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We are happy to assist you with your healthy eating as part of your journey with Maui Healing Retreat. I've included a list of meal options for you to choose from. Please select your preferences and list multiple choices (we purchase fresh, local foods as they are available daily).

Your snacks, dinner, and breakfast will be at your accommodations prior to your arrival.  Beginning on Day 2, your meals will be delivered daily. 

Please let us know if you do not see something on our menu that  you would like and please add it onto the list below. And if you have certain dietary restrictions (vegan, allergies, etc) or preferences/restrictions (gluten free, etc).

Also let us know your favorites!




Fruit: _______________________________

Local seasonal fruits:

Bananas, papaya, pineapple, etc.


Cereals:____________________Oatmeal, Granola


Juice/Smoothie: preference:____________________________________________ 

Various Breads or rolls: preference:_______________________________________________



Salads: Kale, Caesar, local Greens, Spinach, Quinoa 


Sandwiches: _____________________________________please list preferred condiments too

Fish sandwich, Teriyaki chicken sandwich 

Avocado Toast

Sides of Veggies with Hummus :_____________________________

Hot Vegan meal (heat up in oven, stove top, or toaster oven) ___________________________________________________

3 layers in a bowl: Lemon Flax kale salad (or Caesar kale salad), vegan soup, coconut garlic quinoa

Hot Meal with Meat (heat up in oven, stove top, or toaster oven)  Meat preference:___________________________________

Samin Bowl

Sushi Rolls



Salads: Kale,Caesar, local Greens, Spinach, Quinoa 

Dressing preference:___________________________________________

Rice, Quinoa, Potatoes 

Sides of Veggies-preference:__________________________________________________

Saimin Bowl 

Fish Tacos, Fresh Maui Salsa 

Organic Veggie chili, Beef chili

Organic Veggie Soup, Chicken Soup, Bone Broth, Curry Squash and Coconut, Curry Lentil 

Pasta Dish: preference______________________________________________

Daily fresh fish: Choices: Mahi, Ono, Snapper, Ahi, Opah 

Prep Choices:  Grilled, Sauteed, Cajun charbroiled

Hot Vegan meal (heat up in oven, stove top, or toaster oven) _____________________________________________________

Hot Meal with Meat (heat up in oven, stove top, or toaster oven)  Meat preference:___________________________________






Gluten free organic desserts 

Asst. Cheeses




Fruit - preference:

Mary's gone crackers 



Organic chocolate:  light, med or dark

Sorbet - Flavor preference:_______________________________________


Cheeses: preference____________________________________________

Goat Cheese

Nuts: preference_______________________________________________






Tea (black, green, chai,or herbal) 



Creamer: ½ &½, Soy, almond milk    other______________________________________


Add on to the shopping list:






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