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7 Days Ayahuasca retreat 2021

About This Event

On the edge of the jungle just outside of Pucallpa, right in the middle of the Shipibo homeland, you can find Pachamama temple. This relatively new ayahuasca centre was built especially around Mama Rosa, well known in the ayahuasca world as heart on legs, and her loved ones.

Most of the Peruvian ayahuasca centres are located in and around Iquitos and mama Rosa, like many other shamans from Pucallpa, worked there for many years. This meant being apart from her family for months at a time just to make a living. With the founding of Pachamama Temple in Pucallpa this  is no longer the case, and Mama Rosa now works with her family, also trained and skilled her sons, to create a space with a beautiful family atmosphere and very powerful healing ceremonies. In addition to this loving family you will find a team of experienced English speaking facilitators working alongside them, there to guide you through your ayahuasca experience. Pachamama Temple is a place where you can feel at home and where a genuine loving energy and personal attention are a big part of the retreat experience.

Pachamama Temple was founded for those who are seeking profound personal transformation and true healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Do you feel lost or out of balance? Like there is something missing in your life? You feel you are cut off from a deeper connection to yourself and the people around you? Are you struggling to find meaning in it all? Are you carrying around old baggage that you are not able to let go of? Do you find it hard to love yourself ? You will be amazed how many people, especially in the western world, are struggling with these feelings and the inability to heal themselves from past trauma and loss.  More and more of us are waking up. We no longer feel we can just keep going on like this, unfulfilled and unhappy. So we make a choice. No more. There is more inside me, and out there, and I am going to find it!

Transformation and healing. What does that really mean? These are big and abstract words and we don’t want to use them lightly. We don’t want to use them just because they are good words for marketing. We use them because they are the true goal of the Pachamama Temple and we deeply believe that everybody can achieve them working with the ayahuasca medicine and the right support. We invite you to come over to find out what personal transformation and healing means for YOU.

The Venue

Pachamama Temple is located just outside the city of Pucallpa. Why? Because this is where our Shipibo healers live! Unlike many other retreat centers, we chose to come to the heart of the Shipibo community instead of taking the Shamans away from their family and friends for months at a time to work in locations deep in the jungle of Iquitos. We strongly feel that the happiness of the Ayahuasqueros is of the utmost importance and reflects on their healing work in a positive way. Visiting Pachamama Temple will give you the feeling of visiting the healers in their own home, where they are open, joyful and relaxed.

Daily Schedule


11:00 Collection outside Los Gavilanes Hotel, Pacullpa, Peru.

11:30 Arrival at Pachamama Temple and room allocation.

12:30 Group meeting – Introduction to staff and healers.

13:30 Lunch.

14:30 Group meeting – Introduction to the Temple.

16:30 Ayahuasca vine preparation.

19:00 Dinner.

21:00 First ceremony (Traditional ceremony, where only the Shamans drink Ayahuasca).


08:00 Cleansing Vomotivo.

09:00 Breakfast.

10:00 Brewing Ayahuasca.

12:00 Flower bath.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Individual consultations with the Shamans and free time.

17:00 Group meeting – Discussion about working with Ayahuasca, expectations and intentions.

19:30 Meditation in the Maloka.

20:30 Preparation for ceremony in the Maloka. Time for introspection and relaxation.

21:00 Second ceremony.


08:00 Plant medications (as individually recommended by our shamans).

09:00 Breakfast.

10:00 Free time with the shamans.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Art workshop.

17:00 Plant medications.

17:30 Free time with the shamans.

19:00 Dinner.

21:00 Fire ceremony and free time.


08:00 Plant medications.

09:00 Breakfast.

11:00 Flower bath.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Group meeting – Q & A with the shamans.

17:00 Plant medications.

17:30 Free time.

19:30 Meditation in the Maloka.

20:30 Preparation for ceremony in the Maloka. Quiet time for introspection and relaxation.

21:00 Third ceremony.


08:00 Plant medications.

09:00 Breakfast.

11:00 Flower bath.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Shipibo history and culture lesson in the Maloka.

17:00 Plant medications.

17:30 Healing massages.

19:30 Meditation in Maloka.

20:30 Preparation for ceremony in the Maloka. Quiet time for introspection and relaxation.

21:00 Fourth ceremony.


09:00 Breakfast.

10:00 Group meeting – closing the sharing circle.

14:00 Festive traditional Shipibo meal with the community.

16:00 Market with shipibo clothing, local artwork, jewelry etc.

19:00 Dinner.

21:00 Camp fire.


09:00 Breakfast.

10:00 Group meeting – Integration discussion.

13:00 Lunch.

14:00 Taking group pictures and saying goodbye.

Preparing for Retreat

Preparations for our Ayahuasca Retreats begin weeks in advance, starting with following a traditional Ayahuasca diet. This diet will prepare you for your journey by cleansing your body. This ensures that you will get the most out of your experience by minimizing things like digestive upset. Your commitment to this diet will also show the seriousness of your intention and your respect for the medicine, which are crucial in developing a strong relationship with the spirits of the plants. The menu at Pachamama Temple reflects these restrictions.

Please abstain from:




All street drugs (cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine, etc). These drugs in combination with Peruvian Ayahuasca can present a serious danger to your mental and physical health. See our Medical guidelines.



Salt and pepper. (We recommend a small intake of salt every 3 days).

Chilies or other hot peppers.

Refined sugars and sweets.


Cacao, cocoa, and chocolate.

Dairy produce, including cheese.

Red meat.

Oils and fats (use very sparingly).

Carbonated beverages (including diet soda), energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer.

Fermented foods (such as tofu, saurkraut pickles, etc).

Overripe, bruised, and dried fruit.

Protein extracts, powdered protein supplements and shakes.

Yeast or yeast-based supplements


Our Ayahuasca Retreats take place in two Ashram style buildings on the Temple grounds in which all of our guests have a single room for themselves. These simple and rustic rooms are comfortable, safe and protected by mosquito netting. There is a single bed, a desk and a safe box in every room. You can secure the safe box with your own password. There are showers and bathrooms nearby, not more than 30 meters away from your room



 retreat guests arriving at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima choose to connect their flights straight to Pucallpa, the home of the Pachamama Temple. We do recommend that you leave enough time in between your flights for any delays. You will also want enough time to get your luggage, get to domestic departures and check in again. We recommend that you leave 2.5 to 3 hours between the flights. Pucallpa is easily accessible from Lima, only a little over an hour by plane. There are three domestic airliners that make this commute from Lima to Pucallpa. These are LAN, Star Peru and Peruvian airlines. These flights vary from about US $180 round trip to $300 depending on the airline and how far out you book.


When booking your international flight into Peru, its important to keep in mind the time of your connecting flight to Pucallpa. If you are planning to arrive on the day of the retreat, we recommend that you arrive in Lima no later than 5:30 am and make sure your departing flight from Lima to Pucallpa leaves before 8:30 am, as all our guests will be picked up at the Los Gavilanes Hotel in Pucallpa at 11:00 am. This ensures that you have enough time to get to the hotel before the pickup time. The way to get around in Pucallpa is by Motortaxi, which is a kind of tuck tuck. Getting from the airport to the hotel will cost about 8-12 Soles (US$3.00-5.00), depending on your negotiation skills, and will take about 10 minutes.

If you wish to arrive a day in advance, we have an arrangement with the Los Gavilanes Hotel and can provide booking for you at a rate of 105 Soles (US$30-35) for a single room. The hotel will also provide free transport from the airport to all overnight guests. You can find reviews for Los Gavilanes Hotel on Facebook. Please contact us to initiate your booking.

Venue Highlights

Pachamama temple represents more than just another Ayahuasca retreat. It is a manifestation of a dream of transformative Plant Medicine healing through balance and sustainability. We provide traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru as a part of cultural exchange experience. You will receive deep and life-changing healing through wisdom of Mother Ayahausca, as well as a first-hand experience of living with a family of Shipibo Maestros. We have an individual approach to all our Guests and provide various interactive lessons and workshops that will give you knowledge and insights on the life of Shipibo people. In Pachamama, we believe that once the healing starts, it is an unstoppable domino effect and witnessing it happen every day is our biggest reward! Pachamama is a genuine place, our little kingdom of love, and we are a team of simple and humble individuals who have only one dream – make a change in this world by simply giving more.
Pachamama Temple has made a bold step out of the jungle of Iquitos where most Peruvian Ayahuasca retreats take place, and into the native land of the Shipibo people where we strongly feel it belongs. Located in Pucullpa, Peru, our shamans work in their natural, family-like environment where our guests can be provided with the highest level of safety and service. Visiting Pachamama Temple will give you the feeling of visiting the healers in their own home, where they are open, joyful and relaxed.


Our Ayahuasca Retreats take place in two Ashram style buildings on the Temple grounds in which all of our guests have a single room for themselves. These simple and rustic rooms are comfortable, safe and protected by mosquito netting. There is a single bed, a desk and a safe box in every room. You can secure the safe box with your own travel lock. There are showers nearby, not more than 50 meters away from your room


  • Towels
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Our talented cook combines nutritious ingredients with a lot of love and creates food for soul. Our simple meals are prepared with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and despite Ayahuasca diet being restrictive, dishes in Pachamama are delicious and healthy. We have often been complimented by our Guests that they would come to Pachamama just to have a good meal! Our Shipibo lunch is something that we are very proud of and you will have a chance to taste traditionally prepared Shipibo feast and enjoy it just the way our Maestros do – with fingers straight from banana leaves!

In order to get the most of your Ayahuasca journey with us, please follow the below dietary guidelines:

Please abstain from:
All street drugs (cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine, etc). These drugs in combination with Peruvian Ayahuasca can present a serious danger to your mental and physical health. See our Medical guidelines.

