The Salt of the Earth, " The Healing School of Salica, Dead Sea- Jordan- Israel, October 2016

  • Dead Sea Spa Hotel Dead Sea Spa Hotel
  • Dead Sea - Jordan - Israel
  • Oct 16 - 29, 2016 (14 days)
  • 3900 - early bird 10% discount for those who will book until 30 of April

About us


Leadership - Spiritual Retreat at the Dead Sea
Training for Salt-priest/esses / Salt Healer: 
“The Salt of the Earth, level 1 – The Healing School of Salica”
16. – 29. October 2016 
Jordan-Dead Sea

With many specials:
Yoga Work
Wellness and Relaxation
(Spiritual) Sightseeing
Walking with Jesus

Are you looking for an extraordinary, touching experience? Would you like to combine your holidays with moving forward on your spiritual path and doing a training for healers?
Or would you like to crystallize and strengthen your leadership qualities? And last but not least also have time for Wellness and Relaxing and a holistic Workout for your body?

If you agree to all we have something very special for you: a Spiritual Retreat at the Dead Sea!
Diving into the magic world of the Salts at the Dead Sea – where the sea water has one of the highest concentrations of Salt on Earth. This place calls for you, to awaken and heal the salt flows between heaven and earth and so to do an important step towards “Peace on Earth” and for the shift of consciousness of mankind. At the same time you will go through a deep healing process, to free your qualities and to make you shine even more!

The Dead Sea Spa Hotel is located directly at the Dead Sea, 420 m below sea level. It has a wonderful Spa where you can book massages on the “free” days. And last but not least you have all the benefits for your health which offers the Dead Sea atmosphere!
The places, which we will visit in Jordan and Israel, are full of magical and magnificent power, beauty, simplicity and full of treasures – which are waiting for you.

There will be enough time to sooth down your soul, to relax at the Dead Sea or to enjoy a walk in the streets of Jerusalem. 
For feeling even better in your body we support you with our morning Yoga program and the delicious vegan/vegetarian dishes! Yoga is one of the best ways – beside a regularly meditation praxis – to gain a constantly state of calmness and concentration, a kind of “Buddha mood”. Also your mind becomes empty, the body in a soft and healthy way flexible and so it supports the energy flows in your body. To feel wonderful in your body becomes normal.

Retreat Program:

* 9 days “The Salt of the Earth” level 1 Salt-priest Training at 7 different places (see the description in detail) with Salica Geiger
* Yoga practise in the morning (beginners – advanced) 
* Excursion to the historic town Petra, Jerusalem, Qumran, Amman, Bethlehem…(see the description in detail)
* 2 free days for relaxing at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel with private beach at the Dead Sea

Daily Schedule:
We will meet in the morning (outside if the weather is fine) for our Yoga lesson with Marina – we take time for our bodies, to feel good and to support the energy changes in the body. After the first day you will have a new feeling in your body, which makes you to want more of it!
We will enjoy our breakfast with view on the Dead Sea – power and nourishing our body and soul.
On the seminar days we will drive thereafter by bus to the Power Places, where we will spend the fist part of the seminar day outside! An intense contact to the Earth and the power of nature is for sure included.
Back to the hotel and after a break we will meet to the 2nd part of the seminar day in the hotel. There we will take a look at your own healing. 
Some days you will be on your own or we will do excursions. More details you will find in the description of the single days. 
In the evening we will have dinner together, finishing the day grateful for all we have experienced.

Detailed Daily Schedule of the journey:

10/16: Arrival at Airport Amman/Jordan 
Transfer to Dead Sea Spa Hotel – the first 4-star resorts in Jordan at the Dead Sea. We are looking forward to welcome you and to meet with all participants for vegan/vegetarian dinner and with Salica Geiger, the leader of the seminar, Marina, our Yoga teacher Marina, and Alinea Smaragda, the seminar assistant.

