I Am Changing the World: Men's Retreat in Thailand

  • Thailand
  • Feb 20 - Mar 3, 2020 (13 days)

Event Highlights

  • Trips to different beaches of the Koh Phangan, cleansing them and meeting with Trash Hero organization
  • Familly constellations with Christopher
  • Holy Tobacco Ceremonies
  • Meditation and breathwork sessions
  • Muay Thai boxing training with professional trainers
  • A visit to Zen Beach

About This Event

I Am Changing the World: Men’s Retreat in Thailand

February 20 – March 3, 2020 we invite all men to embark on a world-changing journey to Thailand!

I am Rolandas Žigonis, ten years ago I started to consciously create my own reality: by constantly expanding the boundaries of my consciousness with the help of various practices, by realizing myself through creation and living the life I once could only dream about. A deep connection with nature, the reestablishment of the connection between myself and Mother Earth contributed significantly to return to myself, remember my essence, and my talents, and to live in harmony.

Having recalled that I am an integral part of nature, I feel a tremendous impulse to share with You what has changed my life, my relationships, has liberated my creativity, and what general vision of our planet I see, create and implement.

The main inspiration for this journey is to serve our planet, Mother Earth. Half a year ago, when I travelled the wonderfully beautiful Indonesian Islands, I couldn’t help but notice one thing – the garbage. I saw that these islands, their beaches, their rivers have a critical level of plastic pollution! The ocean coast of exotic beauty is full of waste.

I realized that it would be great fun to organize a journey for men to the Koh Phangan Island in Thailand, where we would travel the most beautiful coasts of the island and would contribute to a real and physical change on this planet by collecting plastic. Most people just go on vacation and ignore these problems, they come around and ignore them as if they were unfamiliar. I suggest that we take responsibility for that garbage and serve those beaches by doing a good job and by enjoying the island and the practices at the same time. It seems like a very simple and earthly practice, but is it really so? For me personally, the cleaning of the planet has been a profound spiritual practice, the course of which involves the same purification within ourselves. It is high time that we take action!

To some extent, waste also exists within us: it is a heavy and low energy that we have created during traumatic, painful experiences and the one that keeps us in a low vibration and prevents us from going up. Most of this energy accumulates already in childhood and comes from a relationship with our parents. Therefore, the next travel guide that I want to introduce is my soul brother Christopher. He will lead another important practice of this journey – family constellations.

Family constellations are designed to harmonize our relationships. The relationship with mom and dad, the masculine and feminine rudiment of this world, is the foundation of our lives which reflects our relationship with our inner self. During the constellations we will release our resentment, we will return to the love and gratitude to our parents and to ourselves.

Christoph Erbel, a former German accountant who has been intensively searching for ways to truly connect with people throughout his life. Those searches led him to a powerful South American healer, with whom they have been travelling the world for 10 years already by delivering deep healing sessions to people and helping them transform their lives.

In this retreat we will work on three aspects of the human being – the physical, the mental / emotional and the spiritual self. We will practice Muay Thai, the Thai boxing to prepare our bodies for the great works that we can do.

We will work deeply with the masculine origin. We will explore the following: what is a man? What does masculine energy mean? We will treat it and return it to balance. You will receive little theory and a lot of practical work along with our guidance and help. We will heal our Mother Earth, and will heal ourselves.

There will be an opportunity to attend the Holy Tobacco Ceremony. It will be the tobacco from the Amazon jungle, which has long been used as a healing medicine, usually blown through the nose using a special tube. The benefits of this medicine are felt at the physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual levels. It concentrates the mind, connects with the earth, raises awareness, cleanses the energetic field, and, above all, it helps the body cleanse itself of toxins, mucus and bacteria.

Now that we are limited in time and the scale of the planetary crises is increasing, I believe that the best spiritual practices are real actions and works that contribute to restoring and preserving the balance of our planet, nature, and wildlife. The greatest expression of gratitude for our planet is self-healing, and purification. Sometimes by using very simple actions, such as lifting garbage off the ground, getting back in touch with your loved ones and yourself.

Date: February 20 – March 3, 2020

Place: Thailand, Koh Phangan

Price: 1190 EUR

Let's make a change!

What's Included

  • The price includes the following:
  • • An accommodation of 9 nights on the Koh Phangan Island
  • • An accommodation of 2 nights in a hotel in Bangkok
  • • Breakfast during all days of the journey
  • • Trips to different beaches of the island, cleansing them and meeting with the representatives of the Trash Hero organization
  • • Sailing by ferry via Surat Thani – Koh Pangan Island and returning back
  • • Muay Thai boxing training with professional trainers
  • • All practices of meditation / awareness
  • • Constellations with Christopher
  • • Holy Tobacco Ceremonies
  • • A visit to Zen Beach
  • • Translation into Lithuanian

What's Not Included

The following is excluded:

• The flights Vilnius – Bangkok, Bangkok – Vilnius (+ / – 600 EUR, we will buy the flight tickets together, by discussing the details in a shared Facebook group)
• A round ticket for the flight Bangkok – Surat Thani (+ / – 80 EUR in total)
• Lunch and dinner (the prices range from € 1 to € 5 per meal)
• A taxi from the airport to the hotel in Bangkok (+ / – 5 to 10 EUR)
• Scooter rentals on the Koh Phangan Island to travel around the temples and around the island (5 EUR per day)

Venue Highlights

Most of the time we will spend in wonderful Koh Phangan Island


Villa is located by the beach


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Pool

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian


Fresh, vegetarian breakfast will be provided


All you have to do is to get to the Bankok airport (BKK), everything else we will discuss in closed Facebook group.

meditation mens plant medicine powerful transformational

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