7 Day Ayahuasca Retreat in Portugal

  • Sinchi Runa Sinchi Runa
  • Meda de Mouros, Portugal, Europe
  • May 21 - 27, 2020 (7 days)

Event Highlights

  • Three Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Maestro Sanango
  • Purging Ceremony (La Purga) with purgative Master Plants
  • Plant Purification Baths with plants for protection, cleansing and harmonization
  • Introduction, Q&As and Post Ceremony Integration with Maestro Sanango
  • Post Ceremony Drawing and Sharing Circles
  • Discursive Talks on Shamanism, Plant Medicine and the Awakening of Consciousness
  • HOMA, Agnihotra - Sacred Vedic Fire Ceremony
  • English/Spanish Translation with Mikaela between Sanango and Participants
  • Option to add a kambo session or full kambo initiation (3 sessions within a lunar cycle)


Day 1

Pick up at Coimbra train station at 13.30

14.15 Arrival at the Retreat Center. When you arrive you’ll be warmly welcomed by Mikaela and the retreat staff. We’ll be having homemade soup and tea together and take the time to settle and talk about the retreat, possible expectations and questions.
17.00 Introductory Talk with Maestro Sanango: Questions and Answers (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
– Introduction to the Shamanic Vision and Harmonization with the Universal Forces
– The Mission of Ayahuasca and Master Plants
– Meaning of Genuine Shamanic Healing
– Introduction to “La Purga” (initial work / offering)
19.00 Purge Ceremony (La Purga) with Amazonian Master Plant.

Day 2

Day of silence and introspection in preparation for the Ayahuasca Ceremony in the evening.

9.30 Breakfast
11.00 Lecture and Sharing with Maestro Sanango (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
– Ayahuasca and Master Plants as an Opportunity for the Healing and Awakening of Humanity
– Reconnection with the Divine and our Essential Nature
– How to approach an Ayahuasca Ceremony Guidence; The importance of humility, purity of intention and the capacity to surrender
13.30 Lunch
16.00 Plant Purification Bath with plants for protection, cleansing and harmonization
21.00 Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 3

10.00 Breakfast
Gather to Draw the Ayahuasca experience as an aid in processing (drawing, music)
14.00 Lunch
16.00 Sharing Circle with Maestro Sanango (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
– Experiences, comprehensions, integration and guidance
19.00 Dinner

Day 4

Day of silence and introspection to prepare for the Ayahuasca Ceremony in the evening.

9.30 Breakfast
Time for one on one sharing with Maestro Sanango (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
13.30 Lunch
21.00 Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 5

10.00 Breakfast
Gather to Draw the Ayahuasca experience as an aid in processing (drawing, music)
14.00 Lunch
16.00 Sharing Circle with Maestro Sanango (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
– Experiences, comprehensions, integration and guidance
19.00 Dinner

Day 6

Day of silence and introspection to prepare for the Ayahuasca Ceremony in the evening.

9.30 Breakfast
Time for one on one sharing with Maestro Sanango (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
13.30 Lunch
20.00 HOMA Agnihotra Vedic Fire Ceremony (sacred fire ceremony of healing, purification, cleaning, harmonization and letting go)
21.00 Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 7

10.00 Breakfast
12.00 Sharing Circle with Master Sanango (Spanish / English translation with Mikaela)
– Experiences, comprehensions, integration and guidance
– How to integrate the healing, understanding and experiences from the retreat into daily life; The importance of action and living in awareness
14.00 Lunch
Closing of the Retreat
16.00 Transfer back to the train station

About This Event

Through our retreats we aim to create a safe and sacred space that allows each individual to experience profound spiritual healing and understanding. We do this with the hope to contribute to the healing and liberation of humanity and our beautiful planet.

Our world is in need of a true revolution, the kind of revolution that comes about by opening our hearts in a genuine search for truth. Ayahuasca is a sacred opportunity and we share the tradition of Amazonian shamanism with our greatest gratitude, purity and truth. Always honoring these authentic practices and delicate healing arts. Working with rectitude, from the initial Purge Ceremony, as a vital preparation before entering the world of Ayahuasca, we hold to a genuine approach with great faith throughout the entire healing process.

With deep gratitude we share this invaluable medicine, our plants brought from Peru, as well as our hope and love for humanity on this sacred journey.

Event Highlights

Three Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Maestro Sanango

Purging Ceremony (La Purga) with purgative Master Plants

Plant Purification Baths with plants for protection, cleansing and harmonization

Introduction, Q&As and Post Ceremony Integration with Maestro Sanango

Post Ceremony Drawing and Sharing Circles

Discursive Talks on Shamanism, Plant Medicine and the Awakening of Consciousness

HOMA, Agnihotra - Sacred Vedic Fire Ceremony

English/Spanish Translation with Mikaela between Sanango and Participants

Maestro Sanango

Our retreats are directed by Maestro Sanango. He is a Peruvian spiritual master who has spent several decades inviting Ayahuasca, as well as directing Shamanic Diets or vision quests. Sanango is a “vegetalista” with a deep knowledge of the Master Plants, their metaphysical implications and forms of healing. He has been directing Sinchi Runa Retreat Center, located in the Peruvian Amazon, for the past 9 years. Sinchi Runa is now in Portugal offering Ayahuasca Retreats and teachings in shamanism, the shamanic vision, master plants and reconnection with the divine.

Sanango has given lectures on shamanism in Universities of Peru and Guatemala. He has also developed knowledge within the Vedic philosophy, establishing connections and healing tools between the shamanic tradition of Peru and the Vedic philosophy. He works with his students who accompany him and are on a path of understanding, having spent several years in the jungle learning from him and the Master Plants.

Before the creation of Sinchi Runa, Sanango spent many years learning with different maestros in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as prolonged retreats in solitude with Master Plants in what are traditionally called shamanic diets, dietas or vision quests. During this time, he created a deep bond with the spirit of Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants and divine deities that allow him to celebrate safe ceremonies and processes that lead to a deep spiritual realization and healing of the soul.

Purge Ceremony (La Purga)

A genuine path towards self-knowledge begins with the stage of purification; In order to comprehend, heal and grow spiritually we must dare to step out of our comfort zone. This requires an act that will always demand sacrifice. The purge in Amazonian Shamanism, can be linked to a religious pilgrimage or fasting taken upon the disciple be able to receive greater spiritual insight and awareness.

The purge is an act of humility and reconciliation with our essential being, an act to free ourselves from constraints and ego as well as to prepare us to enter into world of Ayahuasca, or as Sanango says “the world of the Gods”. It is the act of letting go, using our human nature, defecating and/or vomiting, cleaning ourselves from the unnecessary, from toxins accumulated in our body, from feelings of suffering, beliefs and ideas that do not belong neither to our physical, mental or spiritual being.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

“Ayahuasca is a portal to the essence of humanity, a portal where all the memories and dreams of the species can be found. This opening can bring an understanding of the higher Self and the purpose of being, not only as an individual, but as humanity as a whole. Ayahuasca is a chance to heal the soul and reach the truth that lives within each one of us.”

Maestro Sanango

Silence and Contemplation in Nature

The mayor part of the retreat will be in silence (with exception of sharing circles or consultations with the shaman) allowing each person to interiorize and go within. It is important to be able to detach from the usual “day-to-day” routines, habits, personal stories and external noise to be able to integrate the healing and wisdom through ones process with the plants. Disconnection with the exterior allows participants to concentrate all their energy on the healing process and gives place to observe their lives without interference from the elements that one way or another have created the circumstance they are living. We nurture and provide the space for self-observation, introspection, and contemplation.

The opportunity of a process with master plants is to become aware of and release what causes one harm and to understand oneself and one’s relationship to the entire movement of life and existence. This is a beautiful and challenging process of comprehension, reflection and silence that requires great willpower, dedication, honesty, sacrifice and pureness of intention.

“Sanango is an incredible healer, full of love, compassion, and truth. You feel immediately his thousands of years of wisdom and deep connection to the Universe, it is truly an honour and a pleasure to be in his presence. He has such a deep understanding of every being, I feel that he sees all of my layers and right into my soul. I am certain he knows and understands me more than I do. His way is beautiful – deep, direct and honest communication, and also a lightness that heals and means it’s difficult not to smile in his presence. His icaros are so powerful, it is a real and humbling honour to journey with Sanango, and he is ever present for each participant in the sessions, and throughout the dieta, really it is something very incredible to experience this. I feel deeply blessed to have received so many gifts during my dieta and through the sessions.” Emma Dibben, UK

What's Included

  • Three Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Maestro Sanango
  • Purging Ceremony (La Purga) with purgative Master Plants
  • Plant Purification Baths with plants for protection, cleansing and harmonization
  • Introduction, Q&As and Post Ceremony Integration with Maestro Sanango
  • Post Ceremony Drawing and Sharing Circles
  • Discursive Talks on Shamanism, Plant Medicine and the Awakening of Consciousness
  • HOMA, Agnihotra - Sacred Vedic Fire Ceremony
  • English/Spanish Translation with Mikaela between Sanango and Participants
  • Private Accommodation for all participants in spacious bell tents with proper bedding (glamping style)
  • Homemade, organic and vegetarian meals every day

What's Not Included

Travel Expenses
Option to add a Kambo Session or Full Kambo initiation (3 sessions within a lunar cycle)

Venue Highlights

Our retreat will be held in a uniquely beautiful place and ecological environment, where we give back to the Earth for the healing we are given. In the forests and mountains of the Coimbra region of Portugal. It is a beautiful space immersed in nature, where we have our own river beach with small waterfalls, by the river Alva.


