10 Day Ayahuasca Retreat & Master Plants Dieta in Peru

Event Highlights

  • Ceremonies: 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies under the care of Shipibo Shamans. Rapé, mapacho/tabacco, and other plant medicines chosen according to your intentions and issues to be solved.
  • Support: Private consultations with shamans
  • Meals: Carefully prepared meals according to your requirements and the type of plants you are working with each day.
  • Accommodations: You will have your own private jungle hut
  • Activities: Plant bath, jungle walks
  • Integration: Private integration sessions - depending on the needs
  • Location: Our center is located in Peru, near Nauta, on a 24 hectare plot of wild Amazonian forest, 2 kilometers away from the Maranon River.
  • Transportation: All transfers included (Iquitos - Nauta - Psychonauta , Psychonauta - Nauta - Iquitos)

About This Event

IMPORTANT : please read carefully following description, and if there is anything unclear or anything more you need to know, write us a message, we will love to go into details. It is important to be aware what is dieta before signing up.

We invite you to a 10 day transformation process happening in isolation, a kind of shamanic vipassana that enables contact with spirits of healing plants, better understanding of oneself and roots of own problems, getting rid of things blocking you from moving forward and finding onwards path in life.

This is an intimate diet structured in a traditional style in a family camp, in a very small group, under care of healers from the Shipibo tribe and a western team of facilitators.

This holistic transformation process consists of :

10 days in single-person hut / 4 ceremonies with Ayahuasca cooked by ourselves out of pure, chosen plants / private consultations with shamans / private integration sessions - depending on the needs / plant medicines - chosen according to your intentions and issues to be solved / plant bath / rapé and mapacho ceremonies / jungle walks / integration day after the diet 

You can diet one of many plant teachers available, such as Ajo Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea), Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia), Chiric Sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora), Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevis), Uña de Gato (Cat's Claw, Uncaria Tormentoso) and many other. You can choose yourself if you are experienced, or healers can help you choose according to your intentions.

Our focus and best effects so far are working with issues such as chronic depression, lack of clarity and purpose in life, compulsive habits and addictions ( for example alcohol, drugs, sex addiction ), lack of focus and determinations to finish things, anxiety and excessive control, emotional blockages. Besides, both ayahuasca and other plants prove effective for a range of physical ailments. It is best to contact us before to discuss potential options of your healing.

Dieta is led by a crew of experienced Shipibo shamans, we especially take care to have female maestra present, which is most appreciated by women who often are cautious who they learn from. The healers work with a variety of techniques, ayahuasca ceremonies being only one among them. On each retreat we select those who are in best shape, not affected by routine, which results in some places in shaman falling asleep during the ceremony. Male shamans give sense of foundation and stability in the ceremony, as well as power that takes you really deep, while female presence assures empathy, feeling and sensitivity. If there is any physical treatment that needs to be performed at night, during ceremony, female guests are always treated by female healer. There are also always multilingual Western practitioners present, so all the work is very personalized, completely  different from group ceremonies with dozens of people you may have experienced.

The concept of the dieta in Shipibo and some other Amazonian cultures is learning directly from the plant you are dieting, receiving messages in order to heal oneself, learn about reality, and learn tools of medicinal work, especially healing songs called icaros. It requires a lot of determination, and is for people dedicated to make a change in their life and in lifes of others. By silencing your mind, switching out external distractions, chaotic energies of everyday life, you can be still enough to hear subtle message, in your dreams, visions or in the forest surrounding you, the teaching from the plants. This is how shamans of these traditions learn, and how you can learn.

The integration of Ayahuasca experience is even more important than the ceremony itself. Diet is something very similar to Vipassana - silent Buddhist meditation, or looking for a vision. The participant will spend time in complete solitude, away from all distractions, to allow devoting as much time as possible to introspection after the ceremony. Food during the diet is without salt, sugar, spices, fat, no fruit. It is suggested to refrain from reading, communication with the outside world, instead we suggest concentration, meditation or yoga. It is a form of isolation, a process of symbolic burial, permission to let the old patterns die, and the new path to be revealed, what is worth emphasizing again, it is a certain sacrifice in order to truly change and learn. 

You will be dieting in a private tambo, forest hut, protected against insects, without electricity.  Twice a day, a simple meal will be served.

Specific plants have their characteristics, some are better for opening heart and emotions, some give you a solid center and strength, defence against hardships of life, some make you more focused, able to do what you want but so far only claimed you want, including leaving your addictions. Some can heal stomach problems, rheumatism, depression. You should specify your intentions when applying, and the healer will choose one appropriate. 

The root of ¨dieta¨ is δίαιτα , which was a Greek word meaning a way of life. This included not only food, but also way of being in the world, way of thinking, relating to environment and others. In the Amazonian tradition it means stepping out of your ordinary daily life, and reorganizing it completely with the aim of changing focus and opening new communication - with plants and with yourself. If you want a radical breaktrough, you need to look for radical solutions. You may have already drunk ayahuasca or went through some other initiatory experience that hinted you direction to follow, but all seems very complicated, you don´t know where to start, entangled in complexity of your life patterns. But there is a way. It has been tested in history of humanity in various contexts, spiritual practice of separating yourself from social game, from all habits and noises, and seeking the voice in the wilderness.

Whether it is Jesus conversing with God and Satan in the desert, an Amazonian shaman learning from the plants, or modern man understanding himself better, these may be just cultural ways of attempting to use language to describe similar process. The only way to understand, is to stop thinking and try. This can not only be profound healing, but also an adventure of your life.

We set our price very moderately, to enable access for people with limited budget. At the same time we pay same kind of money to the healer she would get working with big groups. This is our effort to revive traditional Shipibo ways of learning and create intimate experience for you. The modest profit goes for people assisting you in the diet process and development of the place, as well as protecting the forest disappearing quickly near the towns of Amazon. We are not wasting money for luxuries, the whole point is to be immersed in simplicity of nature.

We prefer people with specific intentions, especially health issues they would like to work with, both psychological and physical. It may be also being on the crossroads, seeking new direction in life. This is something dieta is very good for, by stepping out of your ordinary daily trance you may gain new perspective, more clear than just be a weekend trip to a suburban ayahuasca ceremony. Dieta is also a fundamental step on path of shamanic apprenticeship, so if you feel a calling for learning craft of the healer, also good to put it to the test.

Some more info about dieta process :

Dieta start with flower bath, this is the way to cleanse and make you more receptible to plant spirits, removing distractions. Your plant can be chosen beforehand, if you specify your intentions, what you want to resolve or learn.

It is formally opened with first ayahuasca ceremony, during which healers will be additionally able to diagnose you, connect with plant being dieted, perhaps also add another one. You will be also able to see with greater clarity and details the issues present in yourself, perhaps also find suggestion about plant.


After first ceremony you are given first dose of plant. The preparation, amount, frequency, that all depends on type of plant. Some are taken every day apart from the day of ceremony, some just three or four doses in the beginning. They also have different requirements, some are more strict, for example demanding avoiding sun exposure or excessive movements, some more relaxed.


Throughout the dieta you are guided and monitored by our crew, to discuss things coming up, both about your psychological and physical process, and sometimes adjust in different ways. This is highly individual, and so makes no sense to give examples here, but small size of group allows us to give enough attention to each guest's development. What is common that all plants have what Shipibo call shitana, which is negative or dark energy, proportionally stronger according to medicinal and healing power of the plant. It can be contained with right knowledge and approach, for example, consciously working with negative thoughts appearing, like inner criticism of someone you know, when you are able to see it and dominate, you can transcend from potentially self and other harming pattern to better more aware living also later, after the dieta.


Technically, you spend most of the time in isolation. You are served bland meals in your private house, this is also where consultations happen. You are allowed all activity that does not involve seeking distraction from outside, like recorded music, but you are encouraged to draw, write, especially note your dreams, do yoga, sing or play instruments. Part of communication with plant spirits happens through musical inspiration. You can take walks in the forest, but avoiding going to village and contact with other humans' energies.


Ceremonies happen every second day, to allow integrating experience, physical rest and also time with yourself, away from usual distractions. This process can be compared in some ways with vipassana, however focus here, apart from own self understanding, is to connect too with plant energies.

Final ceremony includes sealing of energies and placing protective arkanas, which are supposed to guard results of your diet and permanent connection with the plant.

You are instructed about post dieta period, during which we are also available for online consultations.

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Powered by Froala Editor

This is a genuine and caring community of people with deep knowledge of medicine, man, and nature. Beautifully situated in both the jungle and in the mountains they work closely with the locals and the land. My stay was very healing, and not the least tremendously fun! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who are looking for real transformation to check it out, and also consider a longer stay. - Dabao Lu

What's Included

  • 10 days in single-person hut
  • 4 ceremonies with Ayahuasca under the care of Shipibo Shamans
  • private consultations with shamans
  • private integration sessions - depending on the needs
  • plant bath
  • plant medicines
  • rapé and mapacho / tabaco ceremonies
  • jungle walks
  • meals during each day of the diet
  • accommodation in a private single-person house in the forest
  • integration after the dieta
  • interpreter ( English, Spanish, French, Polish spoken ) available 24h
  • all transfers included (Iquitos - Nauta - Psychonauta , Psychonauta - Nauta - Iquitos)

What's Not Included


Venue Highlights

We realize our dream, living and working in the deep Amazon forest, near plants, close to nature, close to the local healers' community. We deeply believe in the power of medicine. We came to this piece of land in 2015, slowly and prudently built houses and infrastructure, so as to least interfere with the forest we found at the beginning. We designed the whole resort with the idea of deep work with plants during diets in the shipibo tradition.


