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8 Day Retreat: 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Event Highlights

  • 7 Night Accommodation
  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 3 Meals a day
  • Jungle excursion with Guido Perez
  • Access to clean and comfortable sleeping and sanitary facilities


7:00AM- Wakeup
7:15AM-8:00AM- Quiet reflection time
8:00AM-9:00AM- Breakfast
12PM- Jungle walk
1:30PM-2:30PM- Lunch
4:00PM- Snack
7:00PM- Begin preparation for ceremony
7:30PM- Ceremony begins

About This Event

Hi there! Welcome to the Otorongo Center. We are a Peruvian-owned Ayahuasca healing and plant medicine center. Our 8 Day experience is led by Mary Juliana. She has spent all her life learning with the plants under the tutelage of her mother, Maricela. Her first diet was with Noya Rao while she was a young teenager. Working alongside her mother, Mary Juliana has facilitated profound transformations in countless clients, both from her Shipibo village as well as Western clients. Mary Juliana comes from a long lineage of Shipibo Shamans, and she is deeply connected to her work with the plant medicines. This is our introductory experience and is perfect for people looking for guidance and an introduction to the world of plant medicines.

Our intention at the Otorongo Center is to facilitate healing through deep work with plant medicine, in a way that is safe, ethical, sustainable, and affordable. We are not a luxury center- you will not find pools, WiFi, or forced activities here, as we feel those structures can take away from our guests attempting to engage in deep introspective work. What you will find is a team dedicated to providing the optimal plant medicine experience.

We do not consider ourselves a retreat center, because when you come to stay with us you are not retreating from your life- you are living it.

All guests must submit a medical form before booking their stay, in order to make sure working with the medicine is safe for them.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions :)

"The Quality job he didn't think anyone was going to see is seen, and the person who sees it feels a little better because of it, and is likely to pass that feeling on to others, and in that way the Quality tends to keep on going" (Robert M. Pirsig)

What's Included

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 7 Nights accommodation
  • All meals prepared with Love
  • Talks with our experienced Shaman
  • Jungle excursion
  • On past retreats, clients have had the opportunity to help prepare the Ayahuasca, helping them to be connected to the holistic process.

What's Not Included


Venue Highlights

We are located less than an hour from the Plaza de Armas in Iquitos, Peru. We have strong safety protocols in place, and a vehicle dedicated to transporting clients to nearby medical care in the case of emergency, (Luckily, due to these very same screening and safety protocols, we have never had to utilize our emergency vehicle).


Our accommodations are rustic, beautiful, clean and comfortable. Our rooms are held in a traditional long house, giving the clients a sense of communal living, while simultaneously offering privacy and a quiet place to reflect. Seeking constant improvement, we have recently added two more bathrooms to our facility, both equipped with showers.
All bedding is provided.


  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free


Our meals are vegetarian, gluten free and adhere to the Ayahuasca diet. Meals are served with lots of love from our head chef, sans salt or sugar.
Breakfast- Fresh, locally sourced, organic fruit is provided daily. For those who want protein, we also provide eggs upon request.
Lunch- Stir fry of rice, carrots, broccoli, and peppers. Garnished with cilantro and avocado.
Dinner- Vegetable soup.
Snacks- Fresh fruit is provided throughout the day
Coffee and tea are constantly available


Our center is very close to the airport. We have our own boat to travel to the center. We can arrange all travel.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Cam   October 06, 2020

      5 Star Family

    I was one of final guests who stay at the otorongo center before they suspended they retreats due to Corona. The Otorongo Center family allowed me to stay at they home in the city when my flight delayed me. And for this I am super greatfull to them for keep me safe. As every body say, the Center itself is super beautiful. And the family and they ceremonies is beautiful too. Every last one of them.