The accommodation is in private and spacious bell tents, allowing for contemplation and silence amidst nature.


  • Sauna
  • Towels
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic


We serve homemade organic, vegetarian meals, prepared by us with love and care. They are low in sodium, spices and oils in accordance to the plant work.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided on the days that we do not hold a ceremony. Only breakfast and lunch will be provided on the days we have Ayahuasca ceremonies or purges.


The retreat will be held in the Coimbra region, close to the little village Meda de Mouros. We will arrange a transfer for all participants from Coimbra-B train station at the day of the retreat, there are trains every hour from Lisbon to Coimbra. You will receive more detailed information on how to arrive upon registration.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
Get full details...

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Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Joanna   October 09, 2020

      Fusion shamanism didn't do it for me

    Response from Sinchi Runa: Hi Joanna, We are sorry that the space we offer did not resonate with you. Of course it means a lot to us that the people coming our way feel aligned and called to experience Ayahuasca through the way, tools, setting, healing work and integration that we provide. The diversity of healing centers, curanderos and shamans is something that we honor, as we understand that each human being is unique and has a unique path with medicine. We are simply offering our part in this, with our genuine search for truth, love and humility and with a long and sincere path of plant diets and learning with the master plants in the Amazon. We feel that we are doing a beautiful work and know that we are serving the medicine in the way the medicine asks us to. We also know that Sanango is a genuine, gifted healer and spiritual teacher. I feel it is important to make clear that Sanango, the shaman, is singing icaros in the ceremonies. The ceremonies are also accompanied by carefully selected mantras and instrumental healing sounds, both oriental and amazonian, all of which are beautiful to us and have become a profound and integral part of our healing work and the healing experience for many people. The music is played through a music device and high quality speakers, not through his phone. Sanango sings with all the mantras and his voice is always present as he does the healing work in the ceremonies. The music also becomes a beautiful way for people to reconnect with their experience when they are back home. I am glad to read that you experienced the beauty and calling of Ayahuasca and hope that you find a space that resonates with you to continue that calling. Mikaela, Sinchi Runa ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Based on those raving reviews on retreat.guru, I enrolled myself for a 23 days retreat with Sinchi Runa in august 2020. I left after 3 days and the first ayahuasca ceremony. It was impossible for me to continue eventhough the plant seems to be a marvellous teacher as I experienced a lot of love and a cry for authenticity and connection. I would have a lot to say but it would be pointless as it is a personnal experience and I don't want to discredit what a lot of participant seem to get out of it. But I owe it to myself and other like me, who would end up engaging a lot of hopes and ressources in a process that isn't a fit for them, to give a feedback. So I chose to share only one aspect of the ceremony eventhough it was not at all the worse in my opinion but it gives a clue of the method chosen and made me feel like I was stuck in a disco : the shaman is not singing Icaros but DJing newage hindi mantras on his phone and therefor lighting up the yurt so often. When I came back home and shared my experience with friends, I was reminded that because I have been interviewing healers for more than 10 years, I might be very critical of praticioners like Sanango. Sinchi Runa has been honest enough to refund me half of the price of the retreat. There is sweeteness in this team of people who truly believe in their work and I understand that it is what a lot of people might need. And on the bright side, after a month of strict diet, the meals there were a feast. What a delight ! I have been reminded that there is no shortcut in the exploration of my shadow side and that the power lies in me. I stayed a few weeks in the mountains of Portugal and found the true earthy connection I was looking for. I dislike having to write this review but I have to accept that I am the odd one this time and that I can still enjoy the quest of this world's mysteries without shame of not fitting.

  • Robert Istok   October 05, 2020

      Journey of a lifetime with an authentic and excellent in all means retreat center in Europe

    Oh my god. It's been already two weeks since the retreat ended, and I still can not process what has just happened. The 7-day retreat was the most magical week of my life. Challenging at times, yes, but it was so worth it. This was my first retreat, and it could not have gone better. Sinchi Runa exceeded all my expectations. The food was delicious, and we were camping in spacious tents in the middle of nature. A special thanks to the team for making us feel at home, answering our questions and being the lovely human beings that you are. I felt safe and cared for during the whole retreat. Sanango has been doing this for tens of years. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge around the medicine and how to approach life. Listening to his insights was one of my favorite moments. He also does an excellent job of guiding the ceremonies. I loved every minute of it and did not want to leave. I feel like a new person after the retreat. Calmer, less reactive, and I put more focus on my well-being, just to name a few. If you want me to share my story with you, want to hear a personal experience, or chat about the medicine, you can find my contact details on my website, robertistok.com. Much love, Robert.

  • Victor Povlsen Camacho   September 29, 2020

      Authentic Plant Medicine Retreat in Europe, Full of Love & Care

    Sinchi Runa is a truly authentic Ayahuasca retreat in Europe. If you are looking for a retreat that honors the Amazonian traditions and serves the medicine with care and for the betterment of the world, then look no further. Sanango, Mikaela, Kameron, Matt and Veronika all held a beautiful and powerful space for the medicine to do its work, and at every moment I felt deeply cared for and protected, especially through the challenging moments. The amount of love and care we received from them, from the first welcome messages to the final hug goodbye and all the ceremonies and purges in-between, was an inspiring example of what it means to truly serve. This level of care is no doubt a reflection of their dedication to serving the medicine for our healing and well being of all of us and our planet. Everything at the retreat facilitates the healing process. The majority of the retreat is spent in silence, to prepare for and assimilate after the ceremonies. Sanango's beautiful chants guide the ceremony, while participants remain in silence (apart from any assistance that may be needed from Sanango or the facilitators), to allow the inner journey to unfold. Sleeping in tents in the beautiful forest brings you closer to nature and was an integral part of the healing process. And last, but certainly not least - the food is delicious! Thank you Sinchi Runa, for your great service to the world. With deep love and gratitude.

  • Sidera Sinistra   September 27, 2020

      Amazing people and amazing space for healing

    The Sinchi Runa crew are great in all aspects of the retreat. Not only did I feel at home in the natural setting we were in, but I felt like it was an amazing place to heal and get to know yourself better. The food (!!) and accomodation were excellent as well. Make no mistake, a retreat of this nature can be difficult and demanding at times, but the folks at sinchi runa help shepherd you through the experience and I feel like I've grown as a person for it.

  • ADAM HANKINSON   September 26, 2020

      Sinchi Runa 7 day ayahuasca retreat

    This was my 1st retreat and I have to say I was a little apprehensive about plant medicine, my mind and thoughts were put at ease with friendly helpful staff answering any questions I had such as safety and side effects of using plant medicines. The large bell tents are ideal to reflect and process your experiences. The vegan menu was excellent (although I'm not yet a vegan) I have brought some recipes home . Trust me you will too. My experiences whilst using ayahuasca were positively joyful once I had surrendered and stopped thinking and just be present. It truly was a fantastic experience the whole Sinchi runa staff made you feel at home and nothing was to much trouble. Hearing other peoples experiences was also beautiful we have set up a group chat so we can share future experiences and share events. This experience is a very beneficial tool to enhance your life skills. Love and light to all

  • Sónia Silva   September 22, 2020

      Inner discover process

    Sinchi Runa appears in to my life and help me rediscover love, compassion and see behind the social, religion, sex, God, spirits and others believes that we "consume" every day and allow me to be aware of myself, nature, and true. It was a process that will be in me, with me, for all my life. Nothing will be like before... I'm very grateful to the Divine, to entities, to the energie, that allowed me to be part of this 23 days Ayahuasca retreat. All the persons involved were amazing, very present, very supportive, friend and true with there sharing knowledge that allowed me to grow... Thank you all... 💛💙❤️💚🤍

  • Dalibor Andrić   September 07, 2020

      New awakening

    I want to thank the whole Sinchi Runa team for giving me the best 7 days of my life.The encounter with Mother Ayahusaca can not be described in words it must be experienced and felt. I feel a newborn.All the energies and all the experiences I have experienced and felt cannot be forgotten.Now I also understand how important nature is and that I need to be careful with nature. :) Now I will try to show other people how important plants are for our life and our health. Thank you maestro Sanango and Mikaela See you again :)

  • Rene Etchells   September 07, 2020

      It's not easy but nothing worthwhile is

    Beautiful place, beautiful people. Sanango was full of wisdom and compassion on a level I haven't experienced before. All the staff were so kind and caring, really going above and beyond to help with some of the challenges that come with the process. I arrived with a lot of anxiety and left with a sense of peace and an open heart. The only drawback was that it went by so quickly, I wish I could have stayed longer than a week. Unforgettable experience, I'll be forever grateful.

  • Magda Haver   September 05, 2020

      Trust, love and surrender

    Sinchi Runa has given me the most powerful, profound, extraordinary and loving experience ever. It opened my eyes, heart and mind, taught me who I am and asked me to trust, surrender and love. I am bringing that knowledge to my life now and can already notice the deep transformation those lessons brought to me and my environment. I have no words to thank Sanango and all the beautiful people who were there for me and helped to make all this happen. Magda

  • Sam Negasi   August 28, 2020

      Big Leap Towards Spiritual Growth

    I came to this wonderful retreat seeking more answers to my life. I not only found that, I found an identity of who I am, and several new disciples to apply in my life moving forward. I can't say enough of this retreat and the beautiful people that guide and help you journey the experience here. I'm from the US, so I decided to come to Portugal and not the other retreats in Peru and man was that the best decision I ever made! The details I read of the Sinchi retreat felt loving and authentic, which paid off more than I could have ever imagined. If you're inquiring/interested in profound ayahuasca experience, do yourself a favor and take the leap here!

