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In all cultures throughout time there has always been a place where women retreat, and step deep into the journey...

Come and retreat in the energies of the sacred feminine with a Shipiba Maestra where the power of the jungle meets the tranquility of the mountains

Experience 11 days of Ceremony in the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru including:

5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
Plant Cleanses
Changing Woman Ceremony
Sacred Hikes
Sharing Circles
Sound Healing

Sit in the circle of sisterhood and experience the healing capacity of plant wisdom, intimate community & powerful ceremony. Hosted at Las Chullpas, Urubamba in the Sacred Valley on lush land just a walk away from a beautiful creek and sacred sites. This retreat is only for those who are interested in doing deep healing work. With the support of skilled and experienced facilitators, and an Ayahuasca Maestra with over 30 years experience, this retreat offers a unique and special opportunity to step deep into your journey.

Shipiba Maestras

We work with respected and trusted Shipiba Maestras who travel from the jungles of Pucallpa, their native land, to join us in these sacred mountains for a deep healing journey.

The shipibo are a beautiful tribe of approximately 35,000 people located in the basin of the amazon jungle in Peru. They live in various different villages along the Ucayali River.

The Shipibo culture and their relationship with the plants are completely interwoven. Traditional Shipibo healers spend 15-20 years dieting and apprenticing with plant medicines. Spending at times years in isolation dieting different plants. During these diets, the healers receive healing songs from the plants called “ikaros”. After many years of training they can help heal people by removing blockages and dark energies, by singing these medicine songs directly to people during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Working alongside Ayahuasca and various other master plants, the spirits of the plants support the healers in their healing work. The pharmacopeia that exists in the jungle is an incredible resource that many shipibo healers have. These ceremonies can be a powerful catalyst for healing. The ceremonies will take place at night time in the dark. Our maestra will do individual work on each person during  ceremonies. It is our commitment to the women attending, that we will hold a safe and supportive space throughout the retreat inside and outside of ceremony.

Maestra Manuela Mahua Ahuanari

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Onanya Ainbo (Shaman Woman) Manuela of the Shipibo people from the Peruvian Amazon is a 70-year-old grandmother with over half a century of experience working with plant medicines. Manuela’s father served the very first glass of Ayahuasca to her at age 13. This first step into the dieta tradition of her lineage was with the companion plant Ayahuma, known for its shamanic and otherworldly spirit. And so began her lifelong apprenticeship.

At the age of 30 she nearly died of an inflammatory disease. Manuela was able to cure herself using specific Amazonian plants she learned of from her Grandfather. The totem of the Mahua lineage is the flying tree, Palo Volador, known as Noyarao: The Tree of Light.  Many years of dieta with this tree has helped Manuela become a powerful and potent healer.

She is a beautiful energy to be around and has an amazing laugh that will keep you smiling forever! It is a true gift that women like her still exist in this rapidly changing modern world and we feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to work with her.

11 Day Retreat with Maestra Manuela Mahua,
Carolina Dowell & Naomi Athena $1850 USD


Before booking online we'd love to talk with you!

Please contact us via email treeoflightretreats AT gmail.com  The first step in registering is to visit our website and fill out the form under "booking".  

We cannot accept your deposit until we've confirmed through dialogue your medical history, and any previous experience working with the medicine.  Please be advised that anyone taking SSRI's or with a history of mental health issues will not be able to attend.  We are committed to offering the highest quality care to those attending.  We believe in the tremendous healing available through this work, but such issues should be addressed one on one.  Thank you for your understanding.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Carolina Dowell –

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Carolina first started working with Ayahuasca in 2010. After her first ceremony she knew that she had found her teacher, and in 2011 she made her first journey to Peru to work with Shipibo healers. Her experiences were so profound that she decided to make a big life change and move to the jungle. She spent the next few years working closely with the medicine and other plant dietas. For 2 years she facilitated at the Temple of The Way of Light, where she supported and helped guide others on their medicine journey. Carolina now lives in the Sacred Valley of Peru with her partner and beautiful daughter. After becoming a mother she now feels called to share the medicine again and is looking forward to holding space for women.