  • Maria Lila   March 21, 2020


    En junio del 2019 tuve la suerte de pasar dos semanas en este lugar magico. Disfrute mucho de la paz del lugar que es realmente encantador, se duerme en unas cabañas super comodas, cerquita de los arboles y de la orquestra sinfonica de la selva. Hay un rio hermoso en el que uno se puede bañar cada mañana o antes de las ceremonias, y donde a veces se pueden observar aves y mariposas increibles. La comida es riquisima, hay frutas frescas y jugos, y aparte todas las personas que trabajan ahi son super amables y estan atentas a cualquier necesidad de los huespedes, el ambiente es super relajado, uno se siente como en casa pero en el paraiso al mismo tiempo !! se desconecta realmente de todo estrés, se reencuentra con la alegria y la energia positiva. Una de las mejores cosas fue el Kambo que me hizo sentir increiblemente bien a partir del dia siguiente de la aplicacion. Un lugar muy recomendable. Les mando un fuerte abrazo a la familia Perez y todo lo mejor para su futuro. Con cariño, Lila

  • Victor   March 18, 2020


    Absolutely beautiful stay! It was my first Ayahuasca experience but I can recommend this place to everyone who expect safety, beauty, deep experience, comfort and reconnecting with the nature. place is run by family with big hearts and big smiles who are there for you 24/7. You can ask for anything and they will help you with any problem which you have. Absolutely beautiful souls and vibes you can find there. Thank you for everything and for a introduction to a "magic"!!!! Vic

  • Tyler Paul   January 16, 2020

      Lo Mejor

    Lo Mejor Simply the best Ayahuasca center I can imagine. I stayed here in late December, supposedly at peak rainy season and it was still sublimely beautiful. The other guests were mostly from Europe, but graciously accepted an American like myself who hasn’t done much traveling outside the states. Guido picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at no extra charge. That alone was an indication of the great week I had in store! Each ceremony was different, with varying degree of difficulty based on the dosage size. The first ceremony was the lowest dose, an introductory dose as they said. This initial dose induced strong visions and sense of oneness, but I felt I could go deeper. I spoke with the Shaman and agreed that next time I wanted a stronger dose. Boy did I get it LOL. My next ceremony led me to a different dimension, healing and delighting me along the way. The third ceremony was the largest dose and I used the opportunity to address a specific intention that I had discussed with Luke. The combination of the large, strong dose and specific intention led to a difficult and simultaneously transformative ceremony. The only parallel I can draw is that of the Phoenix. I have risen from my ashes (Thank you for that Metaphor, Luke!).

  • Edward Cahill   January 14, 2020

      Simply wonderful

    From the moment Guido picked me up in Iquitos to the moment the Perez family dropped me back off a week later, I felt I was in capable hands. The Center is beautiful, intimate, and highly conducive to peaceful reflection. My room was simple but comfortable. The meals were delicious. The ayahuasca was strong and effective. And the staff was unfailingly kind and responsive. If you want an experience that is focused on medicine, meditation, and rest, this might be the one.

  • Charles   December 27, 2019

      Treatment here healed me

    They went above and beyond any reasonable expectation to give me the best treatment possible. I was sick and in need of treatment so I reached out to the otorongo looking for help. Even though they were closed for the holidays they still gave me a room, food, and treatment attention. I was desperate and they saw that and came through for me. I am so appreciative. I went to the center for gastrointestinal issues. The team worked together to find a plant that would work for me and I dieted the plant. My time at the center ended with the most beautiful ayahuasca ceremony I can imagine. The songs of the shaman filled the space like flying birds and I gave my body a much needed cleansing. I still don’t know whether it was the Diet or the ayahuasca or some sort of placebo effect but my stomach issues have disappeared. Thank you otorongo for everything.

  • Alexandra Schultz   December 26, 2019

      Beautiful experience

    I did the fifteen day retreat at otorongo and it was such an incredible experience. Everyone who works there is incredibly supportive and welcoming and makes you feel like family. The location and facilities are all wonderful and the food is delicious. Senor segundo looked after us very well throughout and after the ceremonies, he was always available to talk to about our experiences and made us feel very safe. I cannot recommend otorongo more. Truly a beautiful experience with people who now feel like second family

  • Zack   December 25, 2019

      Beautiful place, but disappointing experience

    The otiringo center is surrounded by the Amazon, and is quite beautiful. There isn’t anything planned except meals and ayahuasca sessions, which I enjoyed because it gave me tons of time to revel in the beauty, unplug and decompress. The first ayahuasca session was wonderful, but the shamin made his own Ayuhuasca for the second session which didn’t do anything except give us all the shits. We let him know we saw no visions, no altered consciousness etc. and he promised next time would be different. It wasn’t, he just doubled the dose of the same ‘dud’ batch and we had another bad, non altered experience (besides our bowels). You don’t go to an ayuhuasca retreat to get 1/3 actual trips. Very disappointing, and I cannot recommend this center based on my experience.

