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13-day Traditional Ayahuasca Retreat in the Amazon jungle led by an indigenous elder

Event Highlights

  • Visit our plant medicine retreat center in the Llanganates national park (Ecuadorian Amazon) to participate in four Ayahuasca ceremonies led by a proven indigenous shaman. Partake in sharing and integration circles. Receive individual cleansing rituals and purification plant baths. Join guided jungle walks to connect with the primary forest, giant trees, and sacred sites including a 2000-year old petroglyphic stone. Create your power amulet from the Ayahuasca vine. Receive the Sananga medicine for spiritual cleansing and protection. Compared with shorter retreats, this one includes a visit to a majestic waterfall used for initiation of shamans, cultural visit to a native community with traditional dances, face-paitning, food and handcraft shopping, as well as one traditional jungle tobacco ceremony for healing and purification. In total, you will spend 12 nights in a lodge surrounded by jungle next to a sacred river, with delicious cuisine (normal, vegan or vegetarian) rich on fresh vegetables and fruit.

About This Event

During this wonderful and unique retreat, you will travel by a comfortable private bus from Quito/airport to a five-star location, a private medicine retreat center built in a lush Amazon jungle reserve next to a crystalline sacred river. You will be welcomed by an open-hearted indigenous kichwa indigenous staff who will take care of you and cook delicious and nutritive meals full of fresh vegetables and tropical fruit. Cozy and clean bamboo huts with orthopedic mattresses, bug nets and hammocks will allow you to rest profoundly. English-speaking facilitator and translator with deep knowledge of medicinal plant work will be present and supporting you in your process. You will experience the ancestral way of using the sacred tobacco medicine for curative and visionary purposes in the 1st ceremony. Then you follow with 4 powerful Ayahuasca ceremonies that are led in a very safe way by a kichwa elder shaman, one beaming with strong energy, positivity, and humbleness, who will guide you with hours-long beautiful singing during your trance state. You will receive an individual energetic adjustment and cleansing "limpia" ritual in each Ayahuasca session, improving your energy and receiving blessing and positive energies that will make a significant improvement for your life after the return. During the whole stay, you will be able to engage with plants and animals on several guided excursions in primary virgin jungle, including one to a sacred giant tree and another to a majestic waterfall used for the initiation of shamans. This retreat offers you a chance to live next to the Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants, that we reciprocally plant on the property, and participate in the preparation of the ceremonial brew as well as planting your own Ayahuasca baby. In your free time, indigenous people will be happy to help you to create your power talisman from the Ayahuasca wood or other gifts. During your stay, you can learn about potent Amazonian plant medicines and you can have them prescribed for you to bring home. Learn about indigenous legends, drink their sacred Wayusa tea every morning, learn Spanish, taste some chocolate and return home much more positive, healthy and grounded. With your visit, you are co-funding our conservation efforts to stop the destruction of nature and indigenous cultures (our help has been certified by indigenous organizations).

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Beautiful, tranquil and comfortable space for deep healing work with the Ayahuasca plant, led by an indigenous shaman accompanied by an English-speaking facilitator.

What's Included

  • Accommodation in a double-bed room for 12 nights
  • 4 Ayahuasca and 1 Tobacco ceremonies
  • 4 medicinal plant baths
  • 1 Sananga medicine treatment
  • 4 individual cleansing sessions with the shaman (one in each Ayahuasca ritual)
  • 4 guided jungle excursions, including one to a sacred waterfall
  • All transportation, fees and entrances
  • Visit of a nearby indigenous community, cultural presentation
  • All meals and drinks (delicious vegetarian or vegan cuisine)
  • 4 Questions & answers sessions
  • Materials, tools, and guidance for creating your Ayahuasca necklace

What's Not Included

Can be arranged for an extra fee:
- Transport to the center from Quito/airport on the first day of the event, or back to Quito/airport on the last day ($50 USD one-way)
- Extra nights at the center ($40 USD with full board).
- Extra Ayahuasca ceremony ($120 per person), includes individual cleansing session from the shaman
- Additional cleansing ritual with the shaman (without drinking Ayahuasca): $60 USD per person

Venue Highlights

- The retreat center is in total sound isolation from the civilization
- It is a private center, tailor-made for Ayahuasca treatment, "no tourists" in the lodge
- Gorgeous location surrounded by wonderful lush primary jungle full of birds and animals
- Beautiful sacred river for swimming and sun-bathing on giant stones
- All facilities are natural, cozy and clean
- Very spacious rounded temple with 3 adjacent flushing bathrooms and warm showers
- Fire hut with dry wood free to use


Double-bed and private rooms in beautiful wooden cabins made from natural materials. Mosquito nets, comfortable orthopedic mattresses and thermic blankets.


