Tantric Body De-armouring Level I & II

  • Bodhi Khaya Retreat Bodhi Khaya Retreat
  • Bodhi Khaya Retreat, Grootbos Road, Baviaansfonteyn, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Mar 11 - 20, 2020 (10 days)
  • Communal Farmhouse Double Occupancy - R 19,000.00 Communal Farmhouse Single Occupancy - R 22,600.00 Communal Farmhouse Single Room - R 19,000.00 Camping - R 17,200.00 Cloister Inner - R 19,000.00 Cloister Outer - R 19,000.00 Communal Farmhouse Dorm

About This Event

To book for this retreat, please contact Rhianne van der Linde: (contact info blocked)

5-day retreat (level I) and

9-day retreat (level I & II) and

4-day retreat (level II only) focused on:


* Tantric Body De-armouring - releasing of the­ emotional blocks

* Detoxification and awakening of the pineal gland - the­ center of intuition

* Awakening the creative life force energy through Orgasmic Meditation


Many spiritual and religious traditions have advocated denying, escaping or somehow transcending the body in order to gain spiritual altitude. But what if the body, itself, is a gateway to higher consciousness – and sexual energy is a conduit for spiritual bliss, abundance, and prosperity?

On this 9-Day Retreat, (You can opt to do 5-days Level I only or you can elect to do the full 9-days - level I & II. If you have previously participated in level I or similar with Andrew or Rhianne, then you may participate in the 4-days level II only) you will gain the keys for illuminating your own vibrational frequency so you can step into the joy of awakened, embodied being. In a safe, supportive environment, you can literally set yourself free of the armour that lowers your vibration, and experience the ecstatic, creative power of your own unbounded sexual life-force energy.

Tantric Body De-armouring enables us to let go of holding patterns that lower our vibrational frequency and stand in the way of our full enjoyment of life. These holding patterns are composed of unresolved sexual stress, corresponding emotional imbalances, and the physical tensions these engender. Many people unknowingly carry these energy blocks throughout their lives while wondering why it’s so difficult to release deep, embedded traumas from the past.

Tantra is a pathway not only to sexual ecstasy but to personal healing and fulfilment. In our time together, we will explore generating high-vibrational bliss states as a platform for our healing – and for accessing expanded states of consciousness. This will support participants in letting go of victim-consciousness and releasing stuck places, thereby up-levelling brain chemistry and awakening dormant cognitive and intuitive capacities.


Participants will learn to integrate internal feminine and masculine energies, which will change the way you perceive your life and interact in relationships. You’ll also learn to:

* Give and receive Tantric Body De-armouring sessions

* Explore Orgastic Breath Dance Meditations

* Generate, build, and breathe sexual energy into the higher-level chakras and glands of your body

* Liberate your capacity to experience bliss states throughout all the cells in your body

* Use your sexual energies – and the endorphins they trigger – as a fuel for living –rather than having to operate each day on willpower and adrenaline

* Reach new levels of self-expression and freedom around your unique sensuality and sexuality

* Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm

* Sanaga Ceremony to active the pineal gland. Click on the link to read more: (contact info blocked))

It is conscious awareness and acceptance of our whole self – and the freedom to communicate our truth – that empowers us to create the life we long to live. This highly experiential, fun, intense and expansive retreat is for people seeking to expand their personal freedom and enhance their pleasure in being. Practitioners in the Health and Wellbeing fields wanting to gain new skills are also welcome.

This retreat is an intensive, fun, and highly experiential for both men and women who want to expand their horizons and explore maximum potentials. You’ll learn new skills and know more about yourself than you ever did before.


Level I: (5-Days) Open to ALL

Starting: Wednesday 11 March 2020 @ 6pm

Finishing: Monday 16 March 2020 @ 2pm

Early Bird Price: R9 400 if paid in full before 15 January 2020

Full Price: R10 000 after 15 January 

(inc facilitation, accommodation* and vegan gluten & sugar free meals)

*Please note that accommodation costs are included and rooming preferences will be achieved through early registration.