  • Cleide Rodrigues   December 22, 2019

      Safe and lovely experience

    I went to Otorongo to stay for a week but ended up staying for three. The place is really peaceful and Guido and his family really lovely, I felt at home. The ceremonies had such a good vibe, with few people participating. I felt very safe under Sr. Segundo practices and having Guido and Magno always available whenever I needed was so conforting. The food made by Maria is delicious and she is a lovely woman, full of life and so grounded. Sr. Luis, Guido's father is a vibrant man, full of energy, always friendly and funny. Everyone at the center has a big heart and that's why was so hard to leave. I had a beautiful time there and a bound with the team I will carry forever.

  • Oliver Clark   December 11, 2019

      love the team love the place love the ayahuasca

    I stayed at the Otorongo Center for a week & got to spend good amounts of time with Guido & his brother Cristian. I have to admit I went primary to experience Ayahuasca, not in need of healing. The Ayahuasca experience itself was awesome… Only word I can think of. Tough… but awesome. Segundos Shaman songs were like laser beams into my head. Awesome. During my stay Guido & I realized each others love for martial arts & when my Retreat was over, Guido took me to the city to train jiu jitsu at a local gym. It was the perfect icing on the cake for me to having both the spiritual and physical experience afterwards. Thank you very mucho Guido & the whole crew.

  • Lucie Vyskočilová   December 03, 2019

      Perfect end of my trip

    Thank you all the people in Otorongo center for this wonderful experience I had with you. There are several important things for me at an ayahuasca retreat I need to be fullfilled and you covered them all. The most important thing was that I felt safe all the time. While you are on ayahuasca there is nothing more important than knowing that you are in a safe space surrounded by people who know what they are doing. Also I felt like part of the family, everyone in the center treated me so nice and familiar. It felt really pure and beautiful. Also the location of the center is great,so remote from the smelly and noisy city of Iquitos,in the middle of jungle yet still with all the luxury and comfort you might need. Dont let the lower price make anyone think that you will recieve less than at the other retreats where you pay ridiculous amounts of money. It is exactly the opposite. Three very private ayahuasca ceremonies (they dont make large groups of people, the curandero senor Segundo likes to work with smaller groups up to five people), trips to the jungle, very nice accommodation, Maria prepares the best food I had in the whole three months in Peru and everything is really peaceful and quite. This is the place to be if you want a proper ayahuasca experience at a reasonable price. Dont hesitate and go. For me it was definitely worth it. Will never forget the beautiful ikaros of senor Segundo. Probably also not the horrible taste of ayahuasca and all the puking,but that is all part of it :). At Otorongo center they really care about you and want you to leave with a good and meaningful experience,not just collect your gringo money. Lucie, Czech Republic

  • Florence   December 01, 2019

      Hola Otorongo!

