Total Balance & Body Healing Escape

  • Dikastika, Greece
  • Apr 4 - 13, 2020 (10 days)

Event Highlights

  • An extraordinary, all-inclusive retreat program meticulously designed to improve your health levels, support your body and lift your spirit. Offer your body the gift it deserves: a unique health rebalancing and holiday experience, with the use of four different holistic treatments:
  • • bioenergetic screening,
  • • acupuncture,
  • • massage therapy and
  • • SCENAR sessions,
  • provided by experienced, certified professionals.
  • All treatments are individualized and appropriately adjusted for a duration of 10 days. A personalized, balanced nutritional plan with local, organic ingredients is prepared for you.
  • The retreat is optimally designed to bring tangible beneficial change for the body and mind; inner wellness, healing of imbalances, renewed physique, real stress and pain relief and lasting sense of rejoice.
  • At the same time, an array of activities is arranged to help you rest, recharge and have a true holiday experience, at the magnificent natural scenery of Marathon region; a place full of stunning views to the Aegean Sea, Mediterranean vegetation and home to a Natura 2000 national park.
  • Unique, carefully prepared healing program that combines four different holistic practices:
  • 1. Bioenergetic screening
  • 2. Massage therapy
  • 3. Acupuncture​
  • 4. Neurofeedback (SCENAR).​
  • BIOENERGETIC SCREENING: A computerized method of detecting and assessing imbalances in the body. Bioenergetic feedback will help reduce the effects of stress, lack of nutrients, reaction to environmental and aging factors.
  • Bioenergetic sessions are customized to your body’s needs. We will use their initial result to adapt your other holistic treatments and your nutrition for the duration of your stay at Marathon Blue. This way we stimulate the dynamic synergy between the different therapies and ensure their balancing, beneficial effect to your body and mind.
  • Three-step Feedback:
  • 1. FOOD & NUTRI-TEST: Food sensitivity test for more than 370 foods and substances • Identifies shortages in nutrients (vitamins, trace elements etc.) • Strengthens tolerability in food phenols. • Detects optimal diet based on blood type.
  • 2. COMPLETE WELLNESS TEST: Determines your biological age, how stressed your body actually is. • Evaluates all body systems (digestive, metabolic, nervous system etc.) and tracks imbalances and sources of strain. • Reviews mental stress and emotional traits. • Suggests acupuncture points to be used.
  • 3. FITNESS TEST: Reevaluates body systems. • Supports musculoskeletal system, including muscles, bones, the 32 vertebrae, 32 teeth, cranial sutures, temporal & mandible joints.
  • MASSAGE TREATMENT: Massage therapy is one of the oldest therapies of human civilization. In ancient China, it meant to be the precursor of acupuncture, in India it was integrated in people’s daily routine, while in ancient Greece it was a standard practice to preserve vitality, improve rest and recovery. Massage therapy combines the alleviating feeling and pleasure of regular massage with the healing effect of therapeutic physical manipulations.
  • Gentle, targeted pressure on anatomic points contributes in four levels: Stress relief, Pain relief, Better circulation, Stiffness reduction
  • ACUPUNCTURE: It is amazing how a few needles, gently set on certain body points, can unblock the flow of energy through the entire body. The chi’s, as this traditional Chinese therapy follows, reacquire their optimal state of balance. In practice, acupuncture:
  • - Stimulates the nervous system, allowing for the release of beneficial substances, such as endorphins.
  • - Tackles pain, altering the way the body feels it.
  • - Unburdens the brain, establishing calmness and tranquility.
  • SCENAR: The neurofeedback regulator (SCENAR) uses subtle signals to activate biological pathways. It is ideal for treating all sorts of pain and inflammation of muscles, joints and bones. SCENAR interacts with the autonomous nervous system, directing it to optimal function, which in turn helps the body to activate its own restoration and regeneration mechanisms.
  • Neurofeedback technology is unique in its simplicity, as it adapts the SCENAR’s pulse to how the body reacts. Thanks to this adaptability, it can can be applied in cases of injury, acute pain, skin and muscle issues, as well as a full-body wellness and anti-ageing stimulator.
  • Three meals of reduced total calorie intake.
  • Daily detox fillers and power-ups, including herbal juices and minerals.
  • Hippocratic Diet elements.
  • / FREE TIME /
  • Includes visiting local attractions, excursions and trips to landmarks, outdoor activities and other surprises.
  • Transfer from and to Athens International Airport.
  • Visit to the regional archaeological museum and Marathon Race museum in Marathon, Attica.
  • Visit to the Start Area of the original Marathon Run.
  • Visit to the Schinias National Park (Natura 2000).
  • Visit to nearby islands.
  • Visit to local organic farm, artisan dairy and traditional bakery.
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, picnic etc.)
  • A cooking class on how to prepare yogurt and gluten free meals.



The program includes two (2) treatments per day (times may vary).

Duration for each session per person:

Massage: 45'
Acupuncture: 20'
Bioenergetic screening: Food & Nutri-test 30' / Complete Wellness Test 60' / Fitness Test x2, 40'


Leisure activities not related with the treatment program are evenly distributed within the duration of your stay, in accordance with timely convenience and other conditions.