Salt and pepper. (We recommend a small intake of salt every 3 days).
Chilies or other hot peppers.
Refined sugars and sweets.
Cacao, cocoa, and chocolate.
Dairy produce, including cheese.
Red meat.
Oils and fats (use very sparingly).
Carbonated beverages (including diet soda), energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer.
Fermented foods (such as tofu, saurkraut pickles, etc).
Overripe, bruised, and dried fruit.
Protein extracts, powdered protein supplements and shakes.
Yeast or yeast-based supplements


Pucallpa (which means “red earth” in the native tongue) is located in eastern Peru on the banks of the Ucayali River, which is a major tributary of the Amazon River. Pucullpa still remains quite isolated from the rest of the country by the Amazon Rain Forest and the Andes mountain range. The city is pretty much unspoiled by mass tourism. Here you can still walk the streets without persistent vendors trying to sell you something at every corner. We have found the local residents of Pucallpa to be very friendly and helpful people. We love the place.

Most retreat guests arriving at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima choose to connect their flights straight to Pucallpa, the home of the Pachamama Temple. We do recommend that you leave enough time in between your flights for any delays. You will also want enough time to get your luggage, get to domestic departures and check in again. We recommend that you leave 2.5 to 3 hours between the flights. Pucallpa is easily accessible from Lima, only a little over an hour by plane. There are three domestic airliners that make this commute from Lima to Pucallpa. These are LAN, Star Peru and Peruvian airlines. These flights vary from about US $180 round trip to $300 depending on the airline and how far out you book.

pucullpa to pachamama temple

When booking your international flight into Peru, its important to keep in mind the time of your connecting flight to Pucallpa. If you are planning to arrive on the day of the retreat, we recommend that you arrive in Lima no later than 5:30 am and make sure your departing flight from Lima to Pucullpa leaves before 8:30 am, as all our guests will be picked up at the Los Gavilanes Hotel in Pucallpa at 11:00 am. This ensures that you have enough time to get to the hotel before the pickup time. The way to get around in Pucallpa is by Motortaxi, which is a kind of tuck tuck. Getting from the airport to the hotel will cost about 8-12 Soles (US$3.00-5.00), depending on your negotiation skills, and will take about 10 minutes.

If you wish to arrive a day in advance, we have an arrangement with the Los Gavilanes Hotel and can provide booking for you at a rate of 105 Soles (US$30-35) for a single room. The hotel will also provide free transport from the airport to all overnight guests. You can find reviews for Los Gavilanes Hotel on Facebook. Please contact us to initiate your booking.

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • aHLA Sishs   May 31, 2020

      One of the best places.

    I actually had my 7 ceremonies experience months ago, and only writing this review now for different reasons. first of all, this has literally changed my life. and I had the time of my life. Though i chose to give them 4 stars instead of 5, and i will explain why in the end of this review. This place is so awesome! one of the main reasons to do your aya-huasca journey there is because of the legit shamans. those guys are the real thing, when you're there you will understand. they are pure souls and all they want is to help you heal, help you progress. and they enjoy doing so. in addition, the temple is located near their hometown, so they dont have to leave their families for weeks to the jungles so tourists will fulfill their fantasies from the movies. this way you get what you looking for in harmony with your healers life style. and whether you believe it or not, the shamans are KEY for you to find what you looking for. The temple is also in perfect harmony with nature. everything is natural and organic, from the rooms to the toilet paper. when you dive to the depth of being and your sub-conscience, its really best to know that you dont harm anything else on the way to your healing. otherwise you will have Resistance and conflicts. maybe you dont know it yet but when you heal, the planet heal with you. Another great thing is the guides! such a wonderful guys. very experienced, i have learned so much from them. and during the ceremenies they just feel you, and are there for you. they will remind you to be present, help you get clean, and support you if you need. To sum up, there is no way to explain in words the size of this experience. I urge you to go to your journey with mother aya huasca in this great temple. they are good people in the heart with nothing but good intentions. and either way I hope you will find what you need. The downsides (for my point of view) which prevented me from giving them 5 stars are some basic therapy ethics that are obvious in the western world. - one of the guides developed romantic relations with one of the participants during this retreat. for me it pushed some triggers, especialy in the ceremonies. The thing is, I have also studied a great lessons from that too!! with the help of aya huasca. but still, even if this place is about love and openness, i think guides must avoid stuff like that. that mess with the energies in the group, and in my opinion not moral. - too many cameras. even if you want to stay discreet, you might get pictures. this is a digital world and i know its important to make pictures to keep the business. but even if they edit you out, i think its one's right not to be photoed at all at his healing time. and I also think its bad poison for the energies the have cameras around in this holy healing environment. for most people it might be irrelevent, and again, this place is really really great. and i do recommend that you go there. its just those last issues that blocked me from giving them 5. have a good time and be well!

  • Bram   February 24, 2020

      This is the real thing

    After a life changing week at Pachamama I can truly say this is the real thing. The meastro's, the team and the energy of the location is honest, loving and real. The attention all of us recieved from the meastro's during the ceremonies was amazing. The facilities are well designed and maintained, basic but comfortabel. The team knows what they are doing and they are connecting to it with their heart (not their wallet). This makes Pachamama Temple a save, loving and real place I highly recommend to anybody who was called by Mother Ayahuasca.

  • Melissa Ann   February 19, 2020

      Life Changing

    A friend went here and had a very positive experience, so I decided to take the leap of faith and book the 12 day ayahuasca retreat. I was living in Peru and earning soles, so the money felt like a lot, but it felt right in my heart to make this decision. The experience for me, was 12 days of work on myself that I deserved. I learned so much about myself and was able to heal everything I had intended on working on. This place is like the cream of the crop (is that a saying) lol, in terms of ceremonies. You have everything, literally everything provided for you, and all I had to do was drink the medicine and go inward. In addition, there are so many maestros and they are all family. They keep it that way to keep the place safe. They work through love and joy. The actual physical structure of the place is absolutely beautiful. The paintings in the maloka accompanied me. The dogs (Sheila, Billy, Cookie, and the other dog who I forget his name and it makes me sad I am forgetting (he is a sweetie) accompanied me on this journey as well. They have beautiful personalities and are clean. The relationships I formed with the people around me will be forever connected. The food is amazing, clean, and delicious. There are a variety of places to sit and rest (hammocks, rocking chairs, maloka, ect). Mama Rosa is available to help you if something comes up that needs physical healing. She was always helping people along the way with things that were needed. The facilitator Devin was super badass. He guided us along the way and helped us understand how to work with everything. I will add, he was super humble and had a great sense of humor. I wish him well in his new journey. The ceremonies were so powerful. The ikaros are beyond anything I could have every imagined. Having each maestro individually sing an ikaro designed just for you is out of this world. Thank you maestros. Thank you. I had everything I needed. After the ceremony ended, Devin would play guitar, and the volunteer Vojtek would as well. I loved hearing their songs. Then there was this massive playlist that they played after the playing of music. The lyrics will forever be with me. I have the playlist on Spotify and still listen to it. They added to my healing while I would write in my journal. There is also an ayahuasca kitty that hangs out by the bathrooms when you go. She comforts you. She helped me heal. By the way, everything is sustainable (the bathrooms are clean and there is no smell whatsoever). Treating with Earth with love and utmost respect is beautiful. Thank you. I will add that it was amazing to be able to help make our own ayahuasca and see the actual process. I was able to put in my intentions and felt a deep connection with the plants. Ayahuasca is a beautiful and sacred spirit and she has guided me in my life thus far. I am forever grateful for these beautiful people (Dominick (spelling)- I never met you who have decided to open a facility to help heal people and share the beauty of plant medicine (Ana- always sending good vibes). A whole family of beautiful maestros who are able to stay home, work, and live with their family is beautiful. They don't have to be far away from their family in the middle of the jungle for long periods of time. I think this is one of the reasons I really love this place. It was created with pure love and good intentions and the family of maestros are beautiful and loving people. I think this is one of the most important things when I was looking into a retreat. Since I had a reference, I felt better about making the decision, but once I was here, I really understood how important it is to have safe and loving legit maestros. The healing that they are able to do is out of this world. I am not sure how else to express that. Also, Peru is a beautiful country. I have lived here about 3 years. The wisdom and love that this Earth has to give here is so amazing. I am so grateful to have been able to experience the jungle in all its beautiful glory. I think that being in the jungle is a once in a lifetime experience. I understand that I wasn't deep in the jungle, but feel that it was the perfect balance for me. I wish you peace and love in making a decision. Thank you Pachamama Temple.

  • Sharon Freeman   November 26, 2019

      The bar is set so high

    This really is the most amazing and beautiful well set out retreat I have ever been to the food is amazing the treme so helpful the shipibo family are so brand powerful, there is no mosquitos. 100 stars and I'm deffo going back, highly recommend. I'm lost for words how much.patchamama has changed me life. The best way to describe how I'm feeling is pure love xxxx thank you

  • Cal   October 12, 2019

      People that care

    I attended the 12 day Pachamama retreat in September 2019 and I believe it will be one of the pinnacle moments of my life. Everyone at this resort is kind and loving, people that care about your mental and physical health. The family and staff strive to make you feel safe and loved, i have never felt so accepted and safe in a foreign country. What I can really say is if you are going through trials and tribulations in your life then this is a place that will help you. Dom and Ana are truly amazing people, you may never find another two souls like these in the chaos of the world. The group i attended with was also amazing, i hadn't for one moment felt judged in the group of thirteen people i attended with. The facilitators during the ceremony were very attentive and kind. Devin and.... the other name is slipping my mind at the moment but they were just great people. All i will say is that if you are looking for a place to take ayahuasca to sort a problem out in your life and you need a place to feel safe, loved and accepted then this is the place for you, it is something truly special and i thank everyone who was a part of that chapter in my life. Ill be back!

