Discovering Your True Nature Weekend Retreat San Diego

Event Highlights

  • The Mahamudra Tradition, the pinnacle of the Buddha’s teachings, which explores the nature of mind - thoughts, emotions, identity and consciousness itself. These instructions are the exact method used to gain liberation from suffering and enlightenment for the last several thousand years in the Buddhist tradition.
  • Exact techniques from Mahamudra and Mindfulness to transform anger, anxiety, guilt and depression through increased awareness into an experience of inner awakening, love, compassion and peace.
  • Simple and powerful meditations to experience the nature of mind directly that’s completely free, joyful and at ease with whatever life may bring in every moment.
  • We learn that our highest happiness and enlightenment is not a far away goal, but the very nature of our mind. As we open up to this wisdom mind we discover that it is rich in qualities that bring us boundless happiness, insight, and a corresponding inner compassionate desire to help our world.
  • We will understand that the world we experience is a reflection of our mind. That our mind can both recognize itself and it’s creation are the qualities of cognizance and luminosity.
  • As we connect more deeply with this cognizance we understand that we are empowered to realize that both our suffering and liberation, manifest as inseparable from our minds.
  • As we connect more deeply with the luminosity of our minds we learn how to take 100% responsibility for our emotions and projections and to consciously create our lives and experience true empowerment and awakening.
  • What To Expect:
  • Michaels approach is to offer the heart of these teachings in a clear, direct and transformative way, that awakens the natural radiance, joy and creativity of our minds. He presents the Mahamudra teachings as a means of seeing things in, as he says, “a positive and open light,” and to transform even the most difficult of situations into the path to our awakening.
  • Michael shares inspiring and empowering stories from his own life and the journey from being an investment banker to leaving it all behind at the height of his success and going to live in India and becoming a Buddhist monk and receive teachings from His Holiness The Dalai Lama and other great Buddhist Masters. To his life of teaching and sharing the principles of Buddhism in an approachable and modern way with thousands of students across America and the world.
  • Essential and clear instructions to Mindfulness and Mahamudra Meditation will be offered as well as practical insights on how to apply this to daily life, emotions and relationships to create a conscious and aware experience of mind.


Schedule for Weekend:

Friday December 6:
Session 1: 7 - 9pm
Public Talk and Introduction to the teachings - All Welcome

December 7:
Session 1: 8 - 10am

Tea Break

Session 2: 11 - 1pm


Session 3: 4 - 6pm


Session 4: 7 - 8pm

December 8:

Session 1: 8 - 10 Am

Tea Break

Session 2: 11 - 12pm

This Weekend retreat will be interspersed with fundamental meditation practices and much time will be reserved for focused and illuminating questions and answers sessions.

There will be potluck style vegetarian tea, lunch and dinner breaks between sessions.

About This Event

Join us in San Diego for this transformational retreat that offers an illuminating and compassionate journey to transcend suffering and awaken to your true and expansive nature. Bring your life, relationships and path and purpose to one of complete and loving awakening. Clear and vivid teachings and meditations from the enlightenment tradition of Mahamudra: The Great Completion will be shared by Michael Gregory, Former Monk, Buddhist Teacher and Founder of Mindfulness Meditation Centers. The retreat will be held in a in beautiful setting at Elka Yoga Point Loma San Diego, Friday December 6th to Sunday December 8. Offered by Generosity- Donation.

Know the state of pure and total presence to be a very vast expanse, without center or border. All that remains when you let go is love - and that is the great secret. ~ Michael Gregory

What's Included

  • Enrollment:
  • Enrollment in this retreat is open to all however space is very limited and this retreat is filling up quickly so please register on Eventbrite in advance. This retreat is being offered by suggested donation. You may donate within this range, all donations go to support MMC which is a non profit center and community devoted to sharing these teachings with all.
  • Suggested Donation:
  • $150 - $200
  • Mindfulness Meditation Centers welcomes all to attend our retreats and programs, if you cannot donate at the suggested level at this time, we would be happy to support your attendance.
  • We encourage the attendees to share meals with each between sessions and to share in kindness and community.
  • Meals will be shared by the group, vegetarian potluck style, if you would like to participate in this you may bring a vegetarian meal to share with the group, we have a meal team leader that will be setting this up and will provide further information once you register.

What's Not Included

Accommodations are not included in this event.

