Virtual Mind & Body Alignment Retreat November

Event Highlights

  • Join us for our virtual one day retreat. During this retreat we will:
  • -connect with other women from around the world
  • -participate in a yoga flow designed to open our hearts and release tension in our body- Guest instructor Jenny Dean from Dallas, TX
  • -participate in specially designed workshops to help us with our mind & body stressors
  • -share & commune with a beautiful community of like minded women
  • -participate in a mind healing meditation- Guest instructor Marian Paniagua from Costa Rica
  • You will also receive a special goody bag that will be mailed to you (for international guests outside of the USA you will receive an email with downloadable goodies and gift certificates to redeem).



-Opening circle (welcome & introductions- 15/30 minutes)
-Yoga flow (30-45 minutes)
-Workshop: body & home alignment: reducing stress and connecting to our highest self (30 minutes)
-Sharing circle- (15/30 minutes)
-Workshop- emotional alignment: how to move from disturbance into spaces of peace and joy (30 minutes)
-Sharing circle - (15/30 minutes)
-Closing meditation (15 minutes)

About This Event

Many times we are looking for something- something that provides a space for healing, growth, connection and sisterhood- but one that also matches our schedules as a woman, parent, employee, spouse, friend and family member.  

This is it.  This retreat has been designed to work with your schedule, yet still provide an opportunity to partake of all of the benefits of a retreat experience: 

healing and restoring our zest & excitement for life

learning ways to create space and peace within our selves and within our daily lives

learn specific tools to reduce stress 

cultivate feelings of worthiness & power

connect with other like minded women from around the world

Come learn something new, share your own knowledge, find acceptance, strength, joy and peace. Join us on this creative & exciting adventure and commune with us! Attend this virtual retreat for a complete mind & body alignment and move into a space of balance, growth & connection.

Join us for this virtual one day mind & body alignment retreat.

During this retreat, in partnership with Kim DeMoss, we will:

connect with other women from around the world

participate in an all-levels yoga flow designed to lighten our hearts and uplift our spirits

participate in specially designed workshops to help us with our mind & body stressors

share & commune with a beautiful community of like minded women

participate in a closing meditation designed to restore, reset and recharge our mind+body

You will also receive special goodies emailed to you.

There are three donation levels to attend:

I am doing ok financially at this time and want to donate: $49

I am not really sure how my finances will be affected, but I still want to donate some: $34

I have been impacted financially by this situation but would like to attend and pay only the technology & administration fees: $18

Any proceeds of this retreat will be given to our non-profit division to be used as scholarships for women to attend transformational retreats in the future.

What you will need:

A device connected to the internet

Download Zoom ahead of time (a free program)

A private space (or the ability to tune out your family ;) 

Wear comfortable clothes to move around in 

Yoga mat or solid floor 

Bottle of water (or drink of choice)

PDF workbook (sent to you ahead of your retreat start time)


Optional- headphones/earbuds 

Optional- journal 


Opening circle (welcome & introductions- 15/30 minutes)

Yoga flow (30-45 minutes)

Workshop: body & home alignment: reducing stress and connecting to our highest self (30 minutes) 

Sharing circle- (15/30 minutes)

Workshop- emotional alignment: how to move from disturbance into spaces of peace and joy (30 minutes)

Sharing circle - (15/30 minutes)

Closing meditation (15 minutes)

What's Included

  • Yoga session
  • Meditation session
  • Workshops to reduce stress including workbook to print
  • A goodie bag mailed to you

What's Not Included

Internet service
A device to log in
Printing of the workbook
Pencil/writing instrument

Venue Highlights

We host retreats, workshops and events all across the US and some international as well. Join us!


Accommodations vary based on location.


