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In this 7-day Ayahuasca Retreat in Brazilian jungle we embark on a sacred medicine journey for healing the emotional wounds, facilitate the cleanse of physical imbalances and rejuvenate the mind and spirit. Situated on the Atlantic coast of Bahia state, within a hands reach to the ocean, this retreat is intended as a catalyst for person's transformation quest for answers and opening of the new layers of relationship with the reality.

In the spirit of family gathering, accompanied by teachings of mother of medicines - Ayahuasca - the retreat process is a setting for healing open wounds, finding inner light and for deep understanding of one’s path in life. While experience of Ayahuasca ceremonies serve for inner healing, the sharing process helps with “to land” the teachings of medicine and make accessible in daily life.

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  • Ruth Shapira Ganot   October 02, 2018

      Inspiring, insightful and magical

    I had the privilege to attend Edmonds’ retreat and had a blessed time. The depth, tha magical atmosphere and the beautiful music opened the channels of acceptance and love. I carry the memory with me long after it ended. This is definitely a life changing experience that I deeply recommend. Thank you Edmunds. ????????

  • Steve Joyce   September 24, 2014

      Amazing musician - equally talented facilitator

    Edmunds is an extremely talented musician, I have attended a number of events where he played music composed by others and his own compositions. His performances were all equally magnificent. His working knowledge of medicine is extensive and deep, he has obviously spent much time learning the wisdom of the plants he uses in his ceremonies. I attended a ceremony in his own home in Piseq a few months ago and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. In conjunction with his colleague Eduardo, they facilitated the group and the ceremony in a wonderfully 'authentic' and real way. Edmunds is European and being from Europe myself (Ireland), I appreciated the bridge that Edmunds was able to provide between the 'cultural void' that can be difficult for people new to medicine and ceremony. I would highly recommend Edmunds and hope very much that you have the opportunity to experience his wise guidance and masterful ceremony leadership.

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