All our guests during diets are accommodated in single-person wooden houses equipped with a mattress, hammock and mosquito net. In the resort there are two large communal houses in which live shamans and guides, and there is a shared space where workshops and ceremonies take place, ecological shower and shared toilet. We do not use electric generators for gasoline, we collect electricity from the solar panel. We collect water for washing and bathing from rain, we take drinking water from deep well and filter it with a specialized filter. We try to live as close to nature as possible, without disturbing its rhythm.


  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


During master plant dieta, especially designed menu is based on requirements connected with type of plant being used. Some are less demanding and allow certain vegetables, others more strict, so your diet is limited to rice, quinoa, green plantains, lentils and some beans. If you eat fish, certain kind of fish is allowed too. Of course there is no spices, salt, oil etc used at all for duration of master plant dieta.


Our center is located in Peru, near Nauta, on a 24 hectare plot of wild Amazonian forest, 2 kilometers away from the Maranon River. It is best to fly to Iquitos in the Loreto region and then continue by car, taxi or public transport on route number 103. From Nauta you can reach the resort on foot in about 40 minutes. Usually, we pick up our clients from the airport or main square in Iquitos and provide a private transfer to our resort. So you do not have to worry about how to reach us, our carers will pick you up from a previously agreed, easy to find place.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable.
The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due upon arrival.
The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid.
Get full details...

Reviews     To review this event, visit the page for the venue or retreat leaders (above).

  • Lewis Tangi   August 09, 2020

      Jungle Life

    To put it simply, this was an experience that I will probably benefit from for the rest of my life. Imagine a yoga class that lasts 4 months. Imagine how challenging it would be, and how different your body would be afterwards. So much love to Mundo and fam, who let me stay 3 extra months during the quarantine (yes, that's right, for free suckaaas). It was a deep dive, and these guys gave me the space that I needed to learn about myself and go through my journey. And they took me in as family. A gem in this world is Psychonauta. This place is amazing. It's crazy that it even exists.

  • Lori Horvath   April 15, 2020

      Highly recommend for authentic experience

    I attended the reconnection retreat, where I spent 1 week in the jungle meeting with Mama Ayahuasca, and 1 week in the Sacred Valley, meeting with Grandfather Huachuma. I cannot recommend this organization enough. The experience felt very authentic to me, where the facilitators truly did an excellent job at simply holding a container and creating a space where the medicine spoke and took the lead on the journeys. They knew when to get involved, and when to step back, quite intuitively and humbly. I was well taken care of throughout the entire experience, and the entire retreat was so thoughtfully planned. I am not one to be a typical tourist, and Psychonauta really succeeded at making this experience feel as traditional and authentic as possible by aligning with local people. I cannot wait to reunite with my Psychonauta family for further growth and expansion and experience what they specialize in ~ facilitating their dietas! Ps. The highlights of this retreat was to be in the constant presence of 2 of the most magical children, whose energy really brought a lot of joy to the ceremonies, as well as the Shamans they worked with in both the jungle and the mountains ~ some of the most loving and caring people I have ever met in this lifetime where through attending this retreat.

  • Paweł Wi   April 13, 2020

      Healing diet

    I am 33 years old and I spent 3 continuous weeks in a forest. First time in my life I've been that long in the nature. It's not possible to extract a substance create a pill or a therapy that will ever be as curing as simply staying in our original home - forest. Jungle and my hut in Psychonauta retreat were perfect screens onto which I projected all of my fears, addictions and unresolved issues from my childhood. I didn't expect that Dieta will be a magnifying glass showing my eating disorders - all rooted in my youth. Even the diet was based on plain, simple vegetables and grains I still had signs of indigestion - I was swallowing without chewing. OK, enough traumas :D Sleeping in the jungle is amazing. Insects, birds and bigger animals play the concert for 24 hours. Hummingbirds purring is like a massage to my brain. During the diet it's not possible to read or talk but I finally had hours that I could spend on playing drums and handpan. I really value that the place owners live with their families in this place and lead a transparent life, they don't hide their beliefs, happiness and even problems. Anyway, it's hard to hide much as walls are see-through mosquito nets. I hope to bring more of my friends to Psychonauta in Peru. Both jungle and Andes are must go and I want to the crew (Blez, Tomasz, Mundo) are great guides as they combine European roots and Peruvian ongoing rooting. Aho!

  • Otto Maier   April 09, 2020

      Authentic, Kind, Present

    Blez was a beautiful guide during my stay at psychonauta. Very warm and inviting during transports from iquitos to the jungle. During my month in the jungle, Blez offered vulnerability, transparency, and levity I deeply appreciated. I never felt that there was a sense of hierarchy, always a level playing field between guest and facilitator. Looking forward to doing more work with him in the future.

  • Vedran Halbauer   March 17, 2020

      great experience

    great experience for me, magical place, very nice and positive people, positive all around, place where good things are happening and a place that will always be in my heart and mind. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking any kind of healing, being it physical, mental or spiritual, or just looking for another great life experience. Also hoping to come back again :)

  • Rico   March 10, 2020

      Powerful experience!

    Friendly and supportive staff, great shamans, quality medicine and overall great value for the money. This place, located in the amazing Amazon jungle is not something to be taken for granted. If your intentions are simply to take the medicine and have a trip then look elsewhere because this is not an easy ride. However, if you wish to truly work on yourself, connect with the plants and medicine as well as strengthening your spirituality then look no further; this place offers it all and more. I'm very grateful for the two weeks I spent here; though challenging, gave me a lot of insight and perspective that I will use to better my life. Thank you, Psychonauta!

  • Peter Bowman   March 06, 2020


    My experience at Psychonauta Foundation was phenomenal. I learned just as much from living in the jungle as I did from the dieta. Truly a unique experience with amazing people from all over the world. Blazej’s and his family were very welcoming, the shamans were very friendly and It felt as those they truly cared. It felt like home. The staff was always around if you needed to talk about something, yet I really enjoyed that fact that I had the space to process anything came up during the ceremonies on my own, writing in my tambo, contemplating while swinging in a hammock or walking through the jungle and through meditation and silence. Nothing but the chaotic noises of the jungle. My greatest take away was that everything is ethereal, the knowledge is always there at the right moment, if I allow myself to listen and be still the answers will always manifest. I will most definitely be returning in the future!

  • Alina Muraru   March 02, 2020

      Intense, remote and life changing

    I spent 2 months in the jungle dieting with plants. This place is not for everybody for sure. The previous review in regards to the presence of snakes and the lack of safety is absurd! Psychonauta Foundation is located in the jungle and the staff makes a great effort in providing the dieters with care and attention, however, snakes and other creatures cannot be avoided, of course. The food was basic because dieting with plants means no salt, fruit, oils or spices are allowed. So yeah, I guess this place cannot suit everybody. Especially if you are not prepared to get out of your comfort zone, to hear the sound of jungle creatures 24/7, to rely on rain in order to have the water tanks filled up so you can shower and to eat food that you never had before, unless you dieted in the past. The plants demand sacrifices, endurance and hard work yet the rewards are so many that words cannot describe them well enough. Ayahuasca is not a fix either, she can only show you the way. Personally, I am very grateful for this experience, for the patience and care that the staff was willing to provide. Everybody is different and has different needs I suppose. Do not hesitate to book if you want an authentic experience and the best value for money. Thank you Esteban, Olinda, Blez, Mundo, Thomas, Lucas, Eva, Patricia, Remy. I will forever remember you ❤

  • Nigel Savio DSa   February 19, 2020

      Poor controls for safety, low value for price

    While there are definitely some things to like about this retreat - like the remote location within the rainforest and the focus on solitude within nature, and the ceremonies, but as to drawbacks - there are no roads to the compound so you have trek 20 minutes on foot with luggage to get there. Most guest huts (called Tambos) are located in the rainforest and are accessed by narrow trails that can be dangerous if you slip or encounter something poisonous. Once there was a snake on the trail I usually take, so I had to go another route. The retreat management are all Polish and seem to have a very cavalier attitude towards safety. The leader is Mundo - the others seem to follow him. From my experience, some staff are not trained in even basic hospitality. One guy (long hair, beard, glasses) shouted at me like I was a dog because I took a little water from the (closed) shower to shave: “What a waste! You can’t do that! Closed means closed!” In twenty years of staying in hotels, guest houses and retreats, no staff has ever spoke to me like that. A more normal response would of course be “We’re really sorry for the inconvenience that the shower has been closed for 7 days but if you can please understand and cooperate...” So, yes despite paying $70/night you might not have access to a basic shower. You can bathe in the stream in the forest if you don’t mind the mosquitoes and lack of privacy. They could fix the water shortage problem by hiring more locals to bring water up from the stream, but they don’t. It was not clear to me what my money was being spent on. The food was very subpar - porridge every morning, and often white rice or potatoes and beans for dinner. No salad, and veggies were rare. One woman in our group left on the third day. Meanwhile construction was going on at the compound each day. The ayahuasca ceremonies were really the best part. The three shamans employed by the retreat were excellent. But the dieta was too strict and limited my ayahuasca experience. At my previous retreat, I ate better and connected better. The retreat has two outhouses. One guest broke his toe on a tree root while rushing from the ceremony to the outhouse. Safety is not properly thought out. Our group leader, Thomaz, was very nice and good to talk to 1:1 but was not very skilled as a group leader - he mumbles and is not very informative unless asked. Many of the retreat rules are in line with the conditions. ‘No electronics’ because there’s no electricity. ‘Quiet in the Maloka’ because two of the shaman live upstairs. Some of the staff were very nice and I remember them fondly. Overall I can not recommend this retreat.