    I booked a week long stay at the Otorongo Center in mid November. Not knowing what to expect I showed up in Iquitos nervous and anxious. Maybe writing this can help some people prepare for their stay in Iquitos and have an idea of what to expect. If the post is too long for you the short version is: It was a very positive experience in a beautiful place that gave me what I was looking for but isn't for people looking for a luxury time in the jungle. Here’s my play by play: My pickup was at a restaurant in Iquitos. I was expecting an airport pickup and was kind of disappointed I had to travel into the city for my pickup. In fairness, I misread the pickup email and booked my arrival flight outside the times that the center does direct airport pickup. So, my bad. The team did drop me off at the airport for my departure flight and even waited around with me while my flight was delayed, which I surely appreciated. Pickup was by Guido and his translator, a lovely Argentinian woman who spoke great English. I handed them my money within five minutes of meeting them. I guess they wanted to get that out of the way. I arrived at the meeting point, a restaurant in the city, 30 minutes early and had an okay lunch at the restaurant. It was nice to sit and have WiFi for a little bit near the main town square after my long flight. I was expecting a car ride as transport, but apparently there aren’t many cars in Iquitos and most of the transport is done by Tuc Tuc. A little bit of a bumpy ride but I tried to be positive and think of it as all part of the adventure! It was a 20 minute tuc tuc ride before we got to the boat owned by the center. After we got off the boat, I elected to walk through the jungle to the center, about a 15 minute walk. My first impression was, wow we are really off grid here, nothing around but animals and trees- a little nerve wracking but just what I wanted. I was blown away by the beautiful and thoughtful design of the campground. The other reviews weren’t kidding when they said the only thing you hear are the birds and the frogs. Definitely an A+ for facilities. I knew going in that the center was off grid, and I wanted a place without WiFi or electricity. When my phone died during the week, (as I was using it to take pictures and because I forgot my flashlight) Guido offered to take it to his house and charge it for me. Very accommodating. When we got to the center we had a welcome meeting of sorts, introducing the group to the center and that kind of thing. The first night we each had a one on one meeting with the Shaman. Well, the translator was there too to help those of us who don’t speak Spanish, so it wasn’t really one on one I guess. This meeting made me feel much more comfortable. The Shaman’s sense of humor and gentle nature immediately made me feel at ease. I don’t want to go to in depth with the ceremonies. The ceremonies start at evening and end around midnight, I got help walking to the bathroom and I had a personalized attention from the Shaman with tobacco. It was beautiful. The songs from the Shaman were unexpected, but played an important part in my trip. I didn’t have any visions the first night which apparently isn’t uncommon for newcomers to Ayahuasca. But the second two ceremonies involved visions and purging. Good thing the bathroom is close by (lol). All my Ayahuasca ceremonies were tough, but beautiful and gave me what I needed. I woke up the morning after my second ceremony and cried for an hour. Not tears of sadness but cathartic tears. Good tears, if that makes sense. The Shaman saw me crying and we had a nice conversation during breakfast. The food was DELICIOUS. Fresh fruit, delicious cooked veggies and rice. And all natural and healthy. It made me want to cook at home (I never cook haha). I have to say though, that by the end of the week, I was ready to have crunchy, salty, very salty French fries. I went to the center to do inside work, I didn’t go to make friends. But I have to say, the other guests made the experience. The late nights sitting up late talking, drinking Chamomile tea out of the white mugs. You’ll know what I mean if you go. I made great friendships and deep, deep connections. The group made the experience 100% My time at the center was great. I've been home for a little while, and looking back at my pictures from the center still makes me smile and has given me a peace that will never leave me. I got what I needed. It’s a small family operation in a rustic environment. It’s very clearly a locally owned operation. The one thing to look out for- there is no electricity at the center. I wanted that kind of rustic thing but I get why people would want more luxury comforts. If you go to the center, I would definitely recommend that you bring a good flashlight, high boots if you want to do jungle walks, and make sure you voice your needs. If you want more food, ask. If you want another pillow, just ask. Don't be shy.

  • Yasir Taj   November 25, 2019

      8 day retreat

    I was very pleased with my experience with Otorongo Center. The family took care of us like we are part of their family and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. The center is place in middle of the jungle so it's very peaceful while you are doing your ceremonies and healing. The ayahuasca ceremony was great and felt very authentic. I would recommend doing this if you looking for family run center that provide you authentic experience.

  • Mattia Arya Gozzini   July 07, 2019


    Io e la mia amica Grazia abbiamo passato due settimane meravigliose nel centro. Gli aspetti positivi sono stati la natura pura e libera, il cibo semplice e gustoso, la preparazione e l'accoglienza delle guide e dello sciamano, la purezza e forza della medicina, locali puliti comodi e attrezzati. Abbiamo veramente lasciato il cuore in questo pezzo di paradiso. Grazie grazie grazie Yo y mi amiga Grazia pasamos dos semanas maravillosas en el centro. Los aspectos positivos fueron la naturaleza pura y libre, la comida simple y sabrosa, la preparación y recepción de guías y el chamán, la pureza y la fuerza de la medicina, las salas limpias y cómodas. Realmente dejamos el corazón en este pedazo de paraíso. Gracias gracias gracias