10/17: 1st day of the seminar: Root Chakra – Bab Edh-dhra 1st day of the seminar: “Root Chakra – Overcoming resistances of the physical existence. Unity of matter and light”. Morning Yoga lesson. After breakfast we will have a transfer to our first power place of the Salts Bab Edh-dhra (1st part of the seminar day) – which is a place in the south east of the Dead Sea. At this place it is said to be the historical town Sodom – the 2nd part of the seminar day we will do after a break in the hotel.

10/18: 2nd day of the seminar – Navel Chakra – Numeira 2nd day of the seminar: “Navel Chakra – theme: Connecting the knowledge of the soul with our bodies”. Morning Yoga lesson. Transfer to the 2nd power place of the Salts: Numeira, where we will do the 1st part of the seminar day. Numeira is a place at the south east of the Dead Sea – it is said to be the place of the historic town Gomorrah. The 2nd part of the seminar day we will do after a break in the hotel.

10/19: 3rd Excursion to UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Petra Morning Yoga lesson. Transfer to Petra. Excursion to Petra: The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Petra in the South of Jordan is of course a tourist attraction. The place has a fascinating atmosphere – worth to see. Walking through the ancient place we will also free and connect with old knowledge which is stored in the Earth. Powerful day. Transfer to the hotel.

10/20 Relaxation Day Morning Yoga lesson. Time to relax and let settle down the experiences of the last days. You can also book a massage at this day in the Spa of the hotel, or to be at the Dead Sea – giving your whole system time to integrate the changes of the energies within you. And also experience the healthy and supporting energy of the Dead Sea.

10/21: 3rd day of the seminar – Solar plexus Chakra – Qumran Morning Yoga lesson.3rd day of the seminar: “Solar plexus Chakra – Healing of the Atlantian Trauma. Deep Peace in ourselves and the Earth. “Transfer to Israel – Qumran (1st part of the seminar day) – there where the legendary “Dead Sea Scrolls” have been found! We will dive into our Atlantian traumata and heal them in ourselves and in the Earth. A very special day! Transfer to Jerusalem, hotel in Jerusalem. In the afternoon the 2nd part of the seminar day in the hotel.

10/22 4th day of the seminar – Heart Chakra 1st part– Jerusalem Garden of Olives– Jerusalem sightseeing
Morning Yoga lesson.
4th day of the seminar: “Heart Chakra: Release and healing of the wounded hearts. Initiation in unconditional love”! From now on Jesus will be very present inside us and around us. At the Garden of Olives (1st part of the seminar day) Jesus will teach us unconditional love – your heart will never be the same as before. In the afternoon Jerusalem sightseeing!

10/23: 4th day of the seminar – Heart Chakra 2nd part – Sightseeing Bethlehem
Morning Yoga lesson.
4th day of the seminar/2nd part in the morning in the hotel – in the afternoon we will have a transfer to Bethlehem for sightseeing. We will become more and more one with our path – Jesus as our beloved constant companion, who will make our hearts soft and strong. Love forever.

10/24: 5th day of the seminar – Throat Chakra 1st part – Mount of Temptation
Morning Yoga lesson.
5th day of the seminar/1st part: “Throat Chakra – Communication with the soul”. Transfer to Mount of Temptation – it is said, that Jesus has fasted there for 40 days and communicated with God and the “devil”. Jesus will teach us, through the communication with God to remember how to communicate with our soul. We will bring all this to an end which we didn`t hear for a long time from our soul and now it is time to express it now in your life. Transfer to Dead Sea Spa Hotel.

10/25: Relaxation – 5th seminar day – Throat Chakra 2nd part
Morning Yoga lesson.
In the morning you have time to relax and integrate the energy changes of the last days. In the afternoon we dive into the communication with our souls – 2nd part of the 5th seminar day. Feels like coming home.