  • Bianca Baust   February 18, 2020

      First step of a new life path

    I did the 2 month master plant diet. It was a life changer for me. Maybe better said the first step of a new path. I can only recommend you do an Ayahuasca retreat if you hear the calling. Maybe not the 2 months are necessary though. You should really think carefully about your situation and plan enough time for preparation and re integration after the dieta to really get most out of it. I’d say what you do after you go back to your “normal life” is as or even more important than your retreat. Otherwise you would have had a “nice retreat” without any consequences which so many of us went to for in the first place. Try to change things step by step in baby steps. I can highly recommend Psychonauta. The team is extremely dedicated and I did receive so much help and support. I never met so many great people who worked and volunteered simply because they absolutely loved it. But be prepared for a simple life. You will learn again to be grateful for all you are having in life. If you cannot live without your mobile or computer think again before you go. Very good quality of the medicina, the shamans and the attention you are getting. Thank you to everybody- it was definitely what I needed at this time! Thank you Team Psychonauta!!!!

  • Ni Ar   January 27, 2020

      Unique experience in Psychonauta rainforest camp

    It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The jungle welcomed me warmly and in harmony. The two weeks, in which I was guided by a extraordinary and lovely Psychonauta team, passed very quickly. With the help of the ajo sacha plant diet and the aya ceremonies (are tremendously powerful), i had the deepest and most wonderful insights and also I received a lot of answers about my life. The visualization of the information received during the ceremonies completes this unique experience lived in the middle of the rainforest. I’m grateful for having this incredible journey and don’ forget: in life we always see ourselves twice :-) Nik, Germany

  • Kuba Chojnacki   January 25, 2020

      Shipibo Ayahuasca & Master Plant Diet

    Shipibo Ayahuasca & Master Plant Diet in the middle of November 2019 was my first Ayahuasca experience ever. I came to Psychonauta torned between fear and hope. I was afraid of unknown experience. I thought, that I will spend most of my time there fighting my own demons. I was afraid what will I see, when I let go the control and allow plants and shamans to do their job.… yet nothing like that happed ever. My first ceremony was without the doubt the best experience in my life. After one night I was reborn as a strong man full of self-confidence with open mind and heart ready to work on relationship with my wife and relations with my family. That superb experience couldn’t happen without great people around me. All Psychonatua staff are fantastic, friendly and open-minded people, ready to help you when you need it. Shamans are incredible very experienced and powerful. I truly recommend Psychonauta Foundation to anybody willing to have Ayahuasca experience.

  • Maz   December 25, 2019

      Real Ayahuasca experience.

    I'm ever so thankful to be able to attend a dieta with Psychonauta Foundation. A real experience of Ayahuasca in the middle of the Jungle. Rustic place where one is connected to Nature, surrounded by sounds and vibration of the Forest. The staff there is full of passion helping and looking after everyone, full of understanding and love to others. A very safe place, perfect for self-exploration through high quality Ayahuasca brew, other medicine plants and the Jungle itself. Place with space, support and a healthy purpose. I'll be going back to recharge! Thank you ????

  • Maz   December 25, 2019

      Real Ayahuasca experience.

    I'm ever so thankful to be able to attend a dieta with Psychonauta Foundation. A real experience of Ayahuasca in the middle of the Jungle. Rustic place where one is connected to Nature, surrounded by sounds and vibration of the Forest. The staff there is full of passion helping and looking after everyone, full of understanding and love to others. A very safe place, perfect for self-exploration through high quality Ayahuasca brew, other medicine plants and the Jungle itself. Place with space, support and a healthy purpose. I'll be going back to recharge! Thank you ????

  • Hanna Tschöp   December 21, 2019

      Großartige Erfahrung!

    Die Gemeinschaft ist sehr nett und aufgeschlossen. Bei den Zeremonien war immer sofort jemand da, wenn Hilfe benötigt wurde. Das Ayahuasca ist sehr stark und wirkungsvoll - richtig gute Medizin. Man lernt hier in nur wenigen Wochen so wahnsinnig viel über sich und das Leben wie ansonsten vielleicht in Jahren (oder auch nicht). Ich bin total dankbar, dass ich diese wundervolle Erfahrung machen durfte. Danke!

  • Ellie Ellie   December 09, 2019

      Best value for money you can get! Top Retreat, Top Medicine, Top Shamans A++++

    I chose this pace after reading the breakdown of the two month shamanic apprenticeship Master Plant Dieta as I loved the honesty in the words and that nothing was 'sugarcoated'. I also sent a link to the Shaman I have been working with since I landed on this path and he too gave me his blessing. I am going to be honest, at first, I had doubts. I wasn't sure about the place or the people there for a few different reasons. What I didn't see clearly at the time was that all of my uncertainties came out of my own deep rooted issues, many of them stemming from my very strong ego - it was it piping up and not my true self. After a very short while, I fell in love with every single person who helps run this retreat and those behind its creation. Every individual is there with their own super unique story and personality. The people behind this retreat are all on their own healing journeys too and this is what propelled them to do this - create a community of people who come together to heal and learn from each other. This is exactly what makes this retreat so special and amazing. I was judgemental without giving myself time and this is an issue I've had for years and thought I had overcome, just to see that I really hadn't. I fell in love with everyone's story, everyone's character, everyone's desire to help and be there for others no matter what they were going through. Every single person from the other people dieting to all the beautiful souls who work there were my teachers and I learned so much from them, but so did they. It was a balanced process in which all of us were exchanging energy, wisdom and knowledge in order to rise together collectively and within our own life’s journeys. The two months spent with Psychonota Foundation were tough, I am not going to lie. The days can really drag, the lack of food at times (always) is torture, the mosquitoes made my life hell, but every time I was in the ceremonies, I knew exactly why I did this and that the sacrifice was absolutely worth it. You will not find quality ceremonies like these and quality Shamans like these at some of the most expensive retreats out there. One thing no cost or effort has been spared on is this! The retreat is the best quality for money you will ever find for sure. In fact, as I already said, you probably won't find it even if you had much more to spend. This is one area in which no corners are cut and what more important than this? Every ceremony was pure magic. The Shamans... My God, the shamans are next level. Their passion and love for what they do shines so bright, it illuminates the Universe... The medicine is cooked on the spot and is some of the best medicine you will ever have - top quality and charged with powerful healing energy. The connection I made with the tree I was dieting was so so otherworldly, I can't even describe it to you - you have to go through it to know. I am forever grateful. I was in a great place before this retreat, however I had so many rough edges that totally got smoothed over by this experience. I have never felt more ready to work on my life's mission, but I also recognise that I have to stay dedicated to this path and that the true work really begins after the retreat. This place is also improving by the hour. Every day I was there, something new was being built or added to improve the facility. The plans the facilitators and owners have for it and shared with me are truly inspiring. These people do this from the heart and have beautiful intentions with which to help the jungle and support the spirits of the plants in this greatest time of need. They surely were called for this work and I feel super honoured to have been with them for these two months. I miss everyone however they are all in my heart forever. I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone. It's tough, but boy is it worth it...

  • Tom Rus   November 21, 2019

      The Journey

    From stress and anxiety to peaceful vibration of the jungle. From fear through courage to understanding. From pain through the purge to relief. From a cold bath in a stream to a cozy hammock in the Tambo. From suffering through patience to joy. From blame through humility to compassion. From shame through acceptance to love. From oatmeal through oatmeal to oatmeal. From loneliness through the Medicine to togetherness. From scepticism through acceptance to awe. From chaos through discipline to harmony. From Santa Rosa through the Ucayali to the Amazon. From the prison of the past and the future to the freedom of here and now. Those are just a few of the Journeys you can make in Psychonauta. And there are oh-so-many more. All it takes is a little bit of faith and trust. All the rest is already there: - Guidance and Safety: Tata Mundo and Blez are great hosts. Open-minded, wise and always ready to tell you what you need to hear. Mindful about the discipline and respect for the Dieta. They know what they're a doing, you're in safe hands from dusk till dawn. - Care: Volunteers and Staff are beautiful souls who are there not only to help you, but to make you feel like at home. Whether it's food, medicine or what not - they'll be there for you. And, if it comes to that, they will hold your hand when you're scared during Ceremony and they will kick your butt when you're not respecting the Dieta. - Accommodation: Remote Tambo in the forest, a hammock, a mattress, few candles, water in the stream (and in the shower), sun and stars above you. What else do you really need? The conditions are raw but in there lies the beauty of it. It helps you keep the focus on your path. - Medicine: The Plants are chosen and brewed with utmost care, respect and knowledge. The Shipibo Shamans are honest, beautiful people who do their work with passion and attention to everyone in the Maloca. Maestro Felipe has unfinished reserves of stamina and spirit. Their Icaros will guide you on your most important journey yet to have. And when the last day of the Dieta arrives, you realise that you don't want to leave. From Nauta, with Love and Gratitude, Tomek

  • Mcsms Gbr   November 02, 2019

      No words for explication

    I am not a big lord of the words especially writing reviews but I felt it is a must now. As much as this guys did with even their existence it's amazing. They opens space for us to heal ourself and trying to lead to the right way. It is not a retreat but something more to unity and wholeness to me. These are just regular words and there is no meaning until you feel it. If I had anyone with this few words who made their decision to enjoy them than I was done something for the humanity I guess. Not an easy thing, not a weekend party but those who dare it is a life changing "experience". Thank you to you guys I hope meet you soon.

