Shipibo Master Plant Dieta & Ayahuasca Retreat in the peruvian jungle

Event Highlights

  • The maestros and maestras which I chose to work with are all very consciously collected. With all of them I was for many months in Masterplant Dietas and sitting in many hundreds ceremonies with them to learn, heal and transform. In this time I learnt to trust them. I always felt supported and guided save through all kind of processes with them.
  • ​It´s a huge blessing to be able to sit in ceremony with these maestros and maestras of the Mahua Lineage. They are the last of their kind, I assume. Their culture seems to be dying out because most of the younger generation has lost interest in their healing arts. This generation mostly wants to belong to the western world and no longer grows up in an environment in which they are connected from an early age with the plants and nature spirits. Working with this old generation of Shipibo healers is something very precious and special to me. This Shipibo tradition of plant medicine work, in this original form, is something which may not exist so much longer on the planet.
  • There are not many of these traditional Maestros left, and there may not be so much more time to learn with them and receive their work and wisdom. It´s an immense honor for me to be able to facilitate you being a part of this experience.
  • More about 1. Ayahuasca, 2. more about Masterplant Diets and 3. more about our ceremonies:
  • 1. more about Ayahuasca:
  • Ayahuasca is a brew of different plants. In our retreats we use the Chacruna leaves (DMT) and the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine (MAOI: monoamine oxidase inhibitor).
  • Ayahuasca has been used in many different native tribes, mainly in the Amazon region, for at least a few centuries. They used it for healing, magic and to make social decisions in their communities.
  • In recent years Ayahuasca has become more well known in the western world. Many people now travel to the rainforest to take part in ceremonies. The most important thing is that you drink in a safe set and setting with a trustworthy and experienced shaman (and facilitator).
  • Shamans, psychotherapists, spiritual seekers, artists, religious people, anthropologists, physicists, neuro-brain scientists, medicine professionals, …etc. They have all published many books about the different kinds of phenomena and effects related to Ayahuasca.
  • There is a lot of research going on, many conferences held, and more and more studies are happening to explore this medicine and its effects.
  • Originally Ayahuasca was drunk by the Healer to see the sickness of a person and to know how to heal this individual, or to see bigger visions so they know how to help the individual in their process. It was also used to perceive, understand or find solutions in other areas or projects. Sometimes young people in these tribes would drink Ayahuasca during a rite of passage, as part of an initiation into adulthood.
  • Today, many kinds of humans drink Ayahuasca to heal, purify, learn and to better understand life, its connections, and the universe better.
  • My perspective (coherent with the opinion of many indigenous leader) is that now is exactly the perfect time for this medicine to come to the rest of the world. The planet needs more consciousness from human beings, humanity needs to wake up in general, and Ayahuasca (or other entheogenic plants) can help us to expand our consciousness.
  • The work of integration needs to be done by ourselves afterwards, so that the expansion in our consciousness can be transferred and transformed into new patterns and can actually lead to lasting change in the physical realm.
  • Of course, there are also other ways of expanding our consciousness and transforming patterns besides the work with Plant Medicines.
  • Ayahuasca used in the right way is a wonderful tool. It gives you opportunities to work with your shadow sides as well as light sides. The experience can bring hidden areas to the surface, giving you opportunities to become aware of things where you haven´t been aware of before.
  • Through this ability to expose what’s previously been hidden, Ayahuasca has the potential to facilitate growth in all kinds of new ways.
  • There arises the possibility of transforming habits, conditions, meaning of memories, traumas and so on. This is one aspect of the amazing healing powers of this medicine. It also can initiate a deep cleaning process in many realms and on many layers (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, on your dna (?), ancestral lineage(?),...). 
  • The manner in which people purge and release energy can be very different. It is therefore conceivable, that through this process of cleansing, ayahuasca can act as a preventative for a variety of illnesses and imbalances.
  • Some examples of often reported effects are: greater self-acceptance, more compassion, less depression, less anxiety, improved interpersonal relationships, less alcohol and drugs, better health behaviors, cosmic shifts in worldview, feeling changes on a cellular level, feeling more connected to life, new understanding about love, positive influences on creativity, alignment, realization about personal new meaningful activities in life.
  • This medicine can be a powerful tool for transformation, but it’s efficacy depends on your path, your intentions, and the reasons why you choose to do this work. It can have huge healing results with depression, post–traumatic stress disorders, so called psychosomatic illnesses, obsessive compulsive disorders, and addictions. These potential therapeutic effects have been seen in a wide variety of studies, carried out- with increasing regularity- by both independent and organizational researchers.
  • To be clear, it is all up to you. You need to take ownership of your experience. There might be some things that arise where you can just lean back and observe, and all will fall into place by itself. At the same time, other processes can unfold which ask for your commitment and your will to face, processes for your transformation which require your active participation if you want to utilize their full potential.
