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Spirit Medicine Retreat

Event Highlights

  • General ceremony structure for the group: (1) Tobacco ceremony, (5) Ayahuasca ceremonies, (1) San Pedro ceremony
  • Personalised healing according to one needs: Specific Master Plant Diet, Kambo, Sananga, Yopo, Rapé, Cleaning and Flower Bathes


Medicine Talks
Ceremony Debriefing

About This Event

The purpose of this retreat is to reveal the healer inside of you.
So you become the actor of your own healing, you learn to channel, reach and balance all levels of energies of your existence.

Our mission is to open the doors of your faith.
We accompany you through the connection with plants and nature spirits.
We create a safe, genuine and harmonious space with Icaros, Medicine music and true prayers that allows you to deepen the understanding of who you are and surrender what no longer serves you to go forward and evolve.
We support you into your fears and darkness with the wise light of the heart, so you can transform the pain and suffering into power for a new birth.
We stay humble and joyful in all situations because we know that the eternal light of love shines on us. Faith is all that we are.

You have the responsibility to heal yourself with the brilliant tools that you are given, you have the opportunity to durably integrate a new harmonious vision to your life. 

Together we recenter to the narrow path of the heart and explore our infinite power.
Let´s awake the master within.

He is not yet aware but the destiny of the caterpillar is the great flight to the freedom. So we human are. Our metamorphosis comes through surrender.

What's Included

  • All inclusive

Venue Highlights

The camp is a safe, confortable and high vibrational place into the jungle where you are able to connect with yourself in a somptuous surrounding.


We have several confortable bungalows with private or double rooms. There are clean showers and dry bathrooms. Everything you need to live in the jungle is provided.


Food is the first medicine.
While on the retreat, we serve nutritious and balanced food to nourish our soul. In order to conserve our body light and keep the energies fluid, all the dishes are made without salt, sugar, oil, meat and hot spice.
We encourage the participant to fast the days of ceremonies.
With great discipline comes great results.


From the city of Iquitos we are one hour to our center into the jungle.

ayahuasca Kambo san pedro spirit medicines

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  • Laura Gómez   December 15, 2019

      Renacimiento en el amor que soy ❤️

    Hola a tod@s!???? Comparto mi experiencia por si os estáis planteando hacer un retiro y si esta es una vía efectiva para dejar atrás aquello que os aflige y mejorar vuestra vida.???? En primer lugar decir que este retiro me ha dado las respuestas a todo lo que necesito para ser feliz y llevar una vida plena. Es sin duda la vivencia más sanadora que he tenido y más maravillosa y mágica a la vez. Doy gracias a la vida por haberme llevado a este precioso lugar que es el paraíso de la medicina y por haber conocido a Alex Auvray. Gracias!!!???? En este retiro y a través de las ceremonias de Ayahuasca y San Pedro he podido entender y dar respuesta a mi dolor interior. Las plantas maestras te guían para que puedas ver que es lo que ha sucedido en tu vida y los porqués de tus aflicciones para que puedas sanarlos. Alex me ha ido ayudando a entender y trascender todo lo que debo aprender para vibrar con las vibraciones más altas y que mi vida se base en el amor, la armonía y La Paz. No tengo palabras para describir una experiencia tan trascendental. Ojalá pudieras sentir como vibra mi corazón ❤️... Por otro lado, el lugar es perfecto para ello. Un campamento en la selva rodeado de árboles, flores y plantas. Hay un río cerca donde puedes bañarte y el lugar es mágico... Las cabañitas donde dormimos están muy bien, protegidas con sus mosquiteras y con colchones cómodos. Se está muy agusto. Luego está la maloca, que es la sala de ceremonias y donde estamos todos juntos. Es un lugar ideal para encontrarte con los demás y meditar. También consta de su cocina y baños todo acondicionado para una estancia muy agradable. Por tanto y en resumen, las instalaciones están muy bien. Por otro lado es también algo muy interesante y ameno el hecho de compartir el retiro con otras personas. Me llevo en el corazón a todos los amigos con los que he compartido estos días. Nunca lis olvidaré. Juntos hemos ido avanzando y creciendo y elevando nuestro espíritu y abriendo nuestros corazones. Gracias lindos! Os quiero!❤️ Por todo esto os digo que estoy feliz de haber estado en este lugar, acompañada de la sabiduría de la selva, de Alex, de la medicina y del apoyo de todos los que asistimos. Ahora entiendo que pasaba y porqué no me iban las cosas como yo quería y ahora puedo transformar mi realidad con mucho amor y alegría. Amándome y amando a los que me rodean. Perdonando y dejando atrás el pasado. Con pensamientos de pura luz y felicidad. Infinitas gracias!! Sigamos creciendo y realizando nuestros sueños. Bendiciones a ti si estás leyendo este comentario. Tu vida está a punto de florecer. ????????❤️

  • Vian Aghilas   April 16, 2019


    Heart-opening experience with much love and generosity towards humanity. I enjoyed to stay at this retreat and was respected and treated well! The rituals are very well done and the respect for the spirit plants and diet is taken seriously so the connection with medicin went really deep. Everything in the discription on this page was offered and even more than that! Thank you for this experience! /Vian

  • Sengmolicka Vuthy   April 15, 2019

      Love and light

    This was my first experience embarking on spiritual plant medicine retreat. I'm very blessed to have landed here. Everything that has led me to El Paraiso De La Medicina and Peru was aligned divinely. Receiving guidance from Alex and the group healed me on many levels, illuminating the gifts that was within me to embrace the whole collective and heal one another. I was honored to be part in this experience and see how the retreat would unfold. It was beautiful to learn and understand the spirits of each plant. Being in Alex's presence and feeling his connection to the ceremony practices was pure and sacred. I learned more about my being and the divine plan that I am part of; confronting truths, letting go, forgiving, loving and reaching equilibrium with the help of the mother medicine. This retreat was profound giving me more clarity and awareness in what I was seeking and more. The campground was a safe haven to remove myself from illusions and to be true. Everything that was provided was great. The bungalows were comfortable and simple, the showers were clean, the restrooms were dry, and the Maloka was both healing and relaxing to exist in. On intense hot days it was cooling to walk through the jungle towards the river and bathe. I had lovely company from Nala throughout the retreat! The laughter, experiences, conversations and connections I made with my brothers and sisters will always be carried with me! Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu ~

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