4 Days Boston Body Image & Burden Release Retreat CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS

Event Highlights

  • A welcoming retreat to explore your body image, the burdens in your life and move towards mind & body liberation. Often we feel lonely and scared as we struggle working through these issues alone. Your body is not a problem to be fixed, and your burden’s don’t define you. Your story is your own and our retreat can support you in reclaiming your body narratives, unmasking burdens, and becoming the storyteller of your own life.
  • Naming and letting go of past stories like shame or guilt, allows you to find a new sense of liberation and freedom in your mind and in your body. Where should we begin? Is your life filled with busyness and distractions with barely anytime to breathe? Do you want to begin to make peace with your body, your burdens, and your relationship with food?
  • Join us for TAKE UP SPACE: Body Image & Burden Release Retreat
  • TAKE UP SPACE will help you release and work through distressing thoughts and feelings about body image, and the burdens in life that weigh you down. Together we will explore old narratives that have shaped our own body image and learn to practice radical, compassionate self-care.TAKE UP SPACE is rooted in the principles of Health at Every Size®, a social justice movement focused on respecting the diversity of all body shapes and sizes. TAKE UP SPACE will support you to embody and step into your most authentic self.
  • Dr. Laura Wood, Dani and Jill love helping and supporting others to TAKE UP SPACE and live their lives “Unburdened”.
  • This retreat:
  • •Offers an intimate space for growth individually and as a group with like-minded people to build community. Together we will share stories, joyful movement, yoga, breathe work, meditation, and creative expression.
  • •A relaxing wellness and growth experience in Boston, MA creating an unforgettable experience
  • Who This Is For
  • Is your life filled with busyness and running on empty? Are there situations in your life where you feel overwhelmed with loneliness, lack of self-confidence, confusion, fear? Are you looking for ways to reconnect with you mind and body self-expression? This weekend is for anyone seeking authentic connection and desire to slow down, unplug and connect. Share your story and do life in community.
  • What Is Drama Therapy?
  • Drama Therapy is an Experiential, Active and Embodied way to connect and explore parts of ourselves.
  • Drama therapy advances the participants insight, empathy, stabilization of moods, and anxiety and helps to facilitate healthier, and more connecting relationships. It uses role, story, metaphor, and the body to help people tell their unique narratives, solve problems, and make new choices in life. Drama therapy allows attendees to go as deeply as they want in their healing process, or as slowly as they need to feel safe-enough to look at challenging areas in their life. The work is compassionate, challenging, moving, eye-opening, healing, and transforming.


•8:00 AM Group Nutritious breakfast
•8:45 Group Begins
•9:00 AM Drama Group Intensive Process Group
•12:30 PM Group Lunch
•1:30 PM-4:00 Body Image Group
•6:00 PM – Dinner
•10:30 PM Bedtime: Time to turn in

About This Event

Reconnect with your mind and body in Boston from May 5-8, 2020 with a 3 nights/4-day Body Image & Burden Release Retreat centered to promote peace from within and a return to your well-being by releasing the burdens that weigh you down in life. Quiet your mind, escape every day craziness, and lean into different experiences. Simply breathe in a new breath of life.

Unburden from the stress and fear from the Corona Virus at our Burden Release Retreat!

Note: Brave Heart Workshops is mindful of the Health and Safety Concerns in the World. If the Social Distancing and the Travel Bans haven’t been lifted the Retreat will be cancelled. We are mindfully keeping this event to only 10-12 Attendees.

It’s difficult to make decisions to travel anywhere right now. As a concession to the stress and need to getaway we are offering retreats that are fully refundable.

The coming days and weeks hold a lot of unknowns with crippling affects of fear and anxiety. Wherever you are on this spectrum, know that we at Brave Heart Workshops care.

For that reason, we are keeping our small-scale events available for you to be able to “Retreat” to when this comes to an end.

Brave Heart Workshops events can now be refundable up to 3 weeks before each retreat. We just ask you to communicate with us regarding your travel plans; (i.e. airline flights etc.) This retreat is for only 10-12 attendees and are small scale to secure safety in wellness and health.

We hope these life-changing retreats will give you time to Relax – Renew – Restore. Reconnect with “Self” and others especially after the travel bans have been lifted. Now more than ever a retreat where you can connect with others and release your burdens will be so renewing.

