10 days with a Tantrik Master

Event Highlights

  • This is a 10-day retreat with the Indian Tantric Master, Maharaji Guruji Dhyanshvar Arayavrat.
  • Tantra in the west has been misconstrued under the guise of sex and sensuality. This retreat will be an opportunity to experience authentic tantric practices that go far beyond our modern western understanding.
  • Harness your own kundalini energy, learn sacred ritual and discover true tantric practices.
  • This will all take place in a tantric ashram, in a remote off-grid setting, free from the hustle and bustle of city life and technology.


This is a general outline and may be subject to change.

7:00 AM
Morning Yoga & Meditation
9:00 AM
Breakfast in silence
9:30 AM
Morning gathering
10:00 AM
Mantra Meditation/Yantra Building
1:00 PM
Healthy fresh vegan/vegetarian meal
2:00 PM
Free time
4:00 PM
Afternoon practice (yoga, philosophy, pranayama etc.)
5:30 PM
Group meditation/kirtan or devotional dance on Fridays
6:30 PM
730 PM Yagna (Fire ceremony)

About This Event

Tantric Intensive Retreat

Immerse yourself in an Authentic Tantric Experience with Guruji Maharaj.  Get initiated into the traditional and powerful practices of Classical Tantra through an authentic Tantrik Master.  Using  Yantra (sacred geometry), Mantra (sacred chanting), and Yagna (sacred fire ceremony), he will weave for us the web of Tantra in these 10 days of worship to the Goddess.

In these 10 days participant will take part in:

Constructing a yantra

Empowering a yantra with mantra

Mantra Initiation and use

Daily puja

Taking part in yagna (tantric fire ceremony)

Purification of the physical and energetic body with sacred herbs and mantras

Mantra Japa Meditation sessions (daily)

Tantra Philosophy Classes

Deconstructing a yantra

Tantra Yoga Classes

An assessment and purification of your energy system by Guruji

This program is a Yoga Alliance registered Continuing Education program (AYCEP), upon completion of this Intensive Retreat, a certificate will be given.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: "Anuttara provided the opportunity to step away from an individual self and start to truly experience and access a feeling of all one, an interconnectedness that I had never felt before." - Ananda "It is a home to my heart and if you want the freshest air, water, and earth in the world, this is that. Combine saintliness with the extraordinarily pristine and you have something truly special and sacred. This is the real deal. " - Christopher "When you enter this place, no matter how hard you resist, you will slowly unravel the truth about life and yourself. The teachers are so genuine with a deep and loving desire to see the students grow, awaken and blossom. It can be a truly life-changing experience." - Laura

Venue Highlights

Located on 100 acres of natural old growth forest with rolling hills, surrounded by snow-tipped mountains, cliffs, waterfalls and the beautiful Nass river this teacher training is in a location unlike any other.

With wildlife, fresh mountain air, and pure silence, our center provides a natural setting to get away from our typically hectic lives and fully immerse yourself in the nature of our true selves.

The Ashram has been structured to honor the ashrams and monasteries of India and Thailand with western standards of cleanliness, food quality and professionalism.

The area has trails and plenty of space for exploring and adventuring in your free time.


Being completely off-grid we have only compost toilets and minimal electricity. We do have Wi-Fi upon request. There are options of camping, dormitory, and shared or private cabins.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


All of our food is made in a sacred and mindful manner. We use as many ingredients from our own organic garden as possible and make healthy and nutritious vegan/vegetarian meals.

forest kundalini Mantra Meditation Nature non-duality off-grid tantra yagna yoga

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Tanya Ivkovich   September 11, 2018

      So much more than your standard yoga teacher training!

    I just recently completed my yoga and meditation teacher training at Anuttara Ashram. The whole month long intensive was beyond any expectations I had for a teacher training program. From the moment I arrived at the Ashram, I felt welcomed by the community and felt at home in the wild north of BC, surrounded by beautiful landscape. The course went way more in depth than any other teacher training programs I looked into taking. It was a life changing experience and i will always treasure the time I spent at the ashram. The only downfall was that we ran into a drought during the summer. So water was very scarce and we had to be careful with our consumption - which may not be that bad of a thing as it helped us to understand how much of an impact we make on the earth. Other than the lack of rain, it was a fantastic experience. I learned so much about myself as well as about yoga and meditation and feel confidant to re-enter the world and share what I have learned. I plan to go back next summer for more training's and to just experience the community - its a magical place where you can just feel welcomed and at home!

  • Niamh Keoghan   August 03, 2018

      Yoga Program and Yoga Teacher Training

    My time at the ashram was more than I expected it to be. I went there with the intention of staying a month. I ended up adding another month to my stay and also joining the Yoga Teacher Training. On a whole, I feel there is much to be said for the welcome that each guest receives - how open people are and how close-knit the community is. I felt part of a family. What I loved a lot, was the encouragement we received to explore our own spiritual questions, without being judged or without being told what to do. I appreciated to regular share circles, the attention given to food choices by the chef, the activities and the alternating teachers during morning practice. It's hard to find something that could be improved upon on the Yoga Program. Perhaps more variety in the spiritual activities, incorporating discussion topics for example, devotional dance or evening yoga nidra. To have all participants of the program attending, it would perhaps help to have 'attendance to all activities' as a requirement before starting the program (if this is not already the case.. I can't remember exactly what the forms stated). As for the Teacher Training, I have mainly positive things to say. I loved the practice and the theory and I was blown away by how extensive it was, and how we still managed to go in-depth into so much of the yoga philosophy. I valued the attention given to our personal processes, our daily insights and how open the space was to share our inner journey. I loved the 2 different sequences and how the course was structured. The only suggestion I would have is to incorporate perhaps a full morning that focuses on Thai massage. It was touched on, when we learned a little bit of the 'art of touch', but it was a bit brief in my opinion. Also perhaps a follow-up of the readings we were assigned, by having discussions the day after the reading is assigned. This can also help to have the quieter ones in class, participating more, so more perspectives and ideas are shared. These are only minor details though and did not take away from such a life-changing experience. Thank you all dearly for this wonderful opportunity. I am super grateful for everything and excited to reap the benefits in my daily life, from having spent time at the ashram. Wishing you much love and joy always.

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