  • Olga BO   July 04, 2019

      Spirit of Otorongo.. Magic place

    Absolutely amazing experience at Spirit of Otorongo. What can I say... Just thank you for all the services and the hospitality received! The centre is located in a very special and magic place, not far at all from the city of Iquitos, (50 mins approx: peke-peke, moto taxi and 15 mins walking) you can find it in the middle of the jungle, completely isoleted from noises, pollution and humans; sounds of birds, toads and animals, beautiful moonlight at night... Perfect place to meditate, read, and connect with yourself and nature. About the services, I have nothing to object, Perez Family is very professional in what they do. During my stay I did Ayahuasca ceremony and Kambo, the first one was guided by Segundo, a powerful and energetic shaman with a lot of experience, we cooked the plant together so I could learn a bit more about it. Kambo was done by Guido, the young son of the family, also with a lot of experience on it. The food was healthy and good quality. They took care of every single detail during my stay, even being lost in the middle of the jungle I didn't miss a thing, Guido went to the city every day to buy food and every single thing I may need. I highly recommend this centre, peaceful and magic place run by a very friendly and profesional family. Thank you for all!! I will come back for a second vol. Of sprit of Otorongo.

  • Liam Higgins   April 06, 2019

      would go again

    walk 2 center difficult for me. see now they put path so vehicle can take u there. this is good. this my 3rd retreat ever. think this was the best prepared ayahuasca. good organized system. offered post integration but didnt force me to talk. liked the talks about good practices and integration. helped me to get thru the aya process. would go again.

  • Rebecca Kramer   April 02, 2019

      This is what a retreat center should be

    My work with Ayahuasca has been so important to my life. It probably saved my life to be honest. The time I spent dieting helped me to realize things in my mind which have been holding me back. Now I feel like I have a clear lane for success. I first heard about Ayahuasca last year but never imagined it could have such deep impact on me. The Otorongo Center is such an amazing place. It is immersed in nature and the only sounds are the birds and frogs. I thought I would be the oldest of the retreat and I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of age groups and ethnicities. Thank you so much to all the staff.

  • Amanda Lynn   March 18, 2019

      Highly recommend

    I stayed at the Otorongo Center over the summer and I really recommend it. It was easy to book through their coordinator, Luke. He sent me the medical forms and helped me to figure out what my goals were for the Retreat. Everybody made me feel so safe and cared for. Thank you to all of the people at the Otorongo Center!! I am happy to see they are on RetreatGuru now and are using the internet more to spread their message :) This has a special place in my heart and I hope to go back soon.

  • Jan-Kai Hügel   March 16, 2019

      Ein traumhafter Ort um zu Ruhe und sich selbst zu finden

    Als ich im Oktober in Iquitos war, hatte ich das Glück, im Hostel eine Bekanntschaft zu machen, die mir von ihrem Aufenthalt im Otorongo Center erzählt hat. Die Erzählungen klangen genau nach dem, was ich am Suchen war. Ein Ort, fernab vom Lärm der Stadt, mitten in der Natur. Kaum zu glauben, dass es nur zwei Fahrten mit dem Tuctuc und 20 Minuten über den Fluss dauert, bis man diesen Ort erreicht. Das Otorongo Center bietet die ideale Umgebung um abzuschalten und den Kopf zur Ruhe kommen zu lassen. Ob bei Wanderungen durch die Natur, beim Baden im Fluss, dem Relaxen in der Hängematte, oder Nachts auf der Veranda zu sitzen und in den Nachthimmel zu blicken. Ich habe meine Zeit "im Dschungel" sehr genossen. Die umgebende Natur bietet eine so friedliche Atmosphäre, die ideale Umgebung für Innere Arbeit. Die Familie ist super herzlich und hat mir von Anfang an ein Gefühl des Willkommenseins vermittelt. Da man Iquitos relativ unkompliziert erreicht, bietet sich das Otorongo Center definitiv auch für längere Aufenthalte an. Ich kann es kaum erwarten zurückzukommen und freue mich schon jetzt auf meinen nächsten Aufenthalt.