Renew. Restore. Reconnect. Jill is incredibly organized, calm, & compassionate. Her primary goal, is to make every event she plans, run with precision. Comfort & no stress for her guests is most important, & he is just tons of fun! Mary T; Therapist

What's Included

  • •3 nights/4 days Accommodations at a private retreat center or home
  • •Includes healthy and delicious meals, snacks
  • (Gluten Free, Vegetarian Options Available Daily)
  • •Stimulating Drama Intensives, Connection and Improv Groups
  • •Group activities to deepen your understanding of your personal story and wellness
  • •Facebook group to connect with others before the event
  • •Follow up support (2) sessions after the retreat

What's Not Included

•Airfare and Baggage Fees (We will assist you in finding the lowest airfare available)
•Additional nights and food in Boston (if you want to arrive early)
•Travel & Health Insurance (we recommend getting Travel & Health Insurance in case of medical emergencies)
•Optional Excursions

Because Brave Heart Workshops lead and host Wellness Events, some people may attend who are in recovery from substance abuse of drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. We ask at these events if you refrain from drinking, bringing any drugs that are Non-Prescription and Not Discussing Clean Eating and specific diets you are on at the events that might trigger an attendee. We ask that you refrain from Cigarette smoking in the homes of the properties. If you need to smoke we ask that you only do it outdoors. When we go out for meals, if you feel you need to drink an alcoholic beverage, please just be mindful of the other attendees and don’t consume amounts that lead to impairment.

Venue Highlights

We will choose the Venue when we see how many register. The location will be within a 40 minute commute to Cambridge, MA. There are some amazing retreat centers and Homes we can book. We hope you will attend. We have pricing with lodging and a commuters rate. The commuters rate is based on you arriving by *8:00 AM and staying each day till program ends at dinner time (6:00 PM) Again the commute will be within a 40 minute drive. Please consider this when deciding if you want lodging or not. Thanks
With all those firsts, it’s easy to understand that Boston ranked fifth in the world for innovation in 2017. Some of the “innovation friendly” factors include cultural assets, education centers, transportation, and biking or walking accessibility. Of course, the city’s world-renowned research institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Tufts add to this cutting-edge clout, as do the thousands of digital startups and entrepreneurs that have set up operations here.

As the above innovation index notes, “Boston is a place where you can have serendipitous connections, unlike U.S. cities where you can’t get out of your car.” It’s true—with its small scale, extensive public transit, network of bike paths, and abundant park space, Boston is a city built for meeting new people, sharing ideas, and collaboration.


King, Queen, Double or Twin Beds
We will be renting either at a retreat center or home. Most places you will be sharing a room and shared bathroom space. Some rooms have 1, 2, or 3 beds per rooms


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Options include
•Gluten Free
•Dairy Free
We want our attendees to experience our retreats feeling better and more equipped with tips and nutritional techniques to take home that will help enhance their wellness in 2020. We’re happy to accommodate dietary requirements to the best of our abilities depending on food selections in the region of the events. Many meals can be prepared gluten and/or dairy free, vegetarian and vegan.. Equal parts of activity, relaxation, restoration, connection, and rejuvenation. Our days will focus on replenishing and calming the chaos of the mind, balancing the spirit, and nourishing your body with healthy organic meals.


Boston, MA

breathe meditation drama therapy improv mindfulness movement water aerobics

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Karen Zanfardino   January 28, 2020

