100% Online Course: Learn OJAYA Deep Meditation ... the Ancient Martial Art of Deep Serenity & Inner Strength


Each of your 24 online video Lessons features Sukaishi David in the Earthborn Rainforest, as he dives deeper into the classic knowledge of OJAYA, the Martial Art of Deep Meditation. OJAYA is an ancient Sanskrit word that means energy and strength. This rare kavach technique (armor technique) is taught in conjunction with sublime dharma talks to uplift both the inner and outer life with the highest levels of right action, loving kindness, duty, service to others, and depth of inner awakening.

About This Event

OJAYA Deep Meditation ...

Learn this Rare, Most Powerful Meditation Technique to Eliminate Anxiety, Fatigue and Stress

Awaken the Power of Your Inner Self with Clear, Calm Energy — in 20 Minutes a Day

"The Ancient Martial Art of Deep Serenity & Inner Strength"

Master this Simple, Easy Technique with Self-Paced Online Video Lessons

❤️ Forget any struggles you've had with other “meditations.”

❤️ Drop any dry, tedious practices that really don't bring you much depth of inner peace and joy.

❤️ Free yourself from all your efforts to calm your mind and be “in the now.”

❤️ Throw off the crutches of “guided meditations.” You no longer need someone to oversee and “chaperone” your meditations.

... Because ... there's a far, far better way ...

We invite you to step back in time … to rediscover these rare, blissful, classic secrets of OJAYA Deep Meditation: The Ancient Martial Art of Deep Serenity & Inner Strength ...

❤️ Course Info: This sumptuous course is 100% online, and is composed of 24 video Lessons featuring rare and exquisite meditation instruction by Sukaishi David — in the Earthborn Rainforest.

It's like your own private jungle meditation retreat — online — in the comfort of your own home.

And there's no set schedule! Watch each Lesson whenever you wish — go at your own relaxed pace. Because ... your online enrollment is open for a full 180 days!

Savor each sublime Lesson — produced in the Earthborn Rainforest — and enjoy!

❤️ Our 40-Day, 100% Refund "Happiness Pledge"!

We invite you to take the entire Course and experience it for yourself. You'll be ecstatically happy that you did, or we'll give you a 100% refund — with our blessings!

We are a not-for-profit school, we care about you, and that's the way we do things here in the Earthborn Rainforest!


OJAYA Deep Meditation:

❤️ Is a Rare, Easy, Ancient Technique

❤️ Known as the “Martial Art of Deep Serenity & Inner Strength”

❤️ You Sit Silently with Eyes Closed — Works on the Same Timeless Principles as the Physical Martial Arts

❤️ Is Deeply More Effective than Common Mindfulness Methods — or Being "In the Now" — or Any Relaxation or Meditation Practice You’ve Ever Tried Before

❤️ Dissolves the Very Roots of Anxiety and Stress

❤️ Clears “Mind Chatter”

❤️ Harmonizes and Balances Your Emotions

❤️ Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep at Night

❤️ Nutures Healthy, Youthful Aging

❤️ Empowers Your Deeper Creative Energies

❤️ Bestows Clear Thinking & Depth of Intelligence

❤️ Awakens You to Higher, Deeper Levels of Awareness

❤️ Just 20 Minutes Each Day Recharges You with Serene, Blissful Energy

❤️ You Become a Master of Your Own Meditation Practice — No Need for Any Guide to Oversee, Direct, and “Chaperone” Your Meditations

What is OJAYA Deep Meditation?

OJAYA is the easiest, most blissful meditation on the planet. (That's what people tell us every day.)

“OJAYA” is an ancient Sanskrit word that means "energy" and "strength." This rare, powerful kavach technique (armor technique) is called the “Way of the Hero” …

What exactly is a kavach technique?

“Kavach” = Armor

The ancient OJAYA kavach technique is an extremely deep meditation that attacks and dissolves anxiety, fatigue and stress … and builds up an “armor” of clear, calm energy within you — to shield and protect you from the stresses of everyday living.