  • Michelle Carra   October 21, 2019

      When Ayahuasca Calls, Go to Psychonauta

    This two week experinec at Psychonauta was the most challenging and transformative experience of my life. The staff at Psychonauta are so knowledgeable, kind, and truly understand that it takes a village to learn and grow. The two week dieta was very challenging as the food being served was bland (this is expected of a plant dieta). The Shipibo were so kind and without them, this experience would have been a very dull. I would highly recommend learning Spanish before coming on this experience because they have so many profound things to say, however they don't speak much English. The grounds were serene and your own personal hut is such a peaceful sanctuary. I highly recommend this place whether it's your first time with Ayahuasca or your 100th time.

  • Bartek   October 19, 2019

      Thank you for having me

    Two weeks Shipibo diet retreat at Psychonauta was one of the hardest as well as the most beautiful and valuable experiences in my life. From the moment I stepped inside the camp, leaving my comfort zone behind I felt the transformative and purifying energy this place has to offer. Simple, completely new and a bit strange to the first time jungle visitor as myself, the traditional camp setting turned out to be the most beautiful place I ever stayed in. I am not refering only to the green and vibrant landscape around, but to the reconnection with self, nature and the feeling of freedom it gives. Natural, empty of unnecesary clutter and literally transparent hut I dieted in represents the most valuable state of mind I'd ever wish to remain at. All the theory and ideas I had about Ayahuasca as a complete newcomer to psychodelic medicine, couldn't ever come close to the real experience of it... an individual experience, that comes deeply from one's soul and is so impossibly difficult to be grasped by the rational mind. That's why it is so hard to write about it and that's why I wholeheartedly wish everyone to experience the medicinal beauty of Mother Ayahuasca first hand in the jungle. I can't be thankful enough for all the empathy I felt from Mundo, Sylwia, Patrycja, Remik and Ronny who looked after the group during our dietas. Mundo is a beautiful soul, which really comes through during ceremonies. It was mainly thanks to his songs I felt at peace and focussed, which helped me opening up to medicinal force of Icaro songs delivered by the shamans Mundo works with - Maestro Felipe, Maestro Felipe Segundo and Maestra Angela. Again, words cannot describe the beauty of these people and their craft. Each night was like meeting your closest friends and family, sitting around a campfire, singing songs together and sharing the joy of the moment. Thank you for having me.

  • Markham Jenkins   October 18, 2019

      Life changing....

    Support is key in this process. There is no lack of love and desire to set you up for success. The environment holds you like your mother’s womb. At times my linear comprehension of life was shut down and I began to see behind the veil into non linear, non ego thinking. Challenging? It was the hardest experience of my life. Rewarding? Beyond a numerical dollar amount. This is the highest form of technology on the planet administered by the most capable shamans and facilitators in the world. Words cannot convey how deep the process was for me and will be for you. Come prepared to know nothing and absorb everything. This is not recreational but the awesomeness of the experience is profound to say the least. Landing on the moon wasn’t recreational either but I’m sure Armstrong smiles every time he remembers the process. Trust yourself. Trust this place. Trust the moment. All thoughts that arise have meaning. Spend time with yourself. If you choose to go here, consider yourself one of the richest and luckiest people on the planet. Go be apart of human history. GO

  • mihaela maricescu   September 30, 2019

      Exquisite experience

    The Dieta retreat I was in, just at the beginning of the month, was one of the hardest things I've done in my life (and I am pretty much accustomed to hard things). In the middle of the jungle, going back almost to the origins of civilisation, working with the Amazonian master-plants, I was conducted by forces stronger than me (and anybody else, for that matter) - by nature itself, in all her untamed power and beauty - to discover my real limits and deep fears, as well as my inner gifts and opportunities of joy.  It was a profound and, for me, painful process that opened another chapter of my life, one that I now welcome wholeheartedly. Therefore I thank the beautiful souls who made this possible: Tata Mundo and his team of magnificent shamans. I cannot be more grateful. Mihaela

  • Glenn De Meyer   August 04, 2019

      Aya and plant diet

    A place to really dig deep. I can recommend psychonauta to those who are looking for many forms of healing and wish to do it right. No luxury or distractions, just you and the plants for most part of the retreat. I felt like Blez & co had the right intentions running the retreat, they want to help people grow. Very kind people. And last but not least, the curanderos of the shipibo tribe... amazing. They knew exactly what plant I needed to diet and for that I am so gratefull. It helped my overcome so much of my anxieties and fears. The beautiful and intense aya ceremonies, the vivid dreams caused by the Chiric Sanango, the post ceremonie 'hallucinations', the curanderos and the icaros they so powerfully sing, the the time in isolation, the kind people, the jungle! It has been an out-of-this-world experience ( but then again... its not ;) ) My time spent at psychonauta and my travels after that have changed me. Even though mother ayahuasca did not show me what I wanted to see, I had a specific intent, I did get exactly what I needed from her. The way I see life and how I stand in it .... I feel like I have broken free Muchas gracias a todos <3 Glenn

  • Kevin Stoots   July 26, 2019

      An amazing environment and potent experience.

    I participated in the 12-day retreat with 4 ceremonies. It was profound beyond what I could have predicted. It's still hard to write about what I've discovered - I'm still making sense of it. Some basic details: The jungle setting is incredibly vibrant. Only mosquito screens separate you from the forest and its creatures. The sounds, the smells, the feel of the earth and mud under your feet, the thick, moist air -- the world is so alive here, and being in such close contact with it was really special. I loved having my own little hut where I couldn't see another human. It allowed me to slow down, meditate, stretch, journal, and process. The ceremonies were also very potent. The medicine was strong, the shamanic singers helped to move the energy in the room, and Mundo helped to set reverent and respectful ground rules. The main thing that was lacking, in my opinion, was support and guidance to integrate and process the experience. This is really a "you're on your own" sort of retreat. There's a beauty in that as well - following your own path - BUT I think it's really hard to do it all alone. The shamans are not therapists or life coaches - they sing and they feel energy, but they are not equipped to scaffold a client's personal development. Mundo offered a bit of support, but he's busy running the whole operation and keeping the termites at bay. I would strongly recommend to have a qualified, dedicated person on staff who would be available for therapeutic chats and guidance. I would pay for that.

  • Becca Surman   July 23, 2019

      First Dieta

    Psychonauta foundation is exactly what I was looking for in my first dieta/plant medicine experience. Throughout the two weeks I felt safe and secure to dive into my intentions and reasons for being there. I loved my casita and the connection to nature. Psychonauta foundation is authentic and successful in making plant medicine accessible to people regardless of financial means. I would come back here again and again, I have lots of gratitude and love for this place, Mundo who runs it, the volunteers, the powerful shamans who helped guide me, and the people the foundation attracts.

  • Vincent Kaschner   July 20, 2019

      Beautiful, strange, funky place...

    And truly great and caring people! One can sense their connection with the medicine and the jungle. What I appreciate most is, how well balanced and grounded everything is. The dieta was not always easy, it could be tough and dead serious, but at the same time it was such a joyful experience there... No cosmic talk, no bs, but honest work with a good sense of down to earth humor when needed. Now, a few weeks later, I feel like reborn, reset, and enjoy life again. I strongly feel that the medicine is still with me and growing, almost like having a baby that you're responsible for and have to take care of, and that's what I do. Dziękuję y muchas gracias!

