning about Taoist tools for healthy living, meridians and organs, breath and movement applied through anatomy
  • - Energy – what is the energy link of womb-heart axis? How to establish and support connection between womb and heart.
  • - Woman Nurturer, Giver and Healer – You will be learning the wrongs and rights. This will allow you to free your life from many unnecessary and unhealthy patterns.
  • - Spiritual anatomy of female body – it means that your gross body is just an outcome of that who you are on a subtle level. Chapter 2 takes you to the breast, spine, upper limbs, head, brain and heart. The second purpose of womb and her reflexology power points. You will be also learning about Taoist tools for healthy living, meridians and organs, breath and movement applied through anatomy.
  • - Philosophy. Chapter 2 takes you deeper into the world of feminine spirituality. The art of internal living, self-responsible free of emotional attachments and independent existence within the society. Tao, Yoga and Kabbalah will guide you in this knowledge. But mainly your body and your Self.
  • - Physical Practice will be presented by Lila Flow. It is a physical movement that I have organized specially for women, because it is integral and contains all aspects of Feminine. It is inspired by and contains elements of: Oriental dance, Indian dance, primal movement, Asana practice, Qi gong, Nei Gong, spiral and waves, visualization, vocalisation, gravity communication.. It flows through 5 phases of the Moon:
  • Dark moon - Conception
  • Waxing - Unfolding
  • Full moon - Manifestation
  • Waning - Reflection
  • Dark moon – Death
  • This allows to adapt woman’s practice to her internal hormonal/cycle/energy rhythm. This style targets not muscles, but health of joints, tendons and bones. It is far from power or Ashtanga yoga, it is easy and fun to practice. It’s pace and intention builds the real internal strength that is not lost over years. Lila Flow is for woman who want to have a sensitive, resilient and fluid body, rather than muscular, strong and tight.
  • - Breathing. Be ready to explore new ways and new parts of your body for breathing. For example: womb breath, embryological breath, organ and bones breathing, new lungs breathing and much more. I can say that this is actually a breathing course, from beginning to the end.
  • - Voice medicine through chanting, righteous speech and reading and meditating on holy scripts and poetry.
  • - Work with Primordial Mother – who births this Universe and Earth. Establishing relationship with Pacha Mama - super source of power for your body. Learning the language of Gravity.
  • - Art of Visualization and Awaken Dreams Meditation. Visualization in this course will teach you physical sensational experience.
  • - Art of resting. Women today are tired beyond their capacity. And tired woman is not able to heal herself and of course raise her man and society. You will be learning art of resting on another level.
  • - Sharing circle and how to inspire other women. This is relative to women of various professions. Even if you choose not to lead any circles in future, you are a natural influencer through your social life. Your family, women around you and men will be affected.
  • Completion:
  • By the end of this course you receive Internal Feminine Arts Leadership certificate. Which makes you eligible to share your learning with others. This Certificate has nothing to do with Yoga Alliance, as this course is out of the frame of YA hours and standards. Also IFA certificate is valid for life-time. And you don’t have to renew annually or pay fees, which is different from YA.


Example of the daily routine
06:30 - 09:30 Morning session: meditation, breathing, movement, dance, and chanting
10:00 - 11:00 Breakfast break
11:30 - 13:30 Midday session: practical learning, Theta healing meditation, and visualization
13:40 - 15:40 Lunch break
15:40 - 18:40 Evening session: movement, sharing, dance, performance, chanting meditation, and theory
18:40 Dinner break
21:00 Night sky meditation and rituals (not every day)

Schedule will be aligned with the work of hours of meridians in your body, which will deepen the experience of the learning process and support your health. Please be aware that schedule can flow and change, so please let go of your inner “planning mode”.

About This Event

Welcome to “Internal Feminine Arts”, Chapter 2. This is a continuation of the first part and is available for those who attended the first part. If you are interested, please search for it here on this website.

This is a revolutionary journey for women, who want to grow spiritually, while continuing to live social life. Goal of this course is to return you to your nature, strengthen your Inner and raise Outer. For this you will be discovering the genesis of woman’s mental, emotional and spiritual nature. When you can understand how you were created and for which purpose, you fully own your life.

In this course you will be receiving knowledge that is not available in Internet or books. I am committed to share practice that may kindly shake your understanding of the Life itself. I am interested to collaborate with women who are ready to face newness. I want to stress out word “collaboration”. We enter the space of Internal Feminine Arts as partners, who reveal their vulnerable and honest self. Be ready to leave everything you have learned outside the door. Come empty and opened. You will be inspired to expand your comfort zone. Notice, I am not saying – leave your comfort zone. But EXPAND. This is the difference. You don’t have to break your comfort. Rather, turn the whole world into Your Comfort Zone.

"Aliya's therapy was a completely new experience for me, I never tried any visualization before. She was professional, gentle and helpful. After session I felt clearer about the topics we covered and I left with action plan." Hannah Shaw

What's Included

  • Daily physical practice and breath practice
  • Daily rituals, sacred chants and meditations
  • Spring water pool rejuvenation ceremony
  • Trekking to natural pool in jungles
  • Farm tour
  • 10 nights accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian farm-to-table meals

What's Not Included

Airfare to Bali
Transfer from / to airport (may be arranged on request)
Personal expenses
Additional food

Venue Highlights

The course is taking place in a very special, hidden paradise, on top of the mount Batukaru, with virgin jungles and breath-taking views over Bali island. This is basically a farm with own grown food, that will be served to your meals.

All bungalows are created in a beautiful Balinese tradition and there are various types of room. The choice of room is available by “first come, first serve”. If you are lucky, you might get a big single bed or share room with another Seastar of the Circle.

Some of the bungalows have bamboo curtains, instead of walls. So, sleeping at night on top of the mount with the fresh air, will completely recover your nervous system. Do not be bothered about privacy as this place is very secluded and quiet. All staff is aware of the intimate and sacred vibe of this course. Extra information will be sent in the welcome letter.


It may get fresh and chilled in early mornings and later evenings, make sure you have clothes to keep you warm
There is no Wi-Fi connection, so be ready to have a social/technological detox, which is essential for this training
You will be living in a surrounding of wild Mama Nature, with provided essentials for your comfort
There are no shops or cafes around in the area
If you are on a special diet, this may be arranged accordingly on request


  • Towels
  • House-Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free

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