Shakti Heart Immersion Course

About This Event

30-Day Women’s Journey into the Divine Feminine with Alison Bond

Course Dates: February 11 - March 11, 2020

Accommodation Dates: February 10 - March 12, 2020

Loving yourself is your natural state. You’ve been taught to look outside yourself for the love and wholeness you seek. But, the world’s wisdom traditions say look within, because love is your Essence. And, it can be discovered in your own Heart.

As a woman, you may carry societal narratives that taught you to disconnect from and reject your body, menstruation, sexuality, emotions, and ultimately alienated you from your natural wholeness. From the Heart, all dimensions and expressions of you, and life, are embraced in the compassion and peace that is your core.

In this course, you’ll dive deep within, exploring powerful topics and practices from Hridaya Yoga, Tantra, the Divine Feminine, and more. You’ll meditate, learn practical techniques, receive inspirational lectures, dive into sacred dance, perform rituals, and connect with like-minded women in a safe and loving container of sisterhood.

Do you long to discover the beauty of your innermost being? Let’s shed fears and limitations, and come back home to the Heart—to the freedom and love that you are!

Course Overview

The Shakti Heart Immersion Course is divided into four parts:

Foundation: Learn a foundation that will be built upon throughout the course.

Release & Relearn: Release old and alienating paradigms, and relearn with new and inspiring perspectives.

Embrace & Embody: Embrace all of yourself and life, and embody what feels aligned with your inner most authenticity.

Offer & Serve: Discover how you wish to offer yourself and be of service to life, for the benefit of all existence.

Part 1 – Foundation

Introductory Topics & Practices

3-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

You’ll begin the Shakti Heart Immersion Course by creating a strong foundation. You’ll explore introductory topics and practices that will be expanded upon and deepened throughout the rest of the course.

Next, it’s time to dive into silence and turn deeply within, with a 3-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat.

Bridging these foundational explorations with an experiential taste of meditation and awareness is so essential for this course and for life. When working with authentic spiritual practices, strong energies and emotions, or healing and purification processes, there can be a tendency to either get lost in, or disconnected from, the journey of transformation that takes place. Only through awareness can this journey be fully engaged in with presence and love.

Part 2 - Release & Relearn

It’s time to release those old stories and cultural paradigms that keep you in fear and limitation, and from intimately connecting with the depth of who you are. You’ll explore new perspectives from age-old traditions, and learn what feels truthful to your own heart and aligned with your deep authenticity. You’ll receive the education society never gave you.

Can I learn to connect with my body in acceptance and love? What does “feminine” actually mean? Can I finally have a peaceful relationship with my period? What would it mean to see sexuality as something sacred? And, most importantly, who am I really??

Part 3 – Embrace & Embody

Opening to new freedom isn’t about pushing anything away. It isn’t done by rejecting, denying or running from any part of you, or life. Rather, it’s through a deep embrace of “what is” in awareness, compassion and love.

Loving means seeing depth. You’ll explore what it means to see depth in the full spectrum of yourself and all of existence—all of the beauty and challenge, the light and dark. As you awaken and open the Heart, you connect to an infinite power of acceptance and peace within.

Also, you’ll continue to dive deeply into experiential understanding and embodiment. All that you explore in this course isn’t meant to remain as beautiful ideas, but lived truth.

Part 4 - Offer & Serve

How can you take all you’ve learned and embodied out into the world? How do you want to spend your precious time on earth? How do you wish to offer yourself for the benefit of all of existence?

When you embody awareness and love, it’s a beacon of inspiration for others, because it points them to that same depth that is the nature of their being. As many mystics express, reflecting that beauty of the Heart is the greatest offering you can give.

When action is taken in the world, the form of that action may vary in the unique expression of each human soul. What gifts will you offer? When action arises from the Heart, on the background of love-awareness, you are able to deeply support yourself, others, and all of life. You are present and available. You can act from freedom and love—from the depth of who you are.

