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Ayahuasca Retreat 8-day Dec 2019

Event Highlights

  • Transportation from Puerto Maldonado to NOVALIS and back (forty minute car ride followed by a forty five minute beautiful boat ride along the river, and a forty minute scenic hike through the rainforest).
  • Accommodation in our shared tree houses completely screened in from mosquitos, with bug nets provided over the beds, comfortable mattresses, fresh sheets and lanterns.
  • Possibility to take part in preparation of the medicine (depending upon the timing of cooking and a particular retreat).
  • Individual health consultations (if required) with our medicine team
  • Sharing circles before and after ceremonies
  • Flower/Plant baths and cleanses in our outdoor wooden hot tubs
  • Opportunity to deepen your knowledge of shamanic practice and the use of medicinal plants
  • Nature Immersions (plant identification walks, nature excurisons, forest meditation, river swims)
  • Locally grown or sourced vegetarian meals cooked with love (all meals included)
  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Daily integration circles and personal accompaniment in approaching the integration process and developing tools for lifelong personal health and wellness practices for mind, body, and soul.
  • A Variety of Ceremonial & Sacred Living Activities (Fire Ceremonies, Ofrendas, Coca Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, etc.)


Weekly schedule during our 8 day Ayahuasca Retreat:
Day 0
(the day before your retreat begins) - A meet and greet (5pm) with the group and retreat facilitators for an informal get together to ensure everyone is ready for departure next day.

Day 1
Please arrive the day before retreat begins
12pm Depart Puerto Maldonado
2pm Arrive to Novalis!
2pm Lunch *Comedor*
3-6pm Land Tour and Get Settled
6pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Opening Circle *Maloka*

Day 2
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9-11am Personal Sessions
1pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-4pm Workshop
5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony
8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*

Day 3
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9am Integration Circle *Maloka*
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5pm Workshop
5pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Evening Circle *Maloka*

Day 4
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9-11am Personal Sessions
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5pm Workshop
5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony
8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*

Day 5
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9am Integration Circle *Maloka*
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5 pm Workshop
5pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Evening Circle *Maloka*

Day 6
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9-11am Personal Sessions
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5pm Workshop
5-8pm Personal Reflection for Ceremony
8pm Ayahuasca Ceremony *Maloka*

Day 7
8am Breakfast *Comedor*
9am Integration Circle *Maloka*
1 pm Lunch *Comedor*
2-5 pm Art Immersion *Comedor*
5pm Dinner *Comedor*
7pm Closing Circle *Maloka*

Day 8
Departure for city

Schedule for our 16 day Ayahuasca Retreat with 8 days of plant dieta:

Day 0- Day 4 is the same above

Day 5 - First day of the plant dieta

Day 6-12
Shamanic dieta in an isolated tambo (house)

Day 12
Last day of the dieta.
8pm Third Ayahuasca ceremony *Maloka*

Day 13-16 is same as above

About This Event

Novalis in the Peruvian amazon will be hosting a medicine retreat for November and December of 2019. We craft unique experiences tailored to each interested person, and can host you during the dates that most suit your schedule. We work with 8 day frameworks, and can host plant dietas. 

We will be working with the medicine team of Loyver Yui and Juan Zuniga.


At NOVALIS we offer ayahuasca retreats for private groups of one to eight participants at our treehouse home in the jungle of south-eastern Peru. All of our work is individualized tailored to you. Please see our website for more information about how we work with Amazonian plant medicines. We believe in accessibility, and that medicine should be available for all people who can take it safely. Below are the amounts we would like to receive in exchange for our work, so please let us know if you are low-income, from a country with a different economic reality, or are unable at this time to afford it. All profit goes to rainforest conservation (please see our website for more about our work), caring for our center, modest monetary reimbursment for people working during the retreat, and costs of your stay. It is directly reinvested into our work, and the people here. If you have any questions about how your money is spent, please ask us :) Thank you so much for your participation. We wish all beings health and well-being.

-short retreat - 8 days ($1000)
-longer retreat - 16 days ($1700)
-full retreat - 24 days ($2400)
-plant immersion (16 days, with 8 days in plant-immersion "dieta") -- please contact us for more information ($1700)
-Service work-exchange, full commitment $1000, we also offer partial exchanges.


