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This training will be led by Senior Trainer Eugenia Altamira.

She is Curriculum Coordinator for the Transformational Breath Foundation.

Eugenia is a wonderful teacher with amazing skills for conveying knowledge while providing a warm caring environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable, cared for, seen and heard. She has been going to Denmark for several years now and has developed a special relationship with the team there, we all really look forward to helping you achieve your goals, both in your personal process and as a facilitator in training.

Level IV-B:

Is the second part of the Transformational Breath® Certified Facilitator Training. During this seven day training you will deepen the knowledge of the facilitation techniques, learn the advanced breathing analysis techniques. Learn and practice Transformational Breath Coaching skills that will lead to the expansion of intuitive capabilities, accelerated personal growth and evolution through the reflective process that you will learn for yourself and your clients.

At the end you will have the knowledge skills and application of Transformational Breath® on a professional level, this training will guide you in the firsts steps of creating your own professional practice.

You will have a daily breathing exercise and a full facilitated session. The best way to learn Transformational Breath® is by practicing the technique, this is a hands on training where everything will be explained and then practiced under the guidance of the staff.

This is a week of profound transformation and empowerment where you will be fully immersed in the deep knowledge needed to work with yourself and others with this powerful self-healing tool.

The expanded residential Facilitator Training Program (parts A & B) is guaranteed to increase your personal creative expression and to provide profound Transformational breathwork experiences.


The Certification Program provides:

In-depth personal tutoring and mentoring

Knowledge, skills, andapplication of Transformational Breath® on a professional level, through exposure, with immediate feedback

Advanced breathing analysis techniques

Transformational Breath Coaching skills

Expansion of intuitive capabilities

Accelerated personal growth and evolution through the reflective process in a residential environment

An international family network of breathers & facilitators

A deeper commitment to Transformational Breath®


About the venue and location:

Mellem-Rummet means the space in between, the venue is a special space that promotes life-changing experiences, awareness and well-being. A place where you can retire from your hectic everyday life, reflect and work in your transformative personal processes.


The “space in between” offers the frame where people have the opportunity to take a break, to search, find and experience tranquility, silence and peace.  A space to sense and explore the balance between body, mind and soul.


It is located in Samsø, a Danish island in the Kattegat 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) off the Jutland Peninsula. A place rich in history and tradition that has now blended with amazing feats of engineering and sustainability. Human Settlements can be traced back 9,000 years! People can visit Viking burial mounds, Medieval Constructions as well as delight in the fact Samsø’s electricity is 100% sourced from wind and biomass.


The island’s 114 square kilometers in area offer many experiences and opportunities for activities. Samsø is a piece of Denmark in miniature: Coasts with steep slopes, a hilly landscape with deep valleys and glacial gorges, moorland and fertile farmlands and a bay with many small islands and islets. The agricultural parcels give the landscape its own colorful character.


On the island there is a string of quaint villages, a total of 22 large or small, each with its own character and charm. The landscape and the short distances between everything make Samsø ideal for cycling.


"A breath of sunshine, Eugenia Altamira is an amazing teacher. She enthusiastically guides every step of the way through the process of becoming a Transformational Breath Facilitator. She has one of the kindest souls I've ever experienced and is always there to encourage with gentleness and encouragement. I've learned so much from Eugenia about the breath, how it works and how to work with clients, build confidence and move forward in this incredible healing modality. I am forever grateful to have her as a teacher." Jodi Ritter "The Transformational Breath® trainings are a shared journey with both peers and trainers and my world has expanded in wonderful ways - new friends and a deep respect for those that dedicate so much of themselves to sharing this wonderful process with the rest of the world. Eugenia Altamira is an inspiration! She brings with her a knowledge and wisdom that goes way deeper than the work manuals that she so lovingly compiles for the Transformational Breath Foundation. She radiates her work in her joyful smile and her sincerity and embraces every challenge with a grace that leaves no doubt to her students that they are in very good hands. Eugenia has the amazing ability to both hold and challenge someone - guiding them in their own growth through the ups and the downs with humor and integrity. It is a gift to work with Eugenia - she brings a balance - the delicate balance of working on oneself while embracing the wider Universe at the same time. I am truly grateful for all she has taught me and I hope to continue working with her on my inspirational journey with Transformational Breath®." JS Vermont

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic


Coming from abroad? You can fly to either Billund (BLL) or Copenhagen (CPH) airports. Please consider that from either airport it will take 3 to 4 hours to get to the venue.