      Brave Heart Review

    When Jill first encouraged me to attend a Brave Heart retreat my automatic response was that of anxiety and the belief this concept was not in the parameters of my comfort zone. As I witnessed Jill‘s passion and anticipation of the upcoming retreat and more information was presented I reconsidered. Maybe that is what I must do- step outside the parameters of my comfort zone. I began to feel that was exactly what I needed to do in order to pursue a different avenue of healing trauma - one I hadn’t explored before- drama therapy. The idea of getting up in front of a group of people and working through my issues was frightening at first. Immediately there was a camaraderie with the other women. I felt completely safe and comfortable to share parts of my story. I was so moved with the kindness, compassion, and support that my inhibition dissipated being in such accepting environment. I had a sense of belonging and felt a freedom to open up in ways I have never imagined before. The atmosphere was so comfortable relaxed and welcoming. I felt such a privilege to have Dr. Laura Wood as facilitator. Both Dr. Wood and Jill are gifted communicators with extraordinary level of compassion and intuitive caring that provided me a process to move toward healing while also feeling safe. That experience was profound for me. The next year there was no hesitation to sign up. I was excited about continuing unraveling the the layers of trauma. Being at the retreat enabled me to take my health and wellness to a higher level and equip me to empower myself to make some powerful changes in my life. I totally endorse the professional and integrity of Jill Reynolds. With her depth of concern and care for others wellness she brings a high level of experience to succeed in the event she plans.

  • Carol Rambo   January 24, 2020

      Overcoming Copendency

    Although I was not totally convinced I needed to attend a Brave Heart Workshop, I went to be with and support my daughter. I came home a different person, having recognized my codependency issues and was given tools to help me change. This change has been permanent! Jill Reynolds knows how to put a workshop together from beginning to end and she made my experience one of lasting value. Brave Heart Workshops have amazing wellness retreats that change lives. I highly recommend everyone attend these retreats.

  • Dorothy Yarrington   January 23, 2020

      Insightful learning experiences

    Both Of the Brave Heart Workshops I attended were great experiences for me, opening up a door to some issues from my past I was unaware of before. It was challenging, but one of the most enlightening opportunities of my life! I discovered the root of my trauma and was able to take home what I learned in the workshop and fully heal, conquer my fears, and confront major obstacles in my life. I learned about my strength, my desires, my needs, and my true authentic self. I am now a social worker and therapist practicing from a place of solidarity, clarity, and a grounded foundation. I found my voice and my freedom. I feel so blessed, grateful, inspired and hopeful that others can do the same through Jill’s workshops.

  • Lonnie Sommer   January 21, 2020


    I have attended two Brave Heart Workshops — an incredible experience both times. Jill has so much experience with different modalities of personal wellness, which makes her retreats so successful. I have personally enjoyed the drama therapy workshop weekends- which have brought much clarity and freedom to my own journey. Jill has a heart and a passion for wellness in body, mind, and spirit, coupled with the skills to make these workshops run efficiently. She balances therapeutic story and body-work with time and space for effective rest, reflection, and rejuvenation.

  • Ada Wu   January 21, 2020

      Amazing workshop!

    Last July, I had the pleasure of attending one of the Braveheart Workshop retreats held in Nashville, Tennessee. The organizer was Jill Reynold. The facilitator was Dr. Laura Wood. It was a great experience. I got to experience Drama Therapy. It was an unforgettable experience, truly. Not only did I get a chance to visit Nashville, the city of music, but also, and more importantly, I got to experience Drama Therapy and heal my childhood traumas. Jill was super responsible and caring. She helped to arrange hotels, flights, transportation, meals and took us to concerts. She had an eye to discover talents. Because Dr. Wood was one of the most intuitive and skilled therapists as I discovered over the course of the weekend. The healing work was transformative and fun at the same time. The combination of performance and healing really made it much less intimidating and more spontaneous. I truly enjoyed the workshop and recommends it to anyone who has an interest in personal healing or psychology in general.

  • Sally Levy   January 21, 2020

      It's a nice weekend

    So do you have something getting in your way? Well work through it with psycho drama therapy. With a trained therapist guiding you. Check it out ! I did twice! Maybe a third???

  • Colleen Dohr-O'connor   January 20, 2020

      Brave Heart Workshops Breakthough Healing

    Brave Heart Workshops. Jill kept encouraging me to attend a weekend retreat. I had some trepidation, not fully knowing what it was about. In addition, i was not in a place where i had enough money to go. Jill provided me a partial scholarship that allowed me to go. The weekend was such a breakthrough - truly Life Changing! For all ages - I am in my 50’s, and my healing journey catapulted onto an entirely new & powerful path. Colleen O

  • Jeremy Sublett   January 20, 2020


    Brave Heart Workshops showed up at such a crucial time in my life and made an incredible impact I will never forget. Jill puts together a wonderful program. I can’t say enough.

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