  • Améline Dewulf   July 02, 2020

      great vibes & stunning nature

    These were my second experiences with ayahuasca and i’m very happy i went with these guys. It’s so important to follow your intuition for these kinda things,it will always show you in the right direction. The venue was just amazing,stunning nature,your private tent in the middle of the forest far enough from the others. At the end of the hill a river with a little waterfall to cool down in on hot days,it’s perfect for plant medicine work. Everyone on the team had great vibes and held the space beautifully. I’d definitely come back when i feel the next call. Thank you!

  • Edouard   June 24, 2020

      Life Changing Experience

    I spent an amazing weak at Sinchi Runa. It was a wonderful experience. Everything was perfect for me, beautiful, gentle and transformative. It was my first retreat of this kind, and i did not know what to expect. Sinchi Runa set very high expectations for the next retreats i will do. I discovered a new world, and maybe most importantly reconnect with myself. Maestro Sanango, Mikaela and all the team made me feel at home, almost part of a family. I recommend everyone who feel interested or attracted to give it a try and experience it. I recommend everyone in my family to go to this retreat and experience it at least once in their life. Thank you for this extraordinary experience.

  • Michael   June 05, 2020

      Wonderful Experience

    I had a really wonderful experience on a 7 day Ayauasca retreat with Sinchi Runa. From the beatiful location in the countryside, to the delicious home cooked food served everyday the conditions were really perfect. The Maestro was experienced and accomplished and guided us through the process with great love, care and expertise. The assistants/translators and volunteers were also amazing, providing help and guidance and creating a warm, freindly and safe environment. Honestly have no complaints and would reccomend Sinchi Runa to anyone interested in doing Ayahuasca.

  • Elizabeth Olwen   March 09, 2020

      A beautiful, life-changing experience

    It's hard to know where to begin explaining such a beautiful experience. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed with the most incredible warmth, which made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease. Kameron and Mikaela were some of the best humans I've met, so gentle, generous, kind and loving. And Sanango showed me and our group a level of kindness and compassion that I’ve honestly never witnessed. I’d never had an experience with a shamanic healer but if I’d had any doubts about the possibility of this type of healing, they are gone. He offered so much spiritual wisdom and guidance that helped me before, during and after the experience… it’s so hard to put into words but it was one of the greatest comforts I’ve experienced, and he taught me so much about compassion, love and acceptance. Before I signed up I was thinking about all the details, of the cost, if I could take the time away, all these details that seemed so silly and inconsequential after this. It just feels like it has nothing to do with money. This is about human connection, and connecting with your true self. I’m not sure how you even put a price on an experience like that. Everyone will have their own experience with Ayahuasca herself, and that really depends on your relationship to her and your own intentions and openness to the experience, but everyone at Sinchi Runa provided the most incredible comfort, guidance and love and I will be forever grateful. It’s been about 6 weeks since my experience and it put me on a new path that feels so full of hope and opened my eyes to the beauty all around me. And all the details were done beautifully, the food was great, the accommodation was comfy, the location was majestic and perfectly peaceful. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Stas Kotomin   February 21, 2020

      What is real?

    I traveld to Portugal carried by my intent just to trust in the things that I can truly see. As an Osteopath I know how easy it is for the mind to play tricks on you. Imaginations can become fast beliefs that limits us to see the reality as it is. Sanango showed me through deepest love and clear visions that all our fears are build on false interpretations of the reality in which we are living. His teaching is guided buy the Mother. Her way is the pure love. Pure surrender to everything that is instead of building walls against the darkness. The darkness is just in our minds. The fear of the darkness makes us sick. To see through the material world means to see through the darkness. To wisdom the pure love behind everything is to heal Thank you my guru Stanislav Kotomin

  • Niklas Didrik Hellum   January 29, 2020

      Soul healing Experience

    Ayauascha is the most Beautiful and challanging Experience of my life. I have been searcing for the right place for the Experience and found Sinci Runa. The people there are the most loving and professional people I have ever met. As you know ayauascha is a very strong medicine and require respect. Sanango the shaman is a very loving and strong man with one intention - to help you heal and learn from the master plant. You will feel safe around him. Ayauascha will show you other dimensions (Yes) and your own fears and maybe traumas to so you can work it out and heal. If you struggle the team will take Care of you. The only way to get past fears and traumas is to focus on love and conpassion and to surrender to the Experience. If you try to fight the medicine you will have a bad Experience because the plant is strong. That Why I invite you to practice meditation (Just sit and focus on bresthing snd let the mind Sander) and try to surrender to whatever feeling comes. As Sanango said, You can be in charge of how you respond, both in life and under ayauascha. Either with fear and closing your heart or with love and staying open. Then understsnding and healing will come. I say all this about preparatene because you need to know it can be very! challanging and i want you to come with love and not fear. If your read this far - Thank you and I wish you all the love and healing you need - and then some more :) I could not recomend Sinca Runa more and send my Thanks to Sanango, Mikaela, Canerom, Veronica (who make amazing food) and the rest of the team. With love, Niklas

  • Izabela Kubicka   January 27, 2020

      Incredible experience

    There are no words to describe how grateful I am for your support, love and care on my personal spiritual journey. I experienced unexpected, completely life-changing beautiful moments. Finally, I broke down the blockades and opened my heart to unconditional love. These only 5 days in nature was like healing to my soul. I was supposed to be there and experience what I experienced. In my case it was just the beginning of a journey to this magical, powerful world and plant based medicine. Believe in possibilities! Stay blessed and listen to your heart! Thank you Kameron, Mikaela and Sanango with all my heart for being such an amazing beings. I wish the whole world was like you! See you very soon! With love, Izabela

  • Jane Bergmann   January 07, 2020

      An essential experience full of love

    My stay during the 23 day retreat with Sinchi Runa was a truly enriching experience! The dedication and love Sanango, Mikaela, Cameron and Noa put into creating a save space and facilitating a deep transformative process still leave me speachless! The inner journey I went on was eye opening! Even tough I wouldn't say that it was super easy to go back to my regular life (I'm still in the process of integrating and finding out how to channel the energy I took with my from the retreat), it's been absolutely worth it and I would wish everyone the opportunity to experience what I experienced!

  • Michaela Poulova   January 04, 2020

      Authentic experience. I can wholeheartedly recommend.

    I have participated in the 23-day Ayahuasca immersion including a master plant diet and Kambo initiation in Portugal. I will keep this review practical as I feel that this is not the place to talk about my actual inner experience of the medicine which I deeply love and respect. I used to be hesitant about attending this kind of retreat in Europe but I must say that this whole experience felt like the real deal. The location was stunning, in the middle of a beautiful forest and close to a river. I felt truly cared for in the hands of Sanango, Mikaela, Kameron and Noah who facilitated the retreat. They are compassionate and trustworthy. I could tell that they all have had their personal profound connection with the plants which enables them to lovingly share and facilitate to others. If you feel the call of Ayahuasca I would absolutely recommend going with Sinchi Runa in Peru or wherever the wind might take them next year.

  • Lauran Jenkins   December 10, 2019

      Life changing

    I’ve been putting off writing a review for 2 weeks now because I’m still in awe of the magic that happened at Sinchi Runa. I cannot do it justice in words. It was truly life changing. Sanago, Kameron, Mikaela and everyone at the retreat were incredible. I am so so grateful to have had that opportunity, and to share it with the people I did just makes it even better. Those 5 days have truly truly changed my life. You guys are magical! I can’t wait to meet again X

  • Ghazoua Jberi   November 02, 2019

      Pure Love

    Namaste, Words are not enough to describe this soulful experience. Enlightenment, peace, compassion, gratitude, growth, joy, freedom and above all LOVE. The location is peaceful and so are the people who were assisting us. Emma, Noah and Kameron are devoted and committed to helping us, kindly with pure honest hearts, throughout the ceremonies and the other activities. Sanango and Mikaela are on another level of awakening and love, it will touch your soul. Taking a part of this journey, will get you exactly what you need, regardless of where you are at, coming with an open heart and ready to let it all in. Witnessing magic in every step of the way and opening eyes to things you did not see before, on every level. I am so grateful for being part of this retreat, it changed my life for the better. I met and had a connection with amazing and beautiful souls. Thank you all, I love you always and forever.

  • Zaur Kalantarov   October 31, 2019


    I was so happy to be there. I learn so much about myself !

  • Magnus Øversveen   June 20, 2019

      A whole new world.

