Psilocybin 4 Day retreat

Event Highlights

  • An initiation centre for the people, for reflection on and reconnection with our origin and the mystery of creation. This unique experience space is specifically designed for ceremonial use. It functions as a compass and initiation centre for truth-seekers. The enchantment of the Nature Temple is the ultimate setting to explore altered states of consciousness. A visit guarantees an unforgettable experience full of inspiration.
  • The Nature Temple is a 140 m2 square work of art, organically built with thick trunks and curly branches, coloured glass and clay. The majestic wooden floor combined with a fire place in the centre gives the Nature Temple splendor. The 7 diameter geodesic dome-shaped vault at the roof functions as a galactic clock through which you can watch the celestial constellations at night. During the day the sunlight shines through and you can watch the crowns of the surrounding cathedral-like trees.
  • Library of the earth – Made from more than 40 different types of wood, mostly inlands, give the Temple an unmistakable authentic character. Each type of wood tells its own story, both physically and symbolically. From a technical point of view the Nature Temple has become a combination of various ecological building styles, with elements from an earth-ship, a hobbit house and a log cabin. We have made use of straw, clay and cord-wood construction techniques.


We offer a varied and supportive activity-program during the whole retreat. We have set up a balanced program that helps your body, mind and soul to integrate the psilocybin experiences. With workshops like yoga, chi qong, mindfulness, nature connecting, meditation, creativity, integration and more, we offer participants effective tools that can also be used at home to support the changes. Of course, if you need space or are not in the mood, you are welcome to withdraw to read a book, chill out or take a walk. This program gives you some insight in the daily activities. We use it as a guideline, not as a fixed setup. Depending on the amount and the needs of our participants we can make adjustments in the schedule.

13.00-14.00 Arrival
14.15-15.45 Opening circle
16.00-16.30 Light meal
16.30-18.00 Talk sacred plants
18.00-19.30 Group activity
20.00 Cacao ceremony

9.00-10.00 Breakfast
11.00-12.30 Personal coaching / free space
12.30-14.00 Group activity
14.30-15.30 Lunch
15.00-16.00 Personal coaching / free space
16.00-18.00 Group activity
18.00-19.30 Resting / meditation
20.00 Magic Mushroom Ceremony

9.30-10.30 Breakfast
10.30-11.30 Sharing/integration circle
11.30-12.00 Free space
12.00-14.00 Group activity
14.00-14.30 Soup
14.30-16.00 Group activity
16.00-17.00 Individual activity
17.00-18.00 Free space
18.00-19.00 Diner
19.00-20.00 Free space
20.00-22.00 Dance
22.00-23.00 Closing circle

8.30-9.30 Breakfast
9.30 End

About This Event

Our vision is to provide the ultimate setting for journey-work with Magic mushrooms, to enable and empower human transformation, deepening the realisation of our interconnectedness with all living beings. A unique opportunity for you to experience a legal and safe psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands.

With 2 psilocybin ceremonies combined with preparation and integration workshops for body, mind and soul, we provide a wonderful retreat to awaken your true potential at a phenomenal location. In these 5 days our general goal is to align you with your natural state of being.

The centre has facilitated ceremonies for thousands of people since 2006, collaborating with keepers of ancestral knowledge. We have integrated several shamanic plant traditions and blended it with our own European roots. We have used this experience to finetune an authentic balance between indigenous traditions, modern Western culture and scientific knowledge. This gives our organisation a strong foundation of professional standards, safety protocols and ethics. The cornerstone of our retreats is an incredible transdisciplinary team of highly skilled and experienced facilitators who are there to support. We are dedicated to provide our guests the opportunity to benefit from the psilocybin’s potential to catalyse a life changing experience.


Magic mushrooms are the general name for mushrooms that contain psilocybin and psilocyn. In the retreat we use Magic Truffles which are non-toxic to the body and completely legal in the Netherlands. Psilocybin mushrooms enlighten the brain, free the mind and activate the waking dream state. They expand consciousness, allowing us to realize the wonder of life. They are a key to the circle of oneness and show us how everything is interconnected and interrelated. We use them to accelerate self-discovery, as a tool for healing and as a visionary vehicle to travel within and beyond.