Venue Highlights

Mindfulness Meditation Centers offers the classical teachings of Buddhism in a modern context with crystal-clear meditation instruction. The purpose of the Center is to provide a thorough, accurate Buddhist education to anyone interested with the intended goal of providing a clear path toward awakening. Teachings are offered by wise, compassionate and experienced teachers that provide the very pith of ancient teachings in a modern language and context. The main meditation center is in Florida, just 20 minutes from Sarasota and Saint Petersburg. The center is on 5 acres of beautiful undisturbed natural landscape. The center is fully equipped with a meditation hall, solo meditation cabins, meditation rooms, a library with thousands of rare books on Buddhism, a fully functional kitchen, pool area and 14 rooms for accommodation. We also have locations in Colorado, California and Minnesota. Each center provides high-quality meditation instruction supplemented by both weekend and long-term retreats. We offer weekly classes, weekend retreats, monthly retreats and 10 and 30 day retreats, that provide different levels of teachings from beginning mindfulness to advanced meditation practices by suggested donation only. All our programs, classes and retreats are also offered through our online learning system. This interactive provides live and recorded classes and retreats as well as an integrative learning program so you can study Buddhism from wherever you are.

This retreat will be held at Elka Yoga and Welness center, a beautiful and peaceful community and spiritual center in Oceanside San Diego.
The retreat will be held in the main meditation room with a mixture of floor seating with cushions and mats and chairs, the room is being especially set up to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony with buddhist statues and imagery. There are many bright outdoor areas to relax in, a community room and kitchen to share meals and only a few blocks from the ocean.


We have a number of simple and elegant lodging options.

We have 5 outdoor retreat cabins with a bed, desk and chair and outside shower, set on beautiful pathways overlooking the lake.

We also have 5 shared double rooms and 4 single rooms in the Meditation Center with a bed, chair and desk and shared indoor bathroom with a shower and tub.

The retreat center is filled with precious and rare art hangings and statues from Tibet and India as well as a library with thousands of books on Buddhism and spirituality.


  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian


Three healthy and nutritious meals vegetarian are prepared by meal teams, that alternate each day, we also have vegan and gluten free options.

Mealtimes are generally as follows:

Breakfast 7:30 – 8:30 am
Lunch 12:30 – 1:30 pm
Afternoon Tea and Snacks 4 – 4:30 pm
Dinner 6:30 – 7:30 pm


San Diego International Airport
3225 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

Head east on N Harbor Dr toward McCain Rd
0.1 mi

Make a U-turn at McCain Rd
0.8 mi

Slight right toward Nimitz Blvd
217 ft

Merge onto Nimitz Blvd
1.1 mi

Use the middle lane to turn slightly left onto Tennyson St
344 ft

Use the left lane to turn slightly right onto Wabaska Dr
0.2 mi

Turn left onto Voltaire St
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
Elka Yoga & Wellness Center
4166 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107

mahamudra meditation mindfulness

No Ego, No Obstacle with Buddhist Teacher Michael Gregory Metaphorically, an ego is like a cloud, the rain and lightning are all of it’s perceived problems. Ego, like a cloud, apparently threatening, but seen from the highest view is like a cotton ball. At first every encounter the ego has on the path of self-discovery results in meeting the layers of its own self-centeredness, neurosis and shadow. Simply by letting go of it’s own unnecessary weight and darkness, the rain falls and the disturbing cloud of egoistic Self-cherishing simply dissolves into the vastness of the blue sky. Like the Sun, so it is with your mind, all that appears to be impure in your world is purified by Awareness recognizing itself as inseparable from any appearance - all supposed difficulties are immediately transformed into Awakening. There are no blocks or impediments to the recognition of Awareness, there are simply imaginary people who say they have blocks. Wherever an ego is imagined, that ego will perceive that there are obstacles. I’ll say clearly, “No ego, no obstacle.” Sign up for our Free Online and Interactive 6 Week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation with Michael Gregory: This free 6 week online course offers in depth and clear instruction on mindfulness meditation. Through this course you will discover how to watch the unfolding display of mental and emotional processes non-reactively as well as how to respond with heart, skill and wisdom. Classes are led by Michael Gregory, a former Buddhist monk and the Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers. This course is online and is fully interactive and all classes have been recorded so you can begin at anytime and complete this course at your own pace.There are 6 teaching modules, guided meditations, quizzes and personal teacher support.

Posted by Mindfulness Meditation Centers on Sunday, March 10, 2019

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