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Yoga Studio
  • Ceremony Space


Delicious cuisine rich on nutrients, fish, vegetable/vegan meals, organic garden food, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, five-star soups, meals served 3 times per day.

Cancellation Policy

100% deposit refund for cancellation 30+ days before event.
50% deposit refund for cancellation 15-29 days before event.
0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
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Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Hannes Lanznaster   August 02, 2020

      Over 4 months voluntary experience

    I participated at a 5-day retreat and stayed after over 4 months as a voluntary. Jan, the owner, is a passionate expert of the sacred plants of the Amazon, this he showed me often during my time in the center. His indigenous family is also really lovely and kind, from them I learnd a lot about the traditional life in the Jungle. The Ayahuasca-ceremonies are also regularly and give opportunity for cleaning and spiritual development. The place is wonderful, next to a beautiful mountain river and the food was also always tasty.

  • Ryan Barrett   January 06, 2020

      Revitalizing experience

    I had an awesome experience with Feather Crown. The whole staff was so accommodating, and friendly throughout the entire experience. They offered private transportation from and to the airport, which made it super convenient for someone who has never been to Ecuador before. The food was amazing, and made using simple fresh ingredients. The location was also the perfect environment for the retreat, and to be able to reset, and recharge from modern society. Being able to swim in the river everyday was an amazing experience, as well as going on walks in nature, and learning about the plants in the jungle around us. The staff was very knowledgable about the native plants, and their medicinal, and practical uses. When it came to the ceremony the staff was extremely helpful, and made you feel like you were in a safe environment where you could feel secure enough to relax and enjoy the experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in a genuine ayahuasca experience.

  • Jenni Virtanen   December 28, 2019

      A place for healing

    I participated in 5 day retreat with Feather Crown and now I wish I had stayed longer. I felt completely safe and welcome during the stay and the healing I got from Ayahuasca and Don Carlos was more than I could have imagined. The center is located by a beautiful clean river and you're surrounded by a lot of nature, even though it's still quite close to a town. Jan, the owner of the place has built a beautiful garden with all kinds of medicine plants and he was happy to tell you about them. There's also animals around, both pets and wild, if you're a lucky enough to encounter them. The cabins were comfortable and hot running water was appreciated, because it got chilly at nights. We had plenty of free time just to observe the nature and meditate by the river. Jan and his whole team was so incredibly friendly and helpful, they were there during the ceremonies and activities, and cooked us delicious food. Omar, one of the staff members, was really knowledgeable about the forest and it's plants and animals, you can learn a lot from him. And Jan walking around and playing his flute created a positive environment, and I felt like I could get help and guidance from him anytime I needed. And the ceremonies, they were the most beautiful experience of my life. I have so much gratitude for Don Carlos, he guided us with his singing and did powerful healing. I reacted strongly to Ayahuasca and it taught me a lot, but even if you don't have visions, I think it would still be a healing experience. I could write an essay about my experience, but I just say that if you're looking for healing and want to learn more about nature and yourself, you want authenticity and want to support the local communities, I think think this is your place. Thank you for everything Jan, Don Carlos and the team, I'm so grateful!

