Sacred Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca Integrative Healing Ceremonial Retreat w/Accommodations (Cancun)

Event Highlights

  • Purificar
  • Vision Quest
  • Quantum Healing Deep Multiple Dimension Access Meditation
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Higher Lifetime Integration
  • Cosmic Planetary Ancestral Connection
  • Mayan Cacao Ice Bath



Welcome and Clinical Intake
Individual Intake Review and Consultation

Detachment Meditation
Mayan Auric Cleanse

Quantum Healing Higher Lifetime Group Hypnosis

Ceremonial Preparation
Ceremonial Intention Guidance
Plant Medicine Gratitude Prayer

Plant Medicine Ceremonial Start
Ceremonial Vision Call
Journey Meditation

Group Consciousness Meditation


Ceremonial Closing Meal
Private Journey Integration Quántum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
Plant Medicine Gratitude Prayer

About This Event

We are a word-of-mouth, referral based Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonial provider. Our location is less than 10 minutes from the Cancun airport with private transportation available upon request. This is a 12 Hour Ceremonial Journey.

The ceremonial journey is from Friday 6pm to Saturday 7am. This includes overnight accommodations.

If you have questions or requests for personal private ceremonies please email us.

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonial Journey

Special Plant Medicine Diet

Ceremonial Location

Ceremonial Information

You’re safety and wellbeing is our number one priority.

We are excited to serve you in fulfilling your request to create an incredible life changing experience for you.

We provide services in various locations across the USA, Mexico and Peru. At the end of this email you will find useful links to our other events and specifically to find all the information about Chaman Qinty from Peru who has mastered the incredible formulation of Ayahuasca used in all of our healing ceremonies. It is to him much gratitude is given for his heart and soul to which you and many others become recipients of the profound healing you will experience.


For your requested dates we process your payment through PayPal and Venmo. This gives you a record of the transaction and your payment is fully refunded up to 14 days prior to the ceremony. This means should you need to cancel your payment is fully refunded when you provide us notification via email 14 days prior to the date of ceremony. There are no refunds on accommodation reservations. Ceremonias are fully refundable as per our refund policy.

Mobile Devices

The retreat site was chosen because it’s private and distractions are non-existent. We ask you contribute to the ambiance by keeping your electronic devices off. A daily call home to family is expected, but mostly–phones and computers, off. We’re fostering an entirely different kind of connection. Contemplation is the key.

About our Sacred Plant Medicine

We’re not here to convince you to take Ayahuasca; that is between you and your spirit. It is our intention to create the space where you can safely and privately journey together with the sacred medicine. We offer a place free of distraction, energetically sustained and contained; a beautiful setting close to nature. Our ayahuasqueros trained with the Shipibo in the Peruvian Amazon and our Ayahuasca is prepared by Shipibo medicine men and hand-carried to Mexico by us. Change is inevitable; personal transformation is a choice.

What to Expect

There’s no way to tell you what to expect, not really. Ayahuasca brings on a state of profound introspection while dropping the barriers between your conscious and unconscious mind and your subconscious. This enables you to observe the structures, perceptions and belief systems which, for better or worse, generate your body and your life. What you experience is your own energies manifesting, so as each individual is absolutely unique, his or her experience with Ayahuasca is unique. No two people have the same exact experience although the process is similar.

About the Medicine Culture of Mexico

The cultures of Mexico and South America have been working with sacred plant medicines for eons. To them we owe our awareness of their unique healing properties. Medicine men and women of wide experience and deep training are found here. Bernice is a native, born in Monterrey, Mexico working within her own cultural traditions. Chaman Qunity is a native of Peru. Together, we merge the culture and the powerful sacred plant medicine, experience, wisdom and knowledge with the mystical jungle and the Caribbean See to create a life altering journey.

This initial ceremony can last between 8-12 hours and a full itinerary and location details will be included and emailed to you upon payment and confirmation. Please be advised the times listed for the ceremonial agenda can and is often slightly modified as we move into the journey due to the more specific needs of the group as a whole. We try to plan as best as possible but group participants at times require slight modification.

Your Ceremony cost is regular $488 per person (refundable per our refund policy).

Discounts available for parties of 2 or more.

Discounts available for additional ceremonies.

Private and semiprivate Accommodations available. Private accommodations must be requested.

Includes fresh fruit, vegetables, yogurt, fresh bread


For Mexico

Convenient Transportation can be provided to and from the airport and is highly suggested as the ADO shuttle service comes directly to the airport from all local pueblos in the Yucatán, across Mexico and Cancun.

