Violet flame activation Retreat, Barcelona

Event Highlights

  • 3 days of medicine
  • 4 days of full Breath practices and prana practices
  • 4 high védica meditations
  • INICIATION with the Violet Flame
  • opening our heart to the wisdom of Magic that sustains the world
  • rapé tabacco iniciation to clean and purify mind

About This Event

Casa Lotus wants to create a briedge to all the souls that truly are looking for a deep connection with your true self

with this Iniciation we propose to create a deep bond with Transformation, Magic, and the help of power plants, breath, meditations and let universe guide us and teach us with deep respect and humbleness we will open a portal the essence of this elements that sustains our life.

¨As you invoke that violet flame by the power of the God within you, you shall see planetary change. I call for millions to join in the call to the violet flame…" -Saint Germain

We have the opportunity to transmute the oncoming tide of returning karma and cultural darkness into the great cosmic wave of light. We don't have to leave on pilgrimage, just enter into your heart and use Saint Germain's

Lets find together our own Nature

Lets recover trough our roots the freedom of our spirit and fly to your dreams

Lets proclaim the Magic to be used with respect and wisdom, the Violet flame is the most powerful tool of transformation that i have found in my spiritual path, St. Germain is a high ascended master, helping Mother Earth and humanity for the ascencion and evolution.

We will give full explanation of the presence of St. Germain

following the history of the world the Magic has been used since the begining of humanity, if we call the right elements the purpose of the magic will make the magic happen, learn to use the right elements we can start the path with the right feet in.

beleive it or not the truth of the world and universe is bigger than the human mind perception.

the new magicians are awakening on earth, we need to be guided by the most antique principles of earth.

As part of this activation we will use the helpers of earth the cosmic medicine of the Toad that can help us release the vail and understand who we are, that the medicine of Toad is giving us this opportunity and gift, one of the biggest understandings is how to live in the simplicity of the One without fear, with embracement, and than apreciating you as part of the whole Communion and master plan of Universe

We are more than happy to hold hands in this pilgrimage of the soul with my dear family of the world to break up implants and

wrong perceptions implanted on the world

We will share the medicine of Ayahuasca to consagrate this work on the intention of LIGHT in the world for all

this retreat is for people that has already iniciated the medicine path, and spiritual path, we can not accept First time people now that the topics we will share require a solid base of spiritual understandings.

About the antique practices of Telephaty, kinesiology, Energy control, at least for 2 years!!!

Power tools required:

metal vowl for fire

purple candle

amatist stone

****purple outfit for iniciation****

IMPORTANT: required interview before aplying registration

fullfill a questionaire about your own spiritual practices or call, plus the legal waiver

What's Included

  • includues Violet Flame Iniciation
  • food and room
  • Sound baths
  • rapé iniciation during ceremonies
  • flower baths
  • 2 toad ceremonies and 1 Aya Ceremony
  • 4 breathwork to Iniciate you into the Cosmic medicines
  • 4 meditations
  • 3 yoga classes

What's Not Included

your flights
personal therapies
extra ceremony days
sexual energy cut and cleansing


Venue Highlights

we provide you with the most amazing places on the world for your confort and safety so you can give this time to your healing and feel also warm to go deep.

se organize private retreats , small groups and maximum size of our group of iniciations is max 11 passengers so the location is picked depending on the size of our group and we will provide with full info of location prior to your arrival and one of our team most be on ariport to pick up all the group and welcome all

for this iniciation on the jungle we will be hosted into one lodge deep into the jungle and sorrounded by amazonic life


the location of this event is at Menorca Balearic Island and if possible try to arrive at least one day prior to the city so we can be more relaxed and slept for our retreat


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ceremony Space


organic ,pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan
available, please inform of any food allergy


further info via mail after your registration

aya medicine breathwork bufo medicine meditation pilgrimage retreat spiritual iniciations violet flame activation

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