    My experience with Sinchi Runa was just amazing. I have read about many retreats before deciding to go to this one. I couldn't have asked for a better arrival into this life changing experience. The people at Sinchi Runa are by far the most genuine, kind and understanding people I have ever met. I live in Norway and this kind of humanity is something that I don't see very often. It's almost two weeks since I left Sinchi Runa and I'm still trying to process all that happened there. The food was amazing, the farm we stayed at was wonderful and ceremonies were magical. I have a little trouble finding the words to describe such an experience, but I would highly recommend Sinchi Runa to anyone who is thinking about visiting the wonderful world of entheogens. Sanango is a very good shaman/guide and has a lot of wisdom to share to those who will listen. His powerful presence really made my sessions perfect. Sanango is like the ultimate father/grandfather. Wise and powerful, healing and caring. He may be strict in some ways, but only because he cares about you, your journey and your spiritual healing.

  • Grace Chan   June 19, 2019

      The climatic ending to my Ayahuasca journey

    Previous to Sinchi Runa I have been to two other retreats in Europe and by far my experience with Sinchi Runa was the most amazing on all levels and by a huge margin. It was challenging at first, giving up my phone, having days of silence and having nothing much to distract myself with in general. After a few days I was able to pay attention to and appreciate nature more, I was mindfully eating because of the lack of distraction and really let my body rest as much as it needed. Also from just observing, I've learned what I should be eating and it's tasty simple food that I feel confident that I could cook at home. The members of Sinchi Runa are all such wonderful people that gave a really calm and safe energy which was so important for my Ayahuasca journeys as well as just being able to have really interesting conversations. In my first Ayahuasca ceremony I asked to give up my fear, knowing that I was asking for a challenging experience. I got that challenging experience but it wasn't terrifying because I fully trusted Ayahuasca and Sanango's guidance. I'm not sure such an experience would have been possible anywhere else as it involved real life events. It wasn't all in my head. My second Ayahuasca ceremony was the most bizarre and beautiful experience of my life. When closing that ceremony Sanango held my arm and said something to me that I didn't understand. I suddenly went from giddy happy to realizing that I had finally let go of enough trauma that I could feel joy again. For five ceremonies my intentions were to let go of grief, let go of sorrow, let go of fear and after letting go of so much negativity I could finally see the light. I felt like Andy in Shawshank Redemption, after crawling through my endless sh*t finally I was free. I was so happy I wept with joy and relief. Finally I can let go of my past. Finally I can live my life. I had been searching my whole life for a way to "fix" myself and finally that journey has come to an end. I don't feel the need to take Ayahuasca anymore. It's possible that I will again in a few years but I want to focus on integrating and living my life. In the second ceremony I asked Ayahuasca how to have more joy in my life and she said "You're funny. Do comedy." I had done stand up comedy in the past but quit because of the fear of bombing and not having anything meaningful to really say. I think I will get back to stand up as now I do feel like I have a lot to say and I think it'll be really fun. Thank you Sanango, Mikaela, Kameron, Noah and Rava (The coolest dog I've ever met).

  • Margaret   June 13, 2019

      A very profound experience

    I did an 8-day Ayahuasca retreat with Sinchi Runs in Portugal in early June. Both Mikaela and Kameron were so helpful in the initial stages of enquiry, booking and arranging transport etc. When I arrived at the Retreat, I was in awe of the dedication and kindness of all the staff and volunteers. I found both the first Kambo and the first Ayahuasca sessions quite challenging, yet the support I received was second to none. It enabled me to continue with further sessions as planned. I let go of a lot of grief and received so many insights that I know will be life changing. Before I did the retreat I felt very lost, whereas now I have a renewed zest for life and trust that I am part of a Sacred Universe. The other retreat participants were really great and supportive also. A huge thank you to Sanango, Kameron, Mikaela, Noa and Emma. I will be forever in your debt.

  • Kristin   June 12, 2019

      Big hearts and great guidance

    This was my first experience with ayahuasca. Coming to the old house with this beautiful calm loving atmosphere and meeting Sanango, Michaela and Cameron, I felt that everything was right. I felt very safe with them guiding me, i instantly felt that they were of love and compassion. I still felt a bit nervous for the ceremony, Michaela assured me that its normal and part of the prosess. I always felt very safe, and got all the guidence i needed during the stay. The words of Sanango and the ayahuacha experience is with me daily guiding me. Helping me to loogk inside for guidence, i feel my hearth guiding me stronger then ever. I am still learning from the experience. I am very grateful that i got to go on the retreat with Sinchi Runa. I would love to go with them again for a longer stay. I recomend everyone who wants or need an ayahuasca experience to go with Sanango Mikaela and Camron. I have allready recomended Sinchi Runa to some friends, colleagues, my brother and aunt. I am so thankfull for the guidence love and compassion through the ayahuasca experience.

  • Jorge Monterrosa   May 19, 2019


    I had participated in four Ayahuasca ceremonies prior to this one. Each offered something different. However, my experience with Sinchi Runa was by far the best Ayahuasca experience that I have ever had. I would attribute this in large measure to Mikaela, Kameron and Sanango. They did an outstanding job of creating a safe nurturing environment. They were generous in all ways. I felt safe and cared for at all times, by these strangers who became my friends. The sense of security that i felt, permitted me to be absolutely vulnerable, which made it possible for me to focus all of my energies into doing the work that I was there to do. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sinchi Runa to anyone who is sincere about healing, expanding, getting closer to source, or all of the above.

  • Lana Mbaideen   May 15, 2019

      Retreat with experts

    It was a special retreat surround by experts and I feel I am in a safe hands Mikaela - sernango - kamroun those people are angels Many thanks for this wonderful fruitful step in my spiritual journey

  • Dora Roberts   April 27, 2019

      I am forever grateful...

    One of the most powerful, positive and memorable experiences, I imagine, I will ever have. Attending a retreat such as this did not come without some deep personal fears. These fears, however, were kept at bay: Sanango, Mikaela and Kameron created a warm and loving space in which I felt safe and held but also given enough room to allow for painful, yet needed, change. I feel blessed each time I was present in a ceremony held by Sanango, I have a huge amount of respect for him. It is hard to capture in words but Sanango's knowledge and experience allowed for me to feel safe enough to explore and go to painful places, resulting in much needed healing - as a hard nosed Brit - I was amazed I was able to do this. In addition, Sanango's feedback was insightful and invaluable. The diet and the moments of silence together amplified the feelings of rest and recuperation. Looking inside myself is something I have always struggled with but in this environment it became easier and for the first time ever, I could feel my heart start to open. In the weeks that have followed I have had moments of feeling like my body may burst with love. The location was beautiful and our hosts fed us well! Nature was all around and rain or shine I felt at peace. I was told on my last day that changing the world starts by changing myself. I know the change in me has now begun. I want to wrap this retreat up in ribbon and give it to the world...

  • Nils Rahm   April 27, 2019

      From Fear to Awe - Trying to describe an indescribable experience.

