psychedelic assisted therapeutic program

Event Highlights

  • private,
  • 2 therapists per person,
  • 2 psychedelic sessions and
  • 9 hours of therapeutic work..
  • in 6 days.


On the days with the therapeutic sessions we will meet for 2 or 3 hours.
On the days of the psychedelic sessions we will sit with you until both we and you feel that you are back and feel comfortable to be alone.

About This Event

We offer a powerful 6-day program for those who are looking to do serious self work supported by our therapeutic skills and the power of psychedelic truffles. The program is strongly inspired by the Johns Hopkins and (more so) the MAPS protocols for the psychedelic assisted therapy they use in their trials.

We have condensed this approach into a 6-day program with 9 hours of therapeutic work and two full psychedelic sessions. As with the MAPS and Johns Hopkins protocols we also work 2-1 so we as a male-female therapist couple will support you with our skills, knowledge and experience.

This program is specifically aimed at people who want to make much more out of their psychedelic experience than would be possible in more recreationally or spiritually focusses (group) retreats, for those who feel uncomfortable in a shamanic setting are looking for guidance rooted in our western culture and mindset. And this retreat is for those who feel they might need skilled psychological support to guide them safely through their psychedelic experience.

What's Included

  • - homework including 2 or 3 titles for books to read as preparation, a specific (short) meditation technique and journalling.
  • - a free video-call intake to discuss your situation, contra indications and any questions you may have.
  • - 9 hours of therapeutic session including a breath work session.
  • - 2 psychedelic sessions
  • And we will always be available for extra integration or therapeutic sessions when you find yourself struggling in any way.

What's Not Included

N.B. this program does not include accommodation.
Assuming you are travelling from outside Holland we ask you to book a private and comfortable apartment (a hotel room is not recommended but we can make this work if necessary) in or near Rotterdam. We will come to your place to work with you and you will be free to spend the rest of your time in any way you wish (though of course we will recommend activities that support your process). Having your own private space also means that when we leave after your psychedelic session you will be able to enjoy the afterglow in the comfort and privacy or your own space and do not have any time pressure or need to navigate public transport.

This program also does not include the magic truffels. As therapists we cannot offer or sell you magic truffles which means that you will have to buy them yourself. This is no problem, they are for sale in smartshops that you will find many of in Rotterdam and we can recommend you which specific type and quantity to buy.

Venue Highlights

For those who are looking for professional support, want to get the most out of their psychedelic experience and dive deep into their proces of personal growth.


We will work with you at the place you stay. If you are not from Holland we recommend renting a quiet and private apartment in Rotterdam that you can feel safe and comfortable in. There are many wonderful Airbnb apartments available in Rotterdam.


There is a direct train from Amsterdam and Schiphol airport to Rotterdam.

private psilocybin psychedelic psychology therapy

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  • Sascha Mayr   October 24, 2019

      Life-changing experience

    Patrycja and Coen are very friendly people who I quickly felt comfortable and safe with. I was given 3 books to read before the start of the therapy, which was super helpful as they already gave me a good hunch which direction the therapy will take and in retrospective those reads were already kind of therapy in itself. For anyone wondering why I initially chose them: I looked for someone with a psychotherapeutic background in the Netherlands, who follows MAPS ( When I met them for the first time they seemed like friendly and compassionate people and it seemed to me that they were actually interested in helping me and didn't push their therapeutic program, but listened to me and answered all my questions eagerly. This was true for all the sessions we had together and was very helpful in building trust. The psychedelic truffles sessions themselves were absolutely eye-opening and shifted my perspective in such ways, that I am quite sure now that whatever life will throw at me, I'll be able to stay strong and get something good out of it. Especially my second session was amazing, I felt like waking up from a bad dream I had the past months and I am quite sure now that from here on my life will be always beautiful in a way, thank you so much Patrycja and Coen, you are wonderful people! :)

  • William Banks   October 22, 2019

      Extraordinary Experience

    First, simply, I cannot recommend Patrycja and Coen highly enough. I spent over a year searching for a guide(s) to do a therapeutic psychedelic therapy session, interviewing and rejecting at least 5 potential candidates. I did lots of research online, reading and by attending several psychedelic conferences. Finally, Patrycja and Coen were recommended to me. I contacted them and we had an honest and informative Skype Session before I decided to book a 6 day session with them. The protocol they provided was exactly what I was looking for, and so were they. You will not find a better combination of knowledge, experience, openness, compassion, and empathy. They have a deep dedication to, and enthusiasm for this work. They were sincerely interested in helping me get the most out of my time with them. They provided a safe and supportive environment for me to do the work I needed/wanted to do. And during the few times when I did need help and support, they provided it in a beautifully nuanced and skillful way. I am extraordinarily happy and grateful that I found them. You will be too!

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