 Each ayahuasca retreat will include:

Transportation from Puerto Maldonado to NOVALIS and back (forty minute car ride followed by a forty five minute beautiful boat ride along the river, and a forty min scenic hike through the rainforest)

Accommodation in our shared tree houses completely screened in from mosquitos,  with netting provided over the beds, comfortable mattresses, fresh sheets and lanterns.

Possibility to take part in preparation of the medicine (depending upon the timing of cooking and a particular retreat)

Individual health consultations (if required) with our medicine people

Sharing circles before and after ceremonies

Flower/Plant baths and cleanses in our outdoor wooden hot tubs

Individually selected plant dietas (depending on the type of retreat)

Opportunity to deepen your knowledge of shamanic practice and the use of medicinal plants

Nature Immersions (plant identification walks, nature walks, forest meditation, river swims)

Locally grown vegan meals cooked with love (All meals included)

At least 3 Shipibo Grandmother Ceremonies

Integration Circles

A Variety of Ceremonial & Sacred Living Activities (Fire Ceremonies, Ofrendas, Coca Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony, etc.)


You will be housed in one of our treehouses, 7m off the ground. Each treehouse has room for 2-3 people.
You have access to fresh spring water, medicinal baths, running water, and composting toilets.

Our treehouses are always one of the highlights for our guests, and rightfully so. They were designed by a group of specialists from Canada, Vivre Perché Inc., and were built by hand and handheld machinery onsite by our staff. They are circular structures that can hold three people with plenty of personal space, they are equipped with very comfortable beds with bug nets and all necessary bedding, night stands and shelves for personal storage, and lanterns for lighting in the evenings. We will also have private tambos available. All the bathrooms are shared, and composting toilets.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Simple breakfast - usually consisting of oats, chia seeds, shredded coconut, dried fruit, and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) along with fresh fruit (banana, mandarin, apple, mango, papaya, pineapple, passionfruit, etc.) and eggs

Wholesome, nutritious, and cooked-with-love meals (lunch and dinner) - often based on various combinations of rice, beans, quinoa, sweet potato, avocado, yuca, potato, squash, split peas, and lentils, with delicious locally grown veggies such as beets, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, peas, corn, celery, and various herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil, mint, oregano, etc)

We typically will serve only two meals on days of ceremony, as it is helpful to limit stomach contents when ingesting ayahuasca as it will increase nausea and likely distract you from deeper processes. That said, we often encourage people to discover their personal rhythms and practices, and many people suggest not being weak and lethargic during ceremonies due to low caloric intake. Accordingly, if you tend to have lower blood sugar and need more consistent meals we often recommend eating a banana a few hours before ceremony or something similarly readily digestible.


Please meet in the city of Puerto Maldonado the day before the retreat begins.
We will take care of all transport to and from Puerto Maldonado.

Easy access from Puerto Maldonado, where there are multiple flights daily arriving from Lima and Cusco. From the airport you will go to La Semilla cafe in the plaza de armas, where our community has a superfoods cafe outpost run by our community member Cassandra and other friends of Novalis. From La Semilla we arrange transportation for you, and it is about a 2.5-3 hour journey total (45 min taxi ride, 45 min boat ride up the Rio Piedras, and a 3km hike into the land)

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Dalia   April 28, 2020

      Experience the reality of selva

    We spend great time in Novalis, experiencing the reality of Peruvian selva, while living on the beautiful tree-houses and observing the nature. That was the best experience from our two months trip to Peru. You leave in with more peace in your mind.

