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Healers who are involved in natural healing modalities from around the globe with great diversity of natural medicine & therapy practices are wholeheartedly invited to join us for the Cultural Healing exchange program at the Paititi Institute in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

This retreat is a powerful opportunity for healers to more deeply awaken their path of service while at the same time deepening their practice, be they a new student or a long-time practitioner. In this process healers have the opportunity to learn from and experience the Ando-Amazonian healing traditions, as well as offer their gifts as a healer to local Peruvian communities.

Program Overview

This program is designed for healers to deepen their personal healing experience as well as embrace the essential reciprocity inherent in nature. Intercultural exchange is a core value of Paititi Institute and we are inspired to create this container in order for healers to both learn and share, to heal and offer healing.

As an essential part of the Cultural Healing Exchange Program, participants experience firsthand the Ando-Amazonian indigenous medicine and transformation practices, a learning process that accounts for roughly 50% of their stay. These healing traditions have the ability to greatly amplify the individual healing capacity of the natural medicine practitioners. The retreat includes at least one Ayahuasca ceremony and one San Pedro ceremony. Transformation is facilitated by Amazonian medicine men as well as healers and guides who serve as intercultural bridges of the timeless planetary wisdom of humanity.

During the second half of the retreat, participants’ time will be dedicated to offering service in a natural medicine clinic which will be set up in a small mountain village. This can involve treating hundreds of local people from a wide range of health conditions.

Additional cultural activities will be included throughout the retreat, including the opportunity to learn about medicinal plants from Peru, hike in the mountains of the sacred valley, visit ruins, learn about weaving, experience traditional dances and connect with local healers.


Clinics will be held in a small village in the region near the Sacred Valley where access to both natural and occidental health care is limited.

The majority of participants will be offering Traditional Chinese Medicine, however we welcome healers from a wide range of natural medicine modalities as well. Some common modalities that are welcome include physical therapy, chiropractic work, massage therapy, Reiki and nutrition. Additional modalities are welcomed and, depending on the skills and modalities of the practitioners present, the clinic format will be adjusted. Various skill levels are also welcomed. Participant’s roles in clinics are adjusted to match the participant’s level and experience. Regardless of experience level, we work to find a role where each participant can be most useful.

The healing clinics are overseen by a local MD doctor, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, and Andean or Amazonian medicine men/women. All patients go through an intake process with this team and at this time a recommended treatment is prepared for healers to follow as a guideline. The level of guidance and oversight will vary depending on each participant’s level of experience

Clinic days can vary quite a bit. Some days are quieter with down time and other clinic days will keep you on your feet with long lines of patients. Be prepared to work hard and be on your feet all day.

General Schedule

This is an estimated schedule and is subject to change. Schedule updates will be sent as the trip approaches.

Dec 20 / Arrival Day: All participants arrive and rest. No activities are scheduled for this day since it will entail grounding and acclimatizing.  Meal options will be shared at a later date.

Dec 21 / Day 1: Orientation and Coca ceremony, local dances

Dec 22 / Day 2: Intro to Ando-Amazonian healing traditions talk, personal time, Grandmother ceremony

Dec 23 / Day 3: Integration day sharing circle

Dec 24 / Day 4: Grandfather ceremony all day

Dec 25 / Day 5: Personal rest and integration day, creative projects, nature time

Dec 26 / Day 6: Group activity (medicinal plant hike with locals and/or class, indigenous weaving demo)

Dec 27 / Day 7:  Clinic preparation day, Quero healer visit & Despacho offering ceremony for the clinic

Dec 28 / Day 8: Clinic day 1

Dec 29 / Day 9: Clinic day 2

Dec 30 / Day 10: Clinic day 3

Dec 31 / Day 11: Clinic day 4

Jan 1 / Day 12: Clinic day 5 (late start), community celebration and/or children’s day

Jan 2 / Day 13: Group activity (Hike, class and/or day trip)

Jan 3 / Day 14: Celebration, Coca integration ceremony

Jan 4 / Day 15: Departure.

Read the Details & Preparation Info Package for additional Details >>

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