Deepest Heart Sacred Medicine Retreat

Event Highlights

  • These retreats are limited to only four students at a time, which makes for a more intimate and personal experience. This retreat will be held in noble silence with daily interviews with the teacher. Also included are 3 vegetarian meals a day, the teachings, sacred medicine, and transportation to and from airport.The first five days is the intensive part of the retreat. Consisting of, meditation, Chi Gong, Dharma talks, and the use of Sacred medicine. A traditional Temascal ritual with a Shaman will be offered on the fifth day. The next two days are a time to relax and integrate your experience, which includes breakfast, meditation and Chi gong in the morning, and a Dharma talk in the evening. On the sixth day you will be free to explore the nearby town of Ajijic and its many restaurants and shops during the day, and be treated to a full body massage session which is also included. On the seventh day we will go on a day trip to the local resort spa for its natural hot springs and enjoy its luxurious grounds.


We will be meditating through out the day with breaks for Chi Gong, walk in Nature, meals, and Dharma talks and the Sacred Medicine. We will also go on a Nature walk in the evening to the Lake.

About This Event

This retreat is held in the beautiful Mexican village of San Antonio at Lake Chapala. Which is one hour from the city of Guadalajara Mexico.

This is an opportunity for renewal and to go deep into your psyche to experience the workings of your mind and heart. There will be tools offered that assist you in learning ways to deal with life’s challenges more effectively in order to find inner peace. We will work with the Medicine Wheel of Insight, various meditation techniques, Chi Gong,

non-dual teachings and the Sacred Medicine of the psilocybin mushroom as an enhancer for this deep transformative work.

Plant medicine has been use by our ancestor’s further back than recorded history. It has been an intricate part of human existence to heal and expand our human consciousness. Now it is resurfacing and recognized as the powerful and sacred medicine that it is. The gentle mushroom has been proven to help heal PTSD, depression and other psyche disorders, and is currently being used by psychiatrists in the US. We use small doses to enhance the meditative process in our retreats to help expand our awareness.

The Medicine Wheel of Insight is a tool that teaches us to see exactly what our minds are doing that we may get more clarity and learn how to be fully present for our lives. It helps you gain greater understanding by delving into the deeper regions of your mind and heart using inquire, and the assistance of the Sacred Medicine. These insights can be transformational when guided by an experienced Medicine man like Joseph Rio de Paz.

This retreat will also offer non-dual teachings such as the teachings taught by Eckhart Tolle, Buddhist teachings and several other teachers. We will not only have meditation throughout the day, but we also will practice the ancient art of Chi Gong which is a movement meditation exercise that cultivates good health, vitality and presence.

Our lives are over much too soon. Tell me, What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.

What's Included

  • This retreat is 8 days. It has 3 vegetarian meals a day provided. A day toward the end of the retreat we will go to a traditional Temascal. As well as a day at a Spa for relaxation on the seventh day. And a full body message will be included. Also transportation to and from the Airport is included in the price.

What's Not Included

Airfare is not included

Venue Highlights

San Antonio Lake Chapala is next to the beautiful largest lake in Mexico. It is full of wildlife in a park setting.
A day toward the end of the retreat we will go to a traditional Temascal. As well as a day at a Spa for relaxation on the seventh day. And a full body message will be included. As well as taking the Sacred Mushroom medicine on the four day.


We offer two private rooms and one shared room for two participants.
These retreats are held in my home. It is an intimate family setting where each participant gets lots of attention.

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian


All meals are vegetarian. We will have a variety of delicious meals each day.
Menu for 8 day retreat
• Oatmeal with nuts and raisins
• Cold cereal and milk
• Fruit banana, papaya, and apples
• Toast and Jam and Peanut butter
• Tea and coffee

• Tacos- Corn tortillas, tomatoes, lettuce,
avocado, cilantro, salsa
• Sandwiches- P&J /or Brown rice and black beans with tortillas
• Veggie burgers tomatoes, lettuce, avocado
• Potato / Carrot / onion soup with brown rice

• Veggie Lasagna
• Stir fried brown rice, w/curry
• Tacos- Corn tortillas, tomatoes, lettuce,
avocado, cilantro, salsa
• Veggie burgers tomatoes, lettuce, avocado
• Quinoa with lentils
• Pasta, Italian seasoning, veggies, garlic, tomato sauce or Pesto sauce
• Potato / Carrot / onion soup with brown rice

• Tea and coffee Soy milk, Almond milk, 2% milk


You fly into Guadalajara International airport. We will pick you up there.
San Antonio is a small town located on Lake Chapala.

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