7 day Raw food Personal Cleanse Retreat

  • Casa Firefly Casa Firefly
  • Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico
  • Ongoing
  • $1525/7days

About This Event

Your body is a sacred temple. The way you feed it can be a spiritual practice, a matter of practical necessity or a way to abuse yourself. Which do you choose?

My journey with food includes bulimia, weight loss dieting, emotional eating and overeating, vegetarianism, cleansing/detoxing diet, raw food diet, semi vegetariansm with periods of raw and generally just listening to my body and eating when and what and how much it genuinely craves to feel good, healthy and conscious! (This last eating style being the most recent!)

I have touched and fondled so many ways of relating to food it makes me dizzy.

I grew up in a home where food was the way we gathered and communicated (sound familiar?). Where heated topics were discussed, where I zoned out because I couldn’t relate or chose not to, where weight was an obsession and eating always made me feel guilty because of how “fat” I was.

Food was a way to escape, a way to emotionally satisfy hurts and shame, a way to deny and punish myself.

My journey with food is a radically different experience now. Today, I use food to celebrate my life, to affirm my self worth and to connect to the vital beauty and blessings of our amazing planet.

Cleansing is a spiritual practice. It’s a way of connecting with the wise, self-honoring, earth priestess/priest that lives inside every human being.

You can move into a more conscious relationship with food, your body, your self and it will dynamically and divinely change your life. I’m here to help you do that!


Spend a week with me in paradise releasing, renewing replenishing.

Your body, heart and soul are craving nourishment,

You’ve been putting off time for you,

You’re ready to escape into a sensual, exotic, healing environment
to rediscover your inner light & truth.

Welcome home!


At my beautiful beachfront villa on the Pacific coast of Mexico, you will be held in sacred, safe and honoring space.Together we’ll co-create a cleansing retreat custom designed for you and your needs at this moment in your life.

Here are the menu items available for you to choose from:

Raw cuisine
Raw juice & smoothies
Raw “cooking” classes
Cleansing herbs
Private or group yoga
Ritual creation
Horse Back riding on the beach
Bird watching and kayaking in the laguna
Vividly Woman Embodiment Coaching
Lifestyle makeover

Available Dates: 

Nov 30-Dec 7, 2019

Jan 3-10, 2020

March and April 2020- Pick your dates while there is still space

Follow up with an Independent Cleanse if you would like to stay in the area and continue cleansing. I can help you transition by supplying local resources and introductions in the community.

Through Leela's facilitation, I learned to look inward and came closer to my Divine source. My heart became more open and I was able to fill and expand my heart with love. Through the entire experience, I have taken on many new habits that will change my life forever. Helen Wang Leela’s approach at her High Vibration Cleansing retreat is an amazing expression of love at work. Whether you’re a beginner at yoga or an advanced student, she will challenge you to cleanse body mind and spirit in unity. I was amazed by how delicious the food experience was. Her lessons and treasure trove of knowledge gave me insight on food combining and showed me practical ways to honor my body. As a novice to yoga, by the end of the week I was more flexible in body and agile in mind. I’ve had several breakthroughs and now with my heart centre activated I look forward to receiving what is next. Your heart knows. Follow it. Experience the High Vibration retreat with Leela! Samantha G

Event Highlights

  • Enjoy the experience of nourishing yourself with Whole Foods
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Learn to prepare delicious raw meals
  • Immerse yourself in the local tropical beauty


7-8 Wake up, drink water, lemon water, get dressed and ready for morning practice
8-9 Silent walk
9-10 Yoga
10-10:30 Meditation Instruction
10:30 Juice
11-12:30 Free Time (i.e. Spa sessions, reading, nap, Inner work, coaching, swim, cooking class, community class)
12:30 Lunch
1-4 Free Time (i.e. Spa sessions, reading, nap, Inner work, coaching, cooking class, community class)
4:00 Juice
4:30-5:30 Dance & Meditation
5:30-6:30 Sunset walk
6:45 Dinner

Venue Highlights




Airport transfer will be arranged for you. It will take 30 minutes and is included in your package price.

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