  • Roland   September 26, 2019

      12 day retreat

    I conducted the retreat with my girlfriend, and we were in a group of 13 persons, mostly northern americans. We did 8 ceremonies with 5 sjamans Each time. De sjamans were very dedicated and relaxed, a big advantage of the fact that they all live (very) nearby in Pucallpa. Pucallpa is a big, domestic village and the retreat is situated at a quit edge so you can hear some noises from shipibo doing their things The temple is built on a big piece of land with a fence and it s guarded by (lovely) dogs and Nice guards, so it feels very safe. The houses are built in the same authentic style and the malokka is big and beautiful. It s sober but everything we needed was there The staff and volunteers were very experienced and although they have to make a living out of this, they were always generous with time and needs. During the ceremonies the staff took very good care of us and supported us in difficult times or (on our way to) the toilets. It helped a lot to go deeper because we felt so safe. We drunk ayahuasca 7 times and it was very powerfull. I had some beautiful insights but also some very hard nights. After closing of the ceremony there was Nice music to listen and you could chose to stay in the malokka or go to your room. There were always staffmembers available to talk to and they were looking after everyone! Besides the ceremonies we had groupsessions with the staff, a conversation with the sjamans, flowerbaths, dayli plant medicins, good food adjusted to optimize the aya (I lost 3 kg’s in weight), a lot of personal help, always available water, tea an fruits, and a boat trip, local market, a few workshops and we Made our OWN aya. This was all included. So I don t think it can be better although we first doubted to go to Iquitos because we wanted to see the jungle. But now I think this is more authentic en much healthier for the sjamans because they can stay with their beloved ones and really were helping us out of love instead of surviving. The main part of the journey is inside a person and because of this good circumstances, I went much deeper. Dom really has made this sanctuary for the right reasons witch cuts both ways. I fully recommend this retreat! Roland from the netherlands. I am 53

  • Jordan Taylor   September 08, 2019

      Beautiful Experience

    My week at Pachamama provided me with fertile ground for healing. The medicine was powerful and the energies at this place are benevolent and supportive. It was such a fascinating experience, I would recommend Pachamama to anybody and everybody. The maestros are wonderful healers and the whole place feels so peaceful and energetically on point. If you are looking for a real deal experience that is not exploitative to the human healers check this place out.

  • Jon Spiros   July 24, 2019


    I booked a retreat at Pachamama after doing years of research on which center to choose and I am so grateful that my intuition took me to the right place! I had the most deep and transforming healing and I still get goosebumps even just writing about my experience! I came to heal a deep trauma that I thought nobody can help me with and I got so much care and love from everyone that I never felt before. I needed a lot of extra attention and a more private approach and the Shamans and facilitator took care of me and my case the entire time. The healing is beyond words. I was on the verge of giving up on myself when I found this place that saved my soul! I also came with a physical ailment and one of the Shamans made an ointment specially for my condition and it is getting much better. The people in Pachamama are full of love and their love healed me. I cannot say with plain words what it feels like, it is something that needs to be experienced first hand. I got a second chance to live.

  • Michal Drozd   July 19, 2019

      Love Peru

    I come from Poland and have drunk Ayahuasca number of times in different places in Poland and Netherlands and then decided to go to Peru to experience Ayahuasca with Shipibo Shamans in Pachamama and this was the best decision of my adult life! Pachamama is a place that feels like home, everybody is relaxed and friendly, but at the same time professional, knowledgeable and caring. Drinking Ayahuasca in Pachamama was a whole new dimension of and cannot be compared to ceremonies in Europe. This was the real deal, the reality check and deep healing! I have experienced the most powerful ceremonies I could ever imagine and the Shamans were out of this world! They are so connected during ceremonies and we all got individual healing by each one of the Shamans! I got what I came for, and so much more. The place itself is safe and homey, the food is delicious, there are kids running around and going to school there, the staff are awesome people, the Shamans powerful…I have no words to explain my gratitude for the healing and love that I have received! Thank you Pachamama, I will be forever grateful.

  • Caz Landon   April 28, 2019

      Amazing unforgettable experience!

    The venue is in the heartland of the Shipibo community rather than deep in primary rainforest so it was nice to have the authenticity of the local community around. The facilitors and volunteers were second to none and made us all feel incredibly safe and well looked after. They were always vigilant of those who needed extra support and made sure to check in with them on a regular basis. The most magical aspect though we're the family of Curanderos; Mama Rosa, her sons and daughter and the daughters spouse. These experienced healers worked with such beauty and joy; their wisdom and oneness with the plant world, the universe, each other and those that they work to heal is palpable and sacred. My experience has been joyful and uplifting and has cemented the spiritual awakenings and experiences I've had in the past. This sacred medicine truly is a gift to humanity when administered by experienced Shaman such as these. Just magical!

  • Hojoon Choi   March 24, 2019

      Very Authentic, very well organized, very reasonably priced.

    If healing and authenticity is what you seek then Pachamama Temple is the venue to attend. The family of shamans are lovely and purely want to help, the facilitators and volunteers are amazing and always accessible, everything was well organized, and the support staff were so cheerful and helpful. Only downside would be the spartan accommodations and dry outhouses if one is solely accustomed to western style living and luxuries. But one does not go to an ayahuasca venue with accommodation quality as a high priority. If so, one's priorities need re-evaluation. Overall, I highly recommend this place to anyone who wishes to do ayahuasca and heal themselves. I would definitely return.

  • Massy   March 09, 2019

      This place is my little slice of heaven!

    Me and my husband have been to Pachamama Temple twice and we absolutely are in love with this magical place! The support and love we receive from the maestros, facilitators, staff and participants are just out of this world …. This experience has helped me completely heal my depression which I had struggled with for the 12 years. I tried so many anti depressants and anti anxiety medications and nothing seemed to help -or would help very temporarily- until I heard about Ayahuasca and happened to be one of the lucky ones to come to this temple. I honestly cannot express in words my gratitude that this place exists, it's the ultimate channeling of mother earth's love. I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who's looking to heal something or is stuck in life. I will definitely be back simply to feel more and more of this amazing connection I experienced... Forever in love with this place & the wonderful maestros and maestras...

  • Marcel Westhues   February 14, 2019

      Best Experience of my life

    I was suffering from depression and was looking for answers before i got to pachamama temple. Ayahuasca, the plant medicine and the open minded and lovely people there helped me so much with my depression symptoms and now i found a sense in my life. It was amazing, i felt very safe and cared there and the food was really good. I recommend this place for everybody who wants to try Ayahuasca, you are in best hands there. Much love, peace and respect for the pachamama family.

  • jamie crozier   January 11, 2019

      so incredible

    amazing, there’s no words to do it justice... if you’re thinking of doing this, then it’s probably time... and if you’re doing to do it there’s no better place or people to do it with... such a warm and welcoming vibe, from start to finish... you’re made to feel at home and ease... can’t recommend enough... if I can I’ll be back sometime

  • Rachel   December 29, 2018

      Fascinating experience

    I felt like visiting the temple was a great adventure. The temple is far enough out of the town that you feel you are 'away from' the hectic nature of every day life. The temple is a beautiful structure, with a tree integrated into the architecture. The shamans and facilitators ensure that you are looked after and 'kept safe'. It is an excellent place for someone who wants to discover more about their inner worlds and have a window into other peoples inner worlds too. The shamans sing special songs to you which makes you feel very looked after. A wonderful and unique experience in all respects.

  • Kenji Okayama   October 05, 2018


    I reccomend Pachamama Temple as a wonderful, magically and love place where I made 12 days retreat that CHANGE my life. Gave me much more than LOVE, WISDOM, PEACE, AWAKENING, it was a fantastic time with the GREAT MAESTROS, MAMA ROSA, FRANCESCA, FELICIANO, LUIS, GENARO AND GILBERTO, the fantastic team leading by JULIE with Enith feeding us with the lovely food with Tom the great support from AUSTIN, SAM AND XAWAN PICO(JAAP) Being at Pachamama help me on my process of healing and rebirth after my stay there also so grateful to be with my lovely group special to be with Laura and so thankful to bring me there. Absolutely recommended for everyone that need to make a change on the process of healing. It's a wonderful place where will find all the love and help you looking forward for. THANKS DOMINIK to build such a wonderful place and share with the WORLD PACHAMAMA TEMPLE..... I JUST WISH ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE THAT MAKE PACHAMAMA HAPPENS AND TO EVERYONE WHO MAKE THE CHOICE TO BE THERE.......LOVE LOVE AND MUCH MORE LOVE.......

  • Peter 123   October 02, 2018


    Pachamama temple is a wonderful place, it is warm and welcoming, and I felt like part of the family from day one. Amazing approach to guests. Shamans and facilitators always available for whatever I needed. A week of intense healing, came there broken, left a new person. Best money ever spent. I was in different retreats, paid almost double, received twice less. People are amazing, facilitators, volunteers, shamans. I was surrounded by real, good people. Everyone just wants to help. Food is delicious. I recommend it to everyone.