Course Content

Main Topics & Practices of Exploration:

Meditation & Self-Enquiry

Advaita Vedanta




Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Dance

Female Archetypes


Mystical & Conscious Menstruation

Yoni Love & Care

Pelvic Floor Health

Jade Egg


Women’s Empowerment

Shifting & Transforming Energy

Techniques for Developing Awareness

Self-Reflection & Journaling

Sharing Circles



Sacred Dance & Exploratory Movement:

Female Archetype Embodiment

Goddess Embodiment

Candle Dancing

Belly Dancing

Veil Dancing

Sufi Whirling

Chakra & Element Dancing

Sisterhood Dancing

Dance as Blessing

Daily Schedule

Each day will be divided into a morning and afternoon session. There will be a few select evenings where we’ll gather for special night-time rituals and practices.

On a typical day, the schedule includes:

Morning Session

8:15 am-1:00 pm (with breakfast break)



Presentation & practice of a technique of the day

Personal reflection and/or group sharing circle

Sacred dance or movement practice

Afternoon/Evening Session

3:00-5:15 pm


Ritual or longer specialized practice

* Special night-time rituals and practices will take place after 6:00 pm on selected evenings

No previous experience in yoga or meditation is necessary.

Course Fee: $850 USD (Accommodation and meals extra)

Menu Types

  • Vegan

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  • Maheswari Moksha   June 01, 2019

      Hatha Yoga and Self-enquiry together

    Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte offers the most beautiful Hatha Yoga classes for those who want to approach Yoga as a Spiritual Path. During the Hridaya Yoga practice you will connect with your most inner being, finding the silence of the Heart while you enquire on the nature of the Self, finding the perfect balance between effort and relaxation. You will learn to identify the different energy centers (chakras) that are activated by each asana, and you will be introduced to various methods of meditation that will deepen your practice in a subtle but profound way.

  • Kevin Sak   May 09, 2019

      Deep experience

    There is so much wisdom, beauty and grace behind the course set up, material and teachers. It creates an amazing atmosphere of love, grace and humility. The teachings of non duality are boundless and can liberate your heart if you are ready to receive. Beautiful karma Yogi's cooking up amazing vegan food. Go to deepen your practice and connection to the heart. Radiate your light for the benefit of all beings.

  • Julia Kratzer   May 09, 2018


    I have just finished a silence retreat and before i done Module 1. So many questions has been answered in my Heart, so much love has been grown in just 34 days being here. I gotta say thank you so much for all this amazing teachings. Everyone out there, from deep in my heart i recommend to come here and feel for you¨self¨what Hridaya has to offer. For everyone who is staying in Europe and looking for an Heartopening, Hridaya will be opening in June, in France. check out the website! lots of love to all Julia K.

  • Gsusa Art   June 21, 2016

      Complete Transformation

    Hridaya is one of those special places that will stay with you for the rest of your journey. It is such a beautiful place with the most pure, gentle creatures you will ever come across. The teachings are filled with such deep love and humility it overtakes you. I fell in love with this place and it was very hard to leave. Sometimes coming home after exciting travels can be tough, but after Hridaya I felt more ready than I ever have in the past to go home. Two months now after arriving home and I still am experiencing Hridaya daily. I continue to meditate and feel the love and compassion all the time that I found at Hridaya even two months later. I recommend this place to everyone, no matter where you are in your path. Come with an open, beginner's mind. Do not accept the teachings, nor reject them, just observe. At the end you can make your own decision. I've gladly welcomed the lovely new additions to my life. Thank you so much Hridaya, I love you all and can't wait to return. <3 Art

  • Jenna   March 30, 2016

      Please read this warning before you visit Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico!

    I am disappointed to say that after doing much research and coming to this school with an open heart and the hopes to learn all I could about the yogic lifestyle, I realized that this school only cares about money and not about the safety of its students. The members of the school board provided no assistance for me or held themselves liable after my tent, which was on their campgrounds, was robbed off all my valuables because they have no locked gate or safes for belongings. They never forewarned anyone of the robberies that were occurring biweekly at gunpoint (despite my pleading that they post a warning on their web site) and didn't provide any safety for their students. It has become increasingly obvious to me that the reason this school is so heavily disliked by Mazunte's residents is because they truly only care about making money. As a result of coming here, not only is my whole life in shambles, but I have lost all desire to practice yoga or live meaningfully. Please reconsider before spending your money at this dishonest and greedy facility. If you do decide to visit, PLEASE do not bring any valuables as there is no place to keep them safe. Students have even been robbed while sitting for meditation.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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