Level I & II: (9-Days) Open to ALL

Starting: Wednesday 11 March 2020 @ 6pm

Finishing: Friday 20 March 2020 @ 2pm

Early Bird Price: R16 900 if paid in full before 15 January 2020

Full Price: R18 000 after 15 January

(inc facilitation, accommodation* and vegan gluten & sugar free meals)

*Please note that accommodation costs are included and rooming preferences will be achieved through early registration.


Level II ONLY: (4-Days)

Open to people who have previously participated in Level 1 or similar with either Andrew or Rhianne. If you meet these criteria, then please submit your application to join level II only here: (contact info blocked)85LCZ6R

Starting: Monday 16 March 2020 @ 6pm

Finishing: Friday 20 March 2020 @ 2pm

Early Bird Price: R7 500 if paid in full before 15 January 2020

Full Price: R8 000 after 15 January

(inc facilitation, accommodation* and vegan gluten & sugar free meals)

*Please note that accommodation costs are included and rooming preferences will be achieved through early registration.


During this retreat we will be exploring Tantric sensual and sexual breath practices, dance, emotional and Tantric body de-armouring, and raising our vibrational frequency through giving and receiving Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm sessions. We will explore practices that support awakening and opening into expanded states of energy, vulnerability, power & bliss.

During the retreat we will purify the body through specially arranged diet, which will also help to support the processes taking place in our workshop. Diet is: gluten-free (without bread and pasta), vegan (dairy and meat free), sugar free. During the workshop also do not drink coffee, black tea, alcohol or smoke cigarettes. We will eat light, specially formulated meals according to our rules consisting of smoothies and fresh juices, fruits, soups, vegetables, cereal and rice with regard to the products from the list of Superfoods - characterized by high nutritional value and health, such as spirulina, raw cacao, chlorella, macadamia nuts, chia seeds, quinoa...

"Living from our hearts, letting go of what we think we know and celebrating our bodies and our sexuality without shame is our birthright. This is the beginning of the true path to freedom, a raising of consciousness and an unlayering of social conditioning that binds us all within a limited context of experience and pleasure" - Andrew Barnes

Upon registering you will be asked to sign and agree to a participant consent form (T&C) ((contact info blocked)0)

All food on the retreat will be yummy nutritious delicious vegan gluten free food designed for cleansing, so there will be lots of yummy soups & salads etc.

This retreat is free of drugs or alcohol, including caffeine, smoking cigarettes or marijuana, and plant medicines. Of course if you’re taking medications for a health condition that is acceptable.

This retreat addresses sexuality and pleasure and there will be exercises and practices that involve nudity and sexual touch. Please know that there is nothing that you have to do ever, there will be no peer group pressure from anyone on the retreat and you determine your own level of involvement all of the time. You can say NO to anyone, including the organisers and facilitator at anytime on the retreat.

“The universal elixir of life is to be at a high vibration.” Andrew Barnes

This work is suitable for all sincere seekers of truth of any gender or orientation, single or partnered. Men, Women & couples. You do not need a partner to attend.

For further information, please contact Rhianne van der Linde: (contact info blocked) OR (contact info blocked)


Venue Highlights

It is the land that provides the sanctuary, the air the clarity, the water the healing. Our faculty, programs and community provide the support and security for your unfolding.

The land sustains us naturally. The water here is pure and unfiltered. We operate a bio-digester and biomass generator to recycle waste and supply all our energy. The vegetable garden and wilderness provide abundant nourishment. We are committed to all beings and their future generations.

Living, working and connecting with the land, these are the people who hold the space whilst you explore your surrounds and inner landscape. You will experience a coming home to community and nature, of which we are all a part.