  • Tomasz Zurowski   June 17, 2019

      Great experience

    I went for jungle part of retreat organised by Psychonauta Foundation back in April 2019. Whole retreat was very well organised from the beginning. When we meet Blez ( one of the organisers) in Iquitos and traveled to Psychonauta base in jungle, to the very end when we left rest of the group back in Iquitos after spending 9 days in Psychonauta jungle base. I really like that we actually lived in the jungle, eat very simple food, washed and drank rainwater, prepared ayahuasca and took part in real jungle live. I enjoyed meeting our group and working with all those lovely people. I took part in 3 ayahuasca ceremonies with Shipibo shamans which where also very well organised. We spend time to integrate our experiences together with whole group which I also enjoyed a lot. There was also boat trip on Amazonian rivers. This experience had great positive influence on me. Everything was great and I wouldn’t change anything about it. If you want to experience Amazonian jungle live Psychonauta Foundation is the place to go

  • Jach Little   June 12, 2019


    Hi, everyone. I joined Psychonauta foundation camp at beginning of may for 9 day Amazon retreat and totally changed my view of the world I live in and my life. With all my honesty I feel like my ceremony started from the first minute I step in to the jungle and connect with Mother Nature until I left it 9 days later. First time in the jungle ever, first time outside Europe and the first feeling I get was, “finally I came back home “ Organisers in the camp where so warm,welcoming and helpful explaining everything so good before the ceremony,that when I was struggling during my first ceremony, “I got lost in time and space” I could hear the hints and clues in my head given by them before the ceremony how to work with it witch massively helped me go through. Most important role of course played shamans and their Ikaros, the holy songs that will elevate you to different dimensions,universes,worlds filling Maloka your heart,body,mind and soul with something so beautiful so warm and pleasant that is so hard to describe in words, filling of being privileged sitting in the same room with such holly spirits was unreal. And all above that you will get one to one, face to face individual healing ceremony witch you never want to end. After the ceremony people you just met yesterday become your brothers and sisters, unbelievable. I just wanted to hug them all and thank them for experiencing it together. All the ceremonies took place at night witch help you see much more than you could see during the brightest day. and the simple ,raw and unglamorous way but in the same time so marvellous and beautiful place the camp was set,unimaginably played the massive role,today more than 5 weeks after I left the jungle I’m still Learning new lessons everyday and spreading love and peace of mind wherever I can. I’m not good talker but I’m Hoping that someone will get a little bit of that feeling I did. Will recommend to everybody. Love

  • Urszula Kakareko   June 10, 2019

      Abundance for all

    I love working with Blez cause he gives a lot of Space for you own experience. No mothering and minimum guidance so you can reach for your power yourself. Big heart person with positive and creative approach to life.

  • Kuba Grab   June 08, 2019

      Psychonauta - Incredible experiences in the heart of Amazon and Peruvian Andes

    I have had a pleasure to do 2 week-long shamanic dieta, a retreat and donation ayahuasca ceremony with Psychonauta. First experience was in Peruvian jungle, far away for civilization with Shipibo shamans, basic organic foods and camp surrounded by extraordinary nature one connects with while contemplating on his intentions. Second retreat was a mixture of before mentioned Amazon camp and the most scenic parts of Andes one can ever imagine. During initial part of this retreat we worked with Ayahuasca and during latter, mountain section when we had a trek, San Pedro was our teacher. All the events I have participated at were prepared and delivered professionally. I felt perfectly safe to embark on my internal journey with Psychonauta. Shamans and facilitators (Blez, Mundo) have tons of experience and their compassionate approach is incredibly valuable. If you are looking for a retreat or a ceremony (they organise them in Pisac) look no further.

  • Cawi Buie   June 04, 2019

      Beautiful Dieta

    One of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. I’m still having dreams and feeling positions of power. The facilitator Mr. Mundo did a wonderful job preparing and keeping us grounded for what was to come. His deep insight and experience were very much a part of my ceremony. His advise I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I appreciate that he keeps this experience affordable for people. The shaman to people on the dieta is the highest ratio I’ve ever heard of for a ceremony that was not private. On a more personal note, I wish I could share my healing with all of you... Or you could experience it for yourself. -Love

  • Benoit Bergeron   May 29, 2019

      Benny Bergeron - Ayahuasca and master plants individual treatment (dieta) 9-23 May 2019

    I had a Powerful Dieta. I sincerely recommend this Retreat to all my family and friends.The Shipibo Shamans; Felipe, Felipe Jr. and Maestra Angela were Outstanding !!! I can still hear their divine spiritual Icaros. Mundo's Icaros were out of this World, you are a very talented man my friend. I started my journey with kambo then, a two-week transformation process happening in isolation, a kind of shamanic vipassana that enables contact with spirits of healing plants. My Ayahuasca sessions were also very Powerful, I am still ONE with every living things out there. You have to experience it yourself to fully Innerstand this gift from the Universe. Muchas gracias both Felipe's for healing my stomach, you worked so hard to help me, I am very grateful for everything. Thank you very much Tata Mundo for your hospitality.!!!

  • Benoit Bergeron   May 29, 2019

      Ben Bergeron - Ayahuasca and master plants individual treatment (dieta) 9-23 May 2019

    I had a Powerful Dieta. I sincerely recommend this Retreat to all my family and friends.The Shipibo Shamans; Felipe, Felipe Jr. and Maestra Angela were Outstanding !!! I can still hear their divine spiritual Icaros. Mundo's Icaros were out of this World, you are a very talented man my friend. I started my journey with kambo then, a two-week transformation process happening in isolation, a kind of shamanic vipassana that enables contact with spirits of healing plants. My Ayahuasca sessions were also very Powerful, I am still ONE with every living things out there. You have to experience it yourself to fully Innerstand this gift from the Universe. Muchas gracias both Felipe's for healing my stomach, you worked so hard to help me, I am very grateful for everything.Thank you very much Tata Mundo for your hospitality.

  • Luca Schmitz   May 25, 2019

      Life changing experience

    I went to Nauta for two weeks to do the masterplant dieta and ayahuasca ceremonies and i have to say that not only the experience i made during the ceremonies, but also living in isolation in the jungle under the master plant and special dieta, really did open up my heart to many things and changed my life throug that. It challenged me in ways i didn´t imagine, at times physically and mentaly very strong, at others very subtle. it opened up a new perspective for me. It is one thing to be open and educated about things and to (think to) "know" what to do to live a fulfilled live; It is another thing to feel something so strong, something that we all had and most lost at one point in our lives. It was amazing to remember, and that is something that stuck very strongly with me (Also a comment of Mundo that made me reflect on that topic alot :-) , that there is thinks that can´t be put in words or thoughts, but can only be felt with the heart. The People working there, the Shamans and the whole atmosphere of the place is amazing You could tell that the work that these people are doing comes from a place of love. helping other people; Not for making money or putting up a show. Just give it a try if you feel like its the right thing for you. im sure you wont regret it:-)

  • Ana Madunić   April 24, 2019

      Life changing

    I’ve attended a two week ayahuasca and master plant dieta with psychonauta in the Peruvian jungle. We’ve received a warm welcome from the facilitators who’ve helped and guided us during our stay. I can’t thank them enough for all the support and hard work. It’s obvious to see that they dedicated their lives to help other. Everything was well arranged and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. The ayahuasca ceremonies with the amazing shamans changed my life and gave me so much insight about who I really am. I am very thankful For this experience.

  • Łukasz Brańka   March 16, 2019

      Łukasz Brańka

    The best place at the world. I spent only 3 days in Nauta but it was incredible experience. The village has awesome pure climate. Ceremonies and work with plants gave me a new strong life. I can't wait until I can come back.

  • Łukasz Brańka   March 16, 2019

      Łukasz Brańka

    I spent only 3 days in Nauta but it was incredible experience. Ceremonies and work with plants gave me a new strong life. The village has awesome pure climate. Błażej was really helpful. He has big knowlegde. This man does what he loves. I can't wait until i can come back to Nauta. Best Regards!

  • Travis Ingram   March 14, 2019


    I have done many Huachuma walks in the Sacred Valley, but they are extra special with Blez. He has a keen sense of the dynamic of the group, and holds space beautifully. My hope is that others get the chance to experience this higher connection with nature, and with themselves.

  • Ilse Vd Walt   February 28, 2019

      Huachuma Hike in the Sacred Valley

    I was very blessed to have found this event on Facebook when I did. I have worked with medicinal plants before in the past, and it was my connection with Ayahuasca that really freed me my from sadness and gave me back my life. I have only worked with Huachuma once before in the past in a ceremonial space, but the experience that Blazej offered in Pisac was something far beyond what my mind could ever comprehend. It had as a big impact on me as my Ayuhuasca experiences, maybe even greater. The way he involved the local community and showed us a special hidden gem of the Sacred Valley - that I did not even know existed after being here for almost 5 months. I truly felt a deeper connection than I have ever felt with nature and myself. We hiked passed many lagoons, we were washed by the sweet rain, and witnessed waterfalls and water streams running down the mountains like veins of the earth, and hundreds of free roaming Alpacas running down the hills - it was truly magical. A little girl from the local community running through the fields in excitement when she saw us, because the remoteness of the scenery was broken with our presence for a while.We sat down to observe the astonishing beauty. It was a special moment indeed. It was as if the whole group was drawn together and everyone shared a special and safe space for laughter, healing and self-discovery. It was like ten years therapy done in one session. There are not many words that can express the profoundness of this experience. It gave me back my trust, in life. It assured my that just as nature takes care of every functioning aspect of the universe, so does it take care of us. Thank you for an amazing experience. Highly recommended!

