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Middle Way Buddhist Sangha Retreat with Tashi Nyima

Venue Highlights

Entering the Forest is a peaceful experience and you'll have the opportunity to meditate in a beautiful Meditation Chapel with large windows looking out into the woods. Other meditation areas include a traditional Zen Garden, a woodland labyrinth for walking meditation, and an underground meditation chamber (the Cave of the Mothers) with wonderful acoustics for chanting.

Our retreat center also has a trail system along wooded bluffs with views of Shell Lake and downtown Tulsa. You can rent a cabin to experience the peaceful setting overnight for your own personal retreat. Our rental rates include three meals a day in our dining room, where you'll eat alongside other guests and residents of our community. The Forest also offers a full range of programs and retreats on meditation and spiritual topics.

You have a range of options to experience meditation in a way that suits you. You might choose to join our resident community for meditation held Tuesday through Saturday at 7:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, or 4:45 p.m., and on Sunday at 9:45 a.m. in our Meditation Chapel. Here you'll experience a meditation of 25 to 45 minutes with others who can help guide you.

Or, you may wish to simply rake the Zen Garden as you contemplate the prayer flags in the trees overhead. If you prefer to move while meditating, walking the labyrinth or hiking the trails will give you a chance to reconnect with nature. The Cave of the Mothers provides you with a dark, quiet place where you will be amazed by the sound of your chanting reverberating all around you.


Our guest cabins provide a cozy and simple spot in the Forest to focus on what truly matters during your retreat. Many guests comment that they experience deep peace upon arriving at the Forest. Staying in a guest cabin allows you to experience the serene rest that comes with sleeping in the woods.

Our standard cabins feature a full bathroom, heating and air conditioning, and WiFi access. They include:

Twin beds
Bathroom with shower
Bed linens, pillows, blankets, and towels
Hair dryer
Comfortable chair
Alarm clock
Hand soap
Makeup remover wipes
Insect repellent

Our guest hermitage cabin is located in a private spot with big picture windows for looking out at the forest. This cabin features two rooms and a larger bathroom. There is a microwave, small refrigerator, plates, mugs, and eating utensils. A private deck is perfect for experiencing the wonder of the forest in solitude.

This cabin includes:

Twin beds
Bathroom with shower
Bed linens, pillows, blankets, and towels
Hair dryer
Comfortable chair
Alarm clock
Hand soap
Makeup remover wipes
Insect repellent


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Free Parking
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


Breakfasts are a self-serve buffet style with cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, toppings such as nuts and raisins, hard-boiled eggs, and a variety of milks from dairy to dairy free. On weekends, we additionally offer a variety of breads and toppings for toast.

Lunch is our main meal of the day and is eaten together in community. Before the meal, we all circle around the table for a blessing and to introduce ourselves. Food options typically include a meat, a variety of vegetables, tofu or other protein for vegetarians, salad bar, and a healthy dessert.

Supper is a light meal and is eaten together in community. Food options typically include a hearty soup, a meat, a variety of vegetables, crackers, salad bar, and a healthy dessert.


Take Hwy 64 West past the town of Sand Springs; exit at 177 West Avenue.
Turn RIGHT on 177 West Avenue and drive about 1 mile to Anderson Road.
Turn LEFT on Anderson Road.
Continue about ½ mile to the entrance to the Shell Creek West housing division.
Turn RIGHT into Shell Creek West housing division.
Turn RIGHT at Lakeview Drive.
Continue until you see Monastery Road.
Turn RIGHT onto Monastery Road until you come to the parking lot for Osage.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Deborah DeLuca Whittaker   July 22, 2020

      For Cathey Edwards Meditation Classes

    Rev. Cathey taught me the nuances of meditation I didn't know. The concepts she shared broadened my minimal knowledge of meditation. Her teaching style with visuals and references added a great deal to the class for me. She has a generous heart and I am pleased to have taken the class. Deborah Whittaker

  • Brittany Littleton   January 05, 2020

      Hidden Treasure

    The Osage Forest of Peace is a wonderful place for rest, mindfulness and community.

  • Laura Lea Barto   June 18, 2019

      Beautiful Time of Discovery

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on my Soul Collage Cards. Next I will be sure to bring my own water as none was provided in the cabin in which we worked.

  • Robin Stephenson-Bratcher   May 20, 2019

      Quiet, peaceful, and spiritual space...

    My retreat and interactions with all the staff were very meaningful and profound. The meals were Farm to Table essence and so delicious. The lovely wooded grounds and classic cabins met all my needs, and I felt immersed in the silence and simplicity of this place. The rhythm of gathering together in prayer and at meals as well as hours of solitude and quiet worked well for me, though I had the freedom to change that rhythm to more silence or more community as I felt led. I especially loved the community of the Soul Art group! I will return, and would recommend Osage to anyone looking for a retreat in daily life or looking for a place of silence and solitude.