  • Eva Lily   February 04, 2020

      A rare and magic portal

    Everything about this retreat was truly personalised and caring. I met with Juan and Cassandra the night before and they took the time to really explain everything and settle me, answer all my questions. I felt very safe and held. On arrival, Juan spoke about his vision for conservation, landing us fully in context and the reality of the rainforest rather than trying to authenticate an 'indigenous experience'. That said, once we landed (after the beautiful boat ride and trek) at Novalis itself, it was like entering a true oasis. The whole team work like magic. The food is amazing. The tree-houses are quite unique (! total immersion!) And most importantly, Juan and luyver work as the most attentive, expert and deeply spiritual team to deliver you exactly the experience you need. Juan's theraputic session with me before Ceremony was profound - he saw into my soul with deep care and guided me towards setting the perfect intentions, laying the ground work for a truly healing and remarkable medicine journey. Luyver's song pierced my soul and spoke to me with a depth of wisdom and spirit through his shamanic lineage. The forest shower and the personalised floral baths were an absolute treat. The special resin Juan ground me for a problamatic spot is just one example of how caring and personalised, and especially knowledgable he is with his plant medicines. The spot, needless to say, disappeared within days. But the profound effect of staying at Novalis and the wisdom, beauty and downloads I received there will stay with me for a life time...

  • Nadine Knecht   January 09, 2020

      Deccelerate in the Green and open your mind

    Hello, the retreat at Novalis was amazing. All the stuff and people super friendly. The vegetarian food very delicious. I could highly recommend this place for everyone who is looking for a place in the middle of the rainforest far apart from civilization.

  • Marina   November 17, 2018

      Great learning expérience in a beautiful and safe place.

    I spent 3 weeks in Novalis. As a volonteer and then as a retreat participant. The place is just magic such as the team. Everything and everyone is just perfect for helping you learning a lot on yourself, on medicinal plants and on life ... all, on a very safe way. Loyver is such a great Man full of wisdom and very disponible for sharing and helping on every subject. As a human being but also as a doctor with a lot of interest in traditional medicines, i really enjoy and take benefit of my stay there. The proof is ... I am going back for an other retreat !

  • Richard Jorgensen   November 06, 2018

      Best experience of my life!!!

    Spending a week at Novalis was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much while I was there and I’ve been using the information I received in my daily life. It has brought me balance and harmony. The staff made me feel like family and we are now friends for life. Much love and respect for all that Novalis has to offer.

  • Patricia Cañas   October 31, 2018

      Wonderful unique experience

    I spent a whole month at Novalis and I'm dreaming to go back. The place is really beautiful, full inmersed and integrated in the jungle nature and at the same time felt pretty safe (wild animals whise) and without too many mosquitos. The people there also are one of the best things. They are so much loving and caring. Also very professional, I felt very safe in all the moment. They are always available to explain, listen, talk to you... And the experiences offered and lived there: floral bath, singing circle, nature walks, morning yoga, cocoa circles, art and creativity, the work with the plants....I do feel really blessed and grateful to the experience. I consider I have a high standart in terms of coherence, integrity and safety; and to me Novalis has the 5 stars. I totally recommend it !!! :)

  • April   October 19, 2018

      Oasis within the Jungle

    What an amazing land! I am somewhat a snob for good living, even though I can rough it pretty well and have no complaints for simplicity, but I didn't feel that way there at all. This land is truly something special and divine -- simple luxury. There are so many acres to explore, the jungle is lush, full, there were minimal bugs biting me (in the season I went during September), and the land owners Juan and Cassandra really care about the land. The rest of the staff on hand all the time are genuine, humble, and desire catering for an amazing experience. Dioni really cares for the land just like every other person who arrives and makes delicious jungle surprises in the kitchen. The land really calls to your essence and returns you to the original version of oneself. James, Bri, Bri, Jessica, Lee, and all hold down the land with such integrity, honesty, and joy. You can really feel the love. I was immediately taken into the fold, cared for, respected, and honored. What more could you ask for? Well if you want more...there are amazing Tree trunks that are ancient and hold flower baths!!! This is quite a luxury in the jungle to take a bath staring out into the jungle. The water is clean, the outdoor shower is divine, and the tree houses are epic. The facilities are very clean and cared for. I was able to walk the whole time barefoot, which is really a luxury. Basically, this land is a gem, genuine, and so are the people. Louyver and Jessica held amazing space for the Ayahuasca ceremonies. I have been in countless ceremonies over the years and with Jess and Loyver I felt safe the whole time, cared for, and the gentle nature of the two of them create a space that you can really go deep within your own personal process. They really care about your plant dieta, if you choose to do so, and take such good care of your body, spirit, and mind. There are so many opportunities to do art, go on walks alone or with a group, time to reflect, and listen to the nature. I personally used the time to disconnect from all of technology (even though you do not have to) and it is easy where there is no electricity. There is nothing more romantic and ancient than being in a group of amazing humans in candle light. It is a genuine experience not to be missed. Enjoy the simple luxury of a jungle oasis.

