Event Highlights

  • Ayahusca Ceremony:
  • Ayahuasca is a sacred plant the Amazon that facilitates deep healing at physical and emotional levels, expands consciousness and awakens spiritual connection.
  • Helps to heal physical illnesses and other emotional illnesses.
  • Expands awareness and the understanding about oneself and the universe.
  • This medicine is prepared by be Killawasi Family and contains a prayer of Peace, Love and Compassion with all beings on this earth. We will be around the fire to celebrate life and share a beautiful family moment.
  • This ceremony is performed inside the Tipi, around a fire where a tobacco is lit to pray for a personal purpose and for the general intention to the ceremony.
  • During the ceremony healing songs are performed to accompany the process of each of the participants and pray for the good wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.
  • To end the ceremony we pray with the tobacco of water. We pray for waters that create live.
  • Huachuma (San Pedro) Ceremony
  • San Pedro is a medicine of the Andean mountains of South America. This medicine was given the name of San Pedro as a tribute to Saint Peter who is the gate keeper of heaven. Known for it´s healing and heart opening characteristics.
  • Peyote Ceremony
  • Peyote is a Medicine that comes from the Wuirikuta Desert of Mexico, and brings healing and strength, The Vision on this medicine are traditionally very powerful and a blue deer in prevalent. Peyote is a native in the northern hemisphere so it´s a great blessing and honor to have this medicine as part of this retreat. Peyote helps heal deep wounds and alleviates burdens we no longer want to carry.
  • Sweat Lodge. (Temazcal )
  • The sweat lodge (temazcal) a ceremony of purification where we pray for our four age: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and elderliness. It´s a wonderful medicine to get rid of toxins in your body and mind.
  • During this retreat Kambo ( Frog Medicine), rapé and Thai massage will be offered but is optional and comes with additional costs. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding these beautiful medicines and therapies.


Day 1 (arrival and first sweat lodge)

1. Arrival at Lodging
2. Lunch
3. Transport to Killawasi
4. Open discussion about the retreat ( Q&A session)
5. Sweat Lodge (Temazcal)
6. Transfer to lodging
7. Dinner

Day 2 (Peyote Ceremony)

1. Breakfast at lodging
2. Peace Dances
3. Lunch
4. Transport to Killawasi
5. Peyote Ceremony

Day 3 (rest day)

Kambo optional
*** If you are going to participate in taking Kambo day three you cannot eat this day and you must drink plenty of water***

1. Transport to lodging
2. Breakfast
3. Rest (Thai massages available at additional costs)
4. Lunch
5. Group chat about ceremony
6. Rest (Thai massages available at additional costs)
7. Dinner

Day 4 (power walk with San Pedro)

1. Tea and very light breakfast
2. Transfer to Killawasi
3. Discussion in Tipi about the ceremony
4. Power Walk with San Pedro
5. Light snack during ceremony or once we are back in Killawasi
6. Sweat Lodge to close
7. Transfer back to lodging

Day 5 (San Pedro ceremony)

1. Breakfast
2. Yoga Class (Optional)
3. Lunch
4. Rest and/or optional Thai massage (additional cost)
5. Transport to Killawasi
6. San Pedro Ceremony

Day 6 (rest day)

1. Transport to Lodging
2. Breakfast
3. Rest (Thai massages available at additional costs)
4. Lunch
5. Group chat to discuss ceremony
6. Rest (Thai massages available at additional costs)
7. Dinner

Day 7 (ayahuasca ceremony)

1. Breakfast
2. Optional Hot spring (additional cost)
3. Return to lodging to rest and prepare for ceremony
4. Transfer to Killawasi
5. Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 8 (rest day)

1. Transport to lodging
2. Breakfast
3. Rest ( Thai massages and shamanic cleansing available at additional costs)
4. Lunch
5. Group chat
6. Rest (Thai Massages and shamanic cleanses available at additional costs)
7. Dinner

Day 9 (open/free day, optional Ayahuasca ceremony *additional cost*)

1. Breakfast
2. You will have the option to stay local and rest, go back to the hot spring or Quito or take an expedition to the volcano Antizana to (hopefully) spot condors. (Everything but staying at the lodge has an additional cost, lunch in also not provided this day)
3. Rest (Thai massages and shamanic cleanses available at additional costs)
4. In the late afternoon please prepare all your belongings for your departure the following day
5. Dinner (not for those participating in the optional Ayahuasca ceremony)
6. Optional (additional cost) Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 10 (for those who didn't participate in the Ayahuasca ceremony the night before)

