Event Highlights

  • 5 days Master plants Retreat.
  • Sacred Valley Cusco-Peru.
  • 2 night time Ayahuasca Ceremonies.
  • 1 day time Ayahuasca Ceremony.
  • Group integration sessions.
  • One-by-one sessions with the retreat guides (If required).
  • Maditation Sessions.
  • Tibetan Yoga.
  • Medicine Music.
  • Offering Ceremony with a Quero Priest.


Schedule Day Ceremony
8:30 am Breakfast.
11:00 am Tibetan Yoga & Maditation.
1:00 pm Vegetarian buffet Lunch
Free time
5:30 pm Start Ayahuasca Ceremony and Rape (Optional)
12:00 am The ceremony ends.

Schedule Day After ceremony:
7:30 am Group integration session.
9:00 am Breakfast.
Free time.
1:30 Vegetarian buffet lunch.
Free time.
4:00 pm Tibetan Yoga, Maditation & Teachings.
7:00 pm Vegetarian buffet dinner.

Schedule Day time Ceremony:
8:00 am Start Day time Ayahuasca Ceremony & Rape (Optional)
2:00 pm The ceremony ends.
3:00 pm Vegetarian buffet lunch.
Free time
8:00 pm Vegetarian buffet dinner.

*This examples are part of the Schedule, if you want to know the complete schedule write us and we can send it to you.

About This Event

German Virguez (Venezuela) and Lupita Castro (Mexico) walk a sacred path devoted to healing and to the expansion of consciousness with master plants, and to opening this path to others. They are committed; and their way of life reflects this commitment and the enhanced awareness it has brought them. They are what they preach, they ‘walk the talk’; honorable guides in an honorable calling.

The couple began their journey back in 2007, travelling to Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico to study with respected teachers, embodiments of different medicine lineages and traditions.

Today, German and Lupita are themselves masters with an approach to plant medicine that is unique and wholly their own, the result of experience, finely-tuned intuition and the wisdom garnered from the plant.

They are also, not incidentally, renowned musicians and composers. In a ceremonial context, they blend the melodies and traditions of East and West, of Amazon and Andes into a seamless whole of high, clear energy where music is a powerful vehicle within the experience.

German and Lupita perform and record as Ayahuapu: their original music is prized by fellow musicians and ayahuasqueros and played at ceremonies throughout the world.


Retreats afford a unique opportunity to learn at the hand of loving, Grandmother Ayahuasca.

Our intention is to create and sustain the space for deep healing work aided by the powerful tool for personal transformation that is Ayahuasca. From a place of expanded consciousness, free of negative emotion, the plant allows us to see the personal perceptions that have created our inner and outer realities; perceptions that are flawed and limited and keep us from creating lives of health, abundance and joyful connection. Our behavior, and our relationship to ourselves, to others and to our environment is based on our perceptions. Identifying flawed perceptions gives us the opportunity to change them and so change our lives.

The retreat combines Ayahuasca ceremonies with group integration sessions, meditation, Tibetan Yoga, periods of silence, ritual offerings, nature walks and a diet supportive of the work. This combination of action and contemplation, nourishment and medicine works the magic.

What's Included

  • The Retreat includes:
  • Lodging (5 nights)
  • All food and beverages (vegetarian diet).
  • Three Ayahuasca Ceremonies (2 night time & 1 day time).
  • Ceremony of offering to the Earth and Mountains (Guided by a Quero Priest).
  • Group integrations sessions.
  • Meditation sessions and Tibetan yoga.
  • One-by-one sessions with retreat guides (if required).

What's Not Included

"Does not include air ticket, nor transfer to and from the airport"
(We can arrange transportation with trusted taxis)

Venue Highlights

Our center consists of three distinct campuses, Munay Sonqo Mesa, Sach’a Munay Jardin and our latest addition the Santuario. All areas


Single room: Private bathroom, includes toiletries and towels

Double or Couple Room (Deluxe): is a brand new Delux cabin consisting of two Double or Matrimonial rooms each with loft, kitchen and private bathroom whit bathtub, includes toiletries and towels.

Double or matrimonial room: Option of 2 single beds or double bed, with 4 shared bathrooms. Includes toiletries and towels.

Triple Room: Single bed, with 4 shared bathrooms. Includes toiletries and towels.

Tipi Room: Fireplace, with 4 shared bathrooms. Includes toiletries and towels.

*All the rooms have at your disposal the comforts of the living room, fireplace, kitchen, dining room, swimming pool, yoga shala and gardens.


  • Free Wifi
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free


We offer an amazing cuisine well-suited to the individual’s transformative journey. We provide locally-grown, fresh, and mostly organic produce. Meals are generally vegetarian, however chicken and fish are served upon request. Our phenomenal Peruvian chef Martin loves to respond and adapt to each unique group’s culinary needs and desires.


From Cusco take the route to the valle sagrado. Take the road passing Pisac, Coya, Lamay, Calca, Urcos until arriving at the the primero paradero Arin which is just past the iglesia evangélica de Arin to your left. Take the road and vere slightly left to enter the Plaza (you will see the church). As you enter the plaza take the road that travels up and to the right. Continue and take the first left. Follow this road past the cemetery and continue. You will arrive at a ’T’ intersection which is the location of the Santuario campus, stick to the right and follow the road up about 100m and you will arrive at 2 wooden gates of Sacha Munay.

The approximate time from the airport to the retirement center is 1 hour 30 min, and the approximate cost of the taxi is 30 us.

* If you wish we can send a taxi of confidence (We coordinate once you inform us about your arrival itinerary) Cost of the taxi 30 us.

ayahuapu ayahuasca master plants retreat medicine music meditation meditation retreat sacred valley peru

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