  • Jan-Kai Hügel   March 16, 2019

      Connecting with nature and yourself in the Peruvian jungle

    Highly recommended!!! I loved staying at Otorongo Center. Even though it's only two rides with a Tuctuc and maybe 20 minutes by boat, I enjoyed the feeling of seclusion, surrounded by the jungle, without man made noise. No traffic, no stress, just silence and tranquility. It's the perfect place to connect with nature and yourself. The family that is running the place is super lovely and will definitely make you feel welcome there and safe. During my stay I also got to meet Luke with whom I had a great time. May the force be with him!

  • Eden Durand   February 20, 2019

      Beautiful place and people

    Sorry for grammar- English is not my first language! I have done Ayahuasca retreats in Europe but this was my first in South America. I was very nervous but I greatly trusted the friend who recommended the Otorongo Center. This friend told me about a small but good center that is mostly spread by word of mouth. She said it was very affordable and just all around beautiful. Best words to describe the place!! I sent them an email before heading to Iquitos and coordinated with their facilitator Luke. I am a solo female traveler and just want to thank thank so much all those at the Otorongo Center for taking such good care of me. Special thanks to Guido and Luke. They both made me feel so comfortable. My Ayahuasca experience in Peru was beautiful. The location is beautiful and all of the people I met are kind souls. From very deep in my heart... Thank you... I deeply recommend to all my friends.

  • Charlotte C   February 18, 2019

      Golden family Perez in holy Selva

    I have been there at the Otorongo Center for two - three months, I guess I was one of the first guest :). I can't tell much about the master plants themselves as I was there to help them as a translator ( and finally friend or sister (and work on a personal project), but I can say they helped me so much more than I helped them, it has been a wonderful and real human sharing. All family Perez welcomed me in their life with so much kindness without expecting anything in return, they are amazing people... Guido and Cristian are always smiling, always trying to do their best to give the more they can to the people they meet on their path, they are really interested in the human sharing. They built this project up themselves (I mean with their arms and sweats) on Guido’s idea as he was still working on his Environmental engineering diploma. Bethzi and Luis supported them and at the time they were really taking the time to welcome the new persons coming to the center, and to show their land (and cows, organic cheese and organic trout farming…). The place is very wild and peaceful (and beautiful..), for my personal project I visited many centres around Iquitos at the moment, and this one is clearly located at the best spot I ever chilled in… If you are scared of wild nature don’t go, if you want to relax and heal yourself without feeling that you are in a healing factory don’t hesitate… and if you have special request or if you don’t feel confortable about anything, don’t worry and confide in them, they will never judge you. Sorry if my english is a bit strange, I’m french and my translator adventure didn’t make me that bilingual :^). A kiss to the team <3

  • Shawn N   February 12, 2019

      Life changing Experience at The Otorongo Center

    I'm writing because it's the only way I can begin to pay back all that the people at the Otorongo Center did for me. The entire Perez family went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and safe. Guido especially went above and beyond anything I could have asked for and I am happy to say that I consider him to be a lifelong friend now. The Ayahuasca itself was well-prepared and I even had the opportunity to help prepare it. I worked with Ayahuasca, as well as spending time in Dieta with other plants. The whole thing was just incredible and cyclical. I got to help prepare my own Ayahuasca medicine, just like I got to go see where they got our food from. The Shaman's Icaros were beautiful and guided the experience. I had the opportunity to spend extended time with the Healer and felt like I received personalized attention- which I really appreciated. As I do not speak Spanish, the young facilitator, Luke, translated for me. I feel super appreciative for all of the attention that he gave to me, and the effort he put in to making sure I had the best experience possible. The food was delicious, the beds were comfortable, and the Center was absolutely beautiful. The other clients there are now some of my closest friends. I found great people there. I paid under $1000 the entire month I was there- for food, water, everything. And really a top notch experience. I highly recommend that anybody looking to work with the medicine check out this center. I wish that I could do more to thank their whole team, but hopefully this rambling review is a good start.

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