12 DAY RETREAT - Lupuna Ayahuasca Healing Center

Event Highlights

  • 8 day retreat: 5 ayahasca ceremonies / 1 kambo / 1 San Pedro
  • 12 day retreat: 7 ayahuasca ceremonies / 2 kambo / 1 San Pedro / Chiric Sanango diet is an option in this retreat
  • 5 day retreat: 3 ayahuasca ceremonies / 1 kambo


Ayahuasca Breakfast
Talking about your ayahuasca experience
Activity - walk to our Lupuna Tree / fishing for piranhas / anaconda place / jaguar place / Amazon river / beach
Flower Bath
Ayahuasca ceremony (5 hours)

About This Event

In Lupuna Ayahasca Center we focus on healing - spiritual healing that leads to physical healing. You may believe there is no help for you, you have lost all your hope and belief - you have suffered from anxiety, depression, addictions, PTSD and tried everything out there. And you came across ayahuasca but what if it doesn't help and you just spend money and (contact info blocked) fact is, we see people with these conditions and other conditions healed every day through ayahuasca ceremonies. Have faith there is always a solution. Our 2 powerful Master Shamans and Shaman Kev from Australia make sure you get what you need to have a happy life you deserve.

Master Shamans

Each ceremony is performed by two Maestros: Nilton Torres Bardales and Jauriman García Torres who has been doing this for over 20 years, countless ceremonies, these two shamans along with Kev are unstoppable. They cook ayahuasca themselves on site to ensure its potency.

San Pedro, Kambo, Sanango diets

If you wish in each retreat San Pedro (all day), Kambo (20 minutes) is included. In a 12 day retreat you can also do Sanango diets and a few ayahuasca ceremonies.


Every day after the ceremony we talk about your experience in an informal friendly way, one on one or in a group, with shamans and therapist Katerina. After the retreat we keep in touch.

I received 150% more than I imagined. Tanya, Australia

What's Included

  • Everything from morning pick up in Iquitos in hotel Hilton Double Tree to drop off at the same place on the last day morning.

What's Not Included

Airfare, transport from airport to your hotel, hotel

Venue Highlights

Ayahuasca Lupuna Retreat is located right in the jungle to give the real jungle experience, however, it's designed to be safe - walkways everywhere so you don't need to worry where you step. You can see blue morphos flying around. It's only 30 minutes from Iquitos by boat and then beautiful new road to the retreat. We keep working on the retreat, improving things, we just love what we are doing and you can feel it when you come and see us. When you do ayahuasca, you may experience purging effects. That's why, unlike most retreats, we have single cabins with flushing toilets and showers. Believe us, you don't want to share accommodation with other people while doing ayahuasca or run to the shower located far away. Our shamans prepare ayahuasca and make sure the ceremony is safe and just right for you, the group is max. 10 people so the retreat is more personal. The ceremonial house is very large, one of the largest actually, that gives you a lot of space around so you are not disturbed by other people during the ceremony as is the case in most retreats.


Private cabins for 1 person, 2 people per request. We are unique besides powerful ceremonies with private accommodation, each person has their own cabin, there is no sharing toilet or showers or rooms with other people.
Each cabin has a large double bed, mosquito net, hammock, shower, flushing toilet, veranda.
Towels are not provided, personal care products are not provided.


Ayahuasca diet is specail - no salt, no sugar, no caffein, only fruits, vegetables, rice, eggs, chicken, fish, water.


From Iquitos airport (Lima to Iquitos, 1.5 hours) you take a mototaxi (about 15 soles) to your hotel in Iquitos and we will pick you up and take to our center on the day of the start of the retreat, about 10 am.

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  • Maria Maria   December 29, 2019

      Knowledge and healing

    From the start of my process of looking into different retreat. Kat and Kev were very helpful. Making my decision easier to take the trip out to Iquito peru. They made me aware of everything I need to do to prepare for my Journey as well as what I was going to expect. Everyone at the retreat was helpful and kind. If you are in search for knowledge and healing, then I would recommend Lupuna Retreat because they care about you in a soul level. During ceremony and after I felt safe. I understand that the word Jungle is scary. But really there is nothing to fear. Just remember the reason you want to embark on this journey and let your heart guide you to the decision. I am forever graceful. Thank you Ayahuasca Lupuna Retreat. Maria M.

  • Helen Joy Townes   December 29, 2019

      Never felt so good

    I stayed at the Lupuna Ayahuasca Center in March 2019 for healing with the pain in my arthritic joints. I could not walk without a stick. After the first ceremony I discarded my stick. A week later I was running up the 150 steps at Macchu Picchu and I felt SO good! Do yourself a favour and go to this retreat. The individual cabins with flushing toilets and showers in the Amazon jungle are second to none. Really well looked after and cared for!

  • Helen Townes   December 10, 2019

      Results of my healing were profound

    I attended in March 2019 for healing at this center. I was amazed by the outcome. I can highly recommend this Lupuna Ayahuasca Center. Staff are most caring, There are individual cabins with ensuite showers and flushing toilet in the beautiful Amazon rainforest Peru. The staff really looked after me. This center is registered and professional, with very high standards of care and success with healing. They use the traditional medicine with Master Shamans to guide you. Every ceremony is tailored to your individual need. The best.

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