New Year Vipassana Meditation Retreat 2020/21

Event Highlights

  • The icing on the cake for this retreat is New Years Eve. You will spend the night of New Years Eve in meditation and chanting, alongside 3000 Thai people in a truly remarkable and heart opening event. This has to be experienced to truly understand the sacredness of this night.


Included in the day:
1 x yoga session
3-4 x meditation sessions
3-4 x instructional talks/guiding
2 x meals
1 x Dhamma talk

About This Event

Do your thoughts run away uncontrolled?

Is your mind always working and never seems to stop?

Do you want to learn to love yourself down to your bones?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us for our annual 10 day Mindfulness Project Meditation Retreat!


Since 2006 we have organised this retreat and it gets better and better each year. It is a perfect opportunity to begin your meditation practice, or will profoundly deepen your current practice.

This 10 day event takes place in Wat Pho Ban Nontan Monastery in Khon Kaen, which is one of the most famous monasteries in Thailand, renowned for its active meditation program.

Christian Carow teaches much of the Vipassana Meditation. During the retreat, you will learn sitting, standing, walking and lying meditation. He makes it accessible to those new to meditation whilst leading those more experienced into a deeper practice. Teachings are also given by him, which are focused on developing deep wisdom and unconditional love in a very open and modern way.

Ajahn Somchai gives many of the Dhamma talks. He is one of the Directors of the second largest Buddhist university in Thailand, Abbot of the monastery, and arguably the best meditation teacher in Thailand.


From start to finish, this is a fully immersive Thai Cultural experience.

Really delve into your subconscious and start the hard work on yourself at this once in a lifetime retreat.

The thing about meditation is, you become more and more you

What's Included

  • What to bring:
  • Sleeping: We provide mosquito nets, very thin mattresses, pillows and meditation clothes. Please bring anything else you think you may need to sleep comfortably.
  • Eating: You will be provided with two meals per day.
  • Clothing: The meditation clothes are very thin so bring suitable underwear; and ladies please wear bras and underwear which are suitable for a monastery, skin coloured or white underwear preferred.
  • Essentials: Bring a water bottle, head torch, towel, and your personal toiletries. There is no toilet paper provided so please also bring this if you are not comfortable using the bum gun!

What's Not Included

Transport to and from Wat Pho Ban Nontan

Venue Highlights

Wat Pho Ban Non Than Monastery in Khon Kaen is one of the most famous monasteries in Thailand, renowned for its active meditation program. You will be fully immersed in Thai culture from start to finish.

– For your stay we ask you to remain in complete silence for 10 days.

– You will need to follow the 5 precepts at all times:

not harming any living being
not taking what was not given to you
no lying
no sexual misconduct
no intoxicants
– Retreat language is English, and German translation is offered.


Accommodation at the monastery is dormitory style. Men and women will sleep separately.
Bathrooms are separate and shared. Please bring your own toiletries, towels, and toilet paper if required.


  • Coffee/Tea

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian


There will be 2 meals served each day, at 7am and at 11am. We eat in line with the monks living at the monastery. This intermittent fasting creates the most supportive environment for deep meditative states.
In the evening there will be drinks instead of a meal. The aim is to provide the best circumstances for meditation and concentration.
Unfortunately we are unable to fulfill dietary requirements.


The closest airport to the monastery is Khon Kaen, a short 30 min drive away. A taxi should cost around 200 THB.
Wat Pho Non Than Monastery
171 Potisan Road
Khon Kaen

Note: There are 2 monasteries in Khon Kaen called Wat Pho, the one our retreat is in is called Wat Pho Non Than and is close to the lake.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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