OJAYA goes deep. Since ancient times this rare technique is celebrated as the most powerful technique for inner awakening, as well as the quickest and most effective anti-anxiety meditation — highly energizing and blissful — and profoundly different from any meditation method you may have ever experienced …

… but as you will learn on this Course, this sublime technique was almost lost in the mists of time … until now …

Let go of all your efforts ...

The OJAYA technique requires no effort. As you settle easily into a peaceful state of deep rest, all anxiety, tensions, stress and fatigue are released and dissolved. You recharge your energies in a deep repose of calm, blissful serenity.

Here are some comments from our OJAYA Deep Meditation Course Graduates:

❤️ “Ojaya is the first and only method that I have used that I can actually feel the effects of when I meditate. “ — Zoe Gordon, Hoover, Alabama

❤️ “I’m absolutely amazed at how powerful this meditation is. ‘Soothing’ is exactly how this meditation feels. I learned [another technique] back in 2002, but over the years I rarely would get deep rest from practicing it. This has been the most beneficial meditation I’ve ever experienced.” — Andrew Burns, Monterey Park, California

❤️ "I am happy to have found your course because I have long felt that the meditation techniques commonly taught do not take students into true meditation. Thank you for your beautiful rainforest experience.” — Virginia Graham, Toronto, Canada

❤️ “I’m 65, and this is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my whole life. It’s so easy to do, I get into such a deep stillness. It’s a very gentle thing, very very relaxing, very restful. It’s so beautiful I don’t know what to say. I’ve never felt so alive in my life — never!” — Richard Bosworth, Bellevue, Washington

❤️ “This is truly a treasure I didn’t expect to discover.“ — Elizabeth, Kansas City, Missouri

❤️ Through all my life I suffered from anxiety and depression. All I wanted was peace of mind. I have been interested in meditation for years after reading books by Krishnamurti, Osho and others and then the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I tried to meditate, but I never achieved any progress. So I gave up and doubted the whole meditation thing. Until I found this course which is completely different from what I learned before.” — Amer, Scarborough, Ontario

❤️ I wish I had known about this long ago, it really would have been a game changer.” — Stewart, Zanesville, Ohio

❤️ "'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.' Well, I have found that to be true. The course is excellent." — Eamon, London, England

Any questions? We're here — just for you! ❤️

And we'd love to chat and answer your questions!

Please contact us for more info.

❤️ Blessings,

Gary Boucherle


The OJAYA Dharma Sangha

in the Earthborn Rainforest

For complete info on the OJAYA Deep Meditation online Course, see our web site.

❤️ P.S. Will you too fall in love with the ancient OJAYA technique?

We're so confident about it that we offer you our full 40-Day 100% Refund "Happiness Pledge."

We'll watch for your enrollment — and see if you too will fall in love with OJAYA ... and your own deepest Self. ❤️

Venue Highlights

Your online Course features Sukaishi David in the Earthborn Rainforest, where he demonstrates how the OJAYA technique works through the principle of resonance — like music — to develop an armor of serene, dynamic energy.

The ancient principles of OJAYA mirror the timeless principles of the physical martial arts — like karate, kung fu, or tai chi. However, OJAYA is practiced sitting silently and is easy for anyone of any age. OJAYA is the inner martial art!


The OJAYA Deep Meditation Course is 100% online with videos produced in the Earthborn Rainforest. This is your own private jungle retreat — in the comfort of your own home.


And because your Course is 100% online, you get to enjoy your favorite foods — at home!


To enter your dojo (meditation school) in the Earthborn Rainforest, just log in! Everyone welcomes you!

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  • Richard Bosworth   October 17, 2020

      If I could, I would give it 6 out of 5 stars!

    I'm 65 and this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Ojaya Deep Meditation has had a profound impact on my life. I shudder to think where I would be without it, especially in these times. Setting aside those Ojaya moments during the day has become such a special treat; I cannot help but feel refreshed and restored. No less important though is Sukaishi David’s message of love, peace, and healing. What a game changer it has all been for me and I cherish this wonderful gift. I plan to continue on with any course offerings he will have in the future.

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