❤︎ from FEAR to LOVE ❤︎ Inner journey, IBIZA

Event Highlights

  • ❤︎ Discover your true self connecting with your heart
  • ❤︎ Purify your energy system with this holistic, complementair program
  • ❤︎ Liberate yourself from fears through powerful breath sessions
  • ❤︎ Experience the power & infinity of love
  • ❤︎ Detox your body through the tasteful Ayurvedic diet
  • ❤︎ Nourish yourself with a healing week on the beautiful island of Ibiza


The summary below gives you an impression how we transform fear to love;

The first day we give you a warm welcome on the island in the villa. You have some time to get yourself at home in your room or cabin and feel into the space and the island. We connect our energies together with an opening ceremony & beautiful heart meditation. During a delicious dinner, we chat and get to know each other.

We move our attention from the mind into the heart and start to feel from the heart what is within. We connect from our hearts with our life dreams. We see ourselves with wide-open eyes.

We explore the definitions of fear and love. And realize what is holding us back to live our life from love. You make the first step to liberate yourself by acknowledging your fears.

Fourth day ~ DIVING DEEP
From the acknowledgment of fears you start your work of releasing your fears, by breathing and sharing. You release blockages to make space for love and dreams.

We work with the breath and movement classes to open even more what there is to unlock, reveal and discover. This can be in a form of releasing stored emotions, trauma or limited believes. It can also be that you open spaces within yourself you never knew you could experience.

Now you have released your fears and created space you feel there is an opportunity to fill this with love and giving space to your life dreams. You will find your true voice from within and share your authentic sound from self love.

During this special day you move your energy from your love within towards your dream life. You design your own love movement so you can take it home and work on it in practical manifestation steps.

The last morning we end the magical week with a closing ceremony and breakfast at one of the powerful energetic places of Ibiza. You will feel proud of the work you did and full of trust and love to establish your inner work in your daily life at home. We share our last delicious meal before we say goodbye.

Daily rhythm

During the week we will live a daily rhythm together. Rhythm and little insight into the flow of the program contribute to a connecting setting where everybody feels included. On a few days, we will leave the villa, then the program will flow by the energy of the group.

During the day there is time we spend together and there is quiet/off-time which you can fill in with your own needs and desires. The quiet/off-time is there for you to give you the opportunity to fully sink into your own process. Feeling what your body, emotions, and mind needs. Being alone or sharing your energy with others. Both are beautiful and possible.

Worthy to share here is, when you sign in for this program you make the commitment to join all shared program activities. This contributes to group energy where everybody supports each other on their own journey. When you surrender to the flow of whatever is happening you will dive in deeper layers of your heart. Together as a group, we will facilitate bigger personal growth for everyone.

How a day approximately will flow;

6.30 Wake up
7.00 Meditation & morning check-in
8.00 Bringing the energy alive: Movement class
9.30 Breakfast
11.00 Personal development morning session: sharing/circling/workshop/healing session
12.00 Quiet time
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Personal development afternoon session: sharing/circling/workshop/healing session
16.30 Off time; wonder for a walk, relax in the sauna, chill at the fire, write in your diary, relax.*
18.00 Diner
20.00 Closing the day with a short sharing & evening meditation
21.30 Bedtime (at least quiet time in the villa)

*You have the possibility to make a conscious choice to spend this time alone or together with others.

About This Event

Connect with your life energy and experience the deeper alchemy and magic of love for life.

Embrace your pure and endless energy of love within to experience the freedom to live a liberated life. Dive courageous into a deep inner journey to release your life fears, recreate your dreamlife and live from love.

This retreat is created to increase peace, joy, happiness and bliss in you, the ones around you and the world. We are going to live from love. We will share from love. Grant yourself this inner love journey on the beautiful island Ibiza.

splinkyourlife ~ the belief everybody is able to expand their life experience.

What's Included

  • ❤︎ powerful transformational program
  • ❤︎ 7 nights in a luxury, rural villa
  • ❤︎ 3 nourishing, healthy meals a day
  • ❤︎ tea & water served throughout the day
  • ❤︎ 4 liberating breath sessions
  • ❤︎ Daily meditations to open the heart
  • ❤︎ Daily breath practice to quiet the nervous system
  • ❤︎ Daily movement class to increase your energy
  • ❤︎ Sacred sharing circling to empower each other into love
  • ❤︎ A soul dance session with cacao to dance yourself free
  • ❤︎ Storytelling fire ceremony
  • ❤︎ Singing circle to express yourself by your voice
  • ❤︎ Dreamlife design session
  • ❤︎ minimum 1 hour Off time every day to integrate

What's Not Included

△ Traveling to the retreat venue
△ Additional treatment: massage or channeling session
△ Individual coaching sessions (after the retreat)
△ Expenses outside the villa; like drinks

Venue Highlights

S P L I N K Y O U R L I F E is presented by me, Almo Caloe.
As a 'traveling centre' I offer retreats & inner journeys in different places in Europe.
I am based in my own-build tiny house van, from I work and travel on different locations in Europe.

