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Ayahuasca Retreat in Colombia

Event Highlights

  • Putumayo has an indescribable energy with its deep, dark nights and the relentless sound of the many nocturnal insects, frogs and birds. Here, the essence of exchange between ourselves and mother nature is alive, it vibrates from the soil and invites you to become a part of the massive expansion that is taking place on this planet right now.
  • Yagé is a bittersweet liquid that fills you with its essence so that you can feel deeply and understand what you came here to do. We all came here to live in joy and to fulfill our reason for being, which is to shed all of our limitations and awaken to our own truth.
  • During this 12-day trip, we will be making our own medicine, pounding the vine, crushing the chacruna leaf and pouring our collective essence into the brew. This brew will cook all through the day and night and we will accompany it, with our energy and our intention for the awakening of humanity.
  • We will also be going into the Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve, where we have been invited by some Taitas of Inga roots. Here, in this magical land, we will share the medicine and visit some of the many sacred sites here. Apart from being at the very root of the Inga tradition, Yunguillo is the home to abundant wildlife.
  • We will be holding a very special Bufo Alvarius ceremony in this natural jungle setting. Ayayni has a very special connection to this medicine and when we share it with you, you access the intense feeling of this connection.
  • On three of the mornings, we will be holding Kambo ceremonies to relieve us of any physical or emotional energies that we are holding onto.
  • Everyone will receive individual sessions where we will work with ancestral programs and the ways in which these programs are holding you back in life. Every participant who joins this retreat will comprehend which programs they chose before they came, and how to free themselves from these programs through ritual and other sacred acts.
  • We will be holding workshops where we share the ancient practices and the making of ceremonial items.


Day 1: We will arrive in the morning and get settled into our beautiful jungle lodgings before lunch. In the afternoon, we will set our intentions for the trip and rest before the first ayahuasca ceremony with a local Maima. .

Day 2: There will be kambo in the morning before breakfast and then we will have a day of rest, pehaps a trip into town before lunch and some breathing techniques in the afternoon. In the evening we will have an ayahuasca ceremony with a local Maima.

Day 3: There will be kambo in the morning before breakfast and then we will spend the day cooking our own ayahuasca with a local Maima. In the evening we will gather around the fire, putting all of our intentions into the medicine and enjoying some medicine music and this experience. We will also share yopo and drink our brew as it is brewing.

Day 4: There will be kambo in the morning before breakfast and then a hike to Hornoyaco. Here, there is a lagoon and incredible waterfalls. We will take a picnic lunch with us to enjoy, whilst basking on the rocks beside the lagoon. In the evening we will have dinner in the hostel and some group integration on the previous ayahuasca ceremonies.

Day 5: After breakfast, we will depart for our two day trip to the indigenous Inga reserve, Yunguillo. We will settle in at the Taita's maloka and here we will have our ayahuasca ceremony with him.

Day 6: We will spend the day in Yunguillo, hiking to a sacred site, and then have another ayahuasca ceremony with the Taita in his maloka.

Day 7: We will have breakfast in Yunguillo, swim in the river and relax a little before heading back to our lodgings in Old Mocoa. Here we will have dinner and rest around the fire, integrating the previous ceremonies.

Day 8: After breakfast, we will have a workshop where we will make smudge and other ceremonial items. We will have some lunch, rest and get ready for our ayahuasca ceremony with a different local Taita.

Day 9: After breakfast, we hike with a picnic lunch to the famous “Fin de Mundo” where there are more incredible waterfalls. In the evening, we will have our ayahuasca ceremony with the Taita.

Day 10: Today is Bufo day and after breakfast, we will find a lovely spot on the grass and take the sacred medicine, Bufo Alvarius. We will have lunch and hold an integration in the afternoon to incorporate the previous ayahuasca ceremonies as well as our bufo ceremony. That night we will venture into town for dinner.

Day 11: After breakfast will all head into town to do some last-minute shopping at the wonderful market. After lunch, we can do some breathing exercises and rest before the “grand finale”. On this special last night, we will drink the medicine that we prepared at the beginning of the trip. We will share yopo, sing along to the medicine music by Olimpia and celebrate our processes.

Day 12: On this last day we will have both breakfast & lunch at our hostel before departing from Mocoa village at 16h.

About This Event

Old Mocoa is our destination and this village lies in the Sibundoy Valley in High Putumayo. Putumayo literally means gushing river in the Quechua language and, as its name suggests, the Putumayo River is one of the main tributaries of the Amazon. Here, the medicine men and women are referred to as Taitas and Maimas (father and mother) and we will be drinking the medicine with the Taitas and Maimas of different ethnic backgrounds including the Inga, Kametsa & Cofán tribes. The Ayayni facilitators will also be assisting in the ceremonies and we take great pleasure in inviting you to share your process with us, just as we will share ours with you, during the 12 days and 11 nights that we will be there.

