Women on her Quest - Shamanic journey in Mount Sinai 6 days retreat

Event Highlights

  • You will be initiated to the art of making your own shamanic drum as well as walking with the elders of Bedouins tribes where they will teach us about the herbal medicines in their gardens in the middle of the mountians where they live at saint Catherine land as well as learning how they work with their animals skins using herbs from the mountain to preserve it and also make threads from their wool , also another very important highlight is experiencing the native american temazkal that we will prepare and we will use the herbs that we picked up from the gardens inside the temazkal.
  • Niketa Caneles Originally from Native America will be holding space for all the shamanic activities and learning.
  • Also hiking Mount Moses and visiting saint Catherine Monastery is optional and additional to the package of the retreat.


We will start our quest by walking with the goats of a women that lives in saint Catherine mountains alone and was featured on national geographic she will teach us about how to make wool and how to work with goat skins and clean them and add herbal treatment on them to live longer, she will than walk us to Doctor Ahmed, a bedouin elder that has his own medicine farm in saint catherine where he has developed many medecine from saint catherine herbs.. we will learn about all those different herbs and medecines and take some of them to use later in our tamazkal experience.

About This Event

Woman On Her Quest

Woman’s initiation into the heart holy lands

A seven-day quest Taking place in St Catrine desert, South Sinai Egypt

6 days quest starting December 5th to11th 2019

Embracing on a quest of self-discovery a step into the unknown to enhance her ability to unleash her strength and the wisdom she carries, she comes forward with all that is wild and true. sharing her self out on the sand and being willing to expose herself for all beauty she is. We are woman, strong, beautiful, creative and powerful. The gifts we carry are life giving, turning the driest places into an oasis of life. A calling forth of all woman to come and place there feet on the holy lands of saint Catherine to embrace on a quest of inner transformation and outer exploration, becoming rooted with the land and the birthing of your creative self .

With cultural walks and sharing’s with elders of the Bedouin tribes, we will have the privilege to meet them while they are still with us and will teach us about their Herbal / medicine’s combined with the Mexican Aztec knowledge of shamanic drum making, Temazcal (sweat lodge) and much more….

Our Quest begins……

Teaching’s by Bedouin elders, Khadra and Dr Ahmed.

A 2 day trek and discovery.

Both born and lived their entire lives in St Catherine, Dr Ahmed is an herbal doctor using traditional herbs medicines from his gardens of the sinai deserts. Khadra a Bedouin woman who lives strong on her land alone in the middle of the mountains, Featured on (National Geographic) Khadra will share with us a piece of her culture by taking us on her traditional walks and sharing her tribal arts and home life. We will get a wonderful understanding of the life she live’s every day and how her tribes have been living for over 1400 years inside those mountains.

-Walking with Khadra and her goats

-Meeting with Dr Ahmed for the teaching of medicinal plants from his garden.

-Camping in the valleys

-Visiting Khadra at her home for sharing of her cultural arts

Who are Sinai Bedouins?

Sinai Bedouins are the native people that have lived in the Sinai deserts over 1400 years.

(Teaching by: Niketa Canales) The Sacred Art of Drum Making :

2 Days shamanic drum making

“Drumming connects us to the core of our being, resonating deep to the soul and our natural rhythms. A gift from the creator to help us always stay in communication with earths heart beat” We will guide you create your own shamanic/healing tool “the sacred drum”. The process of making your own drum will help you ground back into reality while touching and working with the animal hides in a respectful way, also getting in touch with your creative hands and manifestations of your creativity into making.

- First Day of drum making:

-We will be cutting the lace/string from the animal hide, rapping and tying our drums together.

On that day we specially focus on finishing your drum and leaving it to dry. In this proses we hold traditional ceremonies with herbs and intentions.

-Second day of drum making:

This day we focus on making the Drum stick where we go into a creative journey of working with wood and threads, paints and beads.

- Understanding of the culture and teachings of this drum

- Rhythm teaching

- Vocal activation

- Medicine songs

5Th Day on the Quest

Reflection and Temazcal (SWEAT LODGE)

A morning of silence, meditation and rest to get ready for the evening with a traditional Mexican sweat lodge the Temazcal. This ritual takes place in a circular, dome-shaped (womb-like) structure representing the womb of mother earth our great mother. The Temazcal lodge is representative of the five elements earth, water, wind & fire. These elements come to an intense presence in the womb of the Temazcal lodge, where we breathe, pray, meditate and sing through the extreme conditions of heat and humidity. These conditions are made sacred and transformative through the power of intention & song - or sacred sound. Water is splashed on the hot rocks and steam fills the lodge. The Temazcal is extremely purifying to our hearts, spirit, mind and body.

The sweat Lodge experience will be at Eid Lodge in the middle of the Sinai mountain

6th day (Optional not included in retreat package)

Mount Sinai:

At the end of our quest for those who feel called to climb Mount Sinai (Mount Moses) we will be leading a journey up the mountain to watch the incredible sunset and give an offering on the top of the mountain. Considered blue throat Chakra of Egypt the mountain where Moses from the bible heard the 10 comments from the creator.

(Can share details on request)

What you will receive from this experience?

There is so much with just being on the lands of the St Catherine deserts, The lands where the Prophet Moses downloaded the 10 commandments from the creator, and where thousands of others find salvation and deep wisdom. The mountains are large and the valleys are alive, and where the simple essence of life is shared. You will have the chance to create your medicine through connecting with the nature in a way to help you be more rooted with the earth gaining a deep connection with your power to create and enhance your abilities from the wilderness of these sacred lands.