  • Danielle Shreve   May 15, 2019

      Path to serenity

    Thank you Forest of Peace for the through introduction to each of the staff, and introduction to the retreat site. The paths and site are well maintained and this created a safe and secure area to rest, relax and follow our retreat agenda.

  • Tom Holloway   May 15, 2019

      Beautiful, relaxing place for self-study and meditation

    Downshifted, relaxed and meditated at this excellent and well-run inter-faith retreat center for 5 days in April. The Director and Staff made all the difference during my stay. If you've been elsewhere, staffed by curt or unengaged hosts, then the Forest of Peace will be a refreshing difference. Will definitely return. Pros: ------- Natural Beauty - in the forest, under the tree canopy; fresh air; lots of shade; birds, squirrels, deer Great Food - vegan, gluten-free, omnivore meals included, they accommodate all diets; all-day coffee/teas Quiet and Solitude - peaceful; be a hermit and take meals in your cabin, or join retreatants and staff in main house for meals Special Features - hiking trails, statuary, labyrinth, Cave of the Mothers meditation chamber Library and Reading Room - cozy den area with fireplace, comfy furniture, and 1000s of books on world religions, spiritual traditions, wisdom literature, self help, psychology, et al Group Meditation - morning, noon and early evening group meditation in the most stunning meditation room I've ever seen; beautiful wood floors, circular pit, floor-to-ceiling glass at one end of the room, looking out into the forest; sessions start by singing prayer of goodwill to all beings, followed by 20-30 minutes of on-your-own meditation, and end with a reading from one of the world's wisdom traditions, and a short walking meditation; sit in chairs or floor cushions Extras - on-site Reiki and massage services; weekend workshops and programs on a variety of topics Staff - staff are very friendly, and from a variety of traditions and backgrounds; you're sure to strike up a good conversation during mealtime Director - Director is a very personable, knowledgeable, inter-faith minister, and available for guidance during your stay Cons: -------- None

  • Michael C. Ryan   April 29, 2019

      A Wonderful Retreat

    My experience at the Osage Forest of Peace lived up to its name. Once on the property and cabin assigned I began to relax. The surrounding forest was alive with birds, squirrels, and beautiful sunshine blessing the spring leaves of the magnanimous trees. I felt welcomed and glad I was there. Then it was time for dinner… The vegetarian meal selection was plentiful and delicious during the entire stay. I very much enjoyed the daily meditations led by staff and appreciated the loving way each staff member conducted their tasks with an authentic smile ready to be of service. I left connected, refreshed and felt a deeper spiritual awareness. Yes, I had a very successful stay at Osage Forest of Peace!

  • Yasmine Alvarado   April 29, 2019

      Truly a Peaceful Place

    The place is a hidden gem. It's so near to Tulsa, but feels like you've gone into a completely different state. All is done with care and the staff lives the message and purpose of this retreat center. Everywhere you go you will find peace, stillness, and rest. So thankful for this experience, it made me come alive.

  • Kelly Bartlett   April 13, 2019

      The peaceful forest

    I love coming to the Forest! The people here are so nice! My latest personal retreat was the perfect blend of contemplative alone time and meaningful connection with others. The Forest staff will respect whatever kind of retreat you choose to create, whether you want to socialize or be in silence. And the food is wonderful! It's so nice not having to worry about cooking for myself or going out elsewhere to get food when I'm on a retreat.

  • Beverly Rasmusson   April 11, 2019

      Sauntering made easy!

    My first experience with the Osage Forest of Peace was in 2014 for a contemplative half-marathon and then later in 2017 a weekend yoga retreat. Most recently, I visited for a personal retreat. The trip from Tulsa to the Forest is a short drive and is well worth it after a long day in the city. The Osage Forest of Peace not only welcomes travelers for R&R, but there are opportunities to dine on carefully crafted food, converse with staff or visitors, write a message in the zen garden, saunter on the forest pathways, volunteer, personally reflect with quiet time and meditation or simply get back to nature. All of these experiences offer room for spiritual growth, renewal and leaves you feeling like a true inhabitant of the Forest.

  • Jeremy Arrisontz   March 17, 2019

      Incredibly healing place

    I stayed at the Osage Forest of Peace for only 24 hours, but that time was so memorable. They have cultivated a healing and relaxing atmosphere with many opportunities for indoor and outdoor meditation, and were truly respectful of everyone there. The food is also delicious! I will most definitely be staying there again, next time for longer than just one night.

  • Meegan Mitchell   March 14, 2019

      Retreat, Restore, Recover!