On the fifth day of our trip, we will go to the Yunguillo Indigenous Reserve, where we have been invited by the Taitas of Inga roots, to share a very special experience there. Yunguillo is the home of the Inga community who fought for over 20 years, along with the Amazon Conservation Team, to protect this territory from deforestation and mining and we have the honour of being invited into their home. It is also home to species such as the spectacled bear, the endangered mountain tapir, woolly monkeys, the spotted jaguar and many species of birds including parrots, toucans and woodpeckers.

Apart from Ayahuasca we will be sharing other medicines during the retreat:

On one of the days we hold a very special Bufo Alvarius ceremony, and share this incredible medicine from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. How Bufo Alvarius works is that it breaks the chemical filters that the human mind uses to prevent us from being in a continuous state of perception and complete consciousness, and this is the state that we access when we inhale it. This is an experience of expansion and is said to be the most powerful experience that any human being can have.

We also offer three morning Kambo ceremonies during the retreat. Kambo is administered through small burns to the skin, immediately triggering a variety of chemical reactions in the human body. Kambo has the capacity, unlike other natural and pharmaceutical substances, to cross the brain barrier and produce powerful effects in the human cells. It's fantastic medicine for cleansing out the liver and stomach of toxins and parasites, as well as strengthening the immune system.

At different times during the retreat, we will be offering both Rapé and Yopo which are both blown into the nostrils, absorbed by the mucous membranes, and passed into the bloodstream. Rapé is made from tobacco and Yopo is made from the ground seed of the plant Anadenanthera Peregrina. Both these medicines are grounding medicines, but the effects are quite different, with yopo being more visual and, in general, much stronger.

This is a time for greatness, and when we visit the home of yagé we connect with the essence of the ancestral medicine, our own medicine, our own truth and our own greatness.

What's Included

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • 8 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 3 Kambos Ceremonies
  • 1 Bufo Alvarius Ceremony
  • 2 Yopo Ceremonies
  • Workshops
  • Group Integrations
  • Private Therapies and Integrations
  • Day Trips
  • 2 Day trip to Yungillo
  • Bus tickets from Bogota to Mocoa

What's Not Included


Venue Highlights

Our lodgings are nestled in a beautiful valley and surrounded by natural waterfalls and swimming holes. When there are no planned activities there are abundant hikes and adventures right at our doorstep. The hostel also has its own swimming pool and natural swimming hole.

There will be motorbikes available for those who want to venture into town and to the incredible marketplace with its wealth of plant medicine remedies and artisanal goods is only 20 minutes away. We will have exclusive use of this jungle paradise where we will be served breakfast and lunch every day and the Taitas will come to share the medicine here in the evenings. There is a Maloka with firepit as well as a large dining room plus a hammock area for us to enjoy and integrate our experiences.


There are 6 spacious cabañas, opening up onto the jungle setting, which are all shared spaces accommodating 3 people each. These rooms are open luxurious and friendly. However, for anyone who would prefer privacy, we can accommodate here too, at an extra cost.


  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free


Participants will need to fly into Bogotá, Colombia. From here, the transport is taken care of.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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  • Kelsey Neilson   December 03, 2019

      Amazing experience

    I attended this retreat in October 2019 and it was exactly as advertised. The accommodation was clean and comfortable and the staff took good care of our needs, preparing delicious meals and catering to a variety of dietary requirements. The team of facilitators are amazing and instilled such a sense of community and trust in the process. I couldn't recommend this retreat more - Jo and her team have the best interest of the people they help in mind every step of the way and are highly skilled at sharing the medicine and helping people through their individual healing processes.

  • Luc Mc   December 03, 2019


    I embarked on this journey fearful and uncertain of what awaited in the jungle. I've been hoping to do an amazonian retreat for a while and when the opportunity presented itself, I knew this was the right group to go with. The team proved skilled in working with the medicines. They proved perfect and celebratd with me through euphoric highs and provided comfort and guidance through devastating lows. As I journeyed within, the Ayani team were always by my side, holding space and facilitating my healing. I never felt alone and the team displayed patience, compassion and love in an abundance that kept me safe. The trips to the waterfalls and cliff edges were picturesque . The thaitas and maimas(shamans) all devoted to our healing and worked with a deep understanding of the medicine. The food was beautiful and nourishing. The organisation was professional and we were never left scratching our heads, wondering what to do or where to go. I will go on many more retreats with this group and I thank them from the depths of my heart for allowing me to feel what was buried within and continue with my difficult process of healing my past.

  • Peadar Om   December 03, 2019


    This trip was an incredibly heart opening, mind transforming yet challenging experience. I met some truly inspirational people and felt safe and supported the whole time. Very well organised with the perfect amount of activity vs downtime. Great food and lovely locations. Highly recommend

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