    Since I wrote a very long description about my whole experience and what I went through, I wanted to post my opinions on the members of the organization first: Sanango is one of the most grounded individuals I've ever met, since this was my first Ayahuasca experience, I am extremely happy that I had him as the head of the ceremonies. He is definitely someone I felt I could trust merely by his presence. You can feel his wisdom and steadiness, some of the words he said shifted my perspective on a lot of things. He is also someone who is very serious about the whole process of Ayahuasca and what goes around it, and this created a very safe space for me and the other participants to dare to let go and be at our most vulnerable, knowing that there was someone who could guide and help us at every stage. I am very grateful that I had Sanango the Shaman in my first Ayahuasca experience. Kameron is someone with a very inspiring dedication in my eyes. He seemed to be driven by a strong sense of love, and caring for us participants and the environment we were in. He was constantly making sure that everyone was doing fine to the best of his abilities. A lot of thankfulness arises when I think of him, he definitely added a lot of good energy to the experience and was a vital part of everything that was happening. I have a lot of respect for him and the fact that he could stay so grounded in the ceremonies. Mikaela was the first to greet us as we arrived, and she did so with a loving smile and presence. Just her presence helped me to get more in touch with my emotions and be less in my head about things. You can feel how pure her intentions are and she cares very deeply about every participant. She was also helping out around the retreat and leading some of the activities (like Kambo etc). She also seems to really enjoy working with Ayahuasca and the whole lifestyle that goes with it, this helps someone like me to relax more and get into a more present state around nature. I am very grateful that she was a part of this experience and I gained a lot of insights because of it. The kitchen personnel and the other people around the retreat were very kind, they seemed very accustomed to the groove of the place and being in contact with them also helped me to be more present and worry less about my life and the outside world. *So This Was My Experience: I came to Sinchi Runa on the retreat in Portugal for one big reason. I wanted to explore my dark side, the crevasses within my mind that I was unconscious of, but that was still affecting me in many ways. I had prepared for this for three weeks in advanced with a strenuous regime of hours of meditation and Yoga every day, eating only plant based whole foods, resisting my temptations as best I could among many other things. I wanted to be as ready as possible for the Ayahuasca experience. Already from the moment that I booked the retreat my mind was affecting me, the fears and resistance was more subtle than I'm used to, but nevertheless the effects where quite uncomfortable, reality seemed less and less exciting, and my happiness was put of into the future (after the Ayahuasca ceremony haha). Now, I came to the retreat all riled up, after these weeks of preparation, I felt like I was ready for anything, It was time to slay the demons In my mind. First thing that happened is that we're all introduced to each other and the staff. After that we are told that we're having a Tobacco ceremony in the evening, we leave our phones and watches, so our minds does not have any way to fix our attention on time. This was one of the first struggles I experienced, but I quickly accepted this as a part of the process. I was in nature now, mostly in silence, with myself and my thoughts for an unknown amount of time. My mind was "forced" to start to focus on the moment instead of the future. This shocked me a bit, that I would create so much suffering within myself out of nothing. My mind was not content with simply just being here, it wanted to occupy it self with something constantly, but there was nothing to occupy it with. So it went around in loops, like a dog chasing it's own tail, around and around, spending a lot of energy for no apparent reason. Eventually we're doing the Tobacco Purge. I can already feel the energy in the ceremony yurt as I walk in and take my place. We drink a big glass of a Tobacco concoction, and the idea is to puke into a bucket, to physically purge out toxins and other things that can be in the way of the Aya ceremonies. We're all puking in a big circle, since I fasted two days before it takes me a long time to start to puke, but eventually I start to puke as well. I could definitely feel that this was not like normal puking that is filled with judgement and disgust. The "ceremonial" puking helped me to release a lot of emotional energy, and afterwards I felt more peaceful and ready for what was to come. As I went to bed, my mind was almost completely still, there was more peace in me. I felt closer to myself. I did feel closer to my fears too, but that was because I had let go of some of my defenses towards these feelings of vulnerability. Second day comes and I'm waking peacefully without any alarm. As I go for breakfast we are told that we are having a day of silence before the ceremony, and I'm happy about that. I spend most of the day walking around in the beautiful nature scenery, I don't see all of its beauty but my mind is starting to peak at it. A lot of my energy is still swirling around in my head. We are called for a gathering to discuss the Ayahuasca ceremony, and I receive some very important points and guiding principles. The most important one I remember was "Do not fool yourself that you are the fear or the pain, you are the one observing the fear or pain" (this felt like a life-saver at many points). The time between the gathering and the actual ceremony feels very very long to me, we are told that we are doing the ceremony at night, but of course there is no way for us to know when. I understand that this is intentionally so, I see the value in not giving us a specific time that our minds can latch on to. I felt the wait helped me to face and bring up a lot of trouble from the depths of my mind, I felt like I was going a bit nuts at many points haha. The night was coming and the wait felt more and more painful, I even started doing some breathing techniques and yoga inside my little tent. After that I was more calm, and more still. Eventually we're called for the session, and I can sense the terror arising in me, but Ignore it as best as I can. I enter the ceremony yurt, sit myself down and start to meditate in the most focused and erect posture I possibly can. It takes quite a while before everyone arrives but I'm meditating through it. Then the ceremony begins, Sanango (our shaman) blesses the bottles filled with the Entheogen and we are called one on one to drink. I'm second to last, I drink with confidence I feel ready to destroy the devils within. I wait, feeling like I'm in control, ready for anything. But I was wrong. As the Ayahuasca begins to hit, the first experience I have is complete loss of control, this arises from nowhere with no warning, and as a response I begin to feel strong fear. As I realize what's happening I begin to try to regain control, but as I try to do this the Ayahuasca responds harshly. My attention turns to my stomach and a sharp sensation of being cut in half arises. This makes me instantly puke all over myself, the puke relieves some of the terror and I come back into the room for a moment, enough to direct the next puke into my bucket. I become aware of the others in the room, and I can hear them. My mind makes all of it sound terrifying and I lose myself again. I begin to make sounds, maybe I am speaking with myself or fighting with myself I don't remember but I'm doing it very intensely and I don't even realize that I am doing it until Sanango comes and tells me "Silencio por favor", which makes me aware of the fuss I'm making and calms me down, grounds me. As I calm down I start to experience some beauty, beauty that I feel is quite unexplainable. But the resistance and terror kicks back in. I wanted to explore my dark side, my shadow and "exterminate" it. What Ayahuasca does is that it shows me that all this darkness, every demon inside me is a part of me. And my intention to kill this part of me get's realized in my experience, but I am the "demon" getting killed. And it's one of the most terrifying experiences I have. I experience myself getting killed in a 100 different ways. But I also experience myself killing and manifesting violence and suffering in equally many ways. I experience myself as both the perpetrator and the victim, in the most horrible and grim ways my mind could ever imagine. The following hours continue in this fashion, with small glimpses of me surrendering and experiencing beauty, love, liberation, or any other magical experience, just to get showed back into the meat grinder. I do not only experience this intense and brutal form of suffering, but I also experience more subtle forms of suffering such as being judged, being bullied, being perceived as ugly, inadequate, undeserving, useless etc. The ones I feel the most resistance to are the ones that gets taken to the most extreme, I get forced to experience these scenarios in the most grotesque and painful way possible, even experiencing death as a result of these conditions. Even though this was not an experience I wish to have, it was slowly doing what it was supposed to. I wanted to see my dark side as clearly as possible, in all its manifestations. After hours of this painful endeavor I had seen enough, and I started to surrender way more easily, relax and just observe everything. This led me to not be as attached to everything that happened and I became more calm, more present and started to enter into a more serene state. I spent the last hour just lying on the floor in the ceremony yurt calmly observing reality around me, with a sweet and pleasant ease. Eventually I went back to my tent to sleep and process everything I had been through, but with a tiny smirk of happiness. The next day (third day) I woke up some time before lunch. I was very calm, humbled by the experience I had just been through. My mind is barely active, my attention is mostly taken up by a strong presence. After lunch we are having a sharing circle with all of the participants of the ceremony. And it becomes clear to me that everyone had a uniquely distinct experience. As I express what I went through, I am a bit reluctant to express all of what I experienced fully, since it was such an intense, graphic and brutal experience. But I do my best, and I feel better after I shared as much as I could. *I want to add that I felt immensely grateful that I had Sanango leading the ceremony and being by my side as a grounding force as I went through the most intense fears and suffering I have ever been through, he helped me at so many occasions when things were the most intense and when I felt completely helpless and done. And also later on when I calmed down and I experienced some downs Kameron was also very helpful, at some points just looking at him helped me to ground myself and let go of fear or other discomfort*. During the rest of the day I mostly spend in silence, if I talk to anyone we just exchange some brief words about our experience previous night. Like I said before everyone had a very different experience, but I also sense this commonality between everyone, we have all gone through the same thing in our own way and there seems to be a space of understanding and presence opening up between us all. Something that doesn't need words. During the day I sit down in the beautiful nature scenery (which I am much more receptive to at this point), and I take out my journal and start writing. Some problems from my life arises, and other fears and concerns in relation to what I had just seen or experienced. As I write, I receive clarity on almost everyone of these issues. A lot of the darkness within me get's integrated and I understand the necessity a lot of the darkness plays in the overall continuation of life. Some examples are: I realized that unless I kill, I cannot survive. Whether I am killing animals or plants for my food doesn't matter since they are equally alive. I was afraid to lose control because I was afraid it would lead me to suffering or death, I was afraid what life could do to me, but I realized that I am also life, so maybe I was afraid of myself? I used to disconnect myself emotionally in a lot of situations because that was my way of trying to protect myself from unpleasant emotions, I found the root of this. I saw that boredom, stress, confusion, judgement, and fear are all different forms of resistance to the moment, and I saw how they manifest and why they manifest. This understanding alone helped me to let go of a lot of it. Overall my attitude had automatically shifted a bit to a more loving and compassionate one, simply by experiencing and seeing what I saw, I didn't want to suffer more. Suffering or not felt more like a choice now. The rest of the day was mostly spent observing reality and the world. There was nowhere to go really, no time to catch, I could simply be and enjoy existence for existences sake. On the fourth day we had a day of silence because the second ceremony was happening in the night. And this time I really enjoyed the silence, with the silence a lot subtle parts of reality became more visible to me. It became more and more obvious to me why I had to go through what I went through in the first ceremony, there was a lot of things I understood about myself and the world because of it. So going into the second ceremony, my sole objective was to be as relaxed as possible, go with the flow, and just enjoy the show. The day was comfortably breezing by, I did some Kriya yoga, took some notes in my journal, painted a bit. It became night, and I was not waiting anymore, the ceremony would start at one point and I did not have to worry about when. I even fell asleep for a while, everything had a sort of grace to it, I did not have the worry or anxiety (to do the right thing, or to get the maximum out of the experience) that I had before the first ceremony. I was feeling that whatever happens happens. I was woken up, the second ceremony was about to begin. I went there in a rested and calm state. Took my place and simply waited. Same thing as the first ceremony, we were called one on one for a glass of the sacred wine. I drank the glass with a deeper respect for the substance than I had during the first ceremony. Went back to my spot, and instead of meditating or trying to be focused, I just took the most relaxed position and waited with a clear mind. About 30 minutes must have past or so, and I didn't feel that much. I started to feel a bit afraid that I wouldn't have a trip at all. So when Sanango asked if someone wanted to drink more, I was one of the people that chose to drink another glass. After the second glass I sat down at my spot again and things started to happen, but this time it was much more controlled and much more beautiful. Again I experienced losing control of my body, but I was ok with it, I lost control of my mind, but I was ok with it. I was observing all of this instead of getting caught up in it. And I experienced the true nature of who I am, I am the awareness behind my experience, the one who is perceiving everything (in a detached way). I was the experience of unconditional acceptance. I was accompanied by a form of energy that I can only describe some attributes of (a serene presence, came from space, had a sort of calm blue electric light to it, was making everything crisp focused and clear, showed me the magic of reality). As this energy was accompanying me, it felt like a guide, showing me how all of reality works, in the most beautiful and magical ways. I observed the mechanistic nature of reality, in the sense that things just happen by themselves. There is no free will, but there is also no need for free will, harmony with this leads to a beautiful life. I saw the duality of life and death, how my consciousness is forever alive, and everything within my consciousness is dead (including my thoughts, emotions, body, and everything else), but as I become aware of any of these things I am temporary breathing life into these things. I realized I am an immortal awareness temporary housed in this mind, and this body. My consciousness never changes, but all of the forms within my consciousness is constantly changing, like all of the cells in my body is always dying and being created. And even physical death is just a change of forms, the I (who is the pure awareness and not the mind) lives on as a disembodied viewpoint. Where it goes I don't know yet. I could see so many different patterns in reality, and everything was as beautiful as a Leonardo DaVinci creation, it had this profound and awe striking beauty, I was just being present with it and looking at it as I was filled with magical feelings that I don't even have a name for yet. Every idea, every emotion, every movement would have a life in itself, my awareness was breathing life into it. So I was a bit more careful what I created with my mind. There was still some moments of deep suffering, but these moments where easy to deal with in comparison to the first ceremony. I was observing it all much more detached. The main areas I suffered was that my uncontrollable thoughts and worries would be experienced as electric shocks, and the only way for me to let go of them was to not react but just surrender to the pain I experienced with the shocks. And then I experienced a lot of judgement, of self, of women, and of reality. I saw how this mind state could make anything and everything completely compulsive and disgusting. Now, it was never the object of focus, but how the act of my judgement would twist and distort the object of focus. I was observing this again and again for a very long time. At one point I felt hopeless, that whatever I do I will never be able to get rid of this compulsive habit of judging, and whatever incredible beauty I am experiencing this judgement can destroy it all. Finally I gave up, and accepted that this might be the case. And then it dawned on me that I can recognize when this is happening and where it comes from, this will help me let go of it and then the judgement is doesn't have any weight over me anymore. I came back into the serene and magical state I had spent most of the ceremony in. Everyone had left, I was the only one still in the yurt after the ceremony, it was morning already. After some more time, two other participants came in the yurt together with Kameron and Mikaela, they where doing a Kambo ceremony. I knew that they were going to experience a lot of suffering and pain, and I was going to feel some of that as well just being there, but I felt that I had learnt so much about surrendering that I was ok with it. So as they begun, I was hit with heavy waves of different types of pain. But I was able to surrender to and let go of most of it quite effortlessly. I saw their pain and I gained more respect for the things they were carrying. Eventually the Kambo ended, and I was still lying in the yurt, just being completely content, present, serene, existing for the sake of existing. I might have been lying there for hours, or minutes, it didn't matter, time wasn't a thing for me. I felt like I could have stayed forever. But I knew I couldn't haha. Soon Kameron came and gave me some sweet things to eat and some tea that helped me come back down to earth a bit. He told me it was breakfast and that we were having the finishing fire ceremony in a while. I walked down to get some breakfast, and it turned out I had been in the yurt for so long that a lot of the crowd had already left for home. It was only me and four others left from the original 11 participants. I didn't speak much, I was still very positively overwhelmed by the experience I had, I felt quite blown away, on a deep existential level, words where not needed. The retreat ended with the Vedic Fire Ceremony. Which I enjoyed very much, turns out it's the oldest ritualistic ceremony know to man, and I could feel that there was something going on within me as we were performing it, but I'm unsure what. I believe it's something for the better though. After that we all packed our stuff, said bye and great thanks to the whole team and left for home. I wanted to give you as much insight as I could through writing, to how it was for me to go through the whole experience, and this is how it was for me. There is of course much more that happened, but for the sake of giving you a more brief overview, this is the best I can give you for now. After thoughts, this is something I'm sure I will still be processing for the next year or so. I have gotten what I needed, and I am now working to integrate these experiences and this wisdom into my everyday life, and it's going well. Of course, my actual experience and gratefulness is beyond mere words. Nonetheless, I am incredible satisfied and grateful about the experience as a whole, amazing retreat, amazing wisdom, thank you to all the people who made this possible, I wish you all the best of luck in the future!