  • The work with Ayahuasca can support you to live in your purpose, to bring your mind, your heart, your body, your spirit and your actions all into alignment. In my experience, this is the biggest gift that you can receive in life; the reawakening of reciprocity, of feeling connected with all that is, and feeling the heartbeat, the frequency of life and love in all (including yourself).
  • The effects go far beyond your immediate felt experience. That´s why the integration time is so important. All kinds of feelings and/or thoughts which may come up need to be seen and accepted.
  • The “code” is to stay in the process, being present with all that comes up and shows up and to deal with it in an honest way to yourself.
  • It is very individual how much you are challenged and how you choose to deal with it. My experience is, if you take your preparation seriously, if you work with a good shaman, and if you create your integration mindfully, then it is one of the most beautiful paths you can choose to honor yourself and life.
  • Every one of us has unique resources, skills, and tools which can help to integrate the effect of the medicine work. If you want me to help you explore your Navigation and Integration tools, please let me know.
  • It is important to know that DMT- the chemical that the Chacruna leaf contains- is in most countries considered an illegal substance. In Peru, where I live and where I offer our retreats, it is a legal substance.
  • It is important to know as well, this brew called “Ayahuasca” is not for everyone. Please read the medical guideline and if you have any reservations you can contact me.
  • For the people who do feel the call, it is recommended to take seriously the time beforehand to prepare for this experience, as well the time afterwards to integrate the experience.
  • WIthout this preparation and integration, the experience can be overwhelming and/or not fully beneficial.
  • For me, this work is something serious and sacred because it can guide, heal, and teach one to develop and maintain a more fully lived life. On the other side if not used in the appropriate way, not done with adequate preparation, or not integrated fully, the ayahuasca experience can have challenging outcomes for the person or can have negatively felt results.
  • 2. more about Masterplant Diets
  • A Shipibo Masterplant Dieta (in shipibo: Sama) means that you get the chance to build up a new relationship to another Plant Energy or Wisdom. In our retreats the other plant gets added to the Ayahuasca experience.
  • Usually in our retreats you drink the Ayahuasca, it’s the door to the other Masterplant. It depends on the plant and the shaman whether you drink your diet plant before the ceremony or on other days during your dieta.
  • With the other plant you can receive healing, a deeper connection to spirit, teachings and or a new awareness may arise. This can happen in addition to that which you receive from Ayahuasca.
  • Every plant has a different frequency and carries special information on a subtle level. The plant energies can open a space of different consciousness and different powers. To do a Dieta means that you create a new partnership to another Masterplant/World (in shipibo: rao nete). This connection and interaction reflects back on you, on your life in some way, depending on your intention and how you integrate your experience.
  • A Masterplant Dieta is a kind of school, a universal university of spirit and shamanism.
  • All skilled healers in the Shipibo tradition have done many Dietas for many years to gain their knowledge, strength, connections and skills. In the early years of their journey dietas are often done in silence and in isolation, so that they are with themselves and the plant spirit. The dieta is about learning to interact with spirit, self and life in general. Who can really know what it includes? From my perspective, to do a "Sama" is it’s own science. 
  • My maestros say that every tree which you diet has its own world. These worlds carry old ancestral wisdom, which you can connect to in its own time and own space. To connect to this energy and ancestral knowing and understanding requires openness and patience.
  • The first step is to start with a dieta and to really "show" up. Nobody can predict how it will unfold for you. It is an individual process. It needs trust, patience and focus.
  • If you decide to dedicate yourself to a Masterplant (to do a Dieta/Sama), there are different things you need to know. During the retreat there will be fasting times. This schedule of eating and fasting can vary depending on the Masterplant, the healer, yourself and your process during the dieta. There are specific rules to follow before and after the Dieta. Please read the Pre- and Post Dieta restrictions/recommendations.
  • After the Diet it is up to you, how you choose to create this new relationship with this plant spirit.
  • Your transformation, integration and your new connections depend on how much you are willing to commit to consciously creating your path of life. The energy of the plant which you were dieting with can be with you and guide you your whole life afterwards, depending on how much space you give your integration work and how you connect to spirit. (Integration)
  • To do a "Sama" means you get the opportunity to create a connection, to create reciprocity, to create a interaction between you and the rao nete. How you manifest that in daily life is a journey of continuing practise, reflections and recalibration.
  • It´s a practise of integrating consciousness mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in your daily life. 
  • Integration Coaching can be very beneficial in this process.
  • The reasons to do a Dieta can be different. The plants work with the mental patterns, the emotional areas, physical body, your spiritual being and much more. How the dieta will unfold for you depends where your intentions are, plus there is a higher wisdom, spirit or “devine director”, something what we as humans can´t know, which is “guiding” the content of your lessons/your experience.
  • Every plant has different characteristics and works in different subtle ways with you, often the maestro/maestra decides which will be your Plant Teacheror Plant Doctor.
