Intro to AstroDharma: Awakening Through Astrology

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Intro to AstroDharma is an online self-study program that supports you as you begin the journey of self-discovery and transformation through the uniquely combined lens of Buddhist teachings (Dharma) and transpersonal Western astrology. 

Understand the Map of Your Soul's Journey & Transform Challenges Dharma and astrology?! 

These are two powerful tools to help us better understand ourselves as individuals, the nature of being human, and the universe around us. Buddhism packs 2500 years of profound consciousness studies and transpersonal astrology draws on Jungian principles. Together they help us to understand the map of our souls, our natal chart, and our unique Hero's Journey depicted therein. This unique and new combination gives us unprecedented leverage to draw on personal strengths to transform personal and situational challenges, to speed us up on our spiritual path and thereby benefit others.

Learn the Fundamentals of Astrology 

This introductory course will help you get to know your own astrological birth chart and the corresponding characteristics that may manifest in your life and your personality as shown through the zodiacal signs, the planets and the houses. If you don't quite understand what this means, this course offers an exciting learning frontier ... and you will understand by the course's end. 

Add the Dharmic Perspective for Self Realization 

This is different than a typical astrology course in that it is takes a dharmic perspective.* In addition to learning about how to read your own astrological birth chart, we'll focus on how to harness and develop its positive elements wisely, and how to recognize and overcome those that may be out-of-balance or manifesting in a way that's slowing down your self-realization. As part of this course, students will be encouraged to meditate on the basic themes of each lesson. This serves to allow you to recognize which elements are helping or challenging you, the knowledge of which you can use to redirect into more effective patterns of living. 

Intro to AstroDharma Course Format:

  • 12 self-guided modules with written and video instruction.

    Brief guided meditation and reflection exercises.

    Access to a forum for optional sharing and discussion.

Course Learning Outcomes:

As a result of completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Read the fundamentals of your own astrological birth chart.

    Identify the 12 zodiacal signs and their most important characteristics.

    Identify the planets and other celestial bodies, and their major qualities.

    Understand the functions and main characteristics of the twelve astrological houses.

    Understand how these features indicate tendencies you may have in your personality, as both resources and challenges.

    Learn  potential alternatives to these manifestations, opening yourself to a greater range of choices in your life.

Participants who complete the course will receive an Intro to AstroDharma Certificate of Completion.

Course Requirements:

  • There is a US$25 course fee + dāna

    Obtain your astrological birth chart. (This will take around 30 minutes. It is essential to know your place, time, and date of birth.) We recommend AstroDienst, a free online service.*

    Read the module content and listen to the corresponding video for each module (less than 1 hour)

    Study your chart, corresponding planets, houses and aspects (about 15 minutes per module).

    Do guided meditations on each component of the lessons (about 15 minutes per module).

    Reflect on and journal around how these characteristics and key words manifest in your life, both as resources and challenges (15 minutes and up, based on how deeply you'd like to explore this).

    Participate in forum discussion (optional).

    Total approximate time per module:  Two hours.

* Please note that we have no affiliation with AstroDienst. We recommend them because their interface allows you to select inclusion of the asteroid Chiron and True Nodes, which we'll reference in our materials.

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