  • Jonas Johansson   March 24, 2019

      Deeply compassionate people, retreat and ceremonies.

    My experience at Sinchi Runa was beautiful. I attended a weekend-retreat in Sweden and can't be happier I did. All the people working at the retreat were very warm-hearted and knowledgeable. They really did listen to us, the participants', thoughts and questions, and created a great sense of trust. During the whole retreat I felt very safe and cared for. The retreat was very all-encompassing - there was lots of space for valuable time in silence and introspection, for preparations for the ceremony, questions and follow-up sharings the day after. Oh, and the food was amazing. The ceremony was led by Sanango who I found so inspiring and passionate. The insight and compassion that emmanated from him was incredible. I really wish to return in the future to learn more about myself, life and consciousness, and can think of no better place than the beautiful Sinchi Runa. Thank you, Sanango, Mikaela and Kameron, for being such a loveful part of this journey.

  • Masha Soboleva   March 12, 2019


    The retreat was at the very least life-changing. Situated at the most charming of places with the house full of love and warmth, this was a great place. We were taken care of by kind individuals who most certainly knew what they were doing, guided through the experience as smoothly as possible. The food was delicious and the attention to all our needs, explanations, all the Q&A was extraordinary. It is certainly my hopes to find myself with these people and in this situation in the future and wish anyone to have this experience. Thank you Sanango, Mikaela and Kameron. Much love xxx

  • Julian   October 07, 2018

      1 month ayahuasca and plant dieta immersion

    Sinchi Runa was my first experience with staying at a retreat center and work with the plant medicines and my self. For me it was very important that the shaman (Sanango) have a lot of experiences with his work and the place was peaceful and without too many people. I appreciated my first stay in the private room where it was important so seek inside and be silence. Not too much talking and more focus on one self. The friendly staff came always with fresh tasty healthy food and there was meditation and yoga which was optional. After 5 days it was time to go deeper into to jungle and stay in a secluded hut close to a beautiful river (Shamanic diet). It was so amazing to experience the changes within each day gives. It was like a dream to wake up each morning in this beautiful and relaxed jungle with the sounds from the birds and the other animals. The saunas with medicinal plants was really a lot of good experiences. Personally it boost my experience in total to a higher level. Sanango was may the best shaman you could expect as a first time seeker. His incredible wisdom, understanding and relaxing feeling about the present moment make everything so much brighter and easier. I like the combination with the Vedic philosophy. It helps me to get a better understanding. The place is so welcome and you already feel like a part of a new family from the entrance. So lovely. It was the best decision in my whole life. So if you want a beautiful life - this place is a good place to begin with. :) Come, feel and experience the love. Namasté

  • Andrea de Zwarte   August 23, 2018

      In awe of this place, these people.

    What can I say. Words cannot describe my stay at Sinchi Runa. When I arrived I started to feel a lot of different frustrations, I didn't have the feeling that I could choose if I participated in for example the sauna that they had prepared when I arrived, I felt pushed into it but kept it for myself. After that a series of things happend that left me frustrated, things didn't go the way I thought they would and things were not like I had imagined (like not having a toilet/shower in my tambo and the mattress aggravated my back pain). Even though I know the trap of expectations, I felt right into it, pretty hard...and (silently) I blamed Sinchi Runa for not meeting up to it. Luckily there was the silent, accepting force of nature that surrounded me when I was at my lovely Tambo. I was in awe of this place! Within a day or 2 it teached me to just let go. I really felt taken care of, by nature but also by the people of Sinchi Runa...they radiate love. Mikaela (whom I deeply respect; she really does embodies an angel) has helped me beyond words and partly without even saying a word. When I looked into her eyes (in a time of deep personal drama) I could see the ''silent knowing'' that I also felt in the presence of Sanango. It felt very clear and profound like there is a deeper understanding of life that I seem to be able to experience for seconds, maybe hours..but they seem to live it, understand it. I have to say, that is good company to have around when you truly want to understand those things. They helped me to learn to take responsibility for my own life, my own made-up drama, in a honest but loving way. At some point I was almost crying for their attention, for help, they stayed with me but refused to feed my emotions of helplessness. By not feeding it, it starved a lonely death. I suddenly saw how I (partly) created drama in my life to gain attention; to be seen....and how painfully funny that somehow was. I learned to love and help myself and stop expecting that others will do it for me. I gained a lot of power from that. What I want to say is this: if you'll go to this place, big chance some negative feelings will surface, maybe also toward Sinchi Runa. I just want to invite you to not immediately take it out on the people of Sinchi Runa but try to take a honest look inside and just sit with that negative feeling. Maybe you are a little bit like me and you have some personal shit coming up to the surface, and the event that you are mad/frustrated about is just a way to ventilate those (old) emotions. Everything I've blamed them for when I was in my dieta, I laugh about it now...all that stayed is a deep feeling of gratitude. Much thanks to Sanango, Mikaela, Page and Kameron who all helped me with so much kindness. I hope to see them again some time!

