AMA Nacer, Retiro y Ofrenda de Equinoxio,Barcelona, Spain

Event Highlights

  • we can offer during the week from the personal therapies march 22 to 25, 2020
  • please let us know your time in Barcelona so we can give you other options for enhancing your time around
  • private ceremonies after iniciation, please register in advance in order to include you on the day
  • Any registration to this workshop, iniciation or medicine study are previous a call and personal interview


Day 1

9.30 registration
10.00 introduction of the Iniciation, welcome talk and presentation
12.00 fire breath practice
2.00 lunch time
4.00 back to theorical information
6.3 sacred singing circle with Rapé ceremony
7.30 Dinner

2nd Day
6.3 am Sungazing meditation
7.0 am Arati light- fire offering
8.3 am breakfast
10,3 am start sacred fire together
preparing place and medicines
1.30 break
2.00 pm lunch
4.00 pm Fire Iniciation, what is a fire guardian?
Why is important the use of sacred fire?
What elements most have a sacred fire?
Directions and offerings to a sacred fire
The Vedic fire, The red path Fire, The tribal sacred fire
Tantric fire breath practices (every day in the morning) sun rising meditation
Power tools of fire
Closure of iniciations….. on the sacred fire

7. 30 pm dinner

3rd day
6.3 am Sungazing Meditation
7.0 am lighting our Sacred Fire for Temazcalli and iniciation
8.3 am breakfast ( we will divide by groups so we chant and care for fire until the end of the day)
""all day long iniciatic fire day""

7.3 Closure of Fire, gratitud circule for Closure of iniciations, offering my fire to mother earth
8.3 Dinner on Aire

Day4 March 22, medicine of Toad ( Please book prior)
Day 5 March 23, medicine of wuachuma ( Pleas book on anticipation)

About This Event

Facilitators Program

We have found trough our path the need of many people like you of becoming a true holder of a spiritual path, our new generations make things so simple as with media and life that has become a trendy fashion to be a medicine practitioner or medicine guide, or facilitator or also a shaman but without truth and streght into the daily practices that make that path a secure one.

Rather we like it or not, our energy , our thougths, our ideas, and actions touch others

Rather we want to commit full time to the spiritual world or just become a more wise human to be the complete spiritual being that we should be as a natural gift, as our true nature. unfortunatly centuries of ignorance have made humanity loose the connection with itself and the whole universe. And in the era of fast everything we want to bring some light and truth to our practices so we can sustain them and not harm others and ourselves.

We see an urgent need of truth for humanity, this doesnt mean we can not be what we aspire to, or become the dream we have, but this means that the biggest master minds on the world did not appear on Earth without having to do their duty and offerings.

To the path of the Englightened Masters of Earth as it is Jesus, Budha, Krishna, Mahatma Gandi, Dalai Lama…. They all have entered the Iniciatic School of Mastery and Misterys of Universe

Some go to mountains to obtain visions and clarity trough their silence and fasting offerings, others find the visions by meditating, others use plant diets to get visions, Some others go to caves for days so they can open their total intuition and visión

Some others do specific exercises, sounds and movements to gain power and more wisdom, but of all of them need to offer something to be a cannel open of the univers and truely manifest the healing from a high vibration to people, or rather just use this radiant light to live a full life without attachments.

And the path for each being itself is unique, but there are common aspects in the spiritual life that we all need to learn and know so our walk and steps into the spirits world is impecable, secure, serious and has strong roots to be unbreakable.

Which doesnt mean that we wont be challenge trough our paths and it doesnt mean that we will stop being human, but at least we will have the right tool to come back to our center as many times this life as the ceremony path require.

The Goal might not be the purpose in this life but the path itself to achieve the goal!!!

Unbreakable and pure as a diamon heart

( medicines are optional)

I. Introduction to the form and customs of Ceremonial Life

international Aproach and view of the Medicine path

Covering some of the most important traditions and alive linages of the world

Structure of the Ceremonies



Elements and Directions

Rituals and Decrees

II. Finding my Purpose trough service INTENTION


The life of Amma movie

The Pearl book, A life of Commitment and Sadhana

A life of Service and true offering, make your life a ceremony

Sustaining my family linage

My own Fire, creating the sacred Fire together!!!

III. Fire Iniciation, what is a fire guardian? Men and woman practitioners

Why is important the use of sacred fire?

What elements most have a sacred fire?

Directions and offerings to a sacred fire

The Vedic fire, The red path Fire, The tribal sacred fire

Tantric fire breath practices (every day in the morning) sun rising meditation


Power tools of fire

Closure of iniciations….. on the sacred fire

Costs of this iniciation $450 euros

Includes Sahumador or Copalera ( if you have your own tools the price is reduce to $370 euros)

Red belt, third eye belt, and some herbs and medicines for the practice

Payments to register: 50% (all registration most be done after personal medical questionair and chat aproval)

paypal of Casa lotus, cash or transfer required on full before the event!!!

Keep your recipt and send us by mail a copy please.

For the additional days of meidicnes please contact prior and let us know your preference also required the 50 % of this payments so we can arrange for you the ceremonies!!

What's Included

  • Price includes 3 days of Fire Iniciations, Temazcalli ceremony, rapé ceremony, breath, theory, tools for your inciation (red band, red belt, sahumero) , Sacred Chanting activation, bring your power intruments!!
  • We will create a sacred space together understanding the elements we will use and why we do this offerings for Pacha Mama, this iniciation is a commitment as a Fire Guardian for peace on Earth!!
  • Ancestral traditions have cared and kept the legacy of this traditions, i honored the Elders that inicited me on this path and thank them.
  • Maria Galindo Ruiz, Lolita Vargas, Abuelo Oscar Bolivar, Tlazokamati for your heart and wisdom!!

What's Not Included

medicines for fire
and extra medicine study days from JAnuary 6 to 13th all the days of medicines are apart and most have a registration

Venue Highlights

we provide you with the most amazing places on the world for your confort and safety so you can give this time to your healing and feel also warm to go deep.

se organize private retreats , small groups and maximum size of our group is 15 passengers so the location is picked depending on the size of our group and we will provide with full info of location prior to your arrival and one of our team most be on ariport to pick up all the group and welcome all


we will provide with a location for your stay near to our ceremonial place but also we will give options so this is affordable to all!!!


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Ceremony Space


food will be extra cost too, but based on a balance healthly menu to have strengh and feel powerfull for this fire iniciation


please make any flight reservation to Barcelona Sants station is the easiest way to connect to us and to move by train to our location

iniciation sacred fire sacred life sahumador spiritual path strenght and will tantric fire breath transformation

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