  • Tim Taylor   December 08, 2019


    In late September I was privileged to take part in a 13 day retreat. Having never in my life taken part in anything like this and with no experience with medicines/psychedelics of any type I was honestly a little unsure of what to expect, yet had high expectations. My experiences with Ayahuasca were very challenging-- it's very powerful-- and within the first 30 minutes of ramping up and up and up I was sure I'd bitten off more than I could chew. My psyche was split into at least three. My mind-body and spirit became separate parts of the whole as flashing visions of spirals and tunnels of lights and thought streams took me to all kinds of strange revelations that I'm still trying to comprehend. Yet not once during my 4 ceremonies did I feel any fear, or apprehension. The professionalism and genuine care we received from Jan, Omar, Don Carlos and the team was second to none. They looked after us so well that even at the peek of Ayahuasca's influence I felt perfectly safe. The retreat was an amazing place. I'd honestly use the word "magical" to describe it. The fire-flies at night moving through the trees and following the paths between the huts and the temple were dream-like. The Amazon jungle too surprised me with the shear variety of plants and insects and animals. The noise of the jungle nightlife was really quite loud to be honest, but still a pleasant sound. Even the smell of the jungle, that natural perfume, it didn't fade, if anything it grew stronger as the days progressed. I loved the fact we had no electricity, no radios, no WIFI for social media to distract us from living. Swimming in the sacred river, walking through the jungle, or swinging in the hammocks gave us plenty of time to rest and integrate what the medicine was teaching us. Oh yes, the food too was amazingly good. I could not have wished for a better group of people to be with and to share the experience with. Thanks Jan and the Team, I would do it all again. Tim T (New Zealand)

  • Derek Reyero   November 01, 2019


    Feather Crown exceeded all expectations. If you are looking for an authentic experience, Jan is the man! Him and Don Carlos and all of the amazing staff make you feel so comfortable. From the knowledge of the beautiful surrounding nature, to the compassion of a healing space Feather Crown possess a vibe that resonates true. With preplanned transport to and from destination, hot showers, delicious food, all while being surrounded by pristine jungle Feather Crown makes not hard to want to go anywhere else. This was my first aya retreat and I’m sure it won’t be my last. So much gratitude to Jan and everyone with Feather Crown for an experience of a lifetime.

  • Lumin Lucky   November 01, 2019

      Didn’t Want to Leave

    The retreat at Feather Crown is absolutely amazing. Between meeting amazing people who want to heal and become their best version, in search of something much deeper than the shallow facade of society, and the friendly, caring, and dedicated staff, AND the serene and peaceful oasis that became like a second home that I never wanted to leave, I must say I was beyond satisfied with my experience on this wonderful and fun filled journey. The facilitator, Jan, is clearly very serious about helping people along their experience with plant medicine, and when you listen to him talk about the different plants, animals, and natural occurrences in the rainforest, you can feel that he truly is in his comfort zone and that it is truly his calling. Beautiful spirit that one. Omar, a staff member who did not speak much English, was very warm and inviting, always gentle with us helping us during ceremonies and just a beautiful soul to experience. The food was very delicious and so healthy in the best way. It encouraged me to continue forward with a clean and balanced eating style of mostly pescatarian nature. The Shaman, Don Carlos, did not speak English, but also was caring and very experienced. He shared stories and experiences about himself that were reassuring, and almost soothing regarding safety concerns and trusting the process of the healing and the spirits that helped him, and us, throughout the ceremonies. The rooms that were like wooden huts we stayed in were very clean, comfortable, and cozy. The bathrooms were also very clean. There is a beautiful sacred river just a few yards away from the retreat. The hiking experience was informative and grounding. The waterfall experience was surreal and I captured as much photos as I possibly could. I’d definite recommend any and everyone interested in this amazing plant to visit Feather Crown. You will be well taken care of and there is so much beauty all around. Please keep in mind that having a psychedelic experience has nothing to do with type of ayahausca or the “strength”. There is no such thing. Your experience will be based on your own level of openness or heightened senses. Some people see things and some people don’t in the same ceremony drinking the same brew. Thanks so much to Feather Crown for having me!

  • Huriyyah   October 23, 2019

      Best decision ever

    The retreat was awesome. I felt so well taken care of. It's a great way to connect with nature. The space is beautiful and peaceful. I learned so much about the plants, wildlife and customs. It was nice to disconnect from the outside world. I just need to brush up on my Spanish a little more. The rate is great for everything you get to do, see and experience. It was just such a beautiful and peaceful experience and I met a lot of great people there.

  • Jan Frolik   May 21, 2019

      Nice place, high ethical standards, I recommend

    I had great 5 days in the center. The attitude of the staff is positive and professional. Great food. The communication is not ideal but highly over average for a Ayahuasca center. There is no internet connection around this place so plan accordingly. I would come back!

  • J.P. Grant   November 08, 2018

      Transformative, but not psychedelic

    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Feather Crown. Although I did not have any "visions" the two times I used ayahuasca, the experience itself was transformative. The retreat was serene and beautiful, the people were wonderful, and the ayahuasca made me very mindful. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for peace and spiritual healing.

  • William O'Connell   July 23, 2018

      The Real Deal!