With the ways from our ancestors we will walk in the foot steps of the past, with tradition medicines and offerings that have been around for many generations.

This quest is offered by:

Niketa Canales with guest teachers Dr. Ahmed and Khadra from the Bedouin tribes and Assisted by Myriam Makhoul and Mohamed Eid.

Niketa Canales

Ancestral Medicines

Founder of Sacred Rhythms

Coming from the north and south America’s, Niketa has traveled and studied ancestral medicines from Mexico, Peru and other parts of north and south America. Traveling the world and collecting seeds from many, and sharing as she goes. She has had her life transformed with the bonding and connection with the earth and earth medicines. With 14 years of experience, and her self healing in the proses Niketa is passionate about sharing what has been given to her to others. working with music and wisdom from the earth elders, her prays is to spread the message of coming back to your self, with the earth, as a whole. The creature of sacred rhythms, sharing north American drum building, sweat lodge holder and earth garden.

Dr. Ahmed:

Herbal Bedouin Dr.

Teacher and healer with herbal medicines from his gardens. An elder with wise teaching of his ways in the mountains in St, Cathrine. Dr Ahmed is an inspiration and shares his knowledge with those who have the calling to learn about herbal medicine’s or plants. he is truly a gift to have with us.


Bedouin Woman Elder

Featured on national geographic Khadra is a strong woman braving the wilderness with her goats. Making wool from her goats she prepares rugs, clothing, housing and much more with the use of her goats and environment, using what she has on her land is how she survives and creates her art. She is truly an inspiration to all woman and her strength is unbelievable.

Myriam Makhoul:

Space holder

Founder of The House of Light

Myriam works through The House Of Light holistic hostel in Dahab where she hold space for practitioners and healers to come stay at the house and share their wellness methods with those who are seeking, Myriam has developed her own shamanic tools and methods and she will be there to assist you and take you through the journey and hold space for you while you are receiving this incredible knowledge.

Mohamed Eid:

Founder of Eid lodge

Guide and space holding:

Mohamed Eid is living on his land at Eid lodge and has made in incredible space for meditation and retreat. He brings people from all over the world around the valleys and mountains in St Cathrine. Sharing wonderful stories of his people and ways of the mountains. With passion to share the way of the land Mohamed in a wonderful guid to have with us.

Exchange for this quest 15000 Le or 980 USD include everything mentioned above exclude flights and transportation to St, Catherine and back.

If you would like to join the Mount Sinai trip there will be an additional cost of 750Le or 50 USD. includes food, transportation and lodging.

Please note that we will need a registration and a 50% down payment by November 21st

10% none refundable from down payment if canceled a week before.

50% None refundable from down payment if canceled prior to the retreat date.

Going back to learning about mother nature and connecting with her elements, we will teach you how to make your own shamanic healing drum on the same mountain of Moses as well as the herbal medicine teaching by the Bedouin elders.

What's Included

  • All local transporation between camps are available also accomodation and food and drinks and lodging in the mountains as well as the teaching of the herbs and making your own drum and the tamazkal.

What's Not Included

Airfaire is not included

Venue Highlights

We hold space for you !!
I cant think of a better word to say but holding space for whoever crosses our way...
We have found a unique way of helping others by simply inviting them to come and experience being with us in our everyday life. As an Egyptian family we have found a way to be free and still be accepted by our society, we found yourself with some wellness tools and gifts that can be shared with other if they decided to come and stay with us and live with us our daily life and experience the way we live.
Me and my husband we have a unique way of holding space for people and thats because we love being in service and have so many ways that can help others go through hard times based on our experience. Deciding to open our house for others started as an idea to cover up some of our house renting costs and little by little we started developing these ideas of sharing some of our meditations or medicine not only outside the house but also inside.
And the idea of holistic guest house forced itself on us because it became a way of living that is sustainable and mean while enjoyable, its like having different little communities living together and changing from time to time according to what nationality and background of the group or person that comes to stay.
Our house holds space for us to live in it and express and share our gifts with those who decided to commune with us during their stay, and also holds space for others through offering them a host that cares and in service. Also coming from a long experience in Cairo and the connection to all the wellness community there and around the world, gave us a wild rang of wellness connection that became very useful for us as a network that can help us share with people different wellness activities that we have tried and trusted.
In a place like Dahab where many comes to experience freedom and wellness and healing, we are one of those experiences that sprouted a seed that we started working on 3 years ago when we first came to live in Dahab, and now our seed have grown and was gifted with a new space that can hold more activities and share more of our gifts with the community and passing by wellness seekers.
With us you will find a wild rang of exciting stuff that you could experience, from meditations to music gatherings to mountain gatherings and activities all the way to carpeting and recycling of fabrics and wood, as well as directing you to what you want to experience during your visit to Dahab and how you would like to live some freedom time during this vacation.
And through this sharing we are sustaining our services and sharing our gifted abilities along the way as we go...
Help us help you .. Come and stay with us and live our story


One of the places that we will be staying at is a lodge in the middle of the mountains called eid lodge


  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Meat
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free


Bedouin meals cooked in the fire


We will meet up in base camp of saint Catherine monastery the camp is called fox camp and its the only base camp at this area, also a follow up via whatsapp and phone calls if needed.

camping herbal teaching mountain hiking mount sinai saint catherine monastary shamanic drum making shamanic teaching tamazkal native american sauna

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