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Love, Health and Intimacy in Paradise

Would you enjoy 6 days of relaxing in a tropical paradise resort, opening to deeper love, health and intimacy?

A retreat for lovers, both couples and singles on Maui, Hawaii

This retreat is for you if you would love to:

Integrate sacredness and sexuality

*Enjoy loving sacred ceremonies involving deep presence and conscious touch

*Allow yourself to relax and open to more pleasure

*Understand how to have great sex at any age!

*Learn to share your feelings and needs in ways that other people can empathize with them.

*Learn how to empathize with other people’s feelings and needs as well.

*Energize your body with great food, dance and yoga

*Practice opening and trusting others

*Expand your capacity to love yourself and others

*Work with the energetic body for healing and pleasure

*Enhance your communication skills by incorporating body awareness into your life more fully

*Relax into sharing sensual massage

*Luxuriate at Hale Akua Garden Farm, our beautiful Maui Eco-Retreat with its multiple hot tubs, sauna, solar heated pool and spectacular views!

We have many wonderful offerings to delight you, presented by our very skilled presenters including:

Desires, Consent and Healthy Boundaries

(With Gwenn Cody and Harold Kornylak)

This session will give us the important foundations of consent and healthy boundaries and allow us to develop erotic communication skills while deepening connection . We'll learn the FRIES model of consent and share non-sexual touch that lets us practice communicating desires as we release what prevents fulfilling them. You'll be able to explore coping mechanisms you may unconsciously use to deal with being vulnerable. Experience the deep presence Tantric exchanges make possible. . . Enlightening, pleasurable practical skills that enhance intimacy.

Morning Yoga – Union with the Divine  (with Hema Ganapathy)

Come and experience a uniquely traditional yoga class that focuses on integrating the mind, body and spirit.  These classes are based upon ancient teachings and will have a mixture of asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath exercises) and yoga philosophy teachings.

Tantra and Sexual Energetics (with Lori Grace)

Learn how to channel sexual energy through all parts of your body through understanding the best ways to breathe during sexual connection and the best ways to work with the muscles of your body. Learn how integrating sexual energetics into your love life can greatly deepen intimate connection  and sexual pleasure and greatly prolong the amount of time you can both enjoy it.  Discover how you can integrate these practices into Tantric ways of creating connection like eye-gazing and coming together. Happily, Sexual energetics can be easily learned with all clothes on and no direct sexual touching.  It is great for both singles and couples.

Chakra Radiance!

(With Gwenn Cody and Harold Kornylak)

Take a journey from your root to your crown, as we activate and open the beauty and power of your inner radiance! In puja format including dyads, triads and solo experiences, you’ll be guided into a fuller and more ecstatic expression of your true nature as energy and vibration. Breath, movement, sound and ritual are tools to discovering the joy of your own essence. Relating to life from all the chakras leads to a truly tantric connection with life.

Wear clothing for movement: sarong and water bottle encouraged. Nudity welcome but not required. Opportunities for non-genital touch included. Modifications to boundaries in all exercises will be invited/suggested.

Women’s and Mens Sacred Circles (With Gwenn Cody and Harold Kornylak)

A time for us to sit in community, share our hearts, and drop in together with transparency.  If desired we will offer another group for gender fluid humans also.

Tantric Breathwork (with Joan and Tomas Heartfield)

Joan and Tomas will offer a short form of Holotropic Breathwork, a safe and simple way to trigger experiences of non-ordinary consciousness that open us to psychic depths and spiritual understanding. Powerful, evocative music helps trigger lost memories from our personal history, experiences from our birth, and archetypal and cosmic phenomena. These all become available to us in holotropic awareness, helping us transcend the constraints of our ordinary thoughts and habits.

Holotropic Breathwork was developed by a world pioneer of psychedelic therapy, Stanislav Grof, MD, as a substance-free means for discovering the healing power of human experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness. When our body and mind enter a holotropic state through controlled breathing, our inner wisdom uses the opportunity to work toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, and developmental change. Holotropic Breathwork operates under the principle that we are our own best healers and our Inner Healer does its best work in nonordinary states of consciousness.

Experience Your Energy Body  (with Hema Ganapathy)

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they use the term “energy” with respect to Tantra or spirituality? Or have you had an experience of energy either in your own body or with someone else?

If yes, come and learn about the science behind human energy, what the different energy bodies are and how to tap into your and other people’s energy.  A particular focus of this workshop is how to set your energetic boundaries.

You will get to do energy exercises and experiment in a safe and fun environment.  All exercises will be clothed with no sexual touch.  All you need to do is bring an open mind and heart!

Dances of Universal Peace (with Lori, Amara Karuna and musician, Donny Regalmuto)

Easily learned spiritual folk dances from all traditions, with gentle movements that even "non-dancers" can greatly enjoy.  Singing sacred, ancient phrases creates a full body healing vibration, and when conscious movement is added, these become powerful spiritual practices.  Each dance will be fully taught, no experience is necessary.  These are interactive and participatory, not a performance.

Embodied Compassionate Communication (with Lori Grace)

This will enable you to:

~ Practice self-empathy more deeply and more quickly.