  • ANNA MCGREGOR   October 01, 2018


    I have recently completed a two weeks retreat at the Pachamama temple in Pucallpa, Peru and would like to share my experience which was, needless to say, life changing. The place itself is one with no ego, with facilitators and shamans that perfectly fit into that frame. Everything and everyone there is oriented solely on the individual’s healing process and towards making our journeys easier and more understandable. The facilitators, as well as the shamans (who live on or close to the property) are always available for private consultations and advice and are not mystified or kept in the “ceremony/maloka space bubble”. I went through several ceremonies, first of which was chaotic due to my lack of experience and knowledge on how to approach and work with the medicine or how to cope with a “heavy” journey. I have learned (again with the help and advice of caring facilitators and shamans) that setting your intentions before the ceremony is as important as the diet. Please do not mix expectations with intentions since intentions are as prayers and come with humbleness whereas expectations can only create disappointments as we cannot possibly comprehend the spectrum of Ayahuasca’s artistry, nor should we try to do so. Best advice I could give is to surrender with faith and trust and try to surf on the waves of Her energy without fear or resistance. At the end of the day and no matter how we interpret, understand or not understand the journey, She knows what She is doing and is there to help you. In my case, I found the dosage the be of crucial importance and as with any other medication, even a tiniest bit quantity wise can make a difference and thus, start your journeys with small doses and give Her space to show you the dosage She is comfortable to work with. Furthermore, my approach to shamans changed from one with subtle scepticism and latent prejudices to one of pure respect and I soon learned to treat and approach them with utmost love, respect and humbleness which was exactly what I received from them, regardless of my initial approach. They deserve the same respect that you would render to a physician who would be operating on your heart, since they do the same, but on an energetically and obviously, more subtle level. Mending broken hearts and minds without knives and stitches. Without stitches, however, does not mean less painful. The traditional doctor will give you an anaesthesia where in this case, you must face many dark sides of your brain and even though you will be safe and warm in the maloca and surrounded by loving people, the journeys can be very hard and exhausting, surfacing traumas and fears that were buried deep in the subconscious creating behavioural patterns and making us into adult auto pilots, contributing all our miseries to something or someone external. The shamans and their icaros guided me through the choppy waters of Ayahuasca, however, the work was mine to be done. The most important and by far the hardest ceremony I went through (I soon learned those are the most life changing and should be embraced as blessings) was the one that went deep into the subconscious and put a spotlight on the very source, the nucleus of the patterns that made me come to Pachamama in the first place. The patterns that made me addictive to being unhappy and judgemental to myself and everyone around me. The medicine took me to the deepest pits of my subconscious mind, where the God given, long time ago forsaken and forgotten child had been timidly hiding from childhood traumas and fears. I saw this child that in a subtle and gradual, but at the same time, aggressive and violent way, got banned from my own existence in a storm called life. It was now in exile, surrounded and safely guarded by many layers ego that dwell as it’s guards, making sure it does not escape from this life long night mare. It was sitting there in the darkest and most unreachable corner of my subconscious being and Ayahuasca, armed with the light of consciousness and teamed up with extremely powerful and experienced shamans, confronted all those guards, took the child by the hand and showed me the divine within. The divine we all came with. I felt as if a tumour had been removed from my soul. A physical ease from heavy burdens that I have been carrying for so long, that I actually became accustomed to their weight. I do realise that the ceremonies serve merely as guidelines and that Ayahuasca is not a gold fish or a fairy with a magic wand. For me, the work begun with the following morning, with the first negative thought that was in the service of the old patterns. The only difference is that that morning, I could actually recognise it as such, instead of attributing it to my personality. We cannot fight our patterns without the light of consciousness and in Pachamama temple, I received all the light I needed. The whole atmosphere of the place seemed like from another dimension. The food was healthy, delicious and prepared with love, I tried fruits I never knew even existed ???? There are innocent and unspoiled children running around the property (Shaman’s kids I realised afterwards), people are caring in a genuine way, conversations are real and friendships for life. The support I got goes beyond anything I have ever experienced in this life and I highly recommend it to all of you brave enough to face and fight that which does not belong to you.

  • Devin McCandless   September 11, 2018

      Home of Love

    From the moment I was picked up by the Pachamama Staff I recived and felt the love... and when I finally made it to the temple that love was only amplified! The Maestros/Maestras are amazingly beautiful and loving souls, which give their love freely as they share their traditional shipibo lifestyle, culture, knowledge, and healing... the facilitators are attentive and truly there to help facilitate the most healing experience possible, which all combine to create a truly restorative, healing, sacred, and one of a kind experience! Pachamama Temple is in the heartland of the Shipibo people and Pucallpa is an amazing city to check out when you come for your retreat... be sure to give yourself at least 1 extra day there to explore the markets and the unique blend of Shipibo and Peruvian culture. Also with your retreat experience you will have the oppourtunity to learn Shipibo history, crafts, and cooking from the Shipibo Maestros/Maestras (Shamans) and their families. This place is filled with love and now feels like a home to me... the people my family... and my choice goto Pachamama Temple to take a chance on giving myself a better life and to heal being the BEST choice I have ever made in my life!

  • Deborah Chin   September 03, 2018

      The Magic is Here

    This place is an amazing value on every level. I wanted to do Ayahuasca for many years and chose this place because it was recommended by a friend. I'm so glad I did! The Ayahuasca worked her magic and I certainly experienced the healing and transformation I intended. For this I am so very grateful. Beyond this, the environment, staff, facilities, maestros, and activities added so much to the experience. The temple had recently added a fourth ceremony when I attended my 7 day retreat and I'm so glad they did. Having that extra ceremony made it possible to have an initial ceremony to just get to know the medicine and see how I interact with it, followed by another 3 ceremonies to actual work and play with the medicine. I found the staff to be very kind and caring while also providing the structure and guidance needed to move from one activity to the next. The pace of activities on the schedule was perfect, allowing enough engagement as well as free time for reflection and interaction with the other guests. The staff were happy to answer questions and assist with whatever was needed. They did a good job of preparing us for ceremonies and explaining various aspects of our experiences. I felt that between the staff and the maestros/shaman they have created an exceptionally safe space in which you can explore your inner world and experience the healing power of Ayahuasca. This is so important when you are entering the unknown territory of your own mind and unsure of what you will find there. I felt confident "traveling" with these people at my side and I have never felt so safe with strangers. The maestros are on another level. I don't think I understood how much your shaman's happiness might influence your experience in ceremony. This family of healers is joyous, friendly, kind, sincere, generous, and loving. They truly care about your healing and want to help. I cannot believe how much they gave of themselves on top of providing 4 ceremonies: massages, individual consultations, making the medicine, additional plant medications, traditional meal, flower baths, and a Shipibo history and culture lesson (outside of ceremonies-this was my favorite part because it gave me such insights into the context for working with the medicine). I felt like on top of the medicine, I had the opportunity to get a taste of their culture and practices in ways that enriched the entire experience. When I saw how much the shamans themselves do, I imagined that they might be tired or even resentful at times for doing so much. But they are authentically generous and do everything with a loving heart and a beautiful smile. Among the maestros, especially when they speak to each other in Shipibo, I felt such joy and love. They obviously love each other so much and they bring joy and lots of positive vibes to the ceremonies and the entire healing process and it makes a tangible difference. All of this created a beautiful, open environment where I was able to connect with my fellow guests-amazing souls who I will stay connected to forever. This was the cherry on top of my experience. Finally, the food was remarkable. I had been following la dieta at home and somewhat bored with the food. I anticipated more of the same when I arrived, but I was amazed at the delicious clean, whole food they prepared within the guidelines of la dieta. It was a nice surprise. With a couple of exceptions the food is mostly vegan with vegetarian options (like eggs). The BBQ and traditional meal included local fish and chicken as options. All of it was tasty. It was very difficult to leave this very special place and I intend to return as soon as I am able. I highly recommend Pachamama Temple to anyone looking for an Ayahuasca experience in a safe, kind, sensitive, and open environment.

  • Laura Martinez   August 27, 2018

      Something everybody should do at least once in life

    I have been to Pachamama twice this summer, I have attended 2 retreats. My intention was to only attend one but I ended up doing it twice and I am sure I will be back soon. It is very difficult to describe my experience with words but I can say that it has changed my life in many senses. The way I look at life and I live now is quite different from before and I am extremely thankful to Pachamama for that. If you want to spiritually awake and physically and mentally heal this is your place. I have never met such wonderful people like the maestros in Pachamama. All of them are full of love and they transmit peace and happiness to everybody who is around them. They clearly want you to heal and they will keep in touch with you in the future too. I am personally speaking with Maestro Luis whenever I need his help and he is always there for me. The facilitators working in there are real and transparent people with a big heart, people who really care about their guests and will try their best to help as much as they can. The Ayahuasca ceremonies in the maloca make you feel like if you are in another world where everything is beautiful and full of magic. The maestros’ voices are full of love that deepens into your body through the most beautiful icaros. I highly recommend this retreat. All the guests I got to know from both retreats and myself had a very positive and intense experience that I am sure will never forget.

  • Mike Swaney   August 27, 2018

      Real healing with loving family

    If you are serious about Ayahusca and plant medicines then I highly recommend Pachamama Temple for healing. I have visited here twice and it was life changing for me. I suffered from PTSD due to traumatic brain injury and the help I received from this family of shamanic practitioners was awesome. After 5 years of western medicine and psychology visits nothing changed but after my first visit my oulook was totally different and had to come back for me. It has totally changed my life and I am grateful to Mama Rosa and her family for this. I would highly recommend Pachamama to anybody looking to heal through plant medicines.

  • Joanne Kelly   August 22, 2018

      Life-changing experience

    I had the most positive, profound and loving experience at Pachamama. I had no idea what to expect, and honestly was a bit terrified. But the facilitators Jop and Julie were so open and kind and extremely helpful in making us all feel safe, secure and listened to. The maestros and maestras were very authentic and truly connected with us and dug deep to help us on our healing journey. The temple itself felt like a safe haven, with lots of opportunity to talk, process and just be. I was there for a week and it was truly a transformative experience, with each ayahuasca ceremony building on the next. I would absolutely go again, and would recommend Pachamama to anyone looking for healing, inner peace and exploration.

  • Marieke Wilschut   August 09, 2018

      Loving and caring place

    Pachamama Temple was the second place I did ayahuasca and I really, really loved it! All the people, the maestro's and other staff, are so caring and loving and they really know what they are doing. I felt absolutely safe and the ayahuasca was also a good one, pure. Also around the ceremonies there is a nice program, which makes the experience more complete. I would recommend this place to anybody who wants to take part in ayahuasca ceremonies.

