Cosmic Origins 2020 September Equinox in The Andes, Ecuador

Event Highlights

  • Visit Ancient indigenous sites, including the inter dimensional Doorway at Ingapirca, w/ Sri & Kira that hold “hidden” keys to our cosmic origins. Go well beyond the concept of “ancient aliens!”
  • Be part of an Authentic Mayan Fire Ceremony that will open your cosmic DNA while clearing out congestions!
  • Travel to Ingapirca! This is a VERY SPECIAL moment and as we journey to the temple we will also stop in the stunning
  • indigenous villages along the way to interact, experience and GATHER energy! Along with your ATTUNEMENT IN THE INTER-DIMENSIONAL DOORWAY at Ingapirca, Sri & Kira will also offer an INSOULMENT especially for this group of beloved journeyers!!
  • Cosmic life regression with Sri and Kira under the Tree of Wisdom. During a Cosmic Life Regression, your physical form is nourished into a deep sense of peace so that the soul body can fully release and be taken on a guided journey to the cosmic points in your soul’s lineage that have energy charges that are relevant for who you are now.
  • Uncover the truth about the influences that shaped Gaia. Discover your soul's journey and how to integrate that into your life now!
  • Enjoy 25 acres of Pristine land w/ multiple mediation spaces, hiking trails with vistas of The Inter Andean Valley! energized portals and access to ALL amenities: Yoga Studio with views of The Andes, Water Therapy Center and Jacuzzi, Violet Ray Shiva Temple, 3 organic, local and vegetarian meals per day & more!
  • Choose from a variety of over night accommodations from private suites to a lovely and spacious community house!
  • Optional extended stay options for sacred San Pedro Visioning Journey and/or Crystalline Atlantean Healing Chamber & private sessions with Sri & Kira

About This Event

Embrace your Cosmic Heritage and Ignite your Soul's Memories in the SAFETY AND SUPPORTIVE ENERGY of TOSA Blue Mountain! Uncover your Divine Wisdom and call forward extraordinary Clarity, Healing, Remembrance and manifested Abundance!

Your Journey begins with Authentic Mayan Ceremony that will open your cosmic DNA while clearing out congestions! As you connect with the ascended presence of the indigenous, you will be embraced by the Andes Mountains, breathing air so pure you can tangibly feel the sweetness! To be fully embraced by the love the Universe transcends Time, Space and all words! ... And this is just the first day...!

"It is the land itself that guided us! It speaks to you! From the first moment we stepped onto this sacred site it has been speaking and we have been listening. With every breath ever more magic is revealed!” …Sri and Kira

What's Included

  • Three daily vegetarian meals, beverages and snacks for all days
  • All transportation & entrance fees for our excursions to Cuenca and Ingapirca
  • ALL Program materials and Attunements
  • BONUS Ascended Numerology Diamond Foundation personally prepared by Kira Raa
  • Five Nights at TBM in a fully appointed casita including room accommodations with in-room ORGANIC coffee/tea included. Includes bathroom w/ hot water, unlimited wireless internet & purified drinking water.
  • Use of ALL amenities including pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, hiking trails, meditation areas & so much more!
  • LIMITED PRIVATE ROOMS AVAILABLE for additional cost.

Venue Highlights

Known as an ACTIVE Spiritual Expansion Vortex & Portal for millenia, TBM lovingly co-resides with a 2500 year old ORIGINAL Canari Settlement! Radiating Divine Connection the energy here defies description. Nestled in a Sacred Andean Valley just outside of the UNESCO CIty of Cuenca, where the Medicine of San Pedro cactus grow, the Condor soar and the air so sweet, your heart will sing!

Yoga Studio, water therapy center, authentic temescal/sweat lodge, four direction fire pit, hiking trails, meditation caves, Mayan ceremonial site, Violet Ray Shiva Temple and Meditation Center, Private healing sessions with Sri and Kira, Tours to nearby attractions such as Ingapirca (the Machu Pichu of Ecuador!), Extraordinary views of the Andes and more!


As you connect with all of our unique overnight accommodations, each has been created to offer accommodations for the most discerning traveler to the budget minded.

I. The Compadres Suites: Built to honor the Compadres Mountains that majestically stand as guardians of TOSA Blue Mountain these two identical suites are our finest accommodations. Begin with your Queen sized Tempur-foam bed with Egyptian Cotton Sheets and L’Occitane bathroom amenities. Your private bathroom includes a lovely tub and your perfectly appointed bed invites gentle cozy mornings with a cup of fresh brewed organic coffee with views of the mountains! Each suite has a private patio for sunset views that you will remember forever!

II. Merlin's Cottage: This cottage is a popular space for couples and families looking to experience the authenticity of this sacred land! Upon entering, the lovely living area greets you with the magic of Merlin, the namesake of the cottage. Cozy chairs, coffee bar and table/chairs for enjoying the views are all waiting along with a fireplace heater to add to the charm. Open the door to a breathtaking view and enjoy the large patio as you sink into the magic of you! Equipped with top quality twin beds and one full size, there is room for up to four people.

III. Ganesha's Community House: Imagine an elegant hostel for those who enjoy meeting others without compromising anything! The Ganesha community house was custom designed by Sri Ram Kaa with a keen sense of use of space to comfortably accommodate up to eight persons without feeling cramped! Three lovely bedrooms are each appointed with twin beds with high quality mattresses and a large living room with generous seating. The outside patio offers additional space to relax, connect and watch the sunrise or sunset with presence! A favorite gathering space for many resident guests, this space reserves by the bed! Note! Two of the rooms do have bunk beds and you can request a lower bunk if available. To facilitate a greater sense of spaciousness this casita has two separate showers, two separate sinks and two separate toilet areas so that your comfort is always a priority while you enjoy the gift of connecting with other visitors.