1. Breakfast
2. Prepare to leave lodging
3. Transport to Killawasi
4. Final Sweat Lodge (Temazcal)
5. Final Group discussion during lunch
6. Goodbyes

Day 10 (for those who participated in the Ayahuasca ceremony the night before)

1. Breakfast at Killawasi
2. Final Sweat Lodge (Temazcal)
3. Final Group discussion during lunch
4 Goodbyes

About This Event

Dear Family, on this occasion we want to invite you to share a beautiful retreat accompanied by the sacred medicine of the jungle, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Huachuma ( San Pedro) .The ceremony will be held at Killawasi – Conocoto - Quito-Ecuador.

This retreat will take place from April 12 to 21 where the following activities will take place:

1. Ayahusca Ceremony

2. Huachuma ( San Pedro ) Ceremony

3. Power Walk with San Pedro Medicine to magical waterfalls in the mountains of Ecuador

4. Sweat Lodge ( Temazcal)

5. Thai Massage

6. Yoga Class

7. Condor Volcano expedition

8. Hot Springs

9. Peace Dances

10. Peyote Ceremony

11. Kambo

Our guides will be Paulina Oviedo, Amalia Oviedo, Matias Lizama, María Fernanda Flores. These guides have worked with the medicines and ceremony for over 10 years. They are caretakers to the traditional lineage of these sacred designs. They are in the service of these ancestral medicines and to support the people who are in search of healing.

What's Included

  • The retreat includes (three sweat lodges, two San Pedro ceremonies, one Peyote cremony and one Ayahuasca ceremony) selected accommodations, meals listed on the agenda, transport to and from lodging to the ceremonial center, one yoga class, transport for the power walk and limited wifi.
  • Rapé (tried tobacco snuff) will also be provided during the retreat as the petition of the participant but also at the discretion of the shamans.

What's Not Included

1. Airfare ( Flight to and from Quito are the responsibility of each participate) preferably arriving the morning or early afternoon of April 12 2020 ans departing early afternoon or evening April 21, 2020.
2. Airport transportation (available at an additional cost)
3. Thai Massage (available at an additional cost)
4. Day Trip to Quito, hot spring and/or Antizana (available at an additional cost)
5. Kambo medicine (available at an additional cost)
6. Additional Ayahuasca ceremony (available at an additional cost)
7. Additional night at lodging

Venue Highlights

Killawasi is located in the middle of a eucalyptus forest. The valley that can be seen from Killawasi is the Valley of the Chillos. In the sunny mornings the Antisana Volcano is seen in the distance. This mountain is home to the Condors.
Near to Killawasi are a hot Springs and a wonderful waterfalls.

ayahuasca ceremony kambo limpias andinas massage thai peyote ceremony san pedro ceremony

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  • Ana Estrella   February 21, 2020

      Amazing Experience

    I had the opportunity to go to Killawasi, such a beautiful place! Very peaceful. If you are looking for deep and meaningful answers, this is the place to go. I took San Pedro medicine with Amalia and Diana, and I'm very thankful for it, it is an undescribable experience, very comforting. I recommend 100% Killawasi!

  • Stefania Modenese   February 04, 2020

      Healing for the soul

    Beautiful temazcals in killawasi!! Amazing place, I felt very welcome and happy to share this enriching experience with medicine. Thank you for all the hard work and love you give ????????☀️

  • Stefania Modenese   February 04, 2020

      Inner transformation (italian and english)

    ????????Strength, healing and inner peace, would be the three words I'd use to describe the gift I've received from the medicine ceremonies. I'm grateful for the beauty with wich the people working at killwasi share these sacred plants, I felt safe, supported and guided throughout all my personal transformation, and I can definitely say it has changed my life for the better. Thank you, and may this wonderful energy multiply! ????????Forza, guarigione e pace interiore, sono le tre parole che userei per descrivere il regalo che ho ricevuto dalle ceremonie di medicina. Ringrazio la belleza con la quale le persone di killawasi condividono queste piante sacre, mi sono sentita al sicuro, sostenuta e guidata in tutta la mia trasformazione personale, e posso dire con sicurezza che h trasformato la mia vita al meglio. Grazie, e che questa bella energia possa moltiplicarsi!

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