We will send detailed instructions on how to get to the venue upon registration.

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  • Khristiane Woods   November 22, 2019

      Morelia Transformational Breath Training Level 4B

    This training had a great flow from theory to hands on experiential learning of breath facilitation and coaching. The fun moments and games in between all were very purposeful. Everything we learned built up to the cumulative events like the Community Breathing Workshop when car load after car load of people came to breathe and we filled a whole auditorium with many people learning to breathe with their diaphragm for the first time. It was both emotional and exhilarating.

  • Lizette Madrazo   July 24, 2019

      4A Tepoztlan Julio 19, 2019

    El curso es hermoso, el lugar es divino, lleno de arboles, todo verde en temporada de lluvia, pájaros cantando por el día y grills por la noche, muy lindo! El espacio donde se lleva acabo el curso (main salon) está de muy buen tamaño y tiene una energía bellísima. Eugenia y Laura quienes están a cargo del curso son divinas y con una excelente preparación, la explicación es bastante clara y el curso muy completo. La comida deliciosa y las personas que atienden el lugar hermosas =) Lo único que yo agregaría, es que las camas están bastante duras al igual que las almohadas, tal vez cambiando o mejorando los colchones la experiencia sea totalmente satisfactorias, considero que dormir bien es super importante y mas en este tipo de cursos. Gracias por todo!! Super recomendable!!

  • Marcus Blacker   July 24, 2019

      Transformational Breath® Facilitator Training (Level IVA)

    The training was really well organised and Eugenia and Laura created a safe space for learning for all of the facilitators-in-training. The venue was lovely and all the food was delicious and healthy.

  • Khristiane Woods   July 13, 2019

      Expansion through the breath

    This retreat was amazing! I will describe the three most incredible things I learned. First, I learned through the breath that the body is a biometer. This is a word I have invented to describe how the physical body tells me everything I need to know about the reality of me in this moment. I am the sum of God's grace complete with memories of happiness and pain in the tissues of my body. I learned how to use a map to integrate them with my breath so I can move ahead joyfully with my life. Second, I learned to use my heart to think. The breath takes me into my true emotions which are often mad, sad or afraid. This is because the thoughts that I have been trained to think have removed me from my feelings, suppressed them, ignored them, shamed them..... For example, as a child I was not allowed to have opinions about things. I was told "that children are to be seen and not heard", "Little pitchers have big ears". I found the anger I had repressed. I learned to bravely face the emotion and release it. It was so empowering. Beyond words! Only the realm of sound can speak the truth of my heart. I struggled to put it in words and then heard my truth for the first time. For me this was incredible! A veil of overwhelm, with tingling warmth of universal love envelops me and slowly peels off each time I do the practice (and we learned how to do it daily). Third, I connected with Spirit. I learned that I have "an unconscious source urge" which is like a death urge. Sometimes I stop breathing. I learned how to breath through this and manifest the life my soul came to live. I have been moved with waves of thankfulness for all the beautiful work that the breath does in me (in my singularity) and in the unity of human consciousness. It gives me great hope for this generation and the ones to come. Thank you Eugenia and Laura for such an amazing experience. .

  • Marcus Blacker   May 14, 2019

      Transformational Breath® Facilitator Training (Level IVB)

    I really enjoyed this training with Eugenia Altamaria and the Edinburgh Breathes team. The organisation of the course was just perfect and a safe space was created, both for learning and for going through my own personal process.

  • Lonneke   December 25, 2018

      High quality

    This program is so well organized. Given by very good trainers. You learn everything about the Breath and your own breathing and personal process. High level learning. Great.

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