This plant connects people with other planes of reality, but does not cause hallucinations. In any case, they are visionary plants that allow people to connect with certain dimensional planes, lifetimes, planetary and star systems. The vision is something that a person sees, without being in a pathological state.

The National Institute of Culture of Peru (INC) declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation to knowledge and traditional uses of this plant. Since the institution stressed that its effects are contrary to those produced by hallucinogens.

Each journey with Mother Ayahuasca is a learning and understanding process.

Your journey with the divine is one which will assist you in bringing you closer to living your highest life purpose and in turn help others discover theirs.

Finally, we are free to be.

Important Details...

What to bring: comfortable clothing, additional change of light weight clothes in case you get too hot or too cold, small bag to keep your personal belongings, small journal, pen, cleansing wipes, insect repellent, small lightweight blanket or sweater, small towel. These items are not required but do help if you believe you may potentially need them.

What NOT to bring: alcohol, any form of drugs, excess cash or anything easily lost.

Sacred Journey Location...

We will meet in a general location and be safely transported by a local licensed and insured transportation service to our designated group journey location in the Mayan Jungle. These locations have been specifically chosen and full measures are in place to provide a safe, comfortable, organic and purifying experience to each participant.

Private & Couples Journeys are available upon request. Please ask for pricing details.

What an awesome experience. I highly recommend them to anyone. I was a little apprehensive until I met Bernice. What an angle, she put me at ease and was so professional. I will definitely be back again and again. -April Adams, Utah

What's Included

  • Your Ceremony Location provides full indoor and outdoor journey essentials:
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Ceremonial mats
  • Ceremonial blankets
  • Ceremonial Music
  • Bathrooms
  • Sacred Burial Points
  • Jungle and Nature
  • Cleansing & Bathing Facilities
  • Experienced Advisors & Ceremonial Supervision
  • Tea, Water
  • Organic fruit and vegetables
  • Closing Ceremonial Meal
  • Mayan Ice Bath for Auric and Cellular Detox and Cleansing
  • Sacred Plant Medicine- Currently we have mastered Ayahuasca and San Pedro
  • Private or semiprivate accommodations

What's Not Included

Insect repellents
Change of clothing
Additional pillows

What you will need…

-Complete Health Intake Form (sent vía email)
-Personal Intention/Need/Desire for Participation in Writing
-Comfortable Clothing
-Soft Blanket, hoodie or sweat jacket
-Mosquito repellant

***Private airport pickup and drop off is charged at $15 each way and paid directly to the driver. This is prearranged for you at your request.***

Convenient Transportation can be provided to and from the airport and is highly suggested as the ADO shuttle service comes directly to the airport from all local pueblos in the Yucatán, across Mexico and Cancun.


Venue Highlights

We provide expert, certified, safe and professional supervision for all of our sacred healing retreats.
Each person will be welcomed and given full attention to assist in creating the most beneficial divine journeys.


Serene setting among jungle trees with several private rooms are available upon request.
Private and semiprivate rooms available for additional stats at $71 per night


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free


Purified water and fresh in-season fruit is available to all guests.


Travel to location is very easy and simple. We provide private transportation to and from Cancun airport for small nominal fee. Nestled among a jungle of trees as our backdrop, we are located within just a few minutes from Cancun Airport. Exact directions given with paid ceremony confirmation.

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Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Kim Hawker   January 08, 2020

      Healing & Dealing

    I've always been in touch with the elements around its a feeling a sense of something there. I'm not always confident in my choices or I feel a remorse for decisions I've made. Working with QHHT Body Talk has help me to deal with the healing I must do. I feel a greater control over my existence in this life after each reading or Journey, my connection to myself grows deeper as I began to trust more and more. I began with a choice to start taking my life back, not just my programmed day to day. My first treatment was The cleansing Ice with wood therapy, honestly at first it was hard to deal with all the emotional weight I was holding onto. I then choose to continue my journey and fulfill a series of these treatments which lead my to healing. I never felt better!!! I am healing now instead of always dealing with emotional weights holding me in that place. I feel calmer and more aware of how to grow in my healing, instead of just dealing with my everyday. This is the best service if you wish to heal as we deal with our issues. Dealing with issues is survival, but learning to Heal is key. Thank you QHHT for your knowledge, empowerment and healing abilities to enlighten my darkness. I'm so blessed to have experienced this!

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