On the last day (day 10) a Final Consultation is provided (25').

About This Event

Find out what your body truly needs and let us adapt your treatments and meals for the duration of your stay. Our nutritional plan includes prominent detox elements and elements of the Hippocratic model.

Enjoy an indulging accommodation experience at Marathon Blue Villa that comes with a number of activities, including outdoor excursions, visits to regional landmarks and traditional local artisan-professionals or craftsmen.


The number, combination and order of treatments are specially designed to bring lasting improvement in health and wellness levels. The benefits of the retreat programme for your body and mind will remain visible even after your return home, since it includes consultation and guidance that you may use for several weeks to come.

The gifts to your body:

WELL-BEING: Higher stamina • Optimal body functions • Sense of strength • Positive health changes • Stronger immune system

BODY CHANGES: Radiant looks • Recovered agility • Better posture • Quality sleep

SPIRIT CHANGES: Total stress relief • Higher confidence and determination • Sense of rejoice and optimism • Happiness in everyday things • Joy for life

We designed this program to bring tangible beneficial effects to your overall well-being. Benefits that you will continue to see back home. This is why your Total Balance & Body Healing Escape does not really end on the last day of your stay in Greece.

Your Final Consultation will include individualized health and nutritional recommendations, wellness advice and tips for the next 30 days after your departure. After the 30-day period, a remote (online) consultation with our professionals will be carried out at your convenience, providing you with renewed guidance.

What's Included

  • A total of 19 treatment sessions per person: Four (4) bioenergetic sessions, six (6) massage sessions, five (5) acupuncture sessions and four (4) SCENAR sessions.
  • Visits to points of interest, trip to nearby island, picnic, hiking, visits to museums and local attractions, visit to the national park of Schinias.
  • Transportation during the retreat
  • Cooking class
  • Pre and post retreat support from our team
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals
  • Tips (for drivers, guides etc.)
  • Dinner at local seafood restaurant by the sea
  • Complimentary gift
  • Bottled water, selected wines

What's Not Included

• Visa fee
• Air tickets
• Additional activities not included in the itinerary

Venue Highlights

The program provides exceptional professional care in the stunning surroundings of Marathon Blue Villa. Located at the historic region of Marathon, Greece, this state-of-the-art semi-detached house will provide unlimited comfort and an abundance of amenities for a complete holiday experience.


Soft grey, natural cyan, plenty of light. Marathon Blue villa blends in with the surrounding hilly, rustic scenery of Attica region.
Fully equipped, with breathtaking views and plenty of space, the villa will provide an exceptional holiday experience.

Marathon: An ancient town full of history, mentioned in the Odyssey inasmuch the Greek mythology. It was the site of the famous Battle of Marathon, in 490 BCE, where the Athenians emerged victorious against the Persian invaders. The encounter is remembered in history as a symbol of freedom and independence for Europe.


Today, Marathon remains a magical place, gifted with exquisite natural scenery, featuring:

• its amazing pine forest, the Schinias protected natural water park, home to 115 bird species and 19 habitat types, while featuring
• the magnificent dam and artificial lake, built in 1931 and provided the capital with water for decades,
• the Cynosura peninsula, full of limestone formations and Mediterranean vegetation, including the Pheonicean juniper
• the coast of Marathon, stretching to several miles of golden sand, wet by the South Evian Sea

Distances information:

• Athens International Airport: 40km (45 min. by car)
• Nearest town: 5km
• Restaurants: 2km
• Beach: 500m


Double room
Bedroom with 2 single beds with private bathroom, for 2 guests.
All guests have access to the villa's amenities and equipment, from a state of the art home cinema installation, to satellite plasma 55 television, fast internet connection and much more. WiFi free access is available all around the property.

Bedroom with 2 single beds with private bathroom for 1 guest.
​All guests have access to the villa's amenities and equipment, from a state of the art home cinema installation, to satellite plasma 55 television, fast internet connection and much more. WiFi free access is available all around the property.


• Marathon Blue Retreats reserve the right to cancel or postpone the retreat if the minimum number of six (6) guests is not met.
• Please wait for confirmation from Marathon Blue Retreats BEFORE you book your flight tickets. Confirmation will be sent no later than the 28th of February 2020 for the April retreat and 30th of August 2020 for the October retreat.


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Hot Tub
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Your Total Balance & Body Healing Escape includes a professionally designed nutritional plan, integrating cleansing and detoxifying elements as well as great taste and pleasure for your palate.

• Reduced total calorie intake.
• Fresh, organic greens and fruits, seasonal and/or locally sourced.
• Herbs with detoxifying properties: milk thistle, dandelion, birch, yarrow.
• Low animal fat/protein consumption.
• 100% plant-based food option for vegans.


Selective application of the Hippocratic model: up to 8 kinds per meal,
combination of starchy with hypoacidic foods, green juice before night’s sleep.

acupuncture body screening detox healing health retreat massage the retreat wellness yoga alternative

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