    Arriving at The Forest of Peace property feels like the ultimate “Ahhh” release. I find the Forest to be the perfect place to unplug, reflect and open my heart to the universe. The retreat I attended was thoughtfully prepared with excellent presentations, followed by productive discussions. The meals are always a feast! Staying in the cabins allowed me to take in the tranquility, pause for meditation, and honor the gift of the Forest throughout my stay.

  • Mary Emmet   February 28, 2019

      FPC Stillwater Women’s Retreat

    I thought this place was very peaceful. The food was excellent. The cabins were good. I wish the hiking trails had been a little better marked. Overall, it was a great experience.

  • Ann C Houston   February 27, 2019

      Presbyterian Women Retreat 2019

    New to the retreat experience in this location, I wasn't sure what to expect. I found the periods of silence and the early morning meditations in the forest with the windows to nature all around to be healing. These peaceful times allowed for reflection without expectations, which I hope to be able to emulate now that I am at home. The little cabin was cozy and walking paths well tended. Flashlights at night were provided which was a good thing. It is DARK out there! Our cabin's heater wasn't heating well enough and we just told Donna who immediately took care of the problem. We stayed plenty warm the whole time there. The meals were delicious. Hearing from Chef Stacie exactly what she included in the recipes interesting and offered healthy choices whether vegan, vegetarian or carnivore! And, I was most thankful that Reiki Master Karen worked on me. I learned a lot about myself and feel more at peace than I have for a long time. A combination of all parts of this wonderful place contributed to a memorable, healthy experience for me. I'm glad to know guests may come walk the trails and make appointments during a day's outing.

  • Megan Hill   February 13, 2019

      Osage Forest of Peace

    The peacefulness and simplicity of Osage Forest of Peace always brings me back. The excellent content of the retreat on Sufism and Christianity was icing on the top. A wonderful place for personal insight and contemplation. The staff is warm and helpful! Food is great!

  • Greg LaFevers   February 06, 2019

      Wonderful experience

    We are so glad we visited on what they call a personal retreat. The facilities are very nice, and the walking trails are wonderful. The people could not be nicer or more welcoming, and there is something truly peaceful and sustaining about the forest. Highly recommended. Greg

  • Ginny Ayling   February 04, 2019

      An evening with Dr. Habito

    I had heard of Ruben Habito but had never met him before. His teaching was down to earth and he was extremely relatable . The room was full and I think we all felt the peace. Thank you for a wonderful experience

  • carolyn goodrich   January 30, 2019

      Finding Refuge in Silence

    The setting, the facilities, and the staff were all more than expected. The cabins are very simple, but comfortable. I will definitely attend more retreats at this facility.

  • Charles Beard   January 21, 2019

      Highly recommended.

    Challenging hiking trails and quiet places to contemplate. Good food and excellent library.

  • Deb Marshall   December 15, 2018

      Exactly what I needed.....

    During a life transition, I found myself uncertain about the future. I had learned about the Osage Forest of Peace from a friend and I know immediately that I would one day spend time there. I opted for the one month Residency Immersion program, which combines a personal retreat with integration with the Forest residents (those that take care of the Forest, property and guests). The cabin was a perfect minimalistic space with functionality and plenty of space for sleeping, reading, meditating. You can craft your stay exactly as you need - whether you wish to spend less or more time in silence, hike in the gorgeous forest, interact with others, read from the amazing library that contains books from many faiths and perspectives. I enjoyed weekly sessions of spiritual direction and also the freedom to experiment a bit with meditation tools and techniques. The food is absolutely delicious and health - those who prefer vegetarian or vegan foods will most definitely be pleased. Even those that choose to eat meat will have options, however. I left my month experience feeling a renewed sense of energy and anticipation for whatever is coming next in my life while also having the tools to deal with the 'right now'. I absolutely encourage anyone that needs a few nights or longer to be still, to pause or desire the experience of a contemplative stay to go to the Forest of Peace. Especially for those in the midwest (Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas) due to convenient location.

  • Nick M   December 11, 2018

      A terrific place!