Enjoy the world’s best coffee perfectly crafted as you indulge into vegetarian & vegan bliss! Organic, locally grown produce on-site. Colorful, delicious, balanced and savory! Always gluten-free and special needs are welcomed.

The gift of soul nourishment is that you are sending a signal to the body that you love it. When the body receives the signal of love, it will respond with healing, peace, serenity and vitality.


TOSA Blue Mountain is 45 minutes outside of Cuenca, Ecuador. There is an airport in Cuenca, however, flights into Guayaquil are typically less expensive. Guayaquil is about four hours away from TBM. Our English speaking driver is present and available to pick you up from the airport or your Hotel in Guayaquil. Sit back and relax during the scenic drive to TBM, stop for a delicious vegetarian meal along the way and enjoy the quick stop at Cajas National Park to stretch your legs!

Traveling from somewhere else in Ecuador? Please Let us know! We may be able to offer your transportation.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

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Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Silvana Spano   December 23, 2019

      Recharge your body and soul!

    We recently had a family reunion at TOSA Blue Mountain. Our family gathering was made so much more special for having spent time together in such a pristine environment. We highly recommend the Ganesha Community House for the perfect combination of an intimate yet private space to share with close family or friends. TOSA Blue Mountain (an easy and scenic 1-hour ride from the beautiful city of Cuenca in southern Ecuador), gave us a chance to connect to each other and to ourselves. The energy there is pure and powerful; the property is amazingly beautiful and comfortable; and the setting in the Ecuadorian Andes is simply magnificent. This retreat center is the perfect place to meditate in Nature, relax, and bask in the energy of the amazing mountains and inspiring southern sky. One can also request a ceremony in their Mayan sweat lodge (with or without the sacred cactus of the area known as Huachuma or San Pedro). This is, in fact, a perfectly sacred environment to have any kind of spiritual ceremony. If you have an opportunity to spend time at TOSA Blue Mountain, don’t miss it! You will be glad you visited this most beautiful and special place. Recharge the body and soul!

  • Wafa Tarnowska   December 19, 2019

      A Magical Paradise in the Andes Mountains

    This is the third New Year's Eve i will be spending in Tosa Blue Mountains and i cannot imagine a better place to say goodbye to one year of your life and hello to another. Tosa Blue Mountain envelops you upon arrival with layers upon layers of love, beauty, peace and joy. Every time i go there i feel 10 years younger and I look it !! You can do as much or as little as you want there but whatever you decide to do you are surrounded with Andean magic from the orchids, to the fig trees, to the hummingbirds. You can hike up the mountain slopes on the property or just sit quietly in one of the mediation rooms or beside the Blue Maria. You can use the sauna and Jacuzzi and swim in the water centre which is built like a big conservatory under the trees and hear the birds chirping all around you. This is one of my favourite things to do. The food is fresh, fresh fresh, vibrating with energy as it grows on site or is bought from local growers. The water is crystalline and the staff are wonderful. It is truly my secret paradise on earth.

  • Masha Sigurdson   December 18, 2019

      Absolutely stunning!

    I truly love this place - it located in the mountains, with stunning views and pristine air! I was beginning every day with the meditation and was sinking in the morning glory and deep peace of that place. The energy there is so pure, loving and supportive - I was sleeping like a baby every night, and was having amazing amount of energy every day. The casitas are modern and comfortable, with nice showers and food is exceptional. I was feeling that I was living in the beautiful multidimensional space, was deeply nourished ,with so much incredible insights every day. I was truly happy there - this is one of my absolutely favorite places on the earth!

  • Jess Juntunen   December 18, 2019

      Stunning Beauty and Deep Immersion into Spirit

    TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary is amazing. Each day you are greeted by beauty and pristine energy in the Andes Mountains. The rooms are divine, relaxing, and there is hot water, a luxury for travelers in Latin America! The amenities there are above and beyond .There is an amazing water therapy center with a pool, hot tub, and sauna. There is a central court yard, dining area, lounge, and kitchen with the BEST foods all grown on site or brought in locally. I love eating well, and I sure did! There are also meditation caves, ancient that have been there for so long, as well as other sacred temple sites around the property. There is a beautiful tree of wisdom and the temple ruins up near the top of the mountain. This site has been sacred for thousands of years and I could sure feel it! Miracles and magic happened EVERY day. Ceremonies from the sacred pipe ceremony to a Mayan Fire Ceremony, to San Pedro and so much more, were beyond any expectation. I AM going back. The hosts and care provided are top notch. The price is beyond compare. We also had additional excursions to Cuenca and to the sacred site of Ingapirca as part of my experience. All was taken care of with extreme care. This is a life changing experience. You FEEL yourself being rejuvenated from the inside out. Can't wait to go back!

  • Hazel Brown   December 18, 2019

      Heavenly Abode! Highly Recommended Retreat Center!

    I have been to TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary several times and each time spent here has been simply incredible! The Casita's are extraordinary, very comfortable and within easy access to all the nearby temples, pool and sacred spots! You have everything you truly need. No chem trails and both the day and night views are spectacular! A great place to center yourself as you are lovingly nourished with pure fresh air, crystalline drinking water and exquisite vegetarian and vegan meals that will surely excite your palate. The owner and staff are amazing and enjoy lovingly supporting you to achieve your goals and dreams while you are here so that when you go home you are uplifted and ready to embrace the next chapter of your most beautiful life. I also highly recommend partaking in the many special amenities, healing sessions and ceremonies offered to uplift your spirit, along with visiting the local indigenous day trips available with these extraordinary people. A most wonderful and magical place to spend your time in peace, love and pure joy!

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