After a good day of deep transformative work there is nothing like being held in a cosy, comfortable room for one's journey through the night world. Our beds and linens and spaces exemplify a simple zen aesthetic and our commitment to service. Bodhi Khaya has 5 different styles of lodging , each unique and satisfying particular needs. We believe the spiritual sanctuary of Bodhi Khaya can be accessible to everyone, we have therefore valued all our beds equally.

Around a central courtyard, we have 14 beautiful, monastery style single rooms. The first six rooms, in the front section of the Cloister, share two showers and two toilets. Each room contains a bed, small cupboard space to hang clothes and side table. These rooms lead into an open plan living space that looks out across the gardens and labyrinth. The eight rooms at the back (rooms 7 – 14), each has a bed, side table, cupboard and a basin. These rooms share 3 showers and 3 toilets and a treatment room for soaking baths.

The courtyard rooms are new and modern, and are conveniently situated close to both the Meditation Hall and the main Dining Room. Each room is a twin, with an en suite bathroom. We have named them after the beautiful flowers growing in the garden: Orchid, Poppy, Fern, Wild Olive, Morning Glory, Rose, and Honeysuckle.

Also on the Courtyard, is Garden Room (usually reserved for teachers), a luxurious double room, with a king-size bed, a Victorian bath and open plan bathroom. This beautifully restored building used to be the old dairy and has high ceilings with rustic wooden rafters and a working fireplace.

Aloe Dorm, with 5 single beds, has its own fireplace, en suite bathroom with two showers and a separate entrance leading to the lush garden.

Being under the stars, on the earth, and in a location you have found most inviting, can only be experienced by camping. We have a number of locations where we encourage your interface with the wilderness abounding Bodhi Khaya. Join a retreat, or design your own family or personal retreat. Bring your sleeping, tenting and cooking gear and set yourself up in the mountains. Showers and ablution facilities are available.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Our food is imbued with love and prayer by our mindful kitchen crew. We believe food is central to health and well being. Our organic garden gifts our vegetarian menu delicious, fresh veggies every day. Wherever necessary, we supplement with the finest quality ingredients from local purveyors. We adapt our menu according to source and seasonality and are happy to accommodate a variety of dietary needs. Important to note and often overlooked, the water here (an essential ingredient in food growing and preparation) is alive, fresh, clean and very, very tasty and comes from our own mountain spring.


We are 2.5 hours from Cape Town by car and are able to organise a private shuttle service if need be.


From either the City, or the Airport, take the N2 towards Somerset West / George. Continue on the N2. After Grabouw, at Bot Rivier, turn off the N2 onto the R43 towards Hermanus.

Continue on the R43, through Hermanus and follow signs towards Stanford. Continue past Stanford (for 13 km), and then turn left onto the road signed for Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.

Follow this road (which becomes a dirt road) for 3.5 km until you see the sign for Bodhi Khaya.


From either the City, or the Airport, take the N2 towards Somerset West / George. Continue on the N2 until Caledon. At Caledon Take the R316 towards Bredasdorp.

After 26km, turn right onto the R326 towards Stanford. At Stanford, turn left onto the R43 towards Gansbaai. After 13 km, turn left onto the road signed for Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.

Follow this road (which becomes a dirt road) for 3.5 km until you see the sign for Bodhi Khaya.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE (in case of wet whether/car concerns)

Instead of turning at the Grootbos sign continue straight to Gansbaai (6.9km). Go through town and back onto the R43 for 7km. Turn left to Elim/Baardskeerdesbos.

Continue on the Elim road for another 7km and take the first left turn at the De Uijlenes sign onto the gravel road. Follow the road for 2.7km and turn right at the sign to Bodhi Khaya.

  Write a review - tell others about your experience.