  • Quinne Patchin   August 02, 2018

      Life Changing Retreat w/ Amazing Staff

    I booked my 7 day Ayahuasca retreat at Pachamama Temple on a whim. I go with my gut and don't think twice about things... I am so happy my gut made this decision! I cannot quite put to words how life changing and special Pachamama is. The shaman/maestros were angels, the facilitators were both organized, structured and kept us safe, but at the same time were laid back and easy to talk to.I loved living in the temple for a week, Pucallpa is lovely. I cried, laughed, purged, and made the deepest connections I've ever made in my life. Will be back for sure.... I have to! <3

  • Natasha B   July 12, 2018


    Like many of you I was scanning the net trying to find the right place to try Ayahuasca and then was called to Pacahamama. I can not recommend it highly enough. If you are looking for an authentic experience, delivered by a team of professionals, served with a big dollop of love then this is the place to go. The maestros are an extraordinary family who together deliver healing in such a profound and gentle way. Don’t read anymore reviews or watch anymore documentaries and scare yourself, Ayahuasca heals what it needs to heal. The purging is just a part of the overall experience and needed to cleanse and heal you. For those of you that want an intimate experience with true professionals this is the place. Thanks everyone who was part of my journey.

  • Marc Hijkoop   July 10, 2018

      Magnificent 12 day retreat

    I had already attended ayahuasca ceromonies in the Netherlands and wanted to follow ceremonies in Peru, but where ..... ?? on the website of Pachamama was a testimonial that gave me confidence .... so go, but it remained exciting .... But it was so good, perhaps better than I had dared to dream. Good ayahuasca, a small group with many beautiful people and perhaps most importantly: devoted, caring and expert shamans! I learned so much, got so much direction, I was just quiet and moved. In addition to the ceremonies, there are other parts that have helped me with my travels: flower baths, massage, but also a lot of explanation about the functioning of ayahuasca and how you can navigate your travels. The care was optimal too. Great food and you really do not have to do anything or help in the household, so you can fully use this retreat for your inner journey. Grateful !!

  • Lee Williams   July 02, 2018

      The best 12 days of my life!

    It has been nearly a week since I finished a 12 day ayahuasca retreat at the Pachamama Temple in Pucallpa, Peru. It has been a truly profound and life changing experience. The collaboration between Dominik Janus, Erik Hendriks and Mama Rosa and her Shipibo family is absolutely amazing. They have collectively created a unique, safe and utterly powerful experience based on love and healing! I feel very blessed to have found this magical place on the edge of the Amazonian rainforest and am eternally grateful for everything! I would also like to thank Julie Theobald and her team of facilitators; Austin Romero, Sam Czarnobay, Junior Fortuna and Tom Hood for their help and support through the process and was great to share the experiences with them. And also the great bunch of people that I was on the retreat with; Prem Avrati, Marc Hijkoop, Laura Martinez and Tom. I feel like I have made some true friends for life! We have all grown together! I genuinely could not have contemplated how much this experience would change my life for the better, in some ways that I cannot quite comprehend yet! I am so grateful and cannot reccomend the Pachamama Temple enough to anyone considering travelling to South American to work with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines! X ❤️????????

  • Sarah Abdelal   June 19, 2018

      The Place where Magic Exists

    If you are looking for a safe, loving , caring and magical space for your self transformation ... SEARCH NO MORE :) Pachamama Temple will be your healing sanctuary ! The place is at the edge of the jungle, beautiful trees, fresh air, simple but very comfortable accommodation, extremely clean, lovely food, a charming cat, 4 cute dogs, very caring facilitators, and amazing shamans who only want to the best healing for you! My whole stay I felt extremely safe, unconditionally loved and deeply in peace! The ceremonies are out of this world! Do not even think ..... just go ... and surrender to the beauty of this magical place.... I consider myself lucky ... having the chance to be there! and definitely will soon be back.. With peace and joy, Sarah

  • Pamela Bilodeau   April 06, 2018

      Purging for goodness sake...!

    One of the things you hear about the plant medicine, Ayahuasca, is that it will show you precisely what you need to see, and will give you exactly what you can handle. Not unusually, that can be overwhelming, since it may show and give you more than you expected or take you where you don’t necessarily want to go. This is a good thing, even if at the time it may seem difficult. Growth and transformation are not meant to be easy. My journeys with the plant medicine were indeed challenging, profound, and at times arduous. I had inadvertently set my very first intention to be against purging. While the subject of purging wasn’t my conscience intention, it was literally my last statement to self before surrendering to the medicine’s effects on my first ever ceremony. In other words, I was intending not to purge. Purging became my journey’s subject, and it took me places. I left the maloca (or, at least my consciousness did) and everyone in it. I walked through rooms and encountered strange people, large guard dog statues, ornate woodwork, details so intricate that words cannot describe. I was told to leave an offering, of which I had none, and was turned away from going further. I returned to my physical body with a jolt, and could hear the icaros being sung and people moving around. This was my first realization that I had somehow left, because none of those things were in my awareness before. How the journey related to purging, at that point, was still unclear. I later learned via my conversations with the plant medicine (Mother Ayahuasca) that I must agree to purging, that it is an essential part of healing. She explained it so clearly. I learned how important this simple, albeit unpleasant, practice is for not just ceremony, but for life as well. It represents clarity, cleansing, healing, and probably most importantly, letting go. It is a form of trust and surrender. By the end of the week, and certainly by the last ceremony, I found myself embracing the process with gusto. I came to see it as an important--even critical--act of love for oneself. It affects, of course, the body, as it eliminates toxins. It affects the mind, as it humbles the ego and strengthens the will. And it affects the spirit, as it releases negativity leaving more room for joy and love. Though the plant medicine brought me many visions and showed me so many things about the people in my life, my own life, the plant life of the jungle, and so much more, purging was an important, integral message that factored in hugely for me. It was what I needed to see, and in fact was just what I could handle. With the gentle guidance of the Pachamama maestros (such beautiful people), along with helpful conversations with the retreat facilitators (thank you, Erik, Bella, and Dom), and with insightful sharing of journeys by my fellow retreat guests (I love you all), I learned profound, life-changing lessons that have become nothing short of liberating. The journey continues…!

  • Danilo Ivkovic   March 31, 2018

      Amazing experience

    Came to this retreat with zero idea of what to expect but with high expectations based on all the amazing reviews, and I can only say that I was still blown away. The shamen Maestros at the temple, Luis, Feliciano, Gilberto, Genaro, and Mama Rosa, are an incredible team that work together in such beautiful harmony. I came away with a profound feeling of self love and understanding that I have been unable to achieve previously through any other number of activities. The care and attentiveness that is granted by the facilitators such as Erik and Bella is wonderful and really connects you with the beauty of the place and the healing provided. This was my first experience with plant medicine and I will definitely be back in the future for some more healing. Overall just a wonderful, safe, and profound experience.

  • Christopher Brown   February 27, 2018

      Life Changing Experience!!!!

    With all I could write about my experience at Pachamama it would take up way more space than is alloted for this review!! I guess I will summarize the best I can. If you’ve been searching for a way to truly let go of the pain you carry in your mind, body, and life....maybe it’s your anger, depression, anxiety, judgement, fear, aversion etc. This is the place to do it! When you come to Pachamama your surrounded by love. Everyone you meet is there to support you and your journey no matter what it looks like or how much you struggle with accepting it yourself. You’re truly in safe hands. From someone who has struggled on and off with intense anxiety and depression for almost 15 years, I can tell you that this retreat did things for me that no psycho-therapy ever could. I came into contact with darkness within myself; all the things I’d been repressing, stuffing down for so many years, and finally found forgiveness, and so much love for it all, and so much love for myself :) The work is not easy but nothing worth it ever is, and you’re worth it!!!! So if you’re thinking about doing this type of retreat this is the place to come!! The shamans, the staff, and everyone you will meet who are taking the journey with you are all beautiful people who you will never forget!! Give yourself this gift; come to Pachamama :)

  • Amanda Shyiak   December 28, 2017

      An awakening

    After spending 7 days at the Pachamama Temple I walked away fully connected to myself and with a deeper understanding of what it truly feels like to heal on a profound cellular level. The love and kindness emanating from the Maestros along with one of the founders, Erik, and the collaborative facilitators at this retreat centre leaves you feeling fully safe and cared for. This was my first ayahuasca experience and it has started a journey for me working with plant medicines and nature as my teacher. The ceremonies are beautiful, the respect for everyone through their path to healing is felt everywhere and the retreat is built out with lovely experiences from flower baths, painting workshops, individual treatment plans, Shipibo feasts, and preparing the ayahuasca itself. It's difficult to convey how fully transformed I feel now, the nurturing I received was unbelievable and the true love and healing being poured out over everyone from the Maestros is genuinely presence. This place sets itself apart from many of the other possible destinations in numerous ways; you are able to speak with the Maestros directly about what they see as your biggest problems in life and they help guide you through your ceremonies & after, there is a strong sense of community and respect, the focus on healing/challenging yourself is executed in a such a supportive way I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I'm so grateful to the Maestros, Erik, Yop, Anya, Olivia and the rest of the community at Pachamama Temple for giving me a life changing experience, one that will truly shape my growth and the joy I'm able to receive. Sending you love and light!!

  • Caitlin Rouse   December 01, 2017

      A second chance at life!