  • We can discuss this beforehand. 
  • Doing a Dieta can open and change your view how you perceive the "visible" and "the unseen or hidden world". That’s why this path was, and still often is, the path of a healer.
  • If you come to a retreat with Maestra Juana you can do a Dieta with Noya Rao or Bobinzana. It is a very unique experience to do a Noya Rao Dieta with her, as she has a very special connection to this plant spirit.
  • If you come to a retreat with Maestro Gilberto there are many different options for a Dieta. He has a strong connection to many different trees. Which plant you will diet with him depends on your state of being, your intentions, and/or what he will recommend to you when meeting you.
  • If you have specific health issues, please contact me so I can speak with my maestros about which plants would be good for you. In some cases I could arrange a longer Dieta with you depending on your intentions and requirements for healing.
  • There is an entire universe of intelligence and information which can open up and work with you through Ayahuasca and Masterplant Dietas. These experiences take place within an infinite network of consciousness, comprising all the micro and macro cosmos of our universe. So, many things will simply have to remain unspoken. ;)
  • In the end we all create and live our own reality.
  • It´s a unique experience to commit to a Masterplant Dieta with my Shipibo Maestros, if you feel ready to do the work.
  • 3. more about our ceremonies:
  • Ceremonial tools used by the Shipibo Healer in our True-Journey Retreats:
  • ​There are many different ways to work with Ayahuasca or to do a Dieta with a Masterplant. I´m learning and working with the Mahua family. They are Shipibos and every one of these maestros has their own style and ways to connect you to spirit and guide you through the “Mareacion” (the felt experience under the effect of Ayahuasca).
  • Even if they belong to the same lineage, each has,over many years, developed his or her personal way.
  • The ikaro is the main working tool of a Shipibo Healer. The ikaros are the healing songs which they sing. Through the vibration of the songs they connect to spirit and to various energy fields and forces. Through the ikaro they open the plant medicine world, they connect you with it, they do the work on you through this and, as well they can give you protection through the singing.
  • According to the shipibo maestros, the Ikaro is used to channel the specific energy of the plant which the maestros was dieting for many years. They also call the spirits of the plant the Plant Doctor or Plant Teacher.
  • Receiving an ikaro can be experienced as an energetical surgery. 
  • Sometimes they sing while sitting in the middle of the Malokka (ceremony building), and sometimes they may sit directly in front of you.
  • The effect of the Ikaro is experienced differently by each person. 
  • The way to become a Shipibo Healer is to do many Masterplant Dietas over many years. So connecting to the energy of the plants, they receive and learn to channel the songs (Ikaros) from the worlds of the plant spirits.
  • ​Shipibo shamans also use other traditional healing tools. Mapacho is a jungle tobacco, perfume may also be used, the most common one is called Agua Florida.
  • Mapacho and the perfume are both used for connecting, cleaning, protecting, centralizing, focusing, strengthening, manifesting, reinforcing and implanting the energetic work of the healer and the plants.
  • The shaman sprays it with his mouth into the communal space or onto the person directly. The technique is called "soplado", the word soplar means to blow. 
  • If necessary some of the healers do “chupas”, which is to say they suck out “bad energies” with their mouth from your body.
  • If needed they also give massages. Maestra Juana, especially, is famous for her healing massages.
  • ​​Procedure of the Ceremony in our "True-Journey Retreats":
  • ​Ceremonies start in the evening and last, depending on the group, for between 2 to 6 hours. Everyone stays in the Malokka the whole time, except to use the toilet. Everyone has a mattress, a pillow, a blanket, a bucket and gets offered Mapacho.
  • In our retreats there is usually a ceremony every other night. This is a strong way to go deep and this is the way my maestros are accustomed to work.
  • We meet in the evening in the Malokka before we drink Ayahuasca. This time we can use to be present, to meditate, to relax, to connect to one’s self, to focus on our intention or to have a talk with the maestra/maestro and the facilitator.
  • After a time, the maestro or maestra prepares and blesses the medicine, then everyone gets served their individual dose of the medicine. After 30 min to an hour the healer starts to sing to connect the group to the medicine world (rao nete).
  • During ceremony everyone stays on their own mat, there is no talking or touching. Everyone is asked to stay present with their own process.
  • The maestros/maestras are singing the ikaros for a couple of hours, and, depending on the situation, they sing from the center of the Malokka or they may move in front of someone's mat.
  • The effect of the medicine during the ceremony is different for everyone. It can be mellow or it can be a huge roller coaster. You can feel it mentally, emotionally, physically or on all layers at the same time. You can travel far or be very present in your body. Anything is possible.
  • Purging is a very important part of the process as it helps with your cleansing. Everyone is purging, or releasing energies, in different ways. This can happen through vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, sweating, freezing, muscle contracting, excessive thoughts, and/or strong emotional experiences, ..etc.
  • The spectrum how your experience will be is unlimited. We can prepare what is very helpful and important (Preparation), to the same time our experience is unpredictable. 
  • During the ceremony, whenever it's necessary, there will always be an experienced facilitator to support you. In some cases there will be a 2nd facilitator to assist.