  • Helen Van Stolk   January 18, 2020

      A Sanctuary to feed the Soul

    Quiet peaceful space surrounded by nature. A few days away to feed the soul. Accommodation is basic but perfect - clean and comfortable. Staff wonderful, I was made to feel very welcome and the food wholesome, nutritious and abundant. Feel I need to make this space my refuel zone at least a couple of times a year. Thank you for a beautiful few days. Highly recommended for anybody looking to feed their soul and have some time out.

  • Peri VP   December 17, 2019

      Beautiful, calming and great for relaxation

    We had a different type of retreat experience because we did my birthday party there. But we couldn't have chosen a better place for our friends and family to come together and relax, eat good food, swim, walk and just hang out. Caron and her team were awesome and looked after us really well. They did everything they could to make it a great experience and we all left there wanting to go back as soon as possible. Thank you Bodhi Khaya. It's a very special place you have.

  • Regan Koopmans   December 01, 2019

      Completely eye-opening

    I went on a short weekend personal retreat, and I was taken back by the hospitality and kindness of the people there. There are many spots on the property to sink into quiet contemplation, or to commune with others and talk. The food and facilities were excellent.

  • Renée Jacobs Bishop   September 02, 2019

      The Art of Deep Listening and Mindful Speech

    I really enjoyed the retreat. Julie was a great facilitator/retreat leader and the material was very relevant for me. The venue was great. I was comfortable and really enjoyed the surroundings and being close to nature. I would've appreciated a kettle in the inner cloister - it would've made quite a difference. Otherwise, I was happy with everything and the food was superb! I look forward to returning to this venue again.

  • Marian Shinn   July 22, 2019

      Photography with Gary van Wyk

    Gary is a most generous teacher. The course was well balanced between theory and practise. I would have liked more time - and better Wi-Fi - to get hands-on guidance in the use of Lightroom. Perhaps next time participants should be asked to come with it already installed on their laptops. Despite the dreadful freezing and wet weather Gary made sure we were keen to head outdoors to practise taking pictures and stretch our familiarity with our cameras. When the weather was really against us, we learnt the benefits of using available natural light, the lights in the rooms and from the fireplace to get some superb portraits.

  • DG Bosman   June 18, 2019

      Bodhi Kahya

    A tranquil relaxing beautiful environment .The food was wonderful.

  • Hanna Botz   February 21, 2019

      Heaven on Earth

    Bodhi Kayha is like heaven on earth, holistic and authentic retreats, soul food, lush nature, supersafe adventuring and hiking, real people, abundance all aorund. Come explore!

  • Natasha Nel   February 01, 2019

      A very special space

    Thank you for a beautiful stay last weekend. The food was nurturing, and felt like love on a plate. 😊 The setting is beautiful. And I am always touched by how the Bhodi Khaya community open up their home with so much generosity and grace. You are all the custodians of a very special corner of our county, may many good things unfold there. Love to you all, Natasha

  • Penny Klann   January 24, 2019

      Harmony and Tranquility

    Bodhi Kayha is nestled in amongst the most southern remnants of afromontane forest on the continent of Africa and has a secluded, protected feel. Its gracious whitewashed buildings offer comfort and sanctuary. There are several lovely communal areas, yet it's always possible to find a secluded spot if you're looking for time alone. The catering is taken care of by a conscious, caring crew who are committed to giving guests a memorable experience.

  • Caron Gie   January 24, 2019

      Sublime atmosphere created by the powerful land of Bodhi Khaya

    I attended a sacred ceremony with the Huni Kuin at Bodhi Khaya. The ceremony itself was world-class... the beautiful Opa in which it was held combined with the sacred chants and medicines allowed for deep, transformative healing to take place. I was blown away by the level of connection and healing that took place even outside of the ceremony... I account this to the potency of magic that is tangible in the trees, the mountain and the waters, and the subtle yet efficient holding of the Bodhi Khaya Community. Deep gratitude for this special place on earth.

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Tantric Body De-armouring Level I & II

at Bodhi Khaya Retreat

  • Mar 11, 2020 - Mar 20, 2020 (10 days)