  • Free Wifi

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

Meditation stress reduction stress reduction retreat virtual meditation virtual retreat virtual yoga womens health yoga

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Ruth Nelson   April 20, 2020

      A MUST: Mind & Body Complete Retreats

    I have known Shannon Jamail, owner of Mind & Body Complete for several years. I find her to be one of the most giving, compassionate, aware, and, curious people I know. She brings that mindset to all of her retreats. I have attended several yoga retreats in the last 15 years and I continue to be pulled to Shannon's. The destinations are amazing from the desert in a tent, to a beautiful house near a vineyard to a beach house on the ocean to my own living room. Shannon partners with amazing women to create an experience focused on movement, meditation, feeding the physical body, mind, and soul, connection to the collective and some remarkable women. If you choose to allow it, this experience will inevitability create positive change in your world when you leave. I have made lifelong friendships I am forever grateful for. Thank you, Shannon and Mind & Body Complete.

  • Jennifer Meyer   April 16, 2018

      Amazing time for whole body and soul wellness!!

    I attended a retreat in Santa Rosa Beach FL. It was absolutely amazing!! Shannon is such a beautiful and generous soul, she ensured all of my expectations were exceeded. The beach house was beautiful, the food was out of this world amazing, the yoga and wine were perfection...and the women I met were some of the most amazing goddesses I've had the privilege to know. I highly recommend investing in your own wellness and attending one of Shannon's retreats!!

  • Dee Mullin   November 22, 2017

      An amazing opportunity to tune in, bond, and reprogram

    If you are considering joining Shannon for a Mind & Body Complete retreat, DO IT! Let this be the "sign" you've been waiting for. You are here for a reason. You are reading this review for a reason. You are on the right path! I wholeheartedly believe that the right people for you to connect with (including Shannon with her inspirational, REAL and generous energy) will be waiting for you at this retreat! You will have the opportunity to BOND and create powerful friendships that last far beyond the few days you'll spend together. While there is time for connection, you'll also find time to TUNE IN. Shannon creates a peaceful space and you'll have the opportunity to DISconnect from everyday stresses like social media, your phone, your email... etc. to the extent that you choose. Shannon's thoughtful and capable team handle all the details of your retreat so that you're able to RELAX. Lastly, you'll find many opportunities to REPROGRAM. Shannon is a expert in her field and a thought leader. She is devoted to self development and she can help bring awareness to any thoughts or habits you're holding on to that are not serving you. It's easy to reflect and reprogram with Shannon because her work is so rooted in LOVE and she completely lacks judgement. You're accepted exactly as you are! But if you choose to seek improvement, it's there waiting for you. Jump in! Sign up! Enjoy! With Gratitude, Dee

  • Ruth Nelson   November 20, 2017

      An experience that will last a lifetime!

    Words cannot do justice to the experience I had when attending retreats with Shannon Jamail at Mindy & Body Complete. Shannon does an amazing job creating a loving, non-judgemental environment for women to dream, plan and reach their full potential. Choosing love over fear is Shannon's mantra that she lives by. The locations are amazing from nature retreats in the desert to relaxation in wine country to blissfulness at the beach you cannot make a bad location choice. The women who attend these retreats become long lasting tribe sisters. If you are ready to invest in yourself and be the change you want to see in the world book a retreat with Shannon and team.

  • Mary Cafarelli   November 19, 2017

      Life Changing!

    I absolutely love Mind & Body Complete retreats with Shannon and her team! Yoga and wine are two of my favorite things, however that is such a small piece of what I’ve gained from these experiences. I’ve attended two of Shannon’s retreats in different locations of California, and didn’t know a single person when I walked in the door for the first time. Although I came not knowing anyone, I left with lifelong friendships, incredible memories, and a heart full of gratitude. The connections you make on these retreats are indescribable. I learned how to meditate, went for walks in beautiful nature settings, and truly felt God’s presence. The peacefulness was totally needed for my generally anxious self. I love these retreats so much, I’m already signed up for next year!

  • Angel Murr   November 19, 2017

      Uplifting and absolutely perfect

    I've done three Destin, FL retreats with Mind & Body. The Destin area is beautiful. The women I've met and friendships I have forged are dear to my heart. I deepen my meditation and yoga practice with each retreat. I come away feeling refreshed and reset. I highly reccomend Mind & Body Complete!

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