  • Victor PinPin   October 08, 2018

      An oasis of peace and love

    What a wonderful experience I had here in Novalis. Coming at first as a volunteer to work Juan Cassandra and all the family made me feel like a part of theirs. As beginning the retreat they dedicate all their love to the participants and the make sure that everything is set to make us comfortable. The tree houses are amazing, taking bath is wonderful and going at the Ayahuasca ceremony was one of the most beautiful experience in my life. Lloyver is a wonderful shaman who guided me through my journey with his lovely songs. I had assistance from Juan and the others all night long so you can't feel more secure. Also as Novalis is not just for ceremonies, you can learn so much about the forest, the animals and the plants. How to protect this incredible environment and take the knowledge to where you are from. Thank you a billion time to Juan, Cassandra, Lloyver, James, Lee, the Bri's, Yuri, Frejol and Dioni !

  • Yulia Krashennaya   August 28, 2018

      Be careful in making your choices

    A word of caution for those thinking of coming here. In the past Loyver Yui has been involved with another center called Sacred Dimension ( that was closed after his wife Alyssan was arrested in connection with the death of a participant. While Alyssan was leading a ceremony, one of the participants passed away without notice on her part.            Here is also a news article in spanish on the event:                 Please exercise discernment in choosing who you work with, especially when it comes to medicine work.                                                 *********** CENTER RESPONSE************                                 Yulia, To begin, I want you to know how deeply sorry we are for your loss; losing a loved one is one of the most devastating things that one experiences in life, and we can not imagine your pain. Continuing to honor your friend and celebrate the life she lived we know must be important to you. We hope you continue doing so. Because the medicine work community is small, we have heard about this incident that occurred at what was then Sacred Dimension Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley. We know medicine work is complex, and that this work requires delicacy, reverence, transparency, and great responsibility. What happened to Christina should never happen again. Loyver, who works with us and has so for almost 4 years, was not present at the center during the retreat Christina attended. He left Sacred Dimension three months before this occurred, and since then, is no longer in relations with Alyssan nor does he work or live there in an capacity. As you might notice, the news article here does not mention Loyver’s name, and there is reason for that: he had nothing to do with this incident. Loyver is a sweet, humble, and gracious man from the Shipibo lineage, and we will stand by his reputation. With medicine work, there is always a risk. We know this, and we won’t pretend like this isn’t true. We pride ourselves in not only creating emotionally safe containers for participants to experience the transformational power of plant medicine, but in our ability to ensure we are creating safety structures in place to ensure that nothing like this occurs, and at the worst case scenario, to have structures in place to deal with situations appropriately before they escalate to anything like what happened to your friend, Christina. Additionally, I invite you to learn more about our project, Novalis. Ceremony is just one of many programs we provide. Our center is also a hub for Amazon conservation. This dedication to holistic offerings is one way we ensure our ceremonies are firmly grounded in reality. From our heart to yours, we wish you the best. And may Christina’s life forever be honoured. Humbly, Cassandra and Juan Novalis

  • Lara Ros   May 24, 2018

      Wonderland of the blue butterflies

    I can just echo what my predecessors wrote about this place: it is outstandingly awesome on all levels. I had the opportunity to visit the center on a crucial moment when the core team and family found their common song, continuing to create something very special together and giving people the opportunity on the basis of absolutely fair monetary contributions to encounter nature & medicine in a way that changes one’s life. Juan and his team, all warm, open and knowledgeable persons to learn a lot from, made sure that I had the best possible experience with the grandmother medicine, not to mention the nourishing food, essential oil baths in the forest, enchanting elven-like tree houses in an astonishingly welcoming and colorful forest, great wisdom of Shipibo and other spiritual-medicinal traditions and insights in potent political weaving work with local communities. I will surely return and continue being connected with them. Thank you for existing!

  • Andrew weaver   February 18, 2018

      Incredible. A place you can trust.