  • César Mendoza   February 27, 2019

      muchas gracias

    So for me particularly it was a very deep and dark beautiful acceptance experience as i consider darkness part of my natural being and as wise as the light side. It all started in the kinsakocha laggon and then we all drank wachuma for the group hiking.So My sensorial experience was very sleepy and sensual connecting to my femininity mostly. I decided to add cannabis to my experience so i had some puffs here and there aside from people cause at the beginning there was the typical tabu comment about ganya( not acknowledging it varies on each individual) so i just gave space to the group. Observing the beauty of the apus was such a great inspiration reminding me the epicness and sweetness of life. The rain started and naturally it was very cold so the group and i went down to the gathering point and had some coffee break or something. It was a nice reunion full of random jokes and reactions. After that, we all went to Santiago's house and sat in front of the fire while eating or drinking tea. What i felt was learnt for me was this beautiful black flower of strong femininity through my body memory and i embraced that flower to receive the message of pure grounded love. Later on, Santiago and his son played a nice song for us in a sense of gratitude and friendship, it was amazing. I really appreciate the work and effort of Blazej and the people who supported his purpose. Just keep going!

  • Travis Bennett   February 20, 2019

      Blez with Psychonauta foundation

    Blez is a good-hearted kindred soul, a great teacher and friend, as dieta facilitator he is very knowledgeable of plant medicines, the dieta process, and the general human condition in relation to this particular form of therapy. I remember remarking to him after our dieta that he has to be incredibly brave assigning himself responsible for so many people going through such rapid emotional and physical transformations, it's quite bizarre actually! I'm very happy with Blez and with the Psychonauta Foundation! I Would recommend him and the foundation to anyone seeking the genuine Shamanic-healing experience!

  • Jeffrey Koot   February 19, 2019

      Very good Ayahuasca

    I have had done many Ayahuasca ceremonies. And seen many Sjamans. This was not only one of the cheapest retreats. It was one of the best.

  • Linoy Sana Raichman   February 19, 2019

      Beautiful experience

    I was in the jungle with Psychonauta Foundation retreat of master plant diet and it was amazing experience. Strong, sometimes difficult but overall very healing journey. I was drinking bobinsana, and had beautiful transmission with the plants. The ayahuasca ceremonies were very strong, and the shamans are amazing. I loved the jungle and this medicine.

  • Linoy Sana Raichman   February 19, 2019


    I spent 2 weeks in the jungle retreat of Psychonauta Foundation for master plant diet, that was organized by Blez, and it was one of the most profound and amazing experiences of my life. He served good medicine, and his approach is very professional, yet down to earth and shamanic. I'm in gratitude for this experience and really recommend.

  • Julian Loive   February 15, 2019

      Life changing experience

    As a first timer who never been to the jungle and never being part of a dieta like this, I was a bit nervous before arriving to the retreat. I took part in the two week program and it is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I felt completely safe with the people who took care of me. Tata Mundo is a good guy who it felt great to talk with during the dieta and after the ceremonies. He and the other guys as well as the shamans truly knows what they are doing and they really want the best for you. This place is the real deal without any luxury, just you and the jungle. The food is simple, same with the huts. It’s all you need, no more or less. Would love to come back one day.

  • Trust Kadwell   February 13, 2019

      Retreat review

    Interesting. I learned many new personal healing techniques. I could tone with the teachers, the icaros stay with you, become you. I entered this space in a relationship and it taught us what love was, is. Now. Intense. Resonance energy brings instinct that then activates an emotion that the mind tries randomly to translate. Chuchuasi was a creative definition of passionate anger, a release of great str. Bogansana was already strong empathic abilities made stronger, vivid dreaming again, funny thought id lived all my dreams already. Blazej might have given up smoking weed however he is a permanent pot-head punk guru. I could not have picked a better experience, traditional yet open of the mind. The shipibo we worked with. Matilda and Phillipe in particular amounted to the most effective ceremonies of my 88 ceremony rich life in terms of healing my relations and all aspects of my being. I am going to go chew on some Ajo Sacha.

  • kamil kleczar   February 13, 2019

      Strong Dieta experience with thanks to Blez

    I was on Diet Chiric Sanango with 4 Aya ceremonies that Blez care after. It was verry strong experience for me, and when I had dificulties Blez helped a lot. Big support and a lot of love! All reatreet was done verry profesional in amazing place deep in the jungle but not so far, so I didnt forget that there is outside world. A lot of changes in my life thanks to this retreat. Thank You!

  • Jennifer Hou   February 11, 2019

      Very grateful for such a valuable experience

    The retreat center was a perfect place for me to work on my intentions. Although very basic and isolated, this is a great place to reconnect with nature and yourself. The great staff and shipibo shamans make you feel welcome and cared about. Every participant has a private tambo, which I liked a lot. The food according to the plant dieta can be quite basic, but that’s part of the process, and it is always prepared carefully and with love. For me, it was just the right environment for pursuing my intentions, and I received everything I wanted and so much more! Concerning the facilities: If you need more comfort like a private bathroom, this place isn’t for you. If you want to work on yourself and find your place on this planet, this is exactly where you need to be. So thank you so much, your work is truly appreciated :)

  • Jennifer Hou   February 11, 2019

      Great person who really cares

    I have met Blez as a heartwarming facilitator who really cares about you, your wellbeing and healing process a lot. It doesn’t matter if he has to put more time into you, or even go to the market to buy some special plants that you need in addition...he gives his best, and his intention is not money driven, he has no interest in luxuries. Instead, I feel that he has a strong sense of purpose to help you and the local Shipibo people, and in having the best impact on the environment and the planet. Great person, fully recommend!

  • Uffe Vilford Jensen   February 08, 2019

      In the heart of Ayahuasca's home

    It may not be top nodge, when it comes to comfort or luxury, or the general ideas that are usually connected with those two words, but it was definitely worth more than my time. I spend a month on one of PsychoNauta's retreats, with Masterplant dieta, cooking of Ayahuasca, and some life transforming and wonderful ceremonies. I really enjoyed to be among like minded people in the community, and to meet real, down to earth Shipibo shamans, and to experience the visionary power of their icaros. The medicine itself was cooked with great respect for traditions, and the crew were awesome. I am strongly considering coming back for another masterplant dieta, and I wish I could participate in the shamanic song workshop they are offering in February. But I still have a lot of integration work to do, from the month I spend with PsychoNauta in November last year. I can't believe it has been two months already. It was really big for me, and the changes I had to make upon my return to Denmark was extraordinary and are still ongoing. Thanks to the medicine, and to the fascillitators. Thank you all, for your contribution to what's going on in my life right now. I changed my name back to my original birthname, got a new passport, moved to another part of the country, and I've got a new job, which I like better than the old one. And this was only some of the things I realized during the ceremonies with PsychoNauta that I had to do. There's still a long way to go. I honestly received so much. But maybe in a year or two, when I have learned a bit more spanish, I'll come back and see you.

  • Lotta Lotoska   January 04, 2019

      Psychonauta - one of the rarest gems on the retreats' map

    At the times of widespread consumerism in spiritual disguise, I see Psychonauta as one of the rarest gems, so hard to find. I've attended 2 retreats they facilitated in Peruvian jungle, one in 2015 and the other in 2017. Both were life changing journeys. We were guided by Tata Mundo and his wonderful partner through the less obvious paths, the hidden places, the local curanderos harder to find and meet. Deep in the jungle, by all means far away from the commercial, easy accessible retreat centers. Our habits and views were put to a sincere test more than once. And yet we all felt guided, respected, safe. What was ignited there and then, still lightens my path up. The Psychonauta crew beautifully builds the bridges between the local tribes and us, the comers. On the way, you may learn plenty of things from them. From respecting the World to living from the heart and with courage. Thank you, Psychonauta! <3

  • Dani Love   December 12, 2018

      ** DEEP BOW FOR BLEZ **

    In this beautiful place in the middle of the Amazon I ended up in a warm bath of love. The center is Raw! exactly what I needed. No nonsense. Do not expect luxury or a well-designed commercial center where you will celebrate your holiday. In this place you get 'the real deal', so that you can really connect. Because of the pure energy I could go deep into the diet. With so much love these 6 weeks where over before I notice. Where Matilde had already called me to go into depth with the dieta, I was so lovingly guided by "Blez". It was precisely because of its pure purity that I could surrender completely. Although it is not an easy task he has accepted, he does the assignment of mind with so much surrender, very carefully and thoughtfully. His strength lies in his caring and approaching. With so much dedication he lives the medicine. You see that in everything. When you are in his hands, you know that he will do everything to help you put you in your power. He really makes you feel at home and comfortable during your Dieta. He also puts suggestions and positive criticism into action, making him an example for many. Deep bow for his share in the whole. Grateful for his friendship, he is really a great asset to the medicine world. He is making the difference.. Thank you from the deepest from my heart dear Blez.. ♡

  • Adam Litwinski   December 07, 2018

      Amazing transformation in the Amazon forest.