    For me visiting Pachamama was a last attempt in a long line of attempts at saving my life. I was drowning in a sea of deep depression, current and past life traumas and drug abuse. Someone suggested Ayahuasca might help, so I did some research and after looking at many different Ayahuasca retreats I came across Pachamama Temple. I saw the pictures of Mama Rosa and the other shamans and my heart just gravitated to this place. The more I read about Pachamama and how they kept the family of shamans together the more in love with it I fell. Nothing could of prepared me for the weeks to come. Getting sober enough for the medicine to work was a hard enough task in itself and was a rough time in my life. I made it though and traveled to Peru, it was the best decision of my life. The moment I walked into Pachamama I knew my life would be different. I was welcomed with open arms, hugs, and no judgements. Id never felt so safe in such a foreign place. The accommodations were phenomenal, I loved my room, I loved the food and Pachamama itself its absolutely breath taking with fruit trees everywhere and hammocks to rest in I really was able to relax and let go. The staff was friendly and kind, the shamans were nurturing and loving and the facilitators made me feel safe and heard at all times. I wasn't ready for the Ayahuasca it really gave me a hard time the first night I took it and I wasn't sure I would be able to continue but the facilitators and the shamans gave me the confidence I needed to proceed and accept what the medicine wanted me to see. Ayahuasca gives you what you need ... not what you want. After I faced my fears, my deepest sorrows and guilt riddled past I was finally able to experience a new kind of life. I was filled with a universal love, a gratefulness Id never felt before and a overall feeling of joy and contentment. After my first trip (1 out of 8) I could not stop smiling, I was in complete disbelief that I felt so renewed!!! I truly felt I was given a second chance at life. I was a little nervous about coming home, would I still be floating on cloud nine, would I still be as grateful and filled with love, would I be able to stay clean? I returned home and am still the happiest Ive ever been in my life. I have no desire to pick up any substances, there is nothing I would do to risk not feeling like ... well a million fucking dollars. I am so thankful to Pachamama Temple and the people involved in guiding me through my process. I am eternally grateful to them. If you yourself are struggling in life, need a breath of fresh air, need relief from past life traumas, then I suggest with all my heart and being you attend a retreat here. Theres really nothing I can say, you must experience the magic that happens here first hand!!!!

  • Banu Kukner   October 26, 2017

      Physical and spiritual healing

    I just want to say how grateful I'm for my journey and Maestro Felicano, Maestro Luis, and of course Erik, my deepest gratitude to all. I was not only able to clean my primal karmic energy and heel myself thanks to them and Ayahuasca but also bring all the knowledge that I built many years as one connected story, my journey: making my life and my life mission very clear in connection with earth, universe and my soul group. Thank you to each and everyone. I hope to come back again with more friends.

  • Roland   October 25, 2017

      Pachamama on Tour; the Netherlands, oct 2017

    Hosted by "" I did 2 ceremonies with Luis, Luiciano and Erik. And it knocked me out of my feet. The first night my intention was to regain more energy because I m recovering from a burn out. I didn t feel much intill the aya hit my brain. I was immediatly overwhelmed by a very intense and chaotic caleidoscope and I tried to find the brake because it went to fast for me. The next hour or so I was primarily fighting not to let loose and to hold on to reality, and my Bucket. I vomited very deeply but when I looked in my bucket, it was empty so I noticed that I was in another state of mind. At that time my body was gone and I saw myself, completely alone, sitting on the matras. The Icaros sounded very far away, but were a beacon to hold on to. I sighed very deeply and I felt that the aya was working on my energy Then it was over and I could notice the people around me again. At that time I didn't like the trip and was afraid to do another one. My feelings were, besides fear, gone. During the day I heard stories of other people about dying en re-bijtring and a startend shaming all over my body. Luis came by and held my head and dit all kinds of magical mouvementen which felt comforting. I spoke to my girlfriend and told her about my anxiety and my new intention, to open up my heart, and she convinced me to have faith and that good things were about to happen. So the second night I starten Boeing to afraid to let go. And the aya was not very deep. Erik came by and he helped me, on a very gentle way, to take another portion. And than he sat down with me and poored me with peace and confidence. Than I let go. I got a beautiful Icaros that opend my heart and I was all peacefull. Than there was music that projeced me to another level, and I opend up completely and was overwhelmed with visualiseren and feelings beyond imagination. The music was followed by an invoke "song" and there I found myself floating in a beautiful Blue world absorbing the words with pure my heart and there I got the message which imprinted in my heart. Love yourself! Be your OWN god. Use and Embrace the female (I m a man) power in yourself and in the universe and Above all, be connected in love with everything around you! After this I came to my senses, a bit, and it was like my mind was reset and I didn't know how to function. So there started a big fight of my mind wanting to take controll again. I got an insight how my ego works and now I understand that that ego and my fears are killing my feelings. So I m left with a lot of homework but now I know what my mission in life is. I also understand that there was a lot more to see during my trip, but that I didn t dare to look. So there will be more ceremonies and we will also, on day, go to Peru to experience the origin of this gift of insight

  • Roeland van Zutphen   October 24, 2017

      Pure authenticity

    Dear Meastros Luis and Feliciano, The love that you carry inside for yourselfves and others is indeniably recognisable in every word you say or sound you make. During the ceremony I could just feel that you two know EXACTLY what you are doing. Thank you for the magical ikaro's. I can't even begin to describe to positive impact it has on the ayahuasca journey. The intuitive wisdom you two have in guiding is astonishing. Thank you!! It made me feel safe and guided me. Erik, my deep gratitude goes out to you aswell for the work that you do. What I failed to say during the ceremonie because I did not have the guts is that I hope you can give yourself the same amount of love you gave me during the ceremony. I could feel at times when you were being there totally for me you were not fully there for yourself. What I wanted to ask you during the ceremony is: what about you, are you sitting comfortably while helping me, are you also fully being there for yourself? I have no doubt that when you allow yourself that selflove, your vibe to others will become as strong and magical as the meastro's. I could feel that you know intuitively EXACTLY how to be the perfect guide. My question to you is: Can you fully believe and trust this amazing ability of yourself? Lots of love, deep gratitude, thank you all <3 Roeland

  • Shahrooz Farahmand   October 15, 2017

      Splendid life changing experience..

    Pachamama Temple is where you should start your journey... and if you've already started, then all maestroes are here to guide you perfectly in your spiritual path... Pure love, pure energy, deep and full of amazing experiences with maestro Luis and maestro Feliciano and of course Mama Rosa... IRAKI Love and Light,

  • Oscar Kolvers   October 14, 2017

      Life changing

    It's a save positive place to drink ayahuasca. The experience for me was life changing and gave me beautiful insights. I now know better How to work on My personal issues. When a came back in Holland, I felt the positive impact and wished that they would come to europe. A few months later, They actually came and I went again to visit the maestro's. This weekend was also really special and beautiful. There work is great and I am thankfull for the rest of My life. Thank you maestro's Luis, Feliciano,Genaro, Gilberto, and maestra Mamma Rosa and of course marstra Maria And Thank you Erik for the organisation and help during the retreats. You All do wonderfull job With love in My heart Oscar

  • Vitaly Vitaly   September 15, 2017

      О вас позаботятся

    Всем привет. Я из Беларуси, летал на данный ретрит на 2 недели, первый опыт с аяваской. Ощущение полной безопасности, реальная семья шаманов, проект не пропитан коммерцией. Отношение к участникам ретрита как к дальним родственникам - вас не знают, но вам рады, вас принимают и вас поддерживают. Это был мой первый опыт с аяваской, и я интересовался у других участников, бывавших на подобных ретритах ранее в других организациях, как они оценивают Pachamama Temple с уже имеющимся опытом. Ответ от разных людей один и тот же - "тебе реально повезло, это отличное место для первого раза". В отличие от многих других организаций здесь имеется свободный доступ к общению с шаманами - они живут рядом и отвечают на любые ваши вопросы (есть штатный переводчик). Диагностика каждого участника и его проблемы (а не просто "пей, увидимся через 5 часов"), контроль во время церемонии, учёт физического состояния (болезни, особенности и т.п.), сбалансированное питание. Да, просто потрясающая кухня - такое разнообразие растительной пищи, что даже мясоеда отвлечь от мяса будет очень просто :) На ретрите довольно много свободного времени, поэтому для участников организованы йога, шитьё, рисование, уроки культуры и языка shipibo. От поселения до города минут 15 езды, до рынка - ещё ближе (если захочется на время покинуть "инкубатор" и поисследовать окружающее пространство). Если я решу повторить этот опыт, то не увижу причин искать других "проводников" - здесь есть всё что нужно.

  • Olivia Sönnichsen   September 05, 2017

      Thank you!

    Hello my name is Olivia and I attended a 12 day ayahuasca retreat at the Pachamama Temple in August of 2017. From the depth of my heart I am thankful I got guided to that very special & magical place. I imagined it as a place full of love, trust & connection. I want to thank the angels there such as the heartwarming and open-minded stuff who keeps the place clean & remedy, Wendy the facilitator who is doing her job with such a deep passion, compassion and humor (your companions have moved me deeply), the maestros - all family members - who have deep skills in healing, wisdom and experience - You worked such hard on me to remove those energies which blocked my energy-system to enjoy and live life to it’s fullest – thanks for your passion and the deep healing! It is also amazing that you figured out where these aches came from that made me suffering for so many years and no western specialist could explain before. My respect and deep gratitude to Dominik and Erik who keep going to invest much of their time and energies for the construction and the flowing of the temple, for all the world healing projects and who made all that possible. A cordiality that is noticeable everywhere like the very beauty of this place. My cozy room was a clean and simple one equipped with a mosquito net. The temple offers space, beautiful sounds of many different animals and beautiful plants. I could almost grab the innumerable stars in the open sky. The possibility for a camp fire was as given as comfortable rocking chairs around the fire place. The food, oh yea ... the food is fresh, of good quality and the meals are cooked with passion – so yummy. A big thanks to Mother Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca took me to my limits, through really hard, hard times that made me doubt everything. But the next morning after every hard ceremony I felt lighter, more pure, connected & I clearly felt the new energy of myself. The ceremonies also showed me the whole greatness and beauty of myself, my soul, the earth, the universe and the unity. Thank you for all the time and space I had for my inner process as well as for the workshops that brought me closer to the Shipibo culture. I’ve experienced that Ayahuasca and the Icaros chants are able to remove things physically, to heal physically and mentally deeply. Ayahuasca reminded me of my own healing powers as well. I feel like a newborn soul that is just as full of curiosity on life, happy, full of energy and unstressed as it once was but more wiser than before. A life changing experience. I will see you again soon! Go for it.