    The two-week retreat at Feather Crown was a remarkable and life-changing journey for my wife and me, both senior citizens from the States. Jan, a veteran shaman, is an incredible healer and counselor. It is clear that being a shaman is not a career for Jan – it is a calling. He is a genuine spiritual adviser who has dedicated his life to helping people replace dark energy with light. The temple and huts are located in Ecuador’s beautiful and amazing rainforest, a two-minute walk from a spectacular fast-moving river populated with huge boulders. Jan was available to discuss our experiences in the days after each of the four intense Ayahuasca ceremonies. Jan has surrounded himself with an unbeatable team that includes his wife, Erika, their angelic 7-year-old daughter, Sharon, and the coolest puppy ever, 9-month-old Chaupi. Jan’s right-hand man, Omar, speaks little English, but his efforts speak volumes about how much he cares for Feather Crown guests. Omar was available at a moment’s notice to help during the Ayahuasca ceremonies; he was our guide/protector on numerous jungle hikes; and he even walked us through an art-and-crafts class. The meals, crafted by Carlos, Romel and Omar, with an assist from Erika, were outstanding. The chefs created some of the best soups I’ve ever tasted. Go to Feather Crown with the confidence that you will be in the capable hands of a true shaman and his caring staff. Bill from USA

  • Martin   January 16, 2018

      Sacred River, Holy Sacrament

    I recently had the good fortune of sitting in Ayahuasca ceremony with Jan. I am delighted to say that most of the details of the retreat ceremony met or exceeded my expectations. His staff of four local Kichwa helpers were kind, helpful and very dignified. The personal attention that Jan afforded to us during the journeying was greater than I had hoped. Jan was careful to use several different synergistic medicine plants during our ceremonial retreat. The combination of sacred medicine plants Jan introduces provide a most genuine healing experience based on proven wisdom traditions from the jungle. The cleansing that Jan preformed during ceremony was for me the most high holy sacrament that I have ever ever been party too. For anyone ready to work with the spirit vine and look into the vast depths of their own life, I can highly recommend the Sacred River.

  • christoph   January 05, 2018

      Sacred River

    Jan is not a talker, but a contemplative; Jan is not an oracle, but a shaman. Jan holds the ceremonies or the Ayahuasca retreats offered just as genuine as he is in person. Rather than a philosophy, the sacred is beholden in the way the Ayahuasca retreats or the ceremonies that Jan holds are conducted: with respect and humility, gratitude and appreciation. Thus, Feather Crown or Sacred River can be recommended without any reservations, if you, the reader, is called to do such a retreat. There is make-believe, just as there is the genuine; the latter speaks to Feather Crown or Sacred River in the absence of adding any additional words other than that neither Ayahuasca nor Jan are bound by nationality...

  • Ainars   January 03, 2018


    Highly recommend this place! Jan is serious Shaman who really knows his job.And his team are responsible people.Very tasty food. Strong Aya tea.The place is wonderfull!Near by is river.Hope to come again.Thanks a lot,Jan.

  • Adam   December 30, 2017

      Finding peace in the Amazon

    I recently attended a 2-day retreat with Jan. I am a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, where I served as an infantryman. For nearly a decade I have struggled with the heavy burden that war brings to many. I tried everything I could find in an attempt to find healing, from traditional psychotherapy and EMDR to Reiki and shamanic work. Through my exploration of shamanic practices, I first learned about Ayahausca. I did research for two years, and even lived in Ecuador for a year before I decided that I was ready. One must be very careful when looking for a place to work with Ayahausca. I had read a lot about Jan before I decided to give Feather Crown a try, and I liked what I had seen. Jan is a gifted healer. I highly recommend Ayahausca to anyone in search of healing, especially to my brothers and sisters suffering from PTSD. I trusted Jan and felt safe during the ceremony. My girlfriend, who did not partake in the ceremony, was allowed to be there by my side. It is difficult to describe my experience in words, and in favor of brevity all I will say is that my mind was opened and I was shown what I can do to continue my healing. For the first time in nearly a decade, I am feeling emotions again and have a positive outlook on life. Ayahausca opened a door for me, and I will continue my work with therapists and others, but I will be back to do some more work with Jan. I am truly grateful for this experience and cannot thank Jan enough for his guidance and compassion. I highly recommend Jan and Feather Crown to anyone searching for healing.

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