~ Be able to make requests of yourself that are do-able, that you can trust.

~ Tune into your feelings and needs so you can know more clearly what you want from yourself and others.

~ Understand and empathize more fully with the feelings and needs of others.

~ Assure others more effectively that you have heard and understood them.

~ Arrive at win-win agreements more quickly.

All of these skills are necessary to have a really successful relationship of any kind!

Heart Connection Puja (with Lori Grace)

If you enjoy being honored as the Divine Being that you are, and also enjoy giving others this relaxing enjoyment, this is the right event for you! Join us in an evening of sensual yet non-sexual loving, in a safe and sweet ceremony.  This puja includes dance, eye gazing, aura brushing, Tantric  meditation, light massage and honoring chakras in special ways.

Experience Your Erotic Energy  (with Hema Ganapathy) 

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful sources of energy in the human body and in this workshop you will experiment with how to channel your erotic energy.  Learn powerful tools in this fun, hands-on workshop to help you get juicy and feel sexy!

You will get to play with different types of erotic touch and experiment with your erotic energy.  This workshop is clothing optional and will include sexual touch.  Bring a mat or blanket to lie on.

Suggested pre-requisite:  Experience Your Energy Body workshop

Revelations: When Your Sex Center Speaks You Better Listen (With Gwenn Cody and Harold Kornylak)

This playshop will provide the opportunity to explore the secret life of your genitals. While we all think our mind knows what’s going on and what we really want, when we listen to our sex center we often discover that we’ve gotten it all wrong. If we tune in carefully to our deep sexual self, our choices, our wounds, our histories and our longings will be revealed to us from a completely different perspective.

Working in dyads we will have the opportunity to be support each others inquiry and provide deep witness. Please bring a journal/paper and something to write with, along with your curiosity and compassion. Everyone is welcome. Indoors, PA, any group size, no sound impact, nudity welcome but not required

Transformational Pleasure Puja (with Amara Karuna)

Explore and expand your capacity to fully receive pleasure

Broaden your spectrum of pleasure to be a more full body experience

Use the entrancing power of pleasure and the transformative power of ritual, affirmations and visualization in a potent combination!  Create new imprints in your subconscious about connection and abundance.

Pleasure has been proven to have inherently healing effects on our emotional and physical states.  Most people have a much larger capacity to sustain suffering than they do to enjoy ecstatic pleasurable states. Let’s lift up our pleasure ceiling!

Working in rotational triads, we will weave a wonderful web of connection, with singing, sounding, movement, conscious touching, snuggle meditations, hair brushing, hand or foot kissing, and massage as possibilities. We will practice the arts of deep listening, giving appreciations and loving warmth.  You will get a turn asking for the kind of pleasure you want, while at the same time hearing affirmations that you have designed for your partners to repeat to you. This is a fully clothed, sensual event.

Having Great Sex at Any Age! (with Lori Grace, MA)

Lori will go over ways to keep our sexuality vital as we age. These ways include keeping our cardiovascular system in shape, controlling our blood sugar levels, using bio identical hormones and other prescriptions if we need them to be able to keep being juicy or to stay hard and inventing creative ways to still enjoy sex in the presence of an injury that is still healing. (should I drop the last one?)

Kama Sutra for non-yoga bodies  (with Hema Ganapathy)

Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian text on sexuality and eroticism, outlines a variety of sexual positions that can spice up your love life.  However these poses can be challenging for the average body.  In this workshop, you will experiment with how to adapt Kama Sutra positions for your body with modifications and the use of cushions, bolsters and chairs for maximum pleasure and enjoyment.

If you’ve always wanted to try something different, come to this workshop for a unique experience.

Heartbeat Nurturing (with Amara Karuna)

Returning to the infant state, being cradled in loving arms, letting go and trusting…(Do you get enough of that?). This is a powerful method of healing the inner infant-self to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding & loving closeness as an infant.  By using cradling, hypnotic induction, shamanic journeying, touch, sound and spoken words, we open a direct channel back to that time and the neural patterns holding those experiences around birth and infancy.

Ecstatic Tantra Dance (with Gwenn Cody)

Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance without talking, drinking and the nightclub vibe. This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in vibrant health.

Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves; the liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

Blissflow Sensual Massage (with Amara Karuna)

Sensual and deep bodywork in pairs, done as a devotional practice, using aroused energy combined with long, sweeping strokes on the whole body. Involves nudity.  Bring a sheet, towel and sarong or robe, and a pad to lay on.

Registration will begin by Dec 15th!


Workshop Cost:

Five days of food and program for only $450 including delicious meals and full program, not including lodging.


Costs for five nights stay at our gorgeous Hale Akua retreat and farm vary according to what you chose and are in addition to the workshop cost. Or join us while you stay offsite nearby.

Discounted options:

Local residents staying offsite — add $120 to the workshop cost.

For highly discounted accommodation options please call the office (contact info blocked)

Luxury Options:

Shared room occupancy room in a twin bed — add $495 to tuition

Shared room occupancy room in a queen bed (singles or couples) — add $675 to tuition

Private rooms queen bed, for couples only — add $990 to tuition

Press "click here to book" or call for room prices and availability (contact info blocked)

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