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The Experiencing Your Authentic Self retreats have morphed from our very popular Heart Mastery Series and other modalities, tried and tested over the past few years.

“A brilliant course. Drawing on a wide variety of resources, life experiences and learnings, Rick helped me to better understand how to grow into my true authentic self and purpose. That is, to live consciously and through the heart. Meditation, understanding the psychology of the ego, the impact of society on our peace of mind, relationships and childhood, values of the heart and living consciously were all covered in an inclusive, interactive, caring and open manner. The peaceful location in the mountains of Ubud was the perfect place to immerse myself in this course. The staff, accommodation and food were a delight, of the highest standard. Thank you Rick, Lita and team for this very special experience. I highly recommend this for anybody in need of change in their life or seeking purpose and meaning.” Chris – Australia

We have added new elements that are highly experiential, which lead you deeply into you Authentic Self, way beyond the Mind.

The subject and activitie range:

– The Heart Mastery Series – the latest abridged, more direct version, covering the six heart virtues or values. Appreciation, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Humility & Valour (Courage & Bravery)

– Holotropic Breathwork – Holotropic Breathwork is a form of breathwork that allows access to non-ordinary states of consciousness

– Shamanic healing – healing that uses native american or indigenous philosophies, for example, acting in partnership with the earth and animal spirits, to guide your healing.

– Dyad Processes –  gives you an opportunity to go beyond mental constructs and bring your full consciousness into direct contact with the truth

– Guided Meditations – where you are verbally guided into a state of consciousness by a person’s live voice. This guides you how to relax the entire body, clear your mind, concentrate on breathing, and focus your awareness and attention.

The 6 night/5 day retreat is held in the stunning Namaste Retreat Centre, in award winning ( 104 x 5 Star reviews on Tripadvisor) accommodation, is very affordable and great value.


I just came back from Bali and can’t say enough about my experience at the Heart Mastery Series retreat. Firstly, the extreme warmth of Rick, Lita, their children and staff made me feel really at home, allowing for a proper unwinding and relaxation.

Just a few minutes were enough to feel a strong connection and understanding, along with a willingness to learn, continue and discover more.

My experiences during the retreat days are hard to express in words. I have been to retreats before, experienced some new-age theories and seminars, worked with shamans in the Amazon and the Andes and travelled a bit of the world in a mindful way. I did not want to attend a retreat in which a series of messages are passed on as a universal truth

Rick makes a difference and is authentic. He shares his wisdom, his learning’s and his experiences along his amazing life so far, in such a positive giving-and-receiving way that the Heart Mastery Series becomes an unfolding of oneself, rather than a discovery or an imposition of theories.  It all makes sense from a global perspective, as a whole, as One, and not just focused on its bits and pieces, as I had experienced previously.

The showcasing of real, updated world experiences utterly enriches and grounds the whole experience. Strong and amazing spiritual experiences, even explained by Harvard top scientists, for any skeptical ones, as I used to be years ago despite unknowingly embracing my intuition and guidance. And all that Rick believes in and professes…compassion, understanding, appreciation, forgiveness, valor (courage & bravery) and humility…all of these are Rick himself. And he is contagious.

I witnessed one of the most amazing and unexpected healing episodes in my life, led by Rick…it just came out of a question…and there he was, pouring his heart and love into the healing process.

It has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I feel I have left Bali with a lot more understanding and awareness of so much and very, very happy and serene. My recommendation is that you come with an open heart and willingness to follow, unfold, discover whatever comes. To forget labels, stereotypes and be open to what flows and to allow you to be your true self. Just be.

Silvia Rico, CEO & Founder - Enigma, Peru

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