  • Pauline   July 08, 2017

      Great healing experience

    I had such a great time at Pachamama temple, with a team of amazing healers and facilitators to offer healing and support throughout the journey. I have worked with ayahuasca before and it was really great to be able to participate in the preparation of the medicine, and exchange with the healers any given day, about the healing process, their experience, the plants, it was enriching and honouring to be able to have them share their knowledge in such a casual and genuine way. Infinitely grateful for the process that took place there, and will continue forever, the help and the care I have received, and wishing all the team the best for the future ! I will sure visit again at some point ???? . Much love and light.

  • Alan McKenzie   June 05, 2017

      June 4, 2017 Pachamama Temple Review - Alan McKenzie

    If you are toying with the allure of recreational plant medicine experience then maybe Pachamama Temple is not for you? Far from the well traveled Iquitos tourist route, it is located far upstream near the vibrant heart of the Shipibo homeland on the dusty red earth of Pucallpa along the banks of Rio Ucayali. Pachamama Temple is not recreational. Rather it is often an ocean of unconditional love, unpredictably mixed with some very frightening black stormy seas, the kick of a mule, and a high probability of significant healing. Not a stroll in the park by a long shot! Pachamama is a Shipibo gem. All six shamans are Shipibo and they are co-owners - jointly supporting a Shipibo language school. The two senior curanderas are family matriarch Maestra Mama Rosa and her forever best friend Maestra Maria who are generously supported by the four family curanderos Feliciano, Gilberto, Genaro, and Luis. General Manager Erik and his supporting team are a magnificent backup. Each of the maestros has her or his distinct personality, icaros, skill sets, and areas of plant medicine specialization. Yet they function as a highly integrated, synergistic team. As a family they have an intuitive empathy that seems to border on woowoo telepathic. This tight knit team is much greater than the sum of the parts. They emanate a palpable chemistry - a vibe that is very powerful and deeply openly loving. In my brief 67 years on planet "Pacha" I have never had an experience that even remotely rivaled the life changing power and significance of my 2017 Pachamama Temple retreat. Mama mia - it cracked open my iron clad heart like a newborn baby's. Alan McKenzie

  • Anna O. Gill   May 26, 2017

      THIS IS IT!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!! You're search ends here! And I promise you, this is the place you've been looking for; and just as well, the one that's been guiding you all along! I too searched the wide web of available Ayahuasca retreats for hours, days and even weeks. Hell, this was going to be my first time working with Ayahuasca! It had to be the perfect place! It had to be the most sacred space; a safe place, a place where you feel comfortable enough to expose all that craziness inside your head to a group of perfectly good strangers; and more importantly, a place where you could fully trust the shamans conducting the ceremonies, to not only have good intentions, but excellent skills in helping to guide you through the depths and trenches of your subconscious mind, and deal with all those scary little things you fear or suppress and that keep you behind. -Therefore it had to be a place of true healing. It had to be a place of love. I felt that with Pachamama Temple, and before I even landed at her doorsteps. I had already marked her down as a finalist of potential spots for my first Ayahuasca experience, but still I continued to explore my other options; listing the pros and cons of each, but every time, Pachamama would resurface again until finally, she sold me. I will tell you, that I was most impressed by the fact that Pachamama Temple, (unlike most retreat centers out there,) resides within the community of the Shipibo people; and of the shamans whom conduct the ceremonies there. Most shamans, ( in order to provide a living for their family through the use of their skills,) have to leave their homes and/or families for months at a time to work in these other retreats. While they must do what they have to do in order to survive and still have the capability to provide excellent service as your guide, imagine the type of service they can provide to you when they can simultaneously help you AND be there for their family and children at the same time; the ability to be able to go home at the end of the night after working so hard to help you! Simply put, " If your shamans are happy, then you will be happy!" When deciding on Pachamama, I also loved the fact, that the shamans there were family members. -Mama Rosa ( renowned around this area of Peru and probably even further, as one of the most experienced shamans and with many years of practice,) along with her sons, a son-in-law, and a couple of her closest friends. As a family, I imagined that they naturally would be very well connected to one another and hold an even stronger space of love during the ceremonies than solo shamans, and well,....when I finally arrived, I instantly felt it as I was swarmed with smiles, hugs and kisses on the cheek. They made me feel right at home, or better yet, made me feel like I had never left. That was the closeness I felt, and by the end of my stay there, I truly felt a part of their family, and seriously guys, I even cried because I didn't want to leave them. They had helped me so much, I felt as if it was my duty to stay put and some how return the favor. When it comes to the pros and cons of this place, I really can't find any faults. -The accommodations are excellent -The food is super fresh and delicious -The facilitators are exceptional; always there for you, even after you leave. -They provide cultural activities, Shipibo language class, as well as yoga,meditation and free time. -The shamans are top of the line -The overall cost of the retreat is cheaper than most retreats, while at the same time, providing the best quality of care and service. -And lastly, you're not at one of those westernized retreats that are popping up everywhere these days when you are here. You are engaged in one of the most authentic experiences you could ever have working with Ayahuasca. *In the jungle, with a family of Shipibo healers, within a sacred community of the people whom made it possible for you to discover or even have knowledge of the healing powers of Ayahuasca....Ummm, it doesn't get any better than this!!!! And to be honest, I had previously told myself before coming to Pachamama, that on my next visit to Peru, I would explore another venue for ceremony, but I can't so much say that anymore, because I really can't imagine that any other place would suffice or feel as good. They definitely have my heart, therefore my loyalty will always lie with them. They are my family, so I will always return again.

  • HP Hulscher   May 25, 2017

      Lovely experience

    I went on a retreat in januari this year, and it was beautiful. I'd done Ayahuasca before, in Europe, but this was a bit different. The shamans singing to you, helping brew the medicine, the other participants, the flower bath, the plant medicine, it was all very nice. The place is great, there were a few stray dogs that came in all the time, and we spoiled them so much that the centre now has a pack of dogs, very sweet and playful, and they will keep you safe! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a nice, safe place for a retreat. I actually recommended this place to someone, and she really had a powerfull and healing experience there also. Enjoy! Hug the dogs for me!

  • Cynthia Rohr   May 19, 2017

      Pachama Temple saved my life

    Many times I found myself lost, unable to smile, empty. My life was full of pain and darkness. Deep down inside I knew there was a lil girl wanting to fly, wanting to smile, but something prevented me from doing so. Something that came in between love, between my husband, between my soul. I tried finding inner peace, searching far and wide for a common ground, a common peace, but nothing prevailed. I tried many different religions, taking a little from each one, but nothing was able to mend my broken heart, I still felt darkness and sadness inside. My soul was dying, my heart was fading, I was ready to give up hope. This world works in mysterious ways. Sacred mother heard my call, felt my pain, and she opened my eyes to ayahuasca and Pachamama Temple. Words cannot express the amount of healing I received, the lessons I was taught, the truth I was shown. The medicine allowed me to see why I was dying inside why I was lost. I saw and felt pure compassion from the universe. I was reminded that I am that sweet innocent little girl, that can fly, can smile. The love I felt from the Shamans and the medicine could not be explained with human words, it's beyond this universe. The universe felt my pain and shed tears of sadness and we both cried. The Shamans gave me strength, gave me tools, and I defeated the darkness. My story was a really sad story, but I needed to feel the darkness, the pain in order to understand such high level teachings and know the true meaning of boundless love and compassion. This temple is a scared temple, many heavenly arrangements are made here, many universal secrets are told here, many truths are found here. I will forever look at the moon and stars and say "Thank you Pachamama Temple", thank you for saving my life and allowing me to smile, to be free, to be able to fly. Cynthia Rohr

  • Arthur   April 13, 2017

      My first ayahuasca experience at the pachamama temple

    First of all i would like to start thanking all the beautifull people at the pachamama temple. Especially the maestros and maestras who did a wonderfull job in my healing proces. You truly are doctors of the amazon. I am very grateful. I had a great experience at the pachamama temple and was taken care of very well by a nice and professional team. Thank you Erik, Dani and Jag. You are doing a great job! This was a life changing experience for me and mother ayahuasca gave me exactly what I needed. I am now in the process of implementing the messages and insights in my life. This is a new beginning for me. Thank you all for being part of this. Arthur Gesser

  • Michele L. Spann   March 17, 2017

      Compassionate Healing

    This was my second retreat experience in Peru. Pachamama Temple provided an incredibly safe and compassionate space for deep healing. The maestros and maestros are family, which is felt the moment you step through the gates and are welcomed with heart felt hugs. I felt supported by the community created. I truly believe that I was able to explore the deepest places in my being (consciousness and subconscious) to bring new awarenesses in my life because of the space held by Panchamama Temple. My gratitude to Dominic for having vision with Maestro Rosa, to each maestro who shared there gifts and our facilitor, Erik, who always effortlessly supported this process with grace. If this is your 1st aya experience or you are looking to go deeper with this medicine I would highly recommend Pachamama Temple.