A ceremony is a marking point in time. It is an ancient way of setting the space for conscious transformation, it creates safety and clarity. For thousands of years wisdom-keepers from all over the world are using psychedelics for healing and vision with undeniable results. Here in the West, the spiritual use of these compounds is rather new and is often used in a more therapeutic setting. Although both ways have their own qualities, we strongly believe that the Western approach only, is not sufficient enough to activate the whole spectrum of potential.

During the ceremony there is the possibility to be present, to express, to be alive and really work with the energies that move through you. You can opt to eat a higher dosage of psilocybin mushrooms and connect with the shamanic way of using the mushrooms. Although your journey is still a personal one, this ceremony has a higher level of togetherness. During the night the facilitators will balance the energies with a multitude of instruments and their profound musical skills. These ceremonies are dynamic and alive, with beautiful acoustic music, sensitive songs and powerful chants, silence and sincere sharing around the fireplace. We hold space with a clear ceremonial structure that leaves room for a playful, open minded and intuitive course, you are invited to contribute.


Many people are seeking a way to enrich and enhance their lives and reconnect with nature, feeling more and more enmeshed in impossible demands, pressure and stress, with a sense of being out of step with their true authentic self. If you feel that life has lost its magic or fulfillment, than this wonderful path of psychedelics is here to reawaken your spirit.

The group consists of minimal 5 and maximum 20 people, both male and female, from different nationalities, therefore we speak English. For every 3 or 4 participants there is at least 1 facilitator involved. All participants share more or less the same intention; to create a more rewarding life. In the trust and safety of the group you find recognition and many times friendships evolve from these shared experiences. The group stimulates you to develop your talents and deal with your challenges. During the retreat there is plenty of space to exchange personal interests with other participants, also there are many spots in our beautiful garden where you can find the silence and peace.


Psilocybin mushrooms are in a large dosage extremely visionary and your perception gets highly influenced, beyond the world of logics. All defense mechanisms will be bypassed, which makes you completely capable of thinking and feeling ‘out of the box’. They are known as honest and playful, like children.

The psychedelic experience can make you feel all ‘four seasons in one day’, with moments of pure consciousness, intense sadness or fear, gratefulness and absolute bliss. From personal experience we know that it can become quite challenging for a person as fears may arise, but often this is where the self-healing takes place. The Earth Awareness team encourages people to surrender to, or work with the energy that moves through you. We will be there for meeting your needs, before, after and during the ceremony.

The dosage we serve to each individual is personal, depending on anxiety and guardedness, personality type and intentions, body size, 1:1 conversations and many other elements that influence the experience. The facilitator will go always in consultation with the individual. We serve fresh Magic Truffles, ready to eat. They are quite tasty, a bit like nuts.. The mushrooms are included, you don’t have to bring your own.


A diverse team of caring and experienced professionals will be there to make sure that everything is taken care of. The Earth Awareness team consists of 12 team members; 2 lead facilitators, 5 facilitators, 2 ground facilitators and 3 back office operators. Together we form a solid, enthusiastic and warm hearted team with the common goal to generate awareness from within as a contribution to the health of all. Most facilitators were trained both as ground and ceremonial facilitators, which ensures that they are at home at the centre. For a complete introduction of our team check our website


Each participant has a nice and cosy private space at our indoor camping. A tent where you can stand upright, with a bed, a mattress, sheets/blanket/pillow, a carpet and a night lamp will provide you in your basic needs. The tents have a height of 2.50 m and are 2.50x2.50 m. They are situated on our spacious and light upper atelier, sometimes the tents are set up in the garden. Our accommodation has all benefits of following a natural lifestyle. During the retreat you go back to basic at our off grid centre, you shower in rainwater and you manage with limited internet or electricity.


Our 5 days retreat are meant for people in good mental and physical health. It is not offered as a substitute for medical or psycho-therapeutic care. Magic Mushrooms cannot be taken in combination with anti-depressive or anti-psychotic medication. If you are on these or other kind of medication or doctor treatments you are required to consult your doctor to ask if you can participate in the ceremonies with psilocybin. You always need to inform Earth Awareness about your medical or psychological treatment.