    Welcome brothers and sisters. I want to share with you my wonderful experience that I experienced during my stay in the Amazon jungle, which opened my eyes to reality and the truth that surrounds us, all due to the Psychonauta, organizer Blez and shamans cooperating during my diet. My ideologies, views, superstitions and current thinking were changed. I experienced the power of shamanic rituals and magic on my own skin, I became a different human being. All my problems and health problems were erased in just two weeks, I have been struggling with them for years. So I recommend everyone to experience unforgettable moments in this place where there is complete peace and quiet, like the psychonauta medical base. I greet with all due respect all who have helped me solve my problems, may God bless you. Witajcie bracia i siostry. Chce się podzielić z Wami moim cudownym doświadczeniem jakiego doznałem podczas pobytu w dżungli amazońskiej, która otworzyła mi oczy na rzeczywistość i prawdę jaka nas otacza, a wszystko to za sprawa Psychonauta, organizatora Błażeja, jaki i szamanów współpracujących podczas mojej diety. Moje ideologie poglądy przesądy i dotychczasowe myślenie legło w gruzach. Doświadczyłem na własnej skórze mocy szamańskich rytuałów i magii, którą mnie z miłością obdarzyli po której stałem się innym człowiekiem Wszystkie moje problemy i dolegliwości zdrowotne zostały wymazane w zaledwie dwa tygodnie, a z którymi borykałem się od lat. Polecam wiec każdemu by mógł przeżyć niezapomniane chwile w tym oto gronie i miejscu gdzie jest pełna cisza i spokój, jak baza medyczna Psychonauta Pozdrawiam z całym szacunkiem wszystkich którzy pomogli rozwiązać mi me problemy niech Bóg Was błogosławi.

  • Marta Ligier   November 29, 2018

      Don’t be afraid, go all the way.

    Sometimes we need to escape our comfort zone to discover that we can be truly free and alive! Freedom is a state of no fear. And fear is our biggest enemy, nothing else in the world holds us down and limits us more than this. The solitary of the woods, far away from our daily demons, can liberate us and show us our true face. For me this was a life changing time. Lovely hosts from the Shipibo tribe and Mundo, who is a bridge between the Amazonian wisdom and the western civilization made it happen. Place and people I will always keep in my heart. Nights and days I will never forget. Genuinely and pristine surroundings you can’t find anywhere else. I’m coming back soon!

  • Martin Petrus   November 27, 2018

      Exceptional experience

    Some experiences are good and some are exceptional. Mundo is the best guide I know and it is such a privilege to be spending time with him. He not only leads you through the spiritual journey but also through the mind/body transformation. He knows exactly what you need and will give you no more and no less. Bringing in not only culture from Peru but also all the influences from the vast travels as well as mixing in Slavic roots inspirations.

  • Slawomir Czyz   November 27, 2018

      Deep transformation

    One of the places I'll always have in my heart, after many ceremonies in Europe here I'll "get" what cleanse and purga means. Loving and humble group of Shamans allowed me to face and understand what "letting go" means. Absolutely recommended 2 weeks dieta in which one can truly work on whatever is stored deep down of soul/mind. Big Thanks to Mundo&Blez for organising this so transformative for me experience.

  • Marek Majewski   November 26, 2018

      I want to come back to you ...

    Amazonia była moim młodzieńczym jeszcze marzeniem o podróży w dziewicze, nieprzebyte lasy dżungli w dorzeczu potężnych rzek: Amazonki, Ukajali i Maranion. Marzeniem o puszczy zamieszkałej przez Indian, żyjącej w niej w zgodzie z naturą i szacunkiem dla praw przyrody. Dzięki ofercie Psychonauta Tavel w 2017 roku trafiłem wreszcie do zielonych „płuc ziemi”. Ta oferta to mieszkanie w osadzie zbudowanej przez Shipibo, gdzie można poznać życie w prawdziwej symbiozie z przyrodą. Miejsce pobytu w chatach pokrytych liśćmi palmowymi i osłoniętych moskitierami oczarowało mnie totalnie. Osada Światka jest położona na wzgórzu, ze strumieniem poniżej, otoczona ścianą drzew i krzewów tak pięknych, że trudno sobie wyobrazić. W nocy dżungla żyje swoim rytmem, jedną, wielką symfonią różnorodnych dźwięków. Dźwięków kojących duszę, dźwięków prawdziwego, naturalnego życia. Przez cały pobyt czułem się częścią tego wielkiego organizmu. Dzięki Psychonauta Travel miałem okazję zobaczyć oraz poznać rośliny, zwierzętami, ludzi jakże innych od naszego europejskiego świata. Pływaliśmy łodzią po potężnych rzekach Ukajali i Maranion oglądając delfiny słodkowodne. Wędrowaliśmy wydeptanymi przez indian ścieżkami, pokonując mokradła, strumienie, wzgórza i doliny. Spaliśmy w parku narodowym Contamana, podziwiając 50 metrowy wodospad i gorące źródła. Mieszkaliśmy dwa dni w cudownej oazie Huacachina na pustyni, jeżdżąc crossoverami i deskami snowbordowymi z wysokich wydm. Poznaliśmy prawdziwe, niereżyserowane życie Shipibo oraz Peruwiańczyków w osadach, miastach i na targowiskach. Jedliśmy warzywa, owoce i ryby prosto z puszczy, przygotowywane przez tubylców na ich sposób. Leczyłem ciało i duszę według diety i medycyny przygotowanej przez szamanów Shipibo. Urok Amazonii i Peru, doskonała organizacja i program Psychonauta Travel zachęcił mnie do ponownego wyjazdu w 2018 roku. Tym razem po medycynie w osadzie Światka udaliśmy się w Andy. Mieszkaliśmy u gościnnego Inki Santiago. Stąd udawaliśmy się na wysokogórskie wyprawy podziwiając dawne warownie Inków wzdłuż Sacred Valley. Spaliśmy w namiotach pod przełęczami, kąpaliśmy się w lodowatym jeziorze i pod wodospadem, zwiedzaliśmy architektoniczne cuda Machu Pichu, Cusco, Pisac. Była to moja druga niesamowita i magiczna podróż dzięki Psychonauta Tavel. Dzisiaj mogę powiedzieć, że były to wyprawy mojego życia.

  • Diana Wadolowska   November 12, 2018

      Yes Blez :)

    Being in a jungle for the first time in such raw conditions only with medicine and yourself can be hard and surprising. But with a host like Blez everything was great. He helped me very much at the begining of my dieta when I had the biggest doubts. I felt that I could trust him and share my thoughts with him. The right person in this beautiful place.

  • Barbara Kaniewska   November 10, 2018


    Psychonauta's headquarter in the Amazon is a place run by a group of an amazing people who are also my friends. I've visited the place this year for two weeks part diet and to shoot a small documentary there. I had a chance to participate in the ceremonies held by three local curanderos. The ceremonies were safe with an amazing singing and a very special atmosphere, each time different with different rhythm, intentions and length with a freshly cooked brew. Raw but extremely picturesque place where I couldn't stop photograph and record sounds of the jungle. During the stay no matter how difficult it was I felt taken care of and fed with a very good simple food. The stay was so intense that I almost didn't have a chance to leave the place during the two weeks stay and I didn't really wanted. I want to go back there for a full diet next time! I know Mundo for a long time, he was our guide and a bridge between us and shipibo healers during the ceremonies. His presence gives the experience an extra kick, he has a great knowledge and attitude that opens you up.

  • Barbara Kaniewska   November 10, 2018


    Psychonauta's headquarter in the Amazon is a place run by a group of an amazing people who are also my friends. I've visited the place this year for two weeks part diet and to shoot a small documentary there. I had a chance to participate in the ceremonies held by three local curanderos. The ceremonies were safe with an amazing singing and a very special atmosphere, each time different with different rhythm, intentions and length with a freshly cooked brew. Raw but extremely picturesque place where I couldn't stop photograph and record sounds of the jungle. During the stay no matter how difficult it was I felt taken care of and fed with a very good simple food. The stay was so intense that I almost didn't have a chance to leave the place during the two weeks stay and I didn't really wanted. I want to go back there for a full diet next time! I know Mundo for a long time, he was our guide and a bridge between us and shipibo healers during the ceremonies. His presence gives the experience an extra kick, he has a great knowledge and attitude that opens you up.

  • Diana Wadolowska   November 07, 2018

      Highly recommended!

    It's authentic, pure and healing. The whole crew is exprienced in working with plants and you can feel it from the first question you asked. The shamans can be trusted, they are doing a great work there. I had the chance to participate in private ceremony (only me, shaman and facilitator) which was the most powerfull one I've ever had. I did dieta despite I was there only one week. It was the best decision I could make! I highly recommend Psychonauta if you're looking for a raw but real experience.

  • Bart Gumowski   November 03, 2018

      Fantastic host

    Blez is a trained psychologist and currently has years of experience working with plants. But that doesnt matter to be honest. What matters is that he is a great person that will make you feel comfortable and guide you through what would be the most profound experience of your life. A brother that you always wanted to have, even if you didn't know it.

  • Bart Gumowski   November 03, 2018

      Healing centre the world doesn't deserve

    I just came back from 6 days of ceremonies in Psychonauta. The venue is perfect to get detached from the pollution of the city with no distraction, your work with yourself starts even before you meet the plants or healers. Blez and Swiatek, my hosts, are very experienced in work with the plants, now not only powerful male and female healers (shamans) but understand the jungle. If you come with an open heart and are actively looking for help, you have a good chance of finding it here!