Food is served depending on diet restrictions and depending if we have a ceremony day.

Facilitation is offered individually, depending on present needs - day & night

Ceremonies are guided from traditional Shipibo Shaman and experienced Facilitator

The days are open, people are encouraged to connect to self, connect to inner processes and to connect with the plant.
Self - inquiry is part of this work and processes.

Optional: jungle walk

Before ceremonies are flowerbathes available

Optional: group sharings / depending on the needs of the group

First day: Sharing, passing on from Information, Consulta with Maestra / Maestro

Last day: Sharing, Integration talk / clase

About This Event

Wholeheartedly I offer Sacred Plant Medicine work together with my strongly respected and honored Shipibo Maestros/Maestras in Peru.

In our retreats you can do an Ayahuasca retreat or you can decide to do a Master Plant Dieta. For people who are drinking for the first time, I would generally recommend to start just with Ayahuasca. 

If you already have experience with drinking Ayahuasca in the Shipibo Tradition and would like to go deeper in your own healing, and if you are interested to journey further into the shamanic world, then you can add another plant and do what we call a Shipibo Master Plant Dieta. In shipibo language "Sama".

When you are familiar with the energy of Ayahuasca, it´s very interesting to explore the difference in experience when you add another plant, another energy. In this step, when you add another plant, certain realizations can arise through distinguishing between these different energies and their effects on you. There can be a great learning experience which you can miss if you start directly with a Master Plant Dieta (Sama).

Here a little metaphor, you can imagine it like this: If you are traveling to the top of a mountain, you can hike to the top, or have a plane drop you on the top. A plane might be faster, but if you hike (starting with pure Ayahuasca), you may encounter aspects of life on this mountain, see what is growing there, who is living there, sense the effect of walking, learn how to breath when it gets steep, have conversations and interactions. Throughout the entire journey you are available to meet and explore different things, to expand your awareness. When you arrive at the top of the mountain, you arrive there more prepared, with more knowledge about where you are. You are already more connected to spirit, your orientation skills already got some training in this new world, and you can receive in a special way the things which are waiting there for you. 

If you choose to do directly a Master Plant Dieta, ask yourself why you wouldn’t prefer to take the path step by step. Check in with yourself, ask where does this wish comes from?

Ayahuasca is an amazing door opener and has huge cleaning properties which help you to understand the unseen and the seen world, both internally and externally.

To start directly with a Master Plant Dieta could leave you feeling overloaded, the integration could be more challenging.

This is why my general recommendation is to walk the path step by step instead of choosing directly to do a Master Plant Dieta.

Again, this is only my recommendation, and we can talk about it.

It also depends on where you are in life, how stable you are, what kind of holistic practice you have done before and which integration skills you have available.

Also these days many people start right away with a Master Plant Dieta and they get exactly what they need.

I´m here to talk with you about different options to find out what feels true for you. 

More about Ayahuasca & Masterplant Diets, you can read below in "event highlights".

practical notes:

In the retreat in october, I offer 13 days, with 7 ceremonies. You also can choose 10 days and 5 ceremonies. The starting day is for everyone the 20th of November.

It´s necessary that you arrive at least (!!!) one night before we start in Pucallpa and it´s necessary that you stay afterwards at least one more night in town.

We stay in an authentic jungle retreat place, close to a lake in Yarinacocha. It´s run by a very nice caring local shipibo family, where I work with since a couple of years.

Our group size is maximum 8 people. I love the medicine work in small groups.