Prices are all included, there are no additional costs. Choose a ticket price that suits your situation, Our pricing system is based on trust, we don’t do an income check.

High rate ticket: For people with an income above average

Standard rate ticket: For people with an average income/normal job

Low rate ticket: For students, travellers, people with an income below average

It is possible to make a deposit of half the price and pay the other half before a minimum of 7 days before your retreat starts.

• High rate ticket 1020 €uro

(or 2 x a deposit of 510 €uro)

We thank you in advance for choosing the high rate ticket, this means we are able to maintain this pricing system and keep the possibility open for more people to join. By purchasing a high rate ticket, you are giving others with less financial freedom means the chance to participate with a low rate ticket.

• Standard rate ticket 890 €uro

(or 2 x a deposit of 445 €uro)

A standard rate ticket covers the costs of this event. Please choose this option unless you don’t have don’t have enough money, or unless you are in a fortunate financial position which makes it possible for you to afford the high rate ticket.

• Low rate tickets 670 €uro

(or 2 x a deposit of 335 €uro)

Low rate tickets are for people who would not be able to participate at the standard price, for example students and those with a low income. We will not ask you for proof of status. However, we ask that you choose honestly, as we only have a limited number of low income tickets available.


Step 1 – If you consider yourself to be in good health and qualified for this psilocybin experience you can order your ticket. Click on ‘deposit ticket’ if you choose to pay in 2 times. Read our terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

- If you are unsure whether this retreat is suitable for you, send us an email to schedule a phone call first.

Step 2 – You receive a questionnaire, return your answers within 5 days to us.

Step 3 – We have a personal intake phone conversation of 20 minutes.

Step 4 - Your reservation will be confirmed, we send you an email with all specific details for a good preparation.

In the mean while you can already start reading the information on our website if you want to learn more about the centre and the ceremony or if you have questions (FAQ).


Feel free to contact us for more information. We can schedule a telephone call if that is required as well.

Earth Awareness Foundation, Ambonstraat 2, 7395 MA Teuge (NL)

Time is Art

What's Included

  • A Magic Mushroom 5 day retreat includes:
  • - 1 magic mushroom & 1 cacao ceremony at a magnificent location (mushrooms are included)
  • - A daily program with workshops for improving physical and body-awareness
  • - Comprehensive integration program
  • - Activities for connecting with nature or creative practices
  • - Personal coaching consultations
  • - 5 Days of biological and delicious vegetarian food and drinks
  • - Teachings on sacred plants and a tour in the ethnobotanical greenhouse
  • - 4 nights private lodging at our centre
  • - Transport from and to the train station
  • - Sharing the experience with likeminded people
  • - Detailed information on how to make the most of this experience, preparation guidelines and intake conversation
  • - A follow-up integration check and aftercare if necessary

What's Not Included

Not included:
- Airfare
- Transport from airport to Apeldoorn or Deventer (and back)

Venue Highlights


A diverse team of caring and experienced professionals will be there to make sure you can surrender to your inner journey. The Earth Awareness team consists of 12 permanent team members; 7 ceremonial facilitators, 2 ground facilitators and 3 back office operators. Together we form a solid, enthusiastic and experienced team with the common goal to generate awareness from within as a contribution to the health of all. Most facilitators were trained both as ground and ceremonial facilitators, which ensures that they are at home at the centre.

We are Mark & Maya, initiators and creators of the Earth Awareness centre. With great pleasure and devotion we have been guiding the inner work with the psilocybin mushrooms for 20 years. We feel grateful to share this heart medicine. We did a full cycle of 7 years intense training and collaboration with indigenous shamans from all over the earth which makes us very well trained as ceremonial lead-facilitators. Our ceremonies are influenced by many ancient traditions. We organise the ceremonies with Magic Mushrooms as a tool for awakening, it is a key to the circle of oneness.


