Shamanic San Pedro Ceremonial Journey-Cancun w/Accommodations and Meal

Event Highlights

  • Purificar
  • Visionary
  • Shamanic San Pedro Ceremonial- Traditional


10:00am Morning Tea

11:00am Sage and Retreat Cleanse

12:00pm Individual Sage Smudging

12:30 Group Cleansing

1:00pm San Pedro Prayer and Intention Meditation

1:30 San Pedro Partaking

2:00-7:00pm Ceremony

8:00pm Dinner

Effects of San Pedro are twice as strong and last twice as long as the female plant medicine.

About This Event

This is an all day event W/ceremony start times beginning at 10am.

Ask us about our special for groups of 2 or more persons.

We offer ceremonies 3-4 days per week. These ceremonies can be in groups of

6 persons maximum. On occasion, you may be able to have a personal one on one ceremony and if so, there is no extra cost. However, this is not guaranteed.

This initial ceremony can last a full 8 hours and a full itinerary and location details will be included and emailed to you upon payment and confirmation. Please be advised the times listed for the ceremonial agenda can and is often slightly modified as we move into the journey due to the more specific needs of the group as a whole. We try to plan as best as possible but group participants at times require slight modification.

What is San Pedro?

Less well-known – but no less effective – is another of Peru’s visionary healing plants: San Pedro. Like ayahuasca, it has been drunk for thousands of years in shamanic healing ceremonies and through it there are said to have been a number of ‘miracle cures’ to a variety of illnesses, including cancer, diabetes and paralysis, as well as emotional and psychological problems such as depression and grief.

San Pedro is taken in the form of acold tea made by boiling sections of the tall mescaline cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) which grows at high altitudes in the Andes of Peru. It’s more traditional name is huachuma but it hasother names too, most significantly “El Remedio”: The Remedy, which refers to its healing and visionary powers which, shamans say, enable us let go of “theillusions of the world”. Even the name San Pedro embodies thesequalities because the Biblical Saint Peter is the holder of the keys to Heavenand he – and the cactus – both open a gateway for us into a dimension where we can experience the world as divine.

The earliest archaeological evidence forits use as a healing sacrament is a stone carving of a San Pedro shaman foundat the Jaguar Templein northern Peru,which is almost 3,500 years old and proves that, despite its name, however, SanPedro has been around longer than the Saint himself. Textiles from the same region and period depict the cactus with jaguars and hummingbirds, two of its guardian spirits, with stylised spirals representing the visionary experience.

In contrast to ayahuasca, however, little has been written about San Pedro and no research has been conducted into its effects. We know that it was used to heal illnesses, to see the future through its prophetic and divinatory qualities, to overcome sorcery or saladera (an inexplicable run of‘bad luck’), to ensure success in one’s ventures and to rekindle love and enthusiasm for life. We also have an account from the ethnobotanist, Richard Evans Schultes, of how San Pedro works.

It is ‘in tune with beings that have supernatural powers’, he writes. ‘Participants [in ceremonies] are ‘set free from matter’ and engage in flight through cosmicregions… transported across time and distance in a rapid and safe fashion.’

Effects can be as such...

Dreamy state

Great visions

Clearing of all the faculties


Heightened 6th sense

A telepathic state of transmitting oneself across time and matter, like a removal of thoughts to a distant dimension

This plant connects people with other planes of reality, but does not cause hallucinations. In any case, they are visionary plants that allow people to connect with certain dimensional planes, lifetimes, planetary and star systems. The vision is something that a person sees, without being in a pathological state.

Your journey with the divine is one which will assist you in bringing you closer to living your highest life purpose and in turn help others discover theirs.

Finally, we are free to be.

Important Details...

What to bring: comfortable clothing, additional change of light weight clothes in case you get too hot or too cold, small bag to keep your personal belongings, small journal, pen, cleansing wipes, insect repellent, small lightweight blanket or sweater, small towel. These items are not required but do help if you believe you may potentially need them.

What NOT to bring: alcohol, any form of drugs, excess cash or anything easily lost.

Sacred Journey Location...

We will meet in a general location and be safely transported by a local licensed and insured transportation service to our designated group journey location in the Mayan Jungle. These locations have been specifically chosen and full measures are in place to provide a safe, comfortable, organic and purifying experience to each participant.

Private & Couples Journeys are available upon request. Please ask for pricing details.

I had an amazing and healing QHHT session with Bernice. It was such a blessing! I received the answers I needed and I now feel at peace. I highly recommend her and this therapy! -Larayn Clegg, Utah

What's Included

  • San Pedro Ceremony
  • Intention and Purpose Counseling
  • Post Ceremony Integration Therapy
  • Light Language DNA Upgrade
  • Private Airport Transportation (For a Fee)*
  • One Private Night Accommodations
  • Meal
  • Snacks
  • Water, Coffee, Tea
  • Journey Essentials

What's Not Included

Airport Transportation
Additional accommodations and ceremonies can be purchased for just $333 per day.

Venue Highlights

Traditional Shamanic Ceremonies


Accommodations provide all the basic ceremonial essentials to create a safe and comfortable journey for each patron.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Native in-season fruit provided upon ceremonial closing


Upon paid ceremony confirmation you will receive location details.

cancun ceremony plant medicine sha shamanic tulum

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  • Kim Hawker   January 08, 2020

      Healing & Dealing

    I've always been in touch with the elements around its a feeling a sense of something there. I'm not always confident in my choices or I feel a remorse for decisions I've made. Working with QHHT Body Talk has help me to deal with the healing I must do. I feel a greater control over my existence in this life after each reading or Journey, my connection to myself grows deeper as I began to trust more and more. I began with a choice to start taking my life back, not just my programmed day to day. My first treatment was The cleansing Ice with wood therapy, honestly at first it was hard to deal with all the emotional weight I was holding onto. I then choose to continue my journey and fulfill a series of these treatments which lead my to healing. I never felt better!!! I am healing now instead of always dealing with emotional weights holding me in that place. I feel calmer and more aware of how to grow in my healing, instead of just dealing with my everyday. This is the best service if you wish to heal as we deal with our issues. Dealing with issues is survival, but learning to Heal is key. Thank you QHHT for your knowledge, empowerment and healing abilities to enlighten my darkness. I'm so blessed to have experienced this!

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