10/26: 6th day of the seminar: Third Eye Chakra – Amman
Morning Yoga lesson
6th day of the seminar: “Third Eye Chakra – Initiation in your own starlight. Deep relaxation”. Transfer to Amman, the capital of Jordan. 1st part of the seminar in Amman, the wonderful Jordan capital, close to the Temples of Hercules we will bring the starlight to the Earth. Star maps will find there way to Earth through this flow and will bring starlight and knowledge to the Earth and mankind. Wisdom and knowledge. The initiation in ones own starlight is very touching. Transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon 2nd part of the seminar in the hotel.

10/27: 7th day of the seminar: Lotus Chakra – Initiation of the Salt-priestesses and Salt-priests – Dead Sea
Morning Yoga lesson 
7th day of the seminar. “Lotus Chakra – Initiation of the Salt-priestesses and Salt-priests – to awaken the presence of God”. This day will be the “high point” of the seminar! After all the challenges, transformation and energy changes you went through the last days in a “turbo” speed you are ready for receiving your being a Salt-priestess/Priest. To be more than to do. Seminar conclusion ritual. This seminar day we will spend at the Dead Sea close to the hotel.

10/28 Relaxation day at the Dead Sea Spa Hotel
Morning Yoga lesson.
This day you can just do what you want. To integrate all the seminar experiences in silence and just to be. Your first day as a Salt-priestess/Priest – where it could be more beautiful than to live this at the Dead Sea? 
Last talks with the group, answering questions. Time for a massage or just to look at the Dead Sea or into Heaven. Soul and body wellness. Enjoying to have reached a new level of consciousness! YES!

10/29 Departure

Morning Yoga lesson.
With a big YES to ourselves, our leadership and being a Salt-priestess/Priest – ambassadors of Peace and of the Golden Age – we prepare ourselves to return home to fulfil our task in our daily life: To be yourself , to let your light shine bright and to touch others with it. Eternal love and gratitude. Farewell and transfer to the airport.

Pricing and what includes:

Price: 3900 Euro
Early Bird until 30 April, 10% discount on the retreat price

In the price is included:

• 13 nights with vegan/vegetarian breakfast and dinner – 10 in the Dead Sea Spa Hotel, 4 star resort at the Dead Sea 3 days in the Legacy Hotel Jerusalem
• Training for Salt-priestesses/Priests “The Salt of the Earth” level 1 on 9 days with Salica Geiger – for Healer and Leaders
• 12 Yoga lessons in the morning for beginners – advanced with Marina Potjomkina
• Seminar organisation and Assistance before and during the journey: Alinea Adamantia Smaragda
• Transfer airport - hotel
• Entry to all mentioned sites
• Transfer with private new model vehicle
• English/German speaking guide
• Visa to Jordan (under the condition that 5 persons minimum enter and leave Jordan together)
• Departure tax at Alenby border Jordan/Jerusalem

In the price is not included: 
• Tickets to Jordan and return
• Tips 
• Entry for places you visit on your own
• Portages at the hotels, airport and borders 
• Lunches 
• Any kind of drinks during meals 
• Single room additional cost
• Visa to Israel most Europeans countries are free of charge visa to Israel, some countries are restricted countries and need to apply for visa for them, please contact us for more advices. 
• If you travel with less than 5 persons in and out of airport Jordan there will be additional costs. 
Your passport has to have at least 6 month until the expiring date. 
Please inform about the Visa of your land for Israel. In Jordan you will get a Visa at the airport (included in the price if you arrive together with 5 other persons, otherwise additional cost)

To bring with you please: 
Sunhat, suntan cream, comfortable clothes for warm and cooler days, walking shoes, swimsuit, bikini, flip flops, notebook and pin, yoga mat, comfortable and tight clothes for yoga, towel for yoga.

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The Salt of the Earth, " The Healing School of Salica, Dead Sea- Jordan- Israel, October 2016
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The Salt of the Earth, " The Healing School of Salica, Dead Sea- Jordan- Israel, October 2016

at Dead Sea Spa Hotel

  • Oct 16, 2016 - Oct 29, 2016 (14 days)


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