    Very glad to say that I’ve been to the Osage Forest of Peace 3 times. Learned more about the history of it this last time in the literature. Such a serene atmosphere! Great people and wonderful food. Good vibes. I rented a cabin and stayed over night this last time and it was really great. Went for a nice walk on one of the trails and sat by myself in the woods, closed my eyes, breathed in the air for a little while, felt very good. Saw a few birds and heard some other common forest scurrying here and there; others I talked to said they saw a few deer that day. I definitely recommend this place. It’s very peaceful and you’re basically just left to be if that’s what you’re looking for. The staff are all really nice and helpful if there are any questions or concerns and I had some good conversations with many of the people who work there as well. Real and cool people. I had my first of the life zen garden experience about a month ago when I was there for a day long zen meditation retreat. Put the wooden rake into the zen garden and had some fun, picked some leaves out of the garden to put them to the outside so they could go here or there or come back with some of their friends; it was fun. The place itself is set in the woods as the name might suggest. Before you get there keep on driving a small amount through here and there, already feeling like you’re getting more into nature. A couple turns and then you come to a simple and pretty mildly wooded parking lot. Lots of space, several trails which are marked well with some ribbons on the path tied to trees; especially helpful with thousands of leaves on the ground this time of year. Drag your feet through those leaves at times if you want, I did, it was nice. ::shoosh shoosh shoosh:: Beautiful buildings. A serene and solid place all around with various statues and other representations of spirit here and there to say “hello, what’s up?, you’re awesome, isn’t it all not that bad?, things are ok, you are the bees knees and so is I, love and light and Om and home within/without, you’re there, you’re here, oops, but that’s ok, who cares, etc”... ... just wave to these cutie patooties or bow or say “hey” or say, “do you know what time it is? My watch is 5 minutes too slow”... ...or just walk on by eyeballing them or avoiding contact or smiling, they don’t care. They’re supercool, and so are you. Alright alright... The one main meditation/worship place is very beautiful with big windows and some great plants and other terrific things; good energy. I got to see the smaller chapel as well which was very nice and I participated in two group meditations between those two common areas with some staff and friends of the forest. Was able to check out a book for free from their library as well which has quite a few books; several thousand; on a variety of subjects. Chances are you may see a few that you’ll find cool if you’re into a variety of different things... either to check out or to sit on one of the comphy chairs or sofas or out on the long porch and hang out with. This place I would say has some good unity to it and strives for a theme of community and peace etc. If you’re looking for such a place I suggest you give it a try. Thanks!

  • Kyle Blankenship   October 24, 2018

      Guys will love it

    This was my first visit and I stayed two (2) nights at The Forest in mid-October. My wife booked my stay as a gift to me as she wanted me to experience this place she loves and visits annually. I'm an outdoorsy, typical-guy, who likes to hike and easily finds God in nature. I found this place to a life-changer. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to other men. Everything from the Staff to The Forest was warm and inviting. During my stay I simply hiked, attended as many meditation sessions as possible, read 3 books, and painted on some canvas in my room. I loved it and will probably be an annual attendee.

  • BARBARA ROGERS   October 10, 2018


    The few "rules" were easy to follow. Expectations clear & concise. I hiked alone a lot. It is a beautiful campus. The group meditation was good & I enjoyed the spiritual guidance session. She gave me concrete tools/ideas. It is minimalism at its finest. The other retreatants & staff were lovely. Harold the groundskeeper is a sweetheart. I will continue coming here.

  • Suzanne Medearis Hathaway   September 25, 2018

      Personal retreat

    This is a serene, woodlands, spiritual community with an abundance of offerings. The facilities, food and fantastic staff does not disappoint. A perfect place for personal reflection, with the option of regular community meditation. There are lovely trails complete with benches for quiet moments with nature. I’m very much looking forward to my next visit!

  • Alisha DeCanio-McCuan   September 20, 2018


    Everything was perfect. The cabins were excellent and well maintained. The food was healthy and delicious. The whole experience brought about a great sense of calm.

  • Alaric Englert   September 20, 2018

      Just the place

    ....for silence, kindness of staff, hospitality, nourishing meals. The Spirit is present here. Highly recommend.

  • Bob Berry   September 17, 2018

      A blanket of tranquility

    The Forest wrapped me in a blanket of tranquility as the world I just left marched on. I let it go. This gossamer cloak encouraged my notion to do...nothing. Or go for a walk, hike, or participate in the myriad opportunities to explore meditation techniques from various cultures and perspectives. A stunningly refreshing respite on my continuing journey westward.

  • Amy S Powell   July 11, 2018

      A beautiful experience

    I couldn't ask for a kinder experience. Nor could I ask for more mindful treatment.

  • Praneeth Munuganti   July 05, 2018

      Beautiful place

    serene atmosphere, friendly people, good food. Amazing place for a getaway from all the hassle

  • Ellen Depee   May 15, 2018

      Beautiful forest retreat!!

    Had an amazing weekend at the Osage Forest with some dear friends. Look forward to going again in the future!!

  • Kay L. Sommer   April 25, 2018

      Silence is golden

    My three day silent retreat was extraordinarily full of graces for me. My cabin was excellent with a wonderful view; tidy, clean, with comfortable bed and a rocker inside and a small table and chairs on the porch. I went in the middle of the week and it was wonderfully quiet. The staff were all kind, respectful and helpful ; I had a Spiritual Director for 3 sessions who was extraordinarily intuitive and helpful. Food was excellent and I was able to fix a tray to take to my cabin for each meal. Only one suggestion: the shower would benefit from a grab bar and non-skid floor for safety. I want to go again soon and am attempting to get a friend or two to go with me. Thank you to all those who made my Retreat a blessing!

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