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Casa Chama Trina is a Healing Arts Collective founded by Decio Viana Silva and Balthazar Levy. Baltha and Decio are medicine men with over 20 years of combined experience. They bring the best of the ancient and modern to their teaching and practice as they are both trained as licensed Transpersonal Therapists as well as initiated in indigenous Brazilian medicine ways. They bring their joy for life, attention to detail, and humble reverence for creator and creature to the Chama Trina Community every day with their daily one-on-one clients, workshops, and retreats. 

Gabrielle Williams is a holistic healer/teacher and longtime friend and apprentice of Casa Chama Trina. She is the co-organizer and main point of contact for the retreat, and will be present to facilitate and translate during the duration of your time in Brazil. 

Brazilian Ancestral Medicine Retreat

This season's retreat will be hosted at the beautiful Pedra do Sabia' center in Itacare', Bahia. See their site here (partially available in English: (contact info blocked)

Our retreats are anchored in practical and theoretical learning of the four universal archetypes - warrior, healer, visionary and teacher as seen in indigenous, African and Aboriginal traditions. These four archetypes parallel the  the fourfold structure of the earth- and thus promote integration of the Self with the 4 seasons, 4 phases of the moon, 4 elements, and 4 cardinal directions.  

The retreat includes integrative transpersonal care and spiritual support to compliment your experience with ayahuasca. Our Itinerary will include experiences with tools of expansion of consciousness, purification and harmonization, such as:

-Drum journeys and sweat lodge (shamanic sauna)

-Yoga sessions and guided meditation;

-Ayurvedic and relaxing massage (optional, not included in retreat cost); 

-Music- therapy and aromatherapy;

-Healing circles with other shamanic medicines such as sananga, hapé and sacred tobacco;

-Experiences with art, dance, singing, story-telling and bonfire circles for group integration;

-Experiences with power animals and redemption of Afro-Brazilian and indigenous spiritual traditions;

-Bioenergetic exercises to discharge energy blockages caused by trauma;

-Purification with clay- therapy, herbal baths, smudging with sage, palo santo, etc.

-Theoretical and practical training on the four universal archetypes: Warrior, Healer, Teacher, and Visionary 

Plant Medicine

Ayahuasca is our primary healing therapy. Also called the teacher plant or vine of the soul, it encompasses the wisdom of the plant kingdom, and has been used by ancient civilizations of the Brazilian , Peruvian and Colombian Amazon since prehistoric times. As an entheogen Ayahuasca promotes expansion of consciousness favoring a journey of self-discovery, cleansing and purification, internal revelations, spiritual guidance and regaining of personal power and divine purpose.

What is included in the experiences of expanded states of consciousness:

-Contact with the higher self, revision of our identifications of self-images and differentiation of our EGO psychological structure -Contact with our inner "hurt child," traumatic experiences that block and paralyze our life force and positive functioning. -Contact with our personal "shadows" and complexes, projections, review choices and behaviors;-Experience of past and future lives ;-Access to personal or collective unconscious archetypes and symbols ;


8-9:30 - Wake Up and Yoga Circle (this depends on comfort and needs of the group and the particular schedule of the day)
(Please note: this will NOT a yoga class per se - facilitators are experienced practitioners of yoga, however they are not RYT Certified instructors of yoga)

9:30am - Breakfast

10:30am - Late Afternoon The rest of the day is a blend of engaging study and practical healing workshops/experiences, time in nature, healthful meals, meditation, and of course, breaks/alone time in between.

5-6pm - Rest and Bathe (on first night and as-needed thereafter, participants are invited to engage in a traditional herbal cleansing bath)

6:00pm - Light Dinner

7:00pm - Convene for Cleansing/Smudging/Healing Circle/Fire Circle

8:00pm - Ayahusaca Ceremony Begins (3 sessions throughout the course of the 8-day retreat), duration: approx 6-8 hours

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Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free


We offer breakfast, lunch, a snack and supper.

We follow a simple, tasty and healthy diet. The food served is mostly vegan with some ovo-lacto-vegetarian exceptions, thus covering all our food needs. We respect Nature’s cycles, eating what our region has to offer according to the seasons. We are also working toward the goal of living from the organic produce from our gardens.

At the moment, we produce the following items: organic dry bananas and jack fruit, granola, whole-wheat bread and organic cocoa.


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