- Biological and delicious vegetarian food and drinks
- Private lodgings at our centre

Each participant has a nice and cosy private space at our indoor camping. A tent where you can stand upright, with a bed, a mattress, sheets/blanket/pillow, a carpet and a night lamp will provide you in your basic needs. The tents have a height of 2.50 m and are 2.50x2.50 m. They are situated on our spacious and light upper atelier, sometimes the tents are set up in the garden. Our accommodation has all benefits of following a natural lifestyle. During the retreat you go back to basic at our off grid centre, you shower in rainwater and you manage with limited internet or electricity.


  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic


All meals and drinks are included. They are freshly made in our kitchen. Vegies and herbs are from our own garden or bought as local as possible. We offer vegetarian and biological meals. People with special diets need to consult their do’s and don’ts beforehand with us, so we can check with the chef-cook if special arrangements can be made. (This might bring extra costs)


The centre is about 1 hour from Amsterdam. Here you can get the train to Apeldoorn or Deventer. The last bit of your journey goes by bus, unless you choose we pick you up at the central station.

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Amanda Croon   February 16, 2020

      thank you maya

    I often think back on the time i spend with Maya, she still comes back to me in spirit with her grounding words of trust and comfort. I seen her taking care for every participant, nobody excluded. She is fun und strong, i admire the way she organized her life. Her food is tasty

  • Amanda Croon   February 16, 2020

      higly recommended

    Mark has been my spiritual teacher during the days that i joined a retreat at the nature temple in holland. I experience him as cheerful, from the heart and centered. I love his music and voice. The temple he build together with Maya is a masterpiece, which shows great talent. His passion for global awakening, activited me. He inspired me to join a group in my town for saving the trees.

  • Seckin Ozmen   January 30, 2020

      Great Human Experience

    In 2017 psy-fi festival in Holland, I was randomly walking in the festival area and was instantly struck by the highly inspirational speech of Mark, talking about his experience and what the magic mushroom is. I didn't have the chance that time to join the ceremony in the festival but two years later in 2019, I had been 3 times in the center : in spring, in summer and in autumn magic mushroom ceremonies. For me, the most attractive sign by Marc when I heart his first speech was, his describing the magic mushrooms (after telling all other medicine plants and their place) as the plants who are given by nature to show humans how to live on earth as human. Since then, this was the entry portal for me to the ceremonies. Having experienced also some other medicine plant ceremonies, I can say that from my experience magic mushroom ceremonies in Teuge were the most human level ones, as there is more human connection than other ceremonies I have had. You can talk, you can express yourself, you can contact others, you play music and sign together with the circle and especially you are encouraged and welcome to talk within the circle when the medicine is in it's peaks. There is space and time for everybody and the circle gives a strong ''a-hoo!'' after every talk which I find quite supportive. Expression and bringing your own wisdom to the center and sharing this with the circle made me really feel acknowledged as a human. The fire in the middle especially takes an important part in the ceremony, as it starts and closes the portal. From the fire, gate to the skies opens. Throwing all the unnecessary psychic loads to the fire and burning them there was also one of the most powerful practice for me during the ceremonies. Besides my inner experiences, the center itself is soooo beautiful and peaceful made by conscious and loves hands. The temple is created exactly for this experience and very very beautiful. ahh, looking to the green field from the balcony of the land connects you with the land of Holland. and the great food Maya prepares also comes from the own land and connects you with the land. The community around the temple is also very beautiful. I have seen very different and inspiring souls there. Mark and Maya are leading everything so beautifully and clearly, giving space to everybody to experience themselves. I learnt a lot from them. There is always a team of beautiful brothers and sisters (2-3 people) who support the participants during the ceremony and I always received what I exactly needed even without asking, they are like angels :) Reaching the location had been a bit challenging for me as I live in Germany approx. 500km away from the center. I either need to drive 5-6 hours by car or if I come by train I need to change a few trains and bus to reach there. So, going there only for one night for a weekend trip is a bit challenging as I go there directly after work and usually go back to work on Monday right afterwards the ceremony. But still, it absolutely worths and I think 5 days ceremonies will be much more better and intensive. So, I suggest to leave a bit more space before and after the ceremony to get it fully. Finally, I would say from my experience magic mushroom ceremony in the Earth Awareness center can provide a great human experience both by going deep into yourself or connecting with the human circle. I am grateful and already looking forward to my next ceremony there :) Seckin

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