    It would be impossible to put my wonderful full experience of Novalis into a few paragraphs so I will keep it simple. Novalis is an incredible place that I recommend to anyone following their calling. It's setting is in the heart of the rainforest. It's truly magical, I sincerely believe it is protected by the divine and run by those blessed with the service of working with Aya and other plant medicines. The team are wonderful people who really are working for the greater good and it shows on all levels. The place is alive with an abundance of wildlife, incredible sounds and clean air. You can feel the energy. From the beautiful, comfortable and safe tree houses to the delicious food and refreshing outdoor shower it's a wonder how they achieved all this deep in the forest. The plant medicines, facilitators and shaman are of the highest order, following and respecting the traditions with care and compassion. I stayed for 3 weeks, did four ceremonies and undertook the dieta. I felt safe and protected the whole time and was an experience I will never forget. I hold it dearly in my heart. I cannot recommend this place enough and will be returning again. Thank you Novalis x

  • Margarita   January 19, 2018

      Novalis is such a magical place not to compare with any else

    When I came here, I was just so amazed by the great abundance of nature and this loving people who were there for one with knowledge and compassion :) I learned a lot during this time and the ceremony where special and eye opening for me. The medicine man a enrichment for all senes. He is there for you when you are having a bad time, during and beside of the ceremony. Especially when I went on my travelling and heard a lot of people having bad experiences with ceremonies I was so happy having the luck of finding such a special place. Living in a treehouse and waking up with a wonderful harmonic orchester of insects and the nature of the rainforest, this is just holiday for the soul. Living the essence in within. Thanks to this great guys for the support and the friendship. I will keep you always in my heart

  • Susie B   January 17, 2018

      Outstanding Eco Healing Retreat Centre- A real personal touch

    I took part in the 7 Day Ayahuasca retreat here in November 2017 and from start to finish it was an outstanding experience. First of all the location in the Amazon was one of the most sweetest and welcoming parts of the rainforest I have ever experienced. I have heard from friends of other experiences from other parts of the jungle of bugs and spiders and all sorts of nasty creatures, the location of Novalis was the complete opposite and drinking Ayahuasca in this part of the Jungle I felt so cared for and safe and a real part of the magical community that was the rainforest. We were met by Juan the owner in Puerto Moldonado and then came by boat and a walk to the centre I stayed in a huge treehouse with only the sounds of nature to keep me company, and nature is LOUD, I was woken each day at dawn by the laughing monkeys which was a wonderful alarm clock. Coming to a centre like this really gives you the true meaning of down time and relax time, there is plenty of opportunities to read many books, meditate, do yoga and really experience nature at its most splendid. The food was amazing, 3 amazing vegan meals per day I ate so much when I wasn't fasting for my ceremonies but everything was fresh and local and really the tastiest food ever. The ceremonies themselves were really intimate, Juan talked me through each one, helping me set my intentions and really get to where I was at at the time. During the ceremony which mostly comprised of 6-8 people Juan was there throughout making sure everyone was ok and getting the most out of their own ceremony. The shaman Lueyver was also there throughout for me, I really felt very held and loved and safe throughout the ceremony almost like it was just for me. Before each ceremony I was given a Reiki treatment from Jordan which really grounded me and took a lot of my fears away, as a Reiki teacher myself I know the power of Reiki to help balance the energies which I found a really beautiful touch for anyone going into a medicine ceremony. On alternate days I was also given a flower bath right in the middle of the jungle it was so beautiful The lessons that I got from all my ceremonies were priceless to me, since leaving Novalis, I can say that I am a different person. Things that bothered me now dont exist anymore. Although they say that Ayahuasca is not a magic pill that gets rid of your problems, no, the problems and issues are still there, but they either don't bother me at all anymore or I just know how to deal with them. So for me it was a magic pill, one that I am forever grateful to and to Novalis for offering me the space and personal attention to help myself become the best version of myself. I would recommend Novalis to anyone looking for an intimate and personal medicine healing experience. The location and centre itself are top notch, a real luxury eco permaculture retreat centre. Their personal touch and care from everyone in the centre really makes it feel like a family, everyone from the Shaman to Gianni the cook make you feel like you are a part of something. Drinking Ayahuasca can be an overwhelming experience, coming to a place like Novalis really made it one of the most enriching and loving experiences of my life.

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