  • Norelle S Adams   June 08, 2018

      You get what you need, not what you want

    This has been a common theme for me throughout my journeys with Ayahuasca (and in life in general). Every time I think I know what needs to happen, something much better and more useful occurs. This was the case at Sinchi Runa. I was completely thrown off by not being able to control anything from the time I ate a meal to when the sessions were and everything in between. This was necessary to break down my barriers and begin the deeper work that can happen for me only in a place of letting go. Sanango and Mikaela are able to somehow figure out what each person needs on a personal level. From my first consultation it was like Sanango already knew what would happen and looking back on that meeting I can see with positivity that he is divinely guided. I cannot imagine a scenario where someone would leave after a dieta and not be changed for the better. Whether it feels good or not, the change deep in the structure of your soul is sure to bring true joy to any who seek to visit this special place...Oh and the food is incredible (after the dieta:))!

  • Dani Lape   May 24, 2018

      el lugar adecuado si estas buscando mucho más que una simple experiencia

    En Sinchi Runa encontré personas con mucha experiencia y conocimiento, pero sobre todo honestas y comprometidas, conocedoras del gran potencial de las plantas maestras y del papel que estas pueden jugar en el despertar de la consciencia. Todo el trabajo que se realiza en el centro se hace desde la empatia, el amor y la responsabilidad, sin dogmatismos ni prejuicios.NO es un lugar indicado si solo buscas una experiencia "lúdica" con las plantas, pero SI es un lugar muy apropiado si pretendes profundizar en tu autoconocimiento o estas pasando por una adicción, un problema emocional o espiritual. Las plantas maestras tienen un potencial muy grande, no puedes imaginar hasta donde pueden llegar si no has tenido contacto con ellas, el acompañamiento de Sanango y su equipo hacen que ese potencial alcance su máxima expresión, con total seguridad y siempre arropado con todo mucho amor y comprensión, lo que hacen que la experiencia alcance todo su potencial sanador y de apertura de la consciencia. El lugar apropiado si de verdad quieres o necesitas conectar con la raíz.

  • Rebecka Celastrina Carlén   May 20, 2018

      Came back 3 times! Life changing experience every time!

    I first came to Sinchi Runa in 2013 to do a shamanic diet, and it was a completely life changing experience thanks to the plants and their wisdom, but above all thanks to Sanango, the shaman, that guided my process to help me find my own truth. I've met many shamans and guru's in my life and it's not easy to meet someone that is really real, guiding through compassion and a higher understanding. I came back one year later for another diet and this April I visited the center for the third time. I'm usually very sceptic towards ayahuasca centers, especially since the tourism around this plant has increased and South America is full of fake shamans. I was lucky to find Sinchi Runa, it's is a place with real people that together with the shaman dedicate their lives to plant healing and the search for truth. This is not just a place where you go to have a one-time ayahuasca trip, actually, if that's what you're after you shouldn't come at all. Instead, Sinchi Runa offers a true healing journey through a higher understanding of yourself, the universe and the reality of the world. I highly recommend it to any true spiritual seeker!

  • Sarah   May 02, 2018

      A challenging experience

    This was not a healing experience for me at Sinchi Runa. While I was here I felt pressure to drink the medicine when it did not feel right. The shaman was also absent many times, and I didn't feel like I had the opportunity to share why I was truly there with him. My voice did not feel heard, when I said I didn't want to participate further, this did not feel ok. There was lots of confusion around money, I feel like they were taking advantage of me financially while many other participants were there as volunteers and staying there for free. Even though I did work like the other volunteers, I was charged alot of money where as the volunteers paid little or in some cases nothing. Getting my belongs back from them was a very difficult process as well. In some ways maybe ayahuasca isn't the right medicine for me, but I did not feel supported while being here. I'm still processing my time there, and would not recommend this center." S.A                                                 ***** REPLY FROM CENTER *****             Dear S.A, We are sorry to read the review you left of the experience you had with us 4 1/2 years ago. We hope you are able to understand that yours was a very particular case as well as the initial agreements of your treatment and the responsibility we had towards both you and your parents. There was a great incoherence between your own will and story with that of your parents which caused problems during your time here and we did our best to handle the situation with care and respect towards all parts. We feel that this, in combination with your expectations, did not go together with the work we do at the center, resulting in a troublesome process for you as well as for us. Further, as a center we had inconveniences and difficulties with you interrupting the processes of others while not respecting the rules and guidelines of the delicate work and healing done through the center. On occasions we had to confront you with this and unfortunately it created conflict. After your process and for many years now, we have improved the filters before accepting people for treatments to assure that the applicant is truly seeking what we are offering. The processes we support are always through the volition of the participant themselves and this most importantly includes the work with the master plants. The willingness of the participant is the most important criteria in being able to enter a ceremony or diet with us and the few times you participated it was always with your consentment. The work that you refer to in your message is strategically therapeutic and consists of gardening and connecting with the earth. Our few students/volunteers have gone through many months of deep process themselves before being able to apply for a work exchange or student position. Apart from gardening, they are responsible for a multitude of tasks related to accommodations, workshops and managing the stay of the residents. The cost for the processes is obviously higher than the cost of the student/volunteer position, otherwise the economic management of the center would be unsustainable. The cost for our treatment programs are higher than the psycho spiritual immersions, since they require more attention and work on the part of the center. We hope that you can understand that the difficulties in interrupting your treatment came from the agreement we had with your parents to collaborate with a safe return for you. There were many complications stemming from not being able to find a solution for all parties as to where you would go next, and as a result, prolonged the process. Because of the characteristics of your treatment and diagnosis, we always had to consider your personal security first and foremost. Which also includes the subject of your belongings that were returned in full before your departure. We are sorry for not having been able to collaborate or support you in a way more suitable to your circumstance. We did our best to respect the agreements with you and your relatives in this delicate case and to come to an agreement that felt right and safe for all sides. We ask for your understanding and wish that we could have been of more help. Your process was a learning experience for us and you are still very present in our hearts. We hope that you have been able to find a treatment and circumstance more suitable to your wishes and needs. With love, Sinchi Runa                                                 ***** REPLY FROM PARTICIPANT *****             I have read the response and I feel I have been misunderstood. When I was in Sinchi Runa I was the person who was receiving their treatment, not my parents. They basically told me my parents wanted me to stay in and they kept me there. I was sad and cried every day. About ayahuasca I feel they don't understand I have a very sensitive body and it’s an extremely powerful medicine and I can not just drink it every now and then. it feels like they were telling me that they’re going to help me but they were not really. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia after this retreat. I was put on medication even injections and have had one hospitalization, after that, I stopped listening to anyone and started listening to my intuition and now the voices are gone, but that was just recently. No one in this world helped. I really just want to say that people shouldn’t trust shamans or even anyone too much. They should trust their intuition and their inner voice. Themselves basically. and shouldn’t listen to those who say I can heal you or fix you. About my Sinchi Runa diagnosis, you gave me a real medical diagnosis after your isolations and little food. I was alone so much I started hearing voices. very dangerous. About me interrupting other people, you interrupted my life. Five years now I did nothing just trying to fix this. Now I’m in a safe place because now they’re gone. They were very strong. There’s something talking to me every day again but I fought a huge war to be myself again. About you not accepting just anyone since my experience why didn’t you let me leave? I wanted to leave. Maybe I wasn’t fit. I knew sinchi runa was wrong for me. The only thing I learned was to trust my intuition because it took me out of hell. You gave me so much anxiety when I was eating I had panic attacks in my room. I’m very sensitive. yoga and meditation I stopped doing them after the retreat because it had a bitter taste. Not everyone is the same. It’s not my parent's fault. I’m the one who went there with my own will it’s not up to my parents to organize my journey as you say. When you didn’t like what I decided you went and took my parents word after convincing them of many things and you said it’s what your parents wanted. My parents said that sinchi runa are the ones who said that I should stay. They convinced us that’s why we canceled your ticket. About the concern over my safety and where to go next.. you put me in me danger and sickness. There ’s still residue. voices come sometimes but it’s 90% gone. I was hit. In my country wearing my cultural dress and doing very normal things made the voices go. It took me four and a half years to discover this. You didn’t return my things in full before my departure. You still have my electronics. Thanks.

  • Bill Ellingsworth   April 06, 2018

      Heart-opening, Mind-blowing, Life-saving. Sanango is a truly compassionate and wise Shaman, Healer, and Teacher.