  • Tania Skryhanava   October 31, 2018


    The place where I found and lost myself, so intensive two weeks diet was. Like a jungle weather the weather of my being was changing several times a day: cloudy, shiny, rainy, stormy. But if you don't want to go out - just stay at home, rain is beautiful when you watch it from the window. How important it is to have this home, the point of steadiness inside.. Who knows how long it will take to build my home. But no masterpiece will appear without taking a drawing tool in you hand:) I've just touched an empty sheet of paper and don't even know where the line will go, but I'm full of a deep gratitude to Psychonauta for giving me this unique chance, this possibility. I'm grateful to facilitators and shamans for their presence and everyday support, for being next to me in this journey. The part of me has stayed there in a jungle, with these people. I wish you, dear Psychonauta growing up not to loose the puriness of your idea and to save a human touch I felt during my short stay.

  • Tania Skryhanava   October 31, 2018

      Like an elder brother:)

    I wish I had an elder brother like Blez) My dieta process wasn't facile and I'm grateful to Blez for being next to me in this journey, for his shoulder, gentle care and open heart. I'm grateful for my gratitude.. sounds strange.. but this feeling was one of the most healing and impregnating during my process. You are beautiful, dear Blez, fly as high as you can:) Greetings and my warmest hugs. T.

  • Absolem Il Separatio   October 27, 2018

      Divine work

    Thank you for organising and leading that journey to ourselves. That was a intensive process of transformation and self discovery that I could pass only with your help and the help of the great crew that you succeed to collect around you. Your wide heart and pure intention will continue with me like a fire in a field. With your guidance and the help of the Sacred medicines combined with the holy places you choose I successfully overcome my distractive paterns and transfom them to bless and benefit to me and all around me. I only on my way home but passing same places in a new form make me happy and satisfied. Still difficult to believe that only 2 weeks passed since we meet, I already miss you brother and imagine our next meeting. GOD bless you and your family, keep doing your divine work, I will push the waves of transformation and healing forward. May our paths will cross again soon.

  • Magda Pruszyńska   October 22, 2018


    Błażej to pierwsza osoba która opowiedziała mi o tym miejscu, zasiała ziarno zmian które pielęgnuję do tej pory. Jako opiekun jest naprawdę zaangażowany, pomocny, zawsze jest kiedy potrzebujesz pogadać, pośmiać się albo wypłakać i wykrzyczeć. Marzył o tym aby to robić i udaje mu się spełnić marzenia.

  • Magda Pruszyńska   October 21, 2018

      Podróż życia

    Z Psychonauta przeżyłam wspaniałe i niezapomniane chwile. Wiele wyniosłam i nauczyłam się chociaż czasami było ciężko. To zmienia człowieka i otwiera go na niesamowity świat. Poznałam wielu cudownych ludzi i szamanów którzy robią wszystko abyśmy czuli się jak najlepiej. Polecam to miejsce.

  • erez kramer   October 20, 2018

      The real deal

    After having experiences in two other, more western oriented centers (which were great), this camp found me in the perfect time to go deep into a two and a half month process in which I went through two master plant dietas (chiric sanango and chuchuhuasi) and an integration period, I can say that the service psyconauta is providing is for the ones who are looking to go deep in to their psychic and their soul. Words cannot express the journey I had with this beautiful community of soul searchers and strong shipibo maestros. With a more traditional approach, I was able to form a deeper relationship with the master plants and the benefits are beyond words. If you are ready to face yourself and release old thought patterns that do not serve you anymore, this is where I’d say you should go to. If it sounds right for you, trust your guts and intuition and book a flight. Blessings ????❤️????

  • erez kramer   October 20, 2018

      Real brother

    Staying in the camp for two months and a half, I had the chance to meet Blazej after the first month there, after my isolated dieta. His open heart, generosity and no bullshit no drama attitude was an important part of my dieta integration. You can trust this man with eyes shut. Thanks brother for being ????????

  • Paweł Krzemiński   October 17, 2018

      satiating time

    Od połowy września 2018 do połowy października korzystałem z opieki i gościnności Psychonauty. Jeżeli miałbym ten okres podsumować dwoma słowami, to byłyby to słowa: „czas sycący”. Okres, w którym każda chwila napełniała mnie nowymi wartościami, przekazami, odkryciami. W dżungli uczestniczyłem w 4 ceremoniach Ayauaski, łaziłem po lesie, pływałem w Amazonce. Czas beztroski, a jednocześnie czas dalekiej podróży do źródeł moich strachów czy bólu. Byłem z nimi na treku po przełęczach Andów, pluskałem się w gorących źródłach, godzinami mknąłem w dół na rowerze. Chociaż pogoda nas nie pieściła uważam, że zostałem hojnie obdarowany w kolejne spostrzeżenia, odkrycia, poznawanie siebie. Każda chwila była piękna. Jestem głęboko wdzięczny Psychonaucie za tę podróż. A Ty Przyjacielu, jeżeli myślisz o wyprawie do Peru, pomyśl na poważnie o skorzystaniu z wiedzy, umiejętności a także „lekkości bycia” Pschonauty. Warto. I na pewno na to zasługujesz. Paweł Krzemiński From mid-September 2018 to mid-October, I used the care and hospitality of Psychonauta. I can summarized this period in two words: " satiating time". A period in which every moment filled me with new values, messages, discoveries. In the jungle I participated in 4 Ayauaska ceremonies, I was walking in the woods, I was swimming in the Amazon. Carefree time, and at the same time, the time of a long journey to the source of my fears or pain. With Psychonauta I was on a trek on the Andes passes, I was splashing in hot springs, I was riding down the bike for hours. Although the weather was hard, I think I was generously given away to new observations, discoveries, getting to know myself. Every moment was beautiful. I’am deeply grateful to Psychonauta for this trip. And you, my friend, if you think about going to Peru, think seriously about using the knowledge, skills and "lightness of being" of the Pschonauta. You deserve it. Paweł Krzemiński

  • Paweł Krzemiński   October 17, 2018

      Be like Błażej

    Be like Błażej. His next two names are Serene and Calmy. When you go with Błażej on a journey, that two features will definitely be accompanying you. Slowly, without hurry and unnecessary tension, you will be discovering yourself. As much as you need. If you want comfortable walk to yourself, take Błażej with you Paweł Krzemiński Bądź jak Błażej. Jego dwa następne imiona to Spokój i Pogoda. Gdy wybierzesz się z Błażejem w podróż na pewno będą Ci towarzyszyć. Powoli, bez pośpiechu i zbędnego napinania, będziesz odkrywać siebie. Tyle ile będziesz potrzebować. Jeżeli pasuje Ci spokojne wędrowanie do środka siebie, weź ze sobą Błażeja Paweł Krzemiński

  • tomasz maka   October 15, 2018

      Shipibo Master Plant Dieta

    Last year in May I participated in 11day Shipibo Master Plant Dieta at Psychonauta. Now I know that was the best investment in my life, so far. I spent 11 days in isolation at simple but beautiful hut inside the jungle. I had 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies and dieted master plant Ajo Sacha. Two facilitators were bringing me diet food every day and supporting with presence and translation during the ceremonies. Ceremonies were led by two Shipibo shamans (man and woman) who had more than 30 years of experience. Every ceremony I went deep, meeting with my traumas, suppresed emotions, forgotten memories. To me whole 11 day dieta was like one ceremony. I also learned a lot from the jungle itself - how to be in the moment, how to live simple life, aprreciate what's already here and now and much, much more. Facilitatators working there as well as shamans are very professional. I would even use the word - specialists. They are very connected. I had all I needed. Care, translation, food, real powerfully shamans. I got picked up from the airport. I felt very safe all the time. In the same time I didn't get any unnecessary stuff which is so common these days. The facilitators didn't play guru's. They really knew what they were doing keeping everything as simple as needed. Nobody tried to install his philosophy or point of view when - just after the dieta - we had one day of integration time. The center itself is located in beautiful part of the jungle close to the village named Nauta, by the river Marañon. It's around 15-20min walk from the town. The dieta houses as well as ceremonial building are beautiful, made from local wooden and plant materials by local people. The center supports locals, making friends with villagers giving them jobs, buying from them. There's very nice kitchen, rain water tanks, filtered water, shower, solar charger. Beautiful place! I'll be back! Highly recommend!

  • tomasz maka   October 03, 2018

      Shipibo Plant Dieta

    Last year, in May, I participated in Shipibo Master Plant Dieta faciliated by Blez in Nauta. I spent 11 days in seclusion, eating 2 meals a day (no salt sugar etc, plain food), drinking master plant (ajo sacha) daily. During 11 days I participated in 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies with 2 Shipibo shamans - Matilda and Pancho. Blez participated also as a translator and carer. Everything what I experienced during 2 weeks in the jungle was life-changing experience. Now, almost 1.5yrs later I see the benefits and gifts I received. The quality of my life simply became much higher. I'm healthier, happier, I discovered much more about myself than ever before I.e. before retreat I would never sing or play any instrument but during my dieta Blez borrowed me his spacedrum and after one of the ceremonies I just started playing and singing. Now I can play a few different instruments and sing and still I feel it's just the beginning of my discoveries. My relationships became much better. There's much, much more. Complete methamorphosis. Blez did amazing job co-creating this beautiful space for healing. The jungle is amazing, dieta huts, shamans live in the neighborhood. All you need is already there. From simplicity to the complexity. I highly recommend to anybody who wants to know him/herself, or heal, or just experience peace and joy in off-grid community.

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