Naomi Athena –

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Naomi began her medicine journey years ago when her younger brother went into a psychosis and became very ill. In an attempt to find a cure, she began seeking out traditional indigenous wisdom and various healing modalities. In her attempt to heal him, she ended up healing herself in the process and changed her entire course of life. She began working with Ayahuasca in 2009, and over the last few years,has been dieting and studying fairly intensely with a traditional Shipibo lineage. She has been working with medicine people and traditional elders for the last 10 years and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

Naomi is a Group Facilitator, Coach, Yoga teacher, Doula, Artist, Sound healer, and Body worker. Born in Greece, and raised in the Philippine islands. She spent the last 10 years in Canada creating sacred spaces, organizing major events and running a private bodywork and healing practice. She now lives in Peru with her husband and two beautiful children. Having experienced such profound transformation working with the Plants and the Medicine Ayahuasca, she is inspired to create opportunities where others may explore this ancient path. She carries a deep love for the earth and its wisdom, and offers a plethora of skills, knowledge and experience to the table. She is deeply devoted to holding a compassionate, loving and safe space for healing.

You can read more about Naomi and check out some of her stories and travels in her blog: Motherhood, Medicine and the Gypsy Caravan at her personal website NaomiAthena.com

Please feel free to contact us for more details:


treeoflightretreats AT gmail.com

+51 964856224

Tree of Light Retreats: Women's Ayahuasca Retreat

We are excited that you are considering joining us for this retreat on February 11th - 21st 2016 in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This will be an intimate retreat with 10 to 12 women.


It is our recommendation for 2 weeks before you arrive, that you begin to follow an Ayahuasca diet. The nature of this retreat is to do very deep work and beginning the diet is part of your preparation and commitment to your journey.

- Decrease caffeine and sugar

- No drugs or alcohol (please let us know if you are taking any pharmaceutical medications)

- No pork

- Decrease your salt intake

- Eat a simple diet without spicy foods or anything heavily fried

- We recommend no sex unless you are in a committed partnership


There will be a 10am pick up in Pisac on February 11th. (more details to come. We are working out a discounted price with a hotel). It will take about 1 hour to arrive at Las Chullpas. On February 21st you will be transported back to Pisac after breakfast. Cost of transportation is included in the price.


We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with our Maestras. Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremonies take place at night time in the dark. The medicine songs that are sung are called "ikaros". During every ceremony people will receive individualized work from our maestra, as she sings directly to them. We believe and have witnessed in our own experiences that this level of care helps to remove blockages and allows for deep healing to take place.


On the morning of the 12th we will begin with vomitivos (a Shipibo tradition to help clean and prepare the body for ceremony). There will be ceremonies on the following days: 12th, 13th, 15th, 17th and 19th. On ceremony days only breakfast and lunch will be served. There will be integration meetings to share our experiences, as well as one on one support from Carolina and Naomi. We also plan for yoga, sound healings, and hikes. (a daily schedule will be given upon arrival)


There is a 40% non-refundable deposit to reserve your place.

Our Chef:

 Image titleRoberto Laurens is a student of mysticism, Meditation, Health and well-being.  He brings a deep sense of mindfulness to the kitchen, letting it become a sacred space, transforming ordinary ingredients into food infused with conciousness.Two years ago Roberto founded the Culture of Love, a Culinary Arts initiative with a focus on mindful eating and healthy food. Providing healthy, local, flavourful and gluten free dishes, vegan and vegetarian options, as well as replenishing teas that leave one who has sat at Roberto's table feeling nourished.  One bite of Roberto's food and you can taste the love in it. Culture of love offers holistic catering throughout the Sacred Valley.  We love having Roberto's gentle energy and beautiful presence on our retreats.  

What to bring:

- The sun can be quite strong during the day and the nights are cold, so bring clothes for both temperatures.

- A head-lamp with an option for RED light setting (very important for ceremony)

- Journal

- Spiritual/educational books to read

- Comfortable shoes for hiking if you want to explore the mountains

- Extra money: at the end our maestra will have traditional Shipibo crafts & beautiful hand-woven tapestries to sell.

Cancellation Policy:

*The 40% deposit is non-refundable 

Please see our website for further details.

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