  • Shawnee Letendre   March 15, 2017

      Healing at Pachamama Temple

    Wow. What an amazingly inspiring, enlightening, and life changing trip. I may have done ten years worth of healing in one week. No amount of psychology or rehab could have have achieved what this trip to Peru has. I did some intense deep healing. Ayahuasca has opened my eyes to so many layers of my existence. Peeling away the layers that no longer serve me. Shining a light on the darkness and empowering me to embrace it and sit with it so I can free myself from it and move forward towards healing and growing into my true authentic self. I let go of so much pain. Pain I have been carrying with me for years. Words cannot describe what I went through these past ten days and the beauty and healing I underwent. . Don't get me wrong, it was not all pretty lights and fluffy clouds, I faced alot of my issues and traumas and stared them dead in the eyes. I went to battle and can honestly say I won. It was not easy, but growing never is. At some points I thought I may have been losing my mind. But I wasn't. It's all part of the process. I left feeling many emotions but mostly, I am much lighter and more equipped to deal with life. My time at Pachamama Temple was a very sacred experience that I will carry with me for eternity. I met some wonderful people that I hope to have in my life forever. Not to mention the structure of the temple itself is remarkably done. A true place of love and healing. I want to thank Pachamama Temple, Dominik and Eric for making this opportunity very real. I felt truly and utterly supported by both of you. The amazing family of shamans for their loving and inviting personalities and their beautifully healing icaros. To all the workers there that made sure the temple is clean and their smiles everyday. To the cooks who worked tirelessly to make sure we had food in our bellies. To all my friends and family who have stood by me all these years and never gave up. And most of all, all the people that donated to my cause and made this trip possible! From the depths of my heart thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Marie O'Connor   February 18, 2017

      I Would Like to Bring All My Friends.

    Testimonial for Pachamama Temple I have just returned from Pachamama Temple, and the first thing I want to say is that I would wholeheartedly recommend undertaking ceremony here. This is a place I would definitely bring friends. Taking Ayahuasca, if you haven’t before, is a powerful and sacred undertaking so it’s important to find a place where you will be safe and cared for; Pachamama Temple is such a place. If you have journeyed before and wish to find a place that can support you through a more integrated process, that cares for you between ceremonies with healing support, herbal drinks and medicine as is needed and advised, massages, daily flower baths, attention to well-being, and contact with the Maestros to help with questions and concerns, then look no further. While the center is new, the guiding Maestros who come from an ancestral line of curanderos, carry a collective ability to negotiate the Ayahuasca-ceremonial space that is truly authentic in its connection with the medicine of Ayahuasca. While I have done several Ayahuasca retreats before, this one was the most integrating and healing. It was not only profoundly healing, like 10 years of therapy rolled into one night, but also utterly clarifying. I came with a ball of confusion, a lifetime of karmic knots resonating into a complex set of impossible conditions in my business concerns and personal life that I literally didn’t know how to untie or work out, even with all my decades as an accomplished meditation teacher, therapist, director of a non-profit, training facilitator, and so on. Mother Ayahuasca clarified pretty much everything at great depth, helping me understand how my current impasse was connected to very early abuse, which she helped me get clear in ways that I was never able to in therapeutic and meditative process. Once I got home, I was able to very quickly enact a number of needed changes with clarity, strength, firmness, kindness; all of which have been astonishingly liberating. I was only able to do this because of her gift of clarification, purification, and healing, which included going deeply into generational trauma, and healing some of where it began through literally contacting ancestors and transforming their trauma also. She, (Ayahuasca), showed me many, many things about the world in its current crisis, especially what is happening now in the U.S.A which has troubled me deeply. She helped me into a deeper understanding and process with the energetics of world events, so I can work in alliance with her. She is ancient, she is working with us now to raise our vibration, to clean out the karmic residue and she is on a mission! I feel honored to be one of her millions of conduits, to have tasted her – Pachamama – and to know her inordinate power, her depth intelligence, she knows it/ us all, the DNA of our bodies, but she is also us reaching out for our alliance. She will help guide us through these terrifying times, and we are in turn can help her, protect her, love her, vouch for her, be truly loyal servants for her. So don’t hesitate a moment longer to come into this experience and deep relationship with the most primal, intimate, and powerful intelligence of Ayahuasca-Pachamama. If you have the time, money, and ability to do so, go ahead and book your journey now. Really, for me, there is no other teacher (and I have been to many) who can help like Mother Ayahuasca. She is the master Guru, the master therapist, the master oracle, and the great healer and liberator. And Pachamama Temple is a great place to land your body for this journey into your own truth and your deepest heart. There, they will guide and look after you. These are my experiences I share with you. Yours will be unique to you. If, and hopefully when you come, do be careful to have no expectations, but know your journey will be right for where you are, and what is possible and needed at that time. I just want to sign off with deep gratitude to all that made my journey possible at Pachamama; Founders Dominik, Mama Rosa, Maestra Maria, Maestro Felicano, Maestro Gilberto, Maestro Genero, Maestro Luis, and of course Erik who is the glue holding all together, David, and so many more. Thank you to each and everyone. Marie O'Connor (USA)

  • Erik Wienk   January 08, 2017

      Coming back to ME

    I guess most of us have experienced the feelings of "I am not worthy", "I can't do that", "I'm not capable enough" etc. in our lives. At my stay at the Pachamama Temple, I found out that these "lower" frequency feelings are not originating from my truth higher self. During my stay at this wonderful retreat with these loving people I was able (during the Ayahuasca ceremonies) to distinguish these lower frequencies as a separate kind off entity feeding on these energies. It was clear to me that these entities can only survive and stay with me when I can produce enough energy for them to live on. These entities actually try to lure you into these lower emotional feelings and then feed on it. This awareness came to me during a pretty rough ceremonie in which I was overwhelmed with feeling sorry for myself, feeling unworthy etc. When I was in this energetic trap I could suddenly see a kind of energetic creature, entity clinging to my energetic body. The moment I spotted it, it tried to hide and it went upward from my chest to my throat. I kept following it upward and when it came near my throat I became really sick and needed to purge. When I looked in my bucket, I saw this jellyfish looking "creature" dying there. I saw its energy pattern slowly fading to nothing. Man, what a relieve was that! Since this healing experience I noticed that I am so much more confident, sure about my capabilities, and knowing I can do anything I want as long as I give my best. We are all Capable! We are all love created! We are all gods and goddesses! We are worthy! We are powerful creators! We will change our future! We are the future! We are the ones we have been waiting for! Thank you Pachamama Temple for this healing experience!

  • sergio carta   January 07, 2017

      Pachamama temple

    Hello, my name is Sergio and I attended a ayahuasca retreat at the Pachamama temple in July of 2016. I have drank ayahuasca before in the Netherlands, where I live, but it was quite a different experience in Peru. Two weeks before the retreat I started to follow a traditional diet, as recommended by the temple. This was intense but really helped me to prepare myself for my journey.During the retreat, every morning and evening, each individual got different plant medications prescribed by the healers. You also get to enjoy several flowerbaths, they smell really nice! And off course at night the ceremony starts.. If I can give any advice it is to not have any expectations when you drink ayahuasca. It is a process and you need to have faith in yourself, the spirits of the plants and creation as a whole. Every unnecessary thought can block your experience. This was really hard for me. . As the mind is a tool to create it can also create problems. You cannot think yourself out of your thoughts and you have to let things go. So if you FEEL like you are struggling in life and that you need to discover a deeper part of yourself, if you are looking for healing of the body, mind and spirit, Pachamama temple is a great place to visit. I love you all and I have got hope for this planet. now let's create;)

  • Marleen Hendriks   January 07, 2017

      Healing Paradise

    When you are looking for a good place to experience the Ayahuasca medicine I definitely recommend Pachamama Temple. I encountered a 12-day retreat there in July 2016. In this little paradise down the suburbs of Pucallpa, peace and relaxation is to be found. The beautiful surroundings we're perfect to forget where I came from for a while, to connect with the people around me there and to concentrate on a healing journey. The loving facilitators who among others guided me trough the proces are devoted and experienced, which constantly made me feel I was in good hands with them. And then there are the maestro's and maestra's, who made the whole adventure so special! They care for their guests while using all the ability's and knowledge they have, using for instance plant medication or singing personal Icaros. It's also cool to learn about their colourful Shipibo culture during the workshops they provide which are integrated in the program. I enjoyed the atmosphere at Pachamama, the excellent food they serve and the loving family who where so welcoming. Also the city of Pucallpa is nice to spend some time as you will not meet loads of tourists. I enjoyed to discover the streets and markets to experience the life of the friendly locals. In the end I wasn't done with the place at all, but of course I had to catch my flight back. So surely this wasn't the last visit... Maybe next time I'll meet you there?

  • Frank Rayburn   December 26, 2016

      Rewarding and Cathartic Experience.

    I attended a 12-day Ayahuasca retreat at Pachamama Temple in December 2016 and it was one of the most beautiful, rewarding and cathartic experiences of my life. From the wonderful staff to the family of 6 Maestros and Maestras, the retreat was filled with love, compassion and graciousness. The Maestro/as were so gentle with each other and with us and the ceremonies were just wonderful. I made the mistake of not adequately protecting myself against mosquitos on the first night and Mama Rosa and Mama Maria came by every morning to treat all my bites with Sangre de Grada which helped so much to relieve the "itchy, itchy" as they would say ("Shua" in Shipibo). They would patiently and lovingly dab each of the dozens of welts on my legs and arms. They would greet me every time we saw each other with the word "ekokononai" (Shipibo for "hug") and a big hug. Thank you to all the staff, particularly Daneille, Meghan and Davis, and the Maestras Mama Rosa and Mama Maria and the Maestros Genaro, Gilberto, Feliciano and Luis. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Pachamama Temple for anyone looking for a life-changing spiritually and physically healing experience.

  • Hillel Goral   August 01, 2016

      I will be back

    I recently got back from a 12 day retreat at Pachamama Temple, and my heart fills with joy and love when I think back on the time there and the people I spent it with. It was my first experience with ayahuasca, and it seems like it is the beginning of a relationship full of wonder and insight. The temple is located in a lightly populated area, walking distance from a nice beach. There are a few fruit stands close by, selling some of the best fruit I've ever tasted - if you so wish, as the kitchen was very well stocked. Private rooms with electric outlets were also provided.

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