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UNION Aguila y Condor - Riviera Maya, Mexico

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  • also Bufo alvarious will be present during this retreat


Sunrise beach meditation
lunch time
silence time - therapies time
Breath practice

About This Event

Union - Sacred Union, Retreat

Mexico has an ancestral legacy on the Medicine use of power plants, rituals, ceremonies, that has been kept alive and is truly giving the world roots and ways to come back to the truth !!

i am honored to share My birth land with all, and take you to explore the magic of the sacred temples, sacred caves, ceremonial spaces that our ancestros did build to honor life trough each ritual the Mayans make offerings that keep alive the magic and strenght of the prayers and offerings to Pacha Mama, to the Sun, to the Wind, to the Sacred waters so everything the old traditions to keep the balance and harmony on their actions on earth but remembering how Sacred Life is.

for the Welcoming we will do an offering to the Mayan Land a Ceremony where all the ancestral elements will present to give our best offerings to the local Spirit, be there to ask permission for this Spiritual healing to happen, We can bring our tools of power to be clean and recharge them with intentions for the whole Retreat of this very sacred land, i will invite some of my local spiritual community to hold the space for this Opening prayer. Larissa Juarez y Voces Ancestrales,

we will have the opportunity to pray with the spirit of the Hikuri, Peyote, ancient Teacher of the Desert of Mexico

we will have the honor to sit in Ceremony with Maestro Marakame Don Juan Ortiz, a ceremony to the 4 elements, the path of the Blue Dear that will be followed by traditional Wirrarika Chants to the 4 directions so the Blue Dear has left into steps *stars* so all the people can remember, who they are?, The sacred Ceremony of Peyote is shared in the fire on the Jungle watching the stars and the whole creation, I invite you to have this unique experience with us, and open your heart to this amazing oportunity to heal in paradise and nature.

we will have the opportunity to have one Offering as payment to the sacre land to give us permission, and offer our gratitud.

i am honored to share this prayer with one of my beloved sisters, friend, teacher, hermana, Jeruxa Akatzin. who has been at least the last 15 past years dedicated her life to the offerings and spiritual ceremonies, teaching and guiding the ancient rituals to reconnect our being to the elders wisdom.

and also joining me in this amazing retreat i will have my spiritual sister Larissa Juarez, holder of traditions, healer, mujer medicina, guardian of the sacred waters in tulum, so we will have the chance to be helped by her streght, intution, wisdom and guidence, also cleansing and biomagnetism.

***We will share the mexican medicines, traditions, rituals, food, warmth, sacred waters and oceans, sacred ancient mayan temples***

come and join me to MEXICO

we most have full payed reservation one month prior the departure!!

tlazokamati,gracias , thank you

Venue Highlights

we provide you with the most amazing places on the world for your confort and safety so you can give this time to your healing and feel also warm to go deep.

se organize private retreats , small groups and maximum size of our group is 15 passengers so the location is picked depending on the size of our group and we will provide with full info of location prior to your arrival and one of our team most be on ariport to pick up all the group and welcome all


We are in transition to Europe, so by the moment we lease spaces and local centers that lease their space for us to do this work and healings, each event has a different location around Barcelona Area and it depends on the size of the group and needs.

All info about location will be send once people is registered attached to a whatsapp tel that help us keep connected


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • Bicycles
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Organic


we will serve local dishes, and with the exquisit guidence of Larissa Juarez who is also a specialized Cheff


Fly to Cancun Airport, and we will have a pick up in airport to pick up us
or see you in Tulum Town, how ever you prefer
logistics will be sent privately in group by whatsapp

breath bufo alvarious ceremonies medicine path Peyote spiritual iniciations yoga

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  • Peter Nagy   February 06, 2020

      Devi Chandra Ma

    I will always be grateful to Devi Chandra Ma... I have been to ayahuasca retreats 3 times 3 different places. 1st I met Chandra in the Peruvian Jungle( by the chance) 2nd time I choose to meet her at her retreat at the Inca’s Sacred Valley. Since then I got to know so many Ayahuasca retreats, so many Healers, Shamans, spiritual teachers...and I have been invited so many other places...but 3rd time in October 2019. I still choose to meet Devi Chandra Ma at Casa Lotus in Catalunia, Costa Brava... Why do I always choose Her??? ???? She’s a Master Expert of Power Plant Medicines, Yoga,Meditation, Breath work, Sound healing, Energetic healing and all those Holistic approaches... So you can rely on her in any matters, 111 % ????She’s a super talented Musician with the Sweet Angelic Voice you have ever heard...Beautiful Healing Songs, ancient Healing Mantras, Prayers from the bottom of the Hearts...Shamanic drum and Harmonium helping you trough dimensions when you with Her... ???? The Loving Places and Atmosphere She provides at anytime and anywhere when I go to Her Retreats... ???? Chandra is a Real Healer. She Heals me, You and She Heals the World. Thank You very much Chandra for All! Muchos Gracias Chandrika ????????????????????

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