I´m there for you to reflect and inquiry with you about your experience. Also I offer that you can stay by yourself in your room, just to focus on your inner work as this is the traditional way of dieting. If you like to eat by yourself, I bring you your food. In case you like to eat with the group you can do that. Also there is the option to fast with Coconuts and not eating, this all is up to you.

In case the group like group sharings, we do some sharings. If people don´t want to mix up with other processes and stories they can be in isolation.

My way of working with the plants is that I look in the present moment what is needed from the individual and from the group. I adapt to the present needs. So as you can see, I go with the organic flow and allow what ever is there to arise.

What is fixed are the days and number of ceremonies and before ceremony there is always a flower bath. Also there are every day 2 meals available, based on the Diet restrictions.

On the first day is a group sharing, a talk from me to pass on information and a consultation with the Maestra. On the last day there will be a integration clase / talk.

I love to share the work with my maestros, I´m learning and working with them since 2016. I live in Peru since 2015, to learn, to heal and to work with the plants in the Shipibo Tradition.

Preparation and Integration is very important for me, for that reason I offer extra sessions. Especially if you are new on the path with learning with the plants I highly recommend to give space for preparation and integration. There are 4 sessions included in the price (4 x 1hour).

For any kind of questions, concerns please feel free to reach out!

Healing means to get whole again, Healing means to remember, Healing means to connect, Healing means to accept ... what does it mean for you?

What's Included

  • Receiving work from traditional trustworthy and strong Shipibo Maestros from a well known Healer Linage.
  • Traditional Masterplant Dietas
  • Traditional Shipibo Ceremonies
  • Experienced Facilitation
  • Preparation & Integration Support (4 online sessions)
  • Small Group Setting / Individual approach & support
  • 13 nights / 7 ceremonies (or 10 nights / 5 ceremonies)
  • Meals (vegan, vegetarian, chicken, fish): 2 daily
  • Ayahuasca medicine 
  • one plant for your Dieta
  • Drinking Water
  • Facilitator in the ceremonies
  • maximum 8 Persons in the group
  • One-on-one talks / group sharing (of course only if you wish)
  • Translation help during the 10 days (Spanish, English, German)
  • Transport from Yarina port to the Retreat place (20 minute boat ride) - day of arrival
  • Transport from the Retreat place back to Yarina port (20 minute boat ride) - departure day
  • Transport from the meeting point in Yarina to the port (only arrival)
  • Mapacho for the 10 days (jungle tobacco)
  • Aqua Florida
  • plant & flower bathes before ceremony
  • Last day: group integration clase/talk

What's Not Included


Transport from the airport to your accommodation, return to the airport

Transport from the port in Yarina to your accommodation (after retreat)

extra Medicine for specific issues

extra Massages from the Maestra/Maestro

Health insurance: please book a health insurance for abroad by yourself! I don´t take any responsibility for it.

I recommend a cancellation insurance for your own safety (flight)!

Hotel/Accomodation before or after the retreat

Shipibo Art/Craft: the family of the maestra / healer and the host family will do a market to offer their craft

Additional online coaching sessions for preparation and/or integration (contact me for prices/schedule)

Venue Highlights

It´s a simple nice retreat place in the jungle, next to a big lake.
Run by a nice sweet shipibo family, which gives you a little sense from the Shipibo Culture.
Everyone has a private room or private hut.
Some rooms have a private bathroom, some others share the bathroom with only one other person.
Every day you can decide what type of food you want to have for the next day. I know that we sometimes changing preferences during processing ;-)


everyone has a private room, there are mosquito nets, some of the rooms/bungalows have a private bathroom, some share with one other person


  • Towels
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


the food is seved withouth salt, without sugar, without oil/butter, no milk products, no red meat, no spicys...

We eat much vegetable, quinoa, rice, potatos, soups, fish & chicken is available, some fruits are available based on the dieta restrictions, we get pancakes, oats, soya milk, ...

You always can choose your preferences one day before and our lovely cook is very open to adapt to our wishes :-) this is the advantage as well of being a small group in a family place :-))


Pucallpa Airport is around 20 minutes away from our meeting point

ayahuasca Ayahuasca Retreat Master Plant Dieta sacred plant medicine peru shipibo ceremony shipibo master plant dieta shipibo tradition

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Trishounette Pinot   July 26, 2018

      Plant Medicine Dieta

    This was a life changing experience and for me it was really important to choose the right place. Being in dieta with maestra Juana and Ute as a facilitator made my experience save and trusting. Ute was carrying and treated me and everything with so much kindness, compassion and love. I highly recommend the integrating coaching. It was so helpful for my process. Thanks to the maestras I worked with. Thanks to Ute and plant medicines.

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