I have a deep value to be able to connect with nature during my programs. Nature is the strongest supporter we can wish ourselves during personal healing and transformation. Therefor I always select locations in the midst of nature.

A bit contradictory to above ;)
but it is also possible to work with me online. I offer personal coaching trajectories where breath sessions, coaching and personal development challenges are combined to facilitate a holistic transformational proces for you, in your own living environment.

I collaborate with a few professionals through Europe and beyond. I always know my collaboration partners well from previous projects. Collaboration partners are selected on a few qualities;

❤︎ working from their heart with passion
❤︎ ability to connect from an empowering energy
❤︎ exceptional knowledge/specialization/skills


❤︎ You will stay in a beautiful rural villa.
❤︎ Offering an amazing view on green hills.
❤︎ The villa lays at on a secluded tranquil hill, a perfect space for healing without getting disturbed.​
❤︎ From the villa you can take a walk into the green area.


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Ceremony Space
  • Ayurvedic

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Ayurvedic
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Enjoy delicious, nourishing, healthy meals prepared by a very passionate cook. The meals are inspired on the knowledge of the Ayurvedic cuisine. The menu is created from a tantra yoga mindset to purifying your mind and body, without giving in on taste and pleasure.


Fly to Ibiza Airport (IBZ), Spain.

GET TO THE VILLA (40 minutes from the airport
Either, take a taxi; when you book you will get specific directions. Approximately €40

Or, get a transfer; when a few people are coming in on approximately the same time we can arrange a pick-up for €20,- (3 persons or more) from the airport. A beautiful opportunity to stroll through Ibiza town before coming to the villa.​

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

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  • Sjoeke Zwart   April 04, 2020

      The beautiful Mountainbreath guided by Caloe

    A few years ago I joined the Mountainbreath program guided by Caloe.I got to know Caloe on the journey as a warm and very competent guide and coach for me. The Mountainbreath journey: as a mountainguide she put together a beautiful journey, it breaths her love for this mountainregion. She knows the best piknickspots with amazing views where we had second breakfasts and luches. She tells about the special plants ( we saw Edelweis!). And her selected paths led us to a variaty of mountainhuts, all giving us a different experience with their own atmosphere. We hiked on beautiful, quiet and sometimes challenging hikingpaths. My mental journey was also taken care of with gentle guidance when I wished or needed that. She created a pleasant atmosphere by her calm presence and empathy. I felt free and safe. I was encouraged by Caloe and nature to push my bounderies and to look for my strength to overcome difficult ascents or descents, as in real life. To see new possibilities, to learn from the past and to see new views. You can assume that Caloe offers you on this Mountainbreath journey the best of her many talents with lots of love!

  • Keith Doyle   March 22, 2020

      From Fear to Love ❤ Ibiza Feb 2020

    I joined the ‘from FEAR to LOVE’ retreat in February 2020. I, like you, was drawn to the title immediately ! From Fear to Love ❤ That's life isn't it ? I was looking for something out there to heal me or put me on the right course, to make me experience life better. Before being drawn to this retreat I was making all my decisions from a place of FEAR. And as soon as I came across the retreat, I knew my decisions had to be made from my heart from here on. The best choice I ever made was choosing Love. Love for myself, others, nature. Love for life! ❤ The retreat program Caloe has put together is nothing short of AMAZING ! All through the retreat I found myself getting stronger and stronger, with the combination of inner work and healing breath work, I knew I was on the right course and my life finally made sense. I know who I am. I would like to share some more effects which the different program parts had on me; BREATH WORK - mind expanding, deep healing YOGA & MEDITATION - got me really in contact with my body ATMOSPHERE - I experienced the most peaceful & safe environment to work with myself GROUP - the amazing people that I met (true friends for life) LOCATION & VILLA - spectacular, like Heaven FOOD - beautifully tasty, never ate that good in my life This was for me a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! I will certainly be going back to loads more of Caloe's retreats. I spread the word of Love ❤ Light & Love Keith Doyle ❤

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