    I came to Sinchi Runa to safely discontinue the prescription benzodiazepine drug Valium after being on it for a couple months, and to stabilize and heal following some traumatic experiences earlier in the year. However, I received much, much more than that. The drug dependance was a significant problem, but it was only the 'outer layer of the onion', so to speak. Underneath this surface layer were rotting layers of unresolved grief and/or trauma and related emotional and psychological pain that needed to be uncovered, processed, and worked through. There was no quick-fix magic pill to effectively resolve the state I was in. The only way out was thru. Following a 2-week detoxification and cleansing period I was approached by the center's director, Sanango, and told compassionately but firmly, "You are prideful. You need to reconnect with nature and cultivate humility." To this I sincerely inquired, "What is pride?" To which he replied, "Pride is believing you are important and that your thoughts are the truth. Humility is realizing there is a lot more happening in the universe than what's going on inside your head." Previously I had never understood pride or humility in this way. He continued further with instructions, "You will be alone in a small hut in the jungle, and will be in solitude and silence for up to 5 weeks. There will be no speaking, eye contact, electronic devices, or reading allowed. You will be brought a small plate of unsalted rice and boiled plantains two times a day for your food. In addition, you will be drinking various plant medicines during this time. You need to confront yourself. Try not to escape yourself." And with this I was escorted by his apprentice to a beautiful secluded location in the jungle along a creek (which I used to bathe), oriented to a small hut containing only a small cot for sleep, and left alone only with some clothes (which eventually became unnecessary). There was truly nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to speak with, and no one to be. I had no familiar comforts or escapes; none of the regular distractions to dull the discomfort or avoid the boredom. I was simply sitting in the middle of the jungle with myself for 5 weeks, nothing more. The first 2 weeks of this were extremely challenging. All the ugly feelings I had been covering up - the fear, anger, shame, loneliness, remorse, sadness, despair, hopelessness - erupted like a fiery volcano, and there were many occasions when I sobbed like an infant wailing in the middle of the night. In the midst of intense emotional and psychological pain, I really had to learn how to sit with myself, comfort myself, and love myself. In the most challenging moments I received unconditional love and skillful support from Mikaela and Sanango. After the first 2 weeks in solitude the heavy feelings gradually lifted, and were replaced by increasing peace, clarity, and optimism. At the end of 5 weeks I was clear; my mood was stable, and there were no more dramatic stories or 'problems' to tell about my life. On the 35th day, at the concluding consultation, Sanango commented, "It's marvelous the change that is occurring in you." Indeed, I felt that childhood had somehow returned to me, and that the entire world is seen new again through this lens. I learned many things from this experience. Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, opinions, and preferences are like the clouds passing by in the sky; they come and go, come and go, come and go, never the same, always changing. Sometimes the clouds are bright and beautiful, and other times they are dark and ugly. Regardless of their shape, color, and character, they are not permanent and eventually pass. Even the most dreadful and destructive storms eventually end, and the glorious sunshine returns. Our lives are also like this. Sometimes life is pleasurable, other times it is painful; sometimes we have hope, other times despair; sometimes we're happy, other times sad; sometimes we're healthy, other times ill; sometimes we gain, other times lose; sometimes we're anxious, other times relaxed; sometimes we make the 'right' choice, other times we make 'mistakes'. Amongst all this change and shifting, the only certainty we truly have is that nothing remains the same and that 'this too shall pass.' Following this experience there remains a deep awareness and confidence that whenever the inevitable 'storms of life' arise, there exists inside of me the ability and courage to simply be with and observe, allowing it to pass by like the clouds in the sky. I don't need anything externally to be 'okay'. This is one of the most valuable and profound life lessons I have ever learned. Our western culture teaches us to avoid pain at all costs; to cover it up with more pills, more food, more exercise, more television, more stimulation, more work, more money, more possessions, more relationships, more hobbies, more (fill in the blank). But all these things are only pseudo-escapes; they seem like effective strategies to avoid pain, discomfort, and/or emptiness, but they actually compound and complicate things. My sincerest gratitude to Sanango, Mikaela, Paige, and the entire Sinchi Runa family for the tremendous love, support, and guidance as I navigated through a very dark storm and period. You very likely contributed to saving my life, and giving me a fresh start and new opportunities.

  • Kay Weber   March 27, 2018

      Life Changing

    I spent several months at Sinchi Runa participating in a series of dietas and ceremonies. To say the experience was life-changing is an understatement. I experienced profound healing from personal and military-related trauma and finally found a true sense of Self. I've been home from Peru since December and I still feel as though my process and the lessons continue to this day. Sanango is a gifted shaman and Mikaela is an absolute angel on earth. I cannot recommend them highly enough for your journey.

  • Clay Campbell   March 07, 2018

      Beautiful and life-changing experience!

    After sitting with many teachers, I still felt that something was missing from my journey and I found it at Sinchi Runa. Sanango is a true teacher who is steeped in the knowledge of master plants, transformation, and Vedic teachings. As a yoga practitioner/teacher, the Vedic aspect of Sanango's teachings was priceless. He really is a master at guiding you through your individual process and customizing it to help you find your truth. I was, and still am, amazed at the depth of his compassionate and firm guiding as I weaved through my process. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. I will be coming back to Sinchi Runa as long as they are providing this powerful gift of teachings. The accommodations were perfect for what you are needing on your journey. The food is spectacular and the land has a deep healing energy that I have only felt in certain parts of India and high in the mountains of Colorado. I never felt pressured to do anything that did not benefit or enhance what I needed at that particular time. Having sat with many teachers, in different lineages, I can honestly say that this was the most profound experience of my life journey thus far and I will continue to return as often as I can. There is a true sense of caring at Sinchi Runa that provides a safe atmosphere to grow and heal, without giving off a "cult vibe", that I have seen in other lineages and retreats. The staff went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed to arrive at Sinchi Runa and what I needed for my time there. Do yourself a favor and contact them, you will give yourself a great gift. If we do not take care of ourselves on this life journey, then who will? Thank you.

  • Sasu Jolivet   February 27, 2018

      An Amazing experience

    I will be not able to thank enough Sinchi Runa for all the help they provided me during a critical moment in my life. I have to say I was very doubtful if this retreat was ideal for me, but, after having so many great references from previous patients I took the decision to give it a go and I do not regret the decision. Prior to the retreat I did several questions and they were very kind to answer all my doubts and query's. Sinchi Runa and his team inspired me confidence during all the process. This retreat is healing and also educational, you will learn and discover things about yourself, about the universe and your current reality that you would never imagine in the wildest of your dreams. Highly recommended!

  • christin mellner   February 27, 2018

      Strongly recommend this center! Life-changing by opening my heart and life for love, compassion and healing.

    I can from the depths of my heart recommend this center for deep healing work with authentic and experienced shaman in a safely held space. This center has a unique touch and a truly and gentle way of meeting individuals and guiding them on their journey towards healing and greater understanding and connectedness.

  • Rhiannon Jane   February 17, 2018

      Your search is over and your journey just began.

    I'm so happy that you're reading this. You just found the best retreat center in Peru. Seriously. Safe, legitimate, powerful, and intimate (this is not an Ayahuasca tourist factory. Avoid those places.) My first Ayahuasca experience with Sanango was back in 2011 and ever since then, I've been traveling to wherever the heck he is in the world at least once or twice a year to attend retreats and continue my journey with him. As a result, my life is incredible and I couldn't be more grateful. As far as I'm concerned, Sanango saved my life. No, I never abused drugs, I wasn't depressed, and I didn't have anxiety. I was actually living what I believed was a good life! Unbeknownst to me, however, I was secretly suffering because I was disconnected from my heart and my true self. I was doing things that I *thought* were ok but were actually hurting me in serious ways. I was a very difficult nut to crack. I didn't even think I had a problem. I was just being curious because I found the whole Ayahuasca thing intriguing and I trusted Sanango so I kept coming back to do retreats. Once I committed to a proper 10-day process with Sanango, my life changed completely and for the better. Sinchi Runa is by far my favourite place in the whole world. Nowhere else have I been able to access so much inner peace and joy. Real peace and real joy. Not just the kind you talk about or imagine. I experienced it. I became it. Sanango showed me the way. Ultimately, you are your own healer so don't bow down before anyone who makes you feel lesser than them. Only teachers with sincere compassion and true understanding who don't take their silly human selves so seriously are worth following. Sanango is one of those great teachers. Anyone who has the opportunity to go to Sinchi Runa and sit with him in their lifetime is sincerely blessed. If you're considering taking this opportunity, I am so happy for you and I hope we get to cross paths while you're there. I trust Sanango and Sinchi Runa with my life. I am safe there. I thrive there. It's the best work I've ever done. It's the best money I've ever spent. Thank you Sinchi Runa. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.

  • Kameron Celniker   February 15, 2018

      Finding Truth

    The greatest gift I could have ever given myself was my decision to do a 3-month-process. I arrived with an idea, a concept of what I wanted. Now, I'm simply left with a feeling, an undeniable knowing, which guides me everyday. It was such a blessing to have found this place. If you are searching for truth, to heal, to free yourself, to open your heart, I highly suggest Sinchi Runa.

  • Anthony Chetta   December 28, 2017


    No matter what it is you’re wanting to accomplish - what insights you’re looking to obtain, what issues you may think you have and need to dissolve - Sinchi Runa offers the expertise, setting, staff, and support to allow this to blossom in a unique manner that is catered to with patience, attention, care and love based on individual needs. The 30-day process was completely transformative, simply because I finally allowed it to be. It is with much gratitude towards Sanango, Mikaela, the staff, the jungle and plants, and “myself” that I write this. Out of truth and a genuine desire to assist the individual in assisting themselves, without any facade or hidden agenda, the holistic and all-encompassing nature of services provided by Sinchi Runa make it my only recommendation to others and personal choice for continued exploration of who We are. ❤

  • Arely Garcia   December 13, 2017

      I was so pleased with my first experience, I came back for a second one

    Rated 5 stars not only for the wonderful experience, but the environment and compassionate nature of the the folks that make Sinchi Runa what it is...a place of self-discovery and understanding of this world. I didn't know what to expect going in, but once my treatment was completed, the results of the process was far more valuable and special than I could ever imagine. The first time I visited, I was in a pretty bad state in my life. I stayed a month, and came back to "my reality" with a sense of purpose and resilience to face almost any difficult situation life put in my way. I've just returned from my second visit to "check in", and now find myself aware of certain things in my life that I need to immediately change to live a more peaceful and authentic "me". Every time I visit Sinchi Runa, a layer of my "conditioned self" is revealed and